tagNonHumanAnimal Lover Ch. 11

Animal Lover Ch. 11


Dear Readers,

Thank you for your encouragement and deserved criticism for my problem of maintaining tense.

I wanted to write you one last long chapter but it's taking longer than I expected so, here is the penultimate chapter.

I won't leave you hanging, although this, my first, submission, has developed a life of its own. I have an ending in mind I hope you'll appreciate.



The grey wolf ran. The protruding cock slowly pulled back into its sheath.

Finally, calming again, he completes his circuit.

As he approaches the cabin, he hears noises. He shifts to his intermediate form, glances in the window, then stops and stares.

His flaccid cock fills again as he watches her pleasure herself.

Her movements are hidden by the clothing but he imagines what she is doing and grabs his hard cock to chase his own relief.

He's only a couple of strokes in when she climaxes and a couple more when she turns her head and screams.

He throws open the door and jumps inside as she tries to get up quickly, to get the gun.

Hands tangled in clothes, she stumbles, and he catches her before she hits the ground.

She turns bright crimson and struggles, pulling her hands out of her clothes. She puts them on his arms, to steady herself.

Time stops.

He's got her close, she can feel his swollen cock against her belly.

He turns his face towards her hand, the one that had been in intimate contact with her pussy, and inhales. He puts her slightly away from him, takes that hand, and licks off her fingers, one by one, savoring the taste.

She doesn't think she's ever seen anything quite so erotic.

He finishes cleaning off her fingers and shifts back to human form.

Looking to her for any sign of denial, he drops to his knees. He sits back on his heels and pulls her back to him, sticking his nose in her crotch and inhaling deeply of her essence.

He then looks up at her, his brown eyes an invitation, hands grasping her thighs.

She closes her eyes, so she could think without her looking at her.

He'd taken her to the pack.

He'd taken her away from the pack.

He hadn't initiated their sexual encounter, she had.

But he'd brought her to a place where one of his pack had attempted to rape her and made her his.

And, still, he hadn't pushed.

They were on the run, everyone she knew thought she was dead, he could have done anything to her.

But she trusted him.

'I'll die protecting you.'

All this ran through her mind in 30 seconds. She opened her eyes and looked down at him. And smiled. She had felt wonderful after their encounter in her shower. Why not enjoy what they could, before they died?

He waited, while she decided.

Her smile lit up his world. All the dark places in his life, in his past, revealed and resolved.

He rose slowly and kissed her. She accepted the kiss and opened her mouth to his probing tongue. He groaned and pulled her more tightly to him.

It was the longest, deepest kiss she could ever remember having.

Damn. It was cold. She shivered.

In response, he broke the kiss and picked her up.

Hearing no protest, he kicked the door shut and carried her to the bed. He laid her down on it with another kiss then pulled off the moccasins and the sweatshirt.

He hesitates slightly, and pulls her t-shirt off. Her hands go to the waistband of the sweatpants as he picks up an increase in her womanly fragrance. He places his hands over hers and she raises her hips as he slides the sweatpants and socks off.

Then he stands, gazing at her, and she squirms slightly.

She clenched her toes, and the movement attracted his attention. So, he started there, crouching at her feet.

He grasps the left foot, and presses his thumbs into the bottom and rubs. She's confused by his actions, then tips her head back and moans at the feeling. He works on that foot a couple of minutes, then kisses the sole of her foot and moves to the other.

Next he kneads her calves, then caresses her thighs. She reaches out, to pull him closer. He resists her. "I have time to explore your body this time, and wish to do so. Be patient."

She huffs, lays back, and closes her eyes.

He runs his hands up the outside of her legs, over her hips. He traces her arms to her shoulders, caressing, rubbing lightly. As he runs his fingers into her hair, her hands come up to touch his chest, the firm muscles there.

Emmett concentrated fully on his hands, the softness of the flesh underneath them. He inhaled, nostrils filled with her scent. He then swept her with his eyes. Oh, god, how he wanted her. He brought his face closer and inhaled at her neck.

She tensed slightly. He kissed along her jawline, her throat, until he came to her mouth again as she relaxed.

Her body was humming and all he'd done was touch her, in no way that was sexual.

He inhaled, close to her neck, was he going to bite her?

No. Kisses. She shivered as he slid off her a bit and traced his tongue across her collarbone, then shifted down to circle a nipple with his wet tongue. His hand stroked her face lightly, then traced over her shoulder.

