No I haven't changed her name! Kate is still being 'born'. About 85% written so just that and the editing to go.

This is an older piece written some years ago as part of the 'Caroline' legacy. I began to read it again and thought, what the heck, post it. It takes place about a year after they meet and covers a week or so in Italy. Two new ladies (Italian) appear and events have progressed so there may be things that seem to need explanation, e.g. Caroline is pregnant. These will become clear when, and if, I post the rest of 'Caroline'. It ends rather abruptly as I am going to continue with it when I finish all of the Miranda trilogy. It is posted with some trepidation but, what the hell!


This has not been extensively edited so be kind!

Photographs are mentioned but I've taken them out. I use shots from the web, movies, etc to illustrate these stories for myself (and gain inspiration) but there are copyright issues if posting.

LENGTH – it's a long piece, 114,000 words (bloody hell, again you say). Sorry but I wrote this for me. I share it in the hope you might get some pleasure from reading it.

It contains, in addition to the usual stuff, a threesome and DP, and some interesting use of ice, but no violence or non-consensual sex .

Although posted in 'Anal' there is plenty of straight and oral sex but the main focus is on the female rear.

This may be a little, not sure how to explain it really, Mills and Boonish I suppose, for some of you. Read the intro to Caroline, Chapter 1.1. It explains the raison d'etre for the piece.

Comments, as ever, are welcome but politeness would be appreciated if you criticise, as would an option to reply. Please vote!


It was the first week in March that Mike heard from the builders in Italy. The work on the villa was nearly finished and they wanted him to go out and check that everything was OK. I was starting to get pretty big by now, 5½ months into my pregnancy, so I wasn't sure about going with him.

"Lena, angel," he said, "I want you to come with me. We can have a week away. How about it?"

Well it was OK by me because I still wanted to arrange for him to have Anna but I was worried about Jo. She had recovered from the problems at the start of her pregnancy but she was still feeling tired most of the time. Mary said that her baby was particularly demanding and there wasn't all that much they could do, she'd just have to eat well and rest. I still felt fine although I was beginning to feel the extra weight and had been doing most of the housework and everything, looking after Jo. I also wondered about Gianna, how she would feel. Would she want to come with us. She had been a regular visitor and shared our bed often.

"I want to," I said to him, "it'll be nice." Then I added smiling, "I can arrange for you to have Anna can't I?"

He laughed, "Lena, you are incorrigible. I don't need Anna, I've got you." Now I should mention how he was at that time. I'd read all the magazines and they all said that women start to get a little worried about now. Worried about their looks and how attractive they are to their men. A big lump in the front, saggy and very tender boobs, and a general tiredness because of the extra demands on the body don't actually make for a feeling of sexiness. Well, you know how I feel, I'm not very pretty anyway. Jo, Amy, Anna, as well as Gianna, are all prettier than me so I didn't feel it quite so much. The other thing was Mike. He must have faced this before with his wife and Gianna. With me he was wonderful, not only this time but every time. I must admit as well that, and I know you won't believe this, I was going off sex!

He was wonderful however, he would kiss me all the time, hold me, make love to me, and tell me how beautiful I was and he wasn't demanding. When I thought about it, he only made love to me when I wanted to. He made me feel beautiful, he couldn't fail to do so. Although he didn't ask for sex, he was attentive, helpful, supportive, and always ready when I wanted him. I suppose he had been through it four times hadn't he, so he knew what to expect.

"I want you to have her, you do want her don't you?" He looked sad and helpless.

"Yes," he said, "I won't lie to you, you know that. She's young, sexy, and probably inexperienced. That's all an old man's fantasies rolled up into one but I'd rather have you any day, you know that."

I kissed him, "Yes, I do know that, that's why I don't mind you having her and by the way, you are not old! She still wants you, you know. I speak to her every week."

He smiled, "Well, do you want to come out to the villa. I've got to go but if you don't come I'll fly out and back in a couple of days. If you want to come I think we'll go down by train. No stress or worry for you that way."

"Oh, I do want to come but I must sort things out with Jo and Gianna. I don't want to leave Jo on her own. You can see how tired she is and I think the house and looking after Guy will get on top of her. I need to talk to Gianna as well. She might want to come Mike, can she?"

"Of course she can: might cock up your plans for Anna though," he added smiling.

