tagLoving WivesAnna Saves the Company Ch. 01

Anna Saves the Company Ch. 01


Anna thought she had the perfect life, at 27 years of age she was young, beautiful and intelligent. Married to her husband of 2 yrs, they both had good jobs and made each other very happy. They weren't rich by any means but they both had good salaries and were particularly careful with their money. This however was about to be put in jeopardy, as the world braced itself for a recession.

Anna was one of six office staff working for a small clothing firm. The company had taken off extremely fast and Anna's employment was part of that boom. As the country entered the recession, business began to slow down very quickly. The companies that bought the clothing were gradually finding it harder to sell the stock they already had, so inevitably the orders became fewer each time.

The office manager Tom had called a meeting with Anna for 10.30am as she entered the building to start her morning. Despite being told not to worry, her manager's face didn't look convincing either and Anna began to fear the worst as she tried to go about her work. Several cups of coffee along with a few cigarettes only went a short way to easing her nervous as 10.30am slowly approached.

Anna knocked on the office manager's door before walking in and closing the door behind her.

"Come in Anna, please take a seat." Tom said.

"What is this all about Tom? Please don't tell me I'm going to lose my job?"

"Let's say no more than I'm going to lose mine. Look Anna ill cut straight to the chase. As everybody is aware, our main buyers can't sell our stock due to this bloody credit crunch recession and it's getting worse."

"I understand that Tom but where do I fit in to all of this if you're not letting me go?"

"Do you remember Mr Davies who I met with last month?"

"Yes briefly but we didn't really speak, why do you ask?"

"His company has agreed to buy 12 months supply of clothing for his branches abroad."

"Well that's great news isn't it Tom?"

Tom slumped back in his chair placing his hands together as he gave Anna a sorry look.

"Tom, what is it?"

"He wants you to seal the deal Anna."

"What are you talking? He wants to sign the deal with me?"

Tom stood up and walked over to the window, placing his hands into his pockets as he stared out at the autumn sunshine. At that moment the penny dropped and Anna placed her hand over her mouth in absolute horror.

"Please Tom; please tell me you're not saying what I think your saying?"

"I'm afraid so Anna, Mr Davies called me on the weekend to make the deal. But he insisted that he takes you to dinner and then back to his hotel to sign the deal."

"What did you say to him? Why me? I mean, we hardly even spoke. What kind of bloody deal is this Tom? You can't make me do this. I won't do it Tom!"

"Calm down Anna and listen to me, I don't for one second expect you to agree to this ok. I'll call Mr Davies and explain there is no deal." "Then what will happen?"

"It's simple Anna, if we continue as we are, we will go bust and everybody is out of a job."

"I can't believe this is happening. This isn't business its prostitution and besides why me?"

"He asked for a female member of staff to help him make up his mind. I was shocked like you but what could I do? He specifically asked for the young blonde, you."

"How long can the company survive without this deal Tom?"

"Two weeks before I start laying people off, then maybe another month before the company goes bust. Demand is decreasing by the day; even designer labels are slashing their prices in order to shift stock Anna."

"I can't cheat on my husband Tom and even if I were single, I'm not a whore."

Tom moved behind Anna and placed his hands onto her shoulders softly, as if he were comforting her.

"I know you're not Anna. He asked for you because he thinks you're beautiful and you are Anna. I'm not asking you to do this; I'm just giving you the options we have. It's an awful situation we find ourselves in and if I'm honest Anna, yes I am desperate to save this company. If you agree to do this, then it would of course come with benefits. If however you do not agree then I fully understand and no pressure will be put on you."

"I can't lose my job Tom, I just can't, but this is wrong, its blackmail and I'm a married woman."

Anna broke down in tears and Tom quickly knelt to comfort her. He pulled out a clean handkerchief and handed it to her.

"Take the rest of the day off Anna, I won't take it from your pay. Go home and think about what you want to do? I'll need an answer by Friday but hopefully before then we will have found somebody to save us from this mess."

Anna arrived home and poured herself a glass of wine as she lit a cigarette. Anna sat staring into space with so many thoughts racing through her mind. She knew the company wouldn't survive without this deal and that her husband's wage alone couldn't pay the bills. She broke down into tears again as she felt her world collapsing around her.

Anna crushed out her cigarette and gulped down her wine before heading upstairs to run a bath. She entered the bedroom and stood staring at her reflection in the mirror as she began to undress. As Anna slowly unbuttoned her white blouse to reveal her white lace bra she could see why Mr Davies wanted her. Dropping the blouse to the floor she reached round her back and unclasped the hook allowing the bra to join her blouse on the floor. Anna cupped her firm 32C breasts before reaching for the zip on her black skirt. With the zip undone, Anna began to slide the skirt down her smooth legs. Once she reached her ankles she stepped out of the dress and admired her reflection. Anna stood in just her black stockings and heels as she ran her hands through her blonde curly hair.

Only her husband had seen her like this. She met her husband when she was 18 and was still a virgin until she fell in love and gave herself to him. After 7 yrs together, they had gotten married and she felt her life was complete.

Anna's mind had soon drifted back to reality and she quickly slipped off her heels and stockings before sliding into the bath. After a long soak Anna wrapped her bath robe around her body and went to pour another glass of wine.