She felt it cover the opposite breast as he bit the other nipple lightly. She couldn't help but gasp.

He was so warm. The hand kneading her breast, his mouth on the other. She moaned and took his head in her hands.

She could feel her wetness running down the crack of her ass.

She turned her head, to smell him. Distinctly male, maybe a little wild.

She wanted more than he was giving her, but it galled her to ask when he'd pretty much told her he was going to take his time.

She twisted a little and, when his hand started to slide southwards, couldn't stop the moan, "Please.."

Something wild in him rejoiced. A female, soft, wonderfully scented, and begging for the pleasure she knew he could give her.

Emmett's hand wandered across her belly, then cupped her womanhood. He released her breast, and kissed and tasted across her ribcage.

He felt the wetness seeping from her and she tried to push her pelvis upward. He dragged his fingers past her opening, through the damp, slick hair that had regrown, sliding over her engorged and sensitive clitoris. A moan of pleasure, music to his ears. Needy. Wanting. Him.

"Emmett. Please?"

"Soon, sweetheart."

She was writhing as he kissed his way to her navel, then down to the hollow beside her hipbone. As he laved and sucked that area lovingly, he slid two fingers into her.

She sighed.

He slid those fingers in and out, meeting little resistance, as his face approached the seat of her womanhood.

Ah! The scent. Wonderful! He inhaled deeply, wanting to burn the scent of her into his memory. So that, even when they were dead, he would remember it.

He stopped briefly at that. No. Focus on the moment. On her. On the moments they could have together.

His fingers continued to pump in and out of her. Then his mouth found that bud of delight, encased in soft petals of womanflesh. His tongue swept over and round her clitoris. She moaned, and twisted.

He placed his free hand on her thigh, to hold her steady. Her fingers were clenched in his hair.

Faster, and the muscles in her legs began to tremble; she was close.

A bit longer and she tensed, clawing his scalp. "OOooh! God!" A small gush of fluid. The feeling of the spasms around his fingers.

He inhaled deeply again, the smell purely Lyssa, and slowly withdrew from her.

But, what he really wanted was to plunge his ready cock into her wet pussy. He knew, however, that if he did that, he'd be unable to prevent himself from marking and mating her. That was an irrevocable step, and he would not take it without her consent. So, he had to be satisfied with this.

He crawled up beside her as she panted in the aftermath of her orgasm and pulled her close.

She murmurs a question, "Emmett?"

"Shh. Sleep."

Happily, Erich happened to be driving through a rural area when he passed a tractor pulling a dark car down the road.

It wasn't difficult to find where it had been dragged from, the trail of mud was easy to follow.

He parked in a wide spot along the narrow road and walked back. He followed the muddy trail back along the hedgerow until he found the place where the car had been stuck.

Closing his eyes, he inhaled deeply. Human. Raccoon. Nothing else.

Now, he looked around. Remnants of a snowfall. Footprints from the human, a hand print. There! A large print, resembling a human foot, but a bit misshapen, pressed firmly into the mud.

From there, another, less deep. A third light trace marked the direction of travel. Only one set of tracks, he must have carried the human female. Not unexpected, as she would otherwise slow him down.

Should he explore now? Look for them? No. He needed to report back first and see what the Alpha wanted done.

She woke later, to the smell of a meal in the making.

She stretched and looked over at the half-naked man at the fire. She noticed he was standing shock still, as if awaiting something painful.

Did he regret what they'd done? Is that why he stood so stiffly now?

He'd gotten out of the bed, hadn't waited for her to wake.

She sat up, throwing back the blanket he'd apparently covered her with, and looked for her clothes, such as they were.

He glanced at her as she sat up, eyes drawn to her full breasts. Breasts that he had held, touched, one marred by a wolf's bite.

His stomach lurched and he turned back to the pot.

He listened to her dressing and waited for the inevitable questions.

She came over and gathered plates and cutlery, setting the table for their meal.

"Smells good, Emmett. You're a good cook."

"I've had some practice."

"Oh? You go camping a lot?"

"Young males often go off into the woods for a time. There are a few outlying cabins we use."


"To run. To hunt. To spar. Even to talk. We sometimes have the urge to commune more fully with our wolves."

"You can't do that at the house?"