"Oh no," I said laughing back, "she knows all about those plans. I might see if she'll stay with Jo," I said pensively, "I think she might like to get away for a week or so but she'll probably be reluctant to come to Italy with us."

"I'll leave it all to you to arrange then, let me know and I'll book the train."

So I spoke to Gianna that evening. I was right, she would have liked to come but she was reluctant to tell Silvio about it. It was too obvious a liaison and she was worried people would notice. She did, however, welcome the chance to look after Jo. Jo was OK as well. She said she was perfectly fine to look after herself and Guy but he insisted that she wasn't and should rest so she finally caved in and agreed to Gianna coming to stay for a fortnight which, incidentally, allowed her to spend a Saturday night with Mike before we left.

I did discuss Anna with Gianna some time before we left. "Gianna," I said as we had coffee, "you remember that lovely young waitress at the restaurant in Stresa?"

"Mmm, yes. Anna was her name wasn't it." She laughed, "That's the one you said fancied Mike isn't it. I remember, you said you could get her for him." She looked at me and raised her eyebrows questioningly. "You're planning something aren't you?"

Over that last few months we'd grown to know each other very well. After all, we shared a bed together often, and we often shared Mike in bed. We shopped and went out together. Our relationship was strange. We could almost change as we went along. Sometimes we were like mother and daughter, sometimes like sisters, sometimes lovers, and quite often really, dual wives. We loved each other in all these ways as well so we felt very intensely about each other and had grown to recognise nuances in behaviour. We did have a true ménage a trois except that Gianna didn't live with us all the time.

I laughed, "Yes," I said guiltily, "I am. I phone her every week just to keep in touch and find out how her mother is doing. She doesn't have a boyfriend, gone off them she says. Fed up with groping and fumbling. She still fancies him like mad she told me, dreams of him all the time would you believe." I looked at Gianna fixedly, "I want him to have her Arna. It'll be good for him and it'll be good for her. He can live out his fantasies can't he, young woman, inexperienced, attractive. Do you mind."

She thought, "No, I'm not jealous of him. Well, I suppose I would be if HE went off with another woman but if we arrange it, then I don't mind. Yes if you can arrange it for him," she laughed, "it'll keep him in practice."

"Well, she's only 20 and, although she's had several boyfriends, I don't think she's ever really got much pleasure from sex." I whispered conspirationally, "And she's a virgin at the back."

"God, he'll love that," said Gianna laughing. "At least she'll learn how to enjoy it the right way. There isn't any better teacher is there?"

I laughed, "No, there certainly isn't."

She became serious, "Lena, love, are you OK. You know, with him. Is he treating you properly. This can be a bad time."

I smiled fondly at her concern. "Yes," I said, "he is. Arna he's lovely. He keeps telling me how beautiful I am. He wakes up first thing and I'm lying there, no makeup or anything and he kisses me and says the most wonderful things." I smiled again, "The only problem is he makes me cry. I'm so emotional and he's so lovely. He's always ready when I want to make love." I looked at her questioningly, "Not that I want to quite so much now. Is that usual."

"Yes, I think it is. It's a problem really. You feel you have to, to keep your man, but quite often you're tired and, to put it bluntly, don't want to know. I felt that way, I know that, and he was wonderful then. If he makes you feel good he must be doing all right. I think the break will do you good," she laughed, "and, if you get Anna for him, it'll do him good as well."

"Mmm," I said smiling, "I'll speak to her."

"You mentioned her mother. What was that about?"

"I don't suppose you know but her mother is a software engineer, would you believe. She's a widow and she used to work for a company in Arona but they're going bust and they've just let her go. With no money coming in Anna's worried about what will happen. Last year I mentioned her mum to Mike and he had a word with Nardo about the possibility of employing her if she became available so Mike's just had a word with him and they're trying to sort something out. I think Nardo wants to check how good she is then he'll talk to Mike. Anyway, we should be able to sort everything out when we get to Italy."

So both Gianna and Jo were happy with the arrangements and I told him straight away. We left early on a Monday morning, sleeping overnight on the train down, and arrived in Stresa about 4:00 on Tuesday afternoon. He had a car waiting at the station. I suppose we didn't really need one but he didn't want to be without transport if we needed it.

The villa looked a bit like a building site outside but, when you looked past all that, you could see that a lot of work had been done. They'd finished in the building itself and were concentrating on the garage under the pool, which was being enlarged as well, so we could stay without much disturbance. Mike unpacked the car while I settled in and phoned Anna. We arranged to meet for coffee the next day (Wednesday) in Stresa while Mike saw the architect and building boss.

He came upstairs with the cases (not too many, I'd buy any clothes I needed) and looked at me.

"Happy?" he said smiling down as I sat on the sofa.

"Mmm," I said smiling back, "I like it here. It makes me feel, oh I don't know, secure." I looked at him demurely, "And sexy," I said then realised that I didn't look very sexy. "Although I don't look it!"

He knelt in front of me and took my hands in his, "You always look sexy," he said seriously, "you're my love."

Well, you know, that makes me cry, "I'm not," I said, "everyone's prettier than me, especially now. You wait till you see Anna."

Now I had annoyed him. I could see his eyes flash. "You are the most beautiful woman in the world, now, tomorrow, next week, anytime. I love you and I love looking at you. In my eyes you're beautiful. I don't want any more of this non-sense," he said suddenly smiling. "I'm taking you out to dinner tonight and I'm not going to drink very much."

He was playing, "Oh why?" I asked archly.

"Because," he said giving me 'that' look, "I'm going to make mad passionate love to you tonight. Is that all right?" he ended with a smile. On this occasion, of course it was!

"Mmm," I said, "I like the idea of that." He laughed and we finished unpacking before leaving for the restaurant. It was a nice meal and nice to meet some of the friends we'd made last year. We didn't get home too late and, as we walked up the stairs to the lounge after parking the car, he put his arms around me.

"You see," he said, "they all like you just as much now."

"They are nice aren't they. Oh Mike I do so love it here."

"Mmm. There is a sort of ambiance about the whole place. Mind," he added, "it might be different living here all the time."

"Yes, I suppose so but coming here like this is so nice."

He smiled at me, that smile, "Now you sexy little miss, how about some coffee followed by some really hot sex?"

I laughed at him, "Sounds good to me. You make the coffee and I'll go and get ready." He looked surprised, "Well," I said licking my lips, "you have liqueurs with coffee don't you and I know how you like your liqueurs!"

He looked at me and smouldered. He loved doing that, front and back. He would literally drink the liqueur from my pussy and my bottom. He took me in both places sometimes, full of liqueur. It is so, so sexy and so bloody naughty, disgusting really, but hell, it's exciting and I have enormous cums. It was especially good now because I could have these massive orgasms but didn't move much.

"God Lena, you are one hell of a woman."

"I know," I said smiling as I left the lounge.

Upstairs I showered and prepared myself. I needed to be really empty at the back for him to enjoy doing this so I took special care. I wore quite a sexy bra and panty set for him; not too much because you feel a bit silly with a great big tummy, but I knew he'd appreciate it. Then I put on a silk housecoat. When I came down he was in the lounge, having made the coffee, and had prepared the liqueurs. I like Grand Marnier, he likes Amaretto, usually with ice, so it's quite cold when it goes inside!

"You look lovely," he said as I came in, "good enough to eat," he added with a big grin.

"And drink?" I asked archly.

"Oh yes, and drink. I've poured your coffee. Do you want your liqueur now?" he asked with a big smile on his face. Well, if I did, I'd want to suck his cock with the alcohol in my mouth and he'd want that too but he hadn't showered so he was offering me the choice. I didn't mind, he tasted great any time and we all showered every day, sometimes twice, so yes I did!

"Mmm," I said, "flavoured with dick and precum." He looked down at me with pure lust in his eyes. This does wonders you know, especially when you're carrying a bump in front.

"You are a sexy lady Caroline, and beautiful to boot."

"Sit down and undo your trousers," I said to him laughing, "I want to suck your cock with a mouthful of Grand Marnier but don't you dare cum," I said mock seriously, "I've got other plans for that."

Well, he undid his trousers and then sat down. I could tell how much he wanted me because he was half hard already, poking over the top of his pants. I took a sip of GM, licked my lips and looked sexily up at him. He sat and I knelt in front. I wasn't drinking much alcohol because of the baby so I had to be very careful about how much I sipped but my second was a bit bigger. I took his penis, hardening swiftly now, and bent it to my open mouth and closed on the head.