He laughs, and she starts. She'd never heard him laugh before. She found she liked the sound of his laughter.

They ate and talked.

He went out on patrol.

They slept curled up together at night. She swore she heard him murmur her name in the night as his arm tightened around her.

The next couple of days fell into a comfortable pattern.

Eating. Emmett patrolling. Regular bouts of, well, it wasn't exactly lovemaking. He would pleasure her and she would do the same for him, learning all the textures and tastes of his cock. But they didn't have intercourse.

She wasn't sure why. Was it Thomas? Or something else?

They would talk, about pack life, mostly, but other things as well. Likes. Dislikes. The past. What had been their hopes for the future. Even the weather.

More snow fell. He began to grow withdrawn, almost depressed.

One day, as they curled up together after they had again pleasured one another, she ventured the question, "Why do you think they haven't found us, yet?"

Randall is overjoyed that Emmett and Lyssa had been tracked down.

Computer map applications allowed them to pursue an initial scout of the area. It had been Samuel, using an unfamiliar tool, binoculars, who had first spotted Emmett on patrol.

The four young males, Roland, Erich, Samuel, and Gordon, had been tasked with watching the pair. They were frustrated at being unable to get closer, to engage, but had followed their Alpha's orders without question.

They had also been provided with a device they were uncomfortable with.

On the seventh day following their escape, Randall drives out to give the watchers another order. Joanna has been allowed to accompany him.

Gordon and Roland look up as the black Escalade pulls up.

"What's going on, Dad?"

"It's time to bring them back to the den, son."

Joanna is bouncing and rubbing her hands together in anticipation. Both Emmett and her newfound friend and human, Lyssa, would be coming home soon.

The two young men look at each other, then their Alpha. "When do Erich and Samuel return?"

"Another hour."

"Alright, he's been here too long and he knows it. He's likely to be considering another move soon. We'll plan for two contingencies and hope for the simplest."

"In the first case, we will take him while he is on patrol, outside of the cabin, and then go in and collect her."

"What if he doesn't come out?"

"He will, Joanna, we will see to it."

"What do you consider the second scenario to be, Dad?"

"That would be if he decides to run again tonight." Roland and Gordon nod. "In that case, we will need to separate them, to keep her from injury."

"Can I help, Dad?"

"This is why I allowed you to come along, Jo. So that you might help us with her."

"Lyssa. Her name is Lyssa."

He closes his eyes, chastised now by both his mate and his daughter for failure to address his soon-to-be pack member by her name.

"If Emmett decides it is time to move, he will wish to move quickly. It is likely he will be carrying Lyssa. We will have to make a move to attack him, so that he will put her down to defend himself."

"I don't wish him to be harmed, but we all know that Emmett is a canny fighter and any of us may be injured."

"Joanna, if you have any opportunity to get Lyssa away from him, please, take it. Then, talk to her, try to calm her."

Samuel and Erich return and the plan is repeated.

The Wyeth wolves then fan out and surround the cabin where Emmett and Lyssa have taken refuge.

Emmett sat up against the headboard and pulled her into his lap. "I don't know. Our trail may have been difficult to follow but not impossible. Erich's one of our best trackers. Unless he's not doing his best, he will find us." He wraps his arms around her, rests his chin on her head. "We should move again."


"I know you've grown comfortable here but we shouldn't stay in any place too long."

She sighed. "Tonight?"

"We'll leave before dawn."

She nods, feeling warm and safe in his arms. "Emmett?"


"Why haven't you had sex with me?"

A big inhale as he nuzzles her neck. "Because if I started, I didn't think I'd be able to stop. The urge to mate with you is very strong but I wanted you to have the choice. If I'd marked you then, you'd have had no choice at all."

"So, that's what a mating is?"

"For wolves, yes. But for you, it would have been different and much more profound. The bite given during the mating would change you into a wolf."

She tenses in his arms. "Oh."

"I refuse to change you against your will. It is, I know, a lot to ask."

He turns her sideways and tilts her chin up to look into her eyes. "I wanted us to get to know about each other. To explain to you what was involved. My plans were interrupted when the Alphas arrived at your house. And, I fear I have done nothing since then to earn your favor."

"You took me to them and dropped me there with a group of people I didn't know. You wouldn't come near me. Why?"

Another big breath. She sways in his arms against the rise and fall of his chest. "You were so mad, so cold. I thought I had lost my chance with you."