"Oh fucking hell, Lena," he said, "oh shit."

I'd flooded his cock head with GM, swirling it round with my tongue, before swallowing. I caught the taste of him. No pre-cum yet, just the taste of my man, It was lovely. I looked up to his eyes through my lashes. I don't think any man can resist that, well my two can't!

"Oh Lena, Lena," he said as he began to move.

"More?" I asked as I looked up at him.

"Oh god yes. Yes please."

So, another sip of GM and then his cock head back into my mouth. Now my first pulse of pre-cum. Mixed with GM, it was a heady cocktail and I had to resist swallowing it too quickly. I swirled the mixture around my mouth as I moved back and forth over his rock solid erection. Now he started to move, to fuck my mouth slowly and gently.

I swallowed the cocktail and continued to suck and lick his cock while I fondled his balls, hardening now as he became more excited. Dangerous though, I didn't want him to cum, much as I'd have liked a mouthful I wanted him to last a lot, lot longer!

I took one more sip of GM and moved his cock into my mouth. Another pulse of pre-cum, more this time, and another gorgeous cocktail.

"Oh god Lena, enough. I can't take much more," he said as he pulled away. Then he bent and kissed me, pushing his tongue into my eager mouth and savouring the remains of my GM cocktail. "You are an angel," he said.

"No I'm not," I pouted, "I'm fat and I'm ugly."

He pulled back and looked at me in that way of his and quoted,

If I could write the beauty of your eyes,

And in fresh numbers number all your graces,

The age to come would say this poet lies,

Such heavenly touches ne'er touched earthly faces.

Oh, I know he'd said it before, (and he said it again, often), but, oh dear, it does do something to me. I reached for him and held him so, so tightly I must have hurt him, then I started to cry. Only softly and only because I was so happy and so lucky to have this man who could say this to me now. Now I was fat with my bump, my boobs were sagging, and I'd lost some of my verve.

"You are a naughty man," I said laughing through my tears, "you tell fibs."

He smiled, "Oh no, no fibs. In my eyes you are the most beautiful woman in the world. There may be other women who people say are more beautiful than you, but not for me. I love you, you see, more than anything."

Oh god, crying again and laughing at the same time. "You beast. Go upstairs and shower while I drink my coffee." I looked at him coyly and with a great big pout, "I'm sure you want your liqueur now."

He smiled, kissed my cheek, and went upstairs. I gave him ten minutes (he didn't take long!) then went upstairs. He was laying on the bed, his head on one arm, so he could watch me as I came in. I'd brought up the bottle of Amaretto and the ice bucket with me on a little tray. He smiled that slow sexy smile of his.

"You are trying to get me drunk," he said.

"No, just a little tipsy so you last longer," I said smiling back at him sexily. I went to undo my housecoat as usual then had this sudden apprehension. Look, I was fat, 5½ months does that, and my boobs were sagging a bit. That old fear, from the first time with him, came back. He must have noticed my hesitation.

"Take that off, let me feast my eyes on you," he said fixing me with that 'I want to fuck the arse off you" smile. He could always do this you know, make me feel so good.

I undid the cord and let the coat fall. He sat up on the edge of the bed and reached for me. As I neared his hands reached round and held my bottom cheeks. He kissed my tummy button, "That's for the little one," he said smiling, then he lowered his head and kissed my pussy through my panties, "and that's for you." He looked up, "Lay down," he said, "I want to eat and drink from you."

Well I know it's very rude, disgusting even, but it is bloody exciting. I lay on the bed and he knelt beside me looking down. His eyes caressed me as usual, making me feel goose pimply all over, as he bent his head to kiss my lips, cheeks, eyes and nose. Then to my boobs. By this time they were so, so sensitive I knew he'd bring me to orgasm just sucking, licking and biting them. He undid the bra, a front loader, and began paying homage. He worked on both, sucking the nipple on one while he fondled the other, then changing. After a while his head came up and his hand returned with an ice cube. He worked it around my nipple.

"Oh shit, that is good. Oh dear, yes, do that." So he did, some more, then changed to the other. I didn't notice but he must have taken a sip of Amaretto then because when his mouth covered my nipple again I felt the slight tingling of the liqueur. This, on top of the coldness of the ice, was enough.

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