"But you still knocked Thomas flat when he came over to talk to me."

He couldn't look her in the eye. "I guess I wasn't ready to let you go. And I couldn't stand seeing you go to him."

She puts her palm on his chest and her ear against it, listening to the strong, steady beat of his heart. "Does it hurt?"

"What? The bite?"

She shakes her head against his chest. "Changing."

"Ah. That. I did speak to Anna about it, to learn what she remembered."

"So, Anna was changed?"

"Yes. Jeremy brought her into the pack 22 years ago. She was reminded of the flu, or so she said. Tired. Achy. Feverish. It lasted a few days."

"Which one was she?"

"A light brown wolf, a little larger than most. I'm not sure you would have noticed her, though."

"Does she like it?"

He grumbles under his breath, "Ariel should have taken you to talk to her. Oh, wait, that's right, she's in estrus."

"Estrus. Stephanie said something about that. We kept running into a couple having sex all over the house. She said the woman was in estrus and that they were making pups."

"Estrus basically means a bitch in heat. Her sex drive goes through the roof and he won't leave her for the entire time. It's when she's fertile. That was Anna and Jeremy."

"Oh. Wow. Every month?"

"No. Our females are only fertile once or twice a year. Are you saying you're fertile every month?"

She gulps and nods. "Hmm. Interesting. But Anna doesn't. Perhaps that would be different when you are changed."

"So, Anna likes being a wolf?"

"Yes, she does. I wish you could have spoken with her."

"Is that another reason you won't have sex with me? Cuz I could get pregnant?"

"No, sweetheart. It wouldn't happen unless you're changed."

He looks up. "It's getting late. I should patrol, a wide sweep tonight. Then we should make some preparations and get some rest before we leave in the morning."

"What about all the food we ate?"

"I'll leave some money."

He moves her off to one side and stands.

She gets up, too, shivering slightly. "I don't know why but I think I'd feel better with the gun while you're gone."

She walks over to the duffle bag and pulls out the gun, knocking open one of the small boxes inside.

She gasps, scooping up a familiar and highly sentimental object.

Emmett, noticing the change, turns to her.

Lyssa stands, gun in one hand, something else clasped in the other. She opens that hand, staring in wonder at the two objects strung on a silver chain.

A cheap blue-glass heart-shaped pendant that her father had given her mother.

And her mother's engagement band.

Her view gets blurry as unbidden tears come to her eyes. "How?"

"Joanna told me to go to your house and find the things you'd really miss if you lost them."

"Did you save them from the fire?"

"No. I was there well before that."

"Oh." A pause. "How did you know to get this?"

"I also got your high school yearbook and a couple of photo albums. I saw a picture of your mother wearing this. So, I thought.."

She gulps, sniffles, and wraps her hand tightly around her only remaining treasure.

"The books are in my room. I'm sorry but they were too big to bring with us."

Another sniff. "Um. What's in the other box?"

His eyes, those chocolate brown eyes, go sad and she thinks maybe she shouldn't have asked. His voice sounds a bit strangled when he says, "Open it."

With shaky hands, she clasps the necklace around her neck and crouches. She takes the thin box out and lays it flat on her palm. "Carefully."

Lyssa slowly pulls the lid off and looks inside.

there is a photo, of a grey wolf, a tuft of fur, and a couple of teeth, sharp and small. She looks up at him for an explanation.

"Those are a couple of my milk teeth. The picture is my mother."

"She was grey, too, huh?" He nods. "She's beautiful."

He smiles at her use of the word beautiful to describe a wolf. "And the fur? I can smell a little.. , oh."

She carefully, almost reverently, slides the lid back on.

"My father's, I've been told. A patch that the fire didn't get, where he was leaning against one of my brothers."

She puts the box down, walks over, and puts her arms around his waist and hugs him. "I'm sorry."

He puts his arms around her and holds her close, nose in her hair. "Sorry for what, dear heart?" He feels the dampness of her tears against his chest.

"That you've lost your family, twice. And, thank you, for saving this." Her hand goes to the pendant.

"Joanna was right. And, Lyssa, I must ask your forgiveness," she looks up at him, confusion on her face. "For not being attentive to you in the den. For allowing Thomas to hurt you. For putting your life in jeopardy. If I could take it all back, I would."

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