Anna sat in silence as she went over her options, but it just made her more and more confused. She had no options and she knew it. If she agreed to meet Mr Davies then she risked losing her marriage. Even if everything went to plan and her husband never found out, she would know for the rest of her life. How could she ever look at her husband again? If she didn't agree she also knew she would lose everything. The thought of both options made her feel ill as she sipped her wine.

Before Anna knew it, the day was over and her husband was pulling up on to the drive. Anna quickly greeted her husband and felt better for being in his arms. That night they had discussed their options if one of them were to lose their jobs. Anna falsely reassured her husband that her job was safe before he confessed he was looking to be out of a job within 2 months.

Anna lay silently in bed as her husband slept beside her. She couldn't sleep as she kept thinking about her meeting with Tom that morning. Anna silently wept before eventually falling asleep.

The next morning Anna phoned in sick as soon as her husband left for work. Tom told her to take the week off if she wanted before reminding her that he needed her answer by Friday. Anna was soon feeling depressed as she sat for hours thinking of solutions, but every thought ended up at the same place.

Anna arrived into work a little earlier than normal to meet Tom and tell him of her decision.

"Morning Anna, how are you feeling?" Tom asked.

"How do you think Tom?" Anna said sarcastically.

"Sorry I know this is difficult."

"Do you Tom? I don't think you do? Anyway I have made my decision and I have decided to meet Mr Davies but on some terms of my own."

"Ok Anna, what do you have in mind?"

"On Monday you mentioned some benefits. What's in it for me Tom?"

"This deal guarantees 12 months of orders with 6 months being paid in advance. This was agreed to keep us in business. I could put you in charge of this deal giving you a promotion and a pay rise."

"How much are we talking?"

Anna tried to sound in control of this negotiation but Tom could sense she was going to go through with it anyway.

"Tom wrote down her rise and passed the piece of paper over to her. Anna nodded her head in agreement as Tom smiled.

"The meeting will take place this Saturday Anna, is that ok?"

"Yes that shouldn't be a problem; I'll tell my husband I'm meeting a client."

"You are to meet him at the International Hotel outside of town at 7pm Saturday. He will have a table booked where you can discuss everything. Thank you Anna, I know this must be very hard."

"Leave it Tom, you have no idea and I'm not doing this for you!"

Anna walked out and sat her desk as her colleagues began to enter the office. Anna tried to switch off from everything and at times everything felt normal again as the girls started with their gossip.

Saturday soon arrived and Anna was standing in front of the mirror as she got ready for her evening. She had explained to her husband she was meeting a client over dinner to sign a contract. Anna felt terrible as her husband seemed excited about the deal. She began to have second thoughts before she received a text message from Tom wishing her good luck.

Anna looked very sexy walking down the stairs to the delight of her husband. She looked beautiful but also professional. She had chosen to wear a knee length black skirt with a white blouse which showed a nice deep cleavage without looking slutty. Even with her black jacket her cleavage was visible. Underneath she wore a matching black lace bra and panty set with stockings and heels to complete the package.

The taxi soon arrived at the hotel and Anna paid the fare before heading into the hotel. As soon as she entered Mr Davies was waiting for her at the bar.

"Good evening Anna, glad you could make it. I must say you look beautiful."

"Thank you Mr Davies your looking good yourself."

"Please call me Alan. Shall we?"

After shaking hands Anna nervously followed Alan into the restaurant. Anna began to relax throughout the meal as the conversation remained totally professional. Anna even began to wonder if she could seal this deal without using her body. She found herself warming to him as he remained polite and respectful throughout the meeting.

When the meal was finished Mr Davies ordered a bottle of wine to take away, before asking Anna to join him in his room to sign the contract. As Anna stood up she felt light headed as the wine took its effect, but she remained confident she was still in control.

Once in the room, Mr Davies poured two glasses of wine before handing one to Anna. She accepted the glass making her way to the window.

"Do you mind if I smoke Alan?"

"Not at all Anna, I want you to relax."

Anna sucked deep on her cigarette as she sat silently looking out at the window. In the window she could see Mr Davies' reflection and he was taking off his tie and jacket. The nerves began to creep back as she wondered if she would be expected to have sex with him.

As she crushed out her cigarette and exhaled her last breath of smoke, Anna stood up as Mr Davies approached her.

Raising his hand to her face, Mr Davies stroked a finger down her cheek and Anna felt goose bumps all over her body.

"You're so beautiful Anna; I'm very pleased you agreed to come tonight."

"I had no choice. I can't lose my job, I'll lose everything otherwise."

"There is always a choice Anna."

Mr Davies pulled a coin from his pocket and showed Anna both sides of the coin. She looked up at him puzzled before he spoke.

"You can walk out right now and the deal is off. Or we can flip and let fate decide."

"What.......? What do you mean?"

"Heads I sign the contract and you play the game. Tails, I sign the contract and you walk straight out of here."

Anna froze a little confused, she understood what he was saying but didn't understand why. Whatever his reasons she had a fifty-fifty chance of winning.

"Ok flip the coin and let fate decide."

"No, you flip the coin Anna."

Mr Davies handed Anna the coin and she quickly placed it between finger and thumb, ready to flip. She flipped the coin into the air and caught it. She held it for a few seconds as she looked at Mr Davies. He smiled at her nervousness before looking at her hands. Anna removed her right hand covering the coin to reveal her fate. As she looked down at the coin her heart sank and Mr Davies reached for the buttons on her jacket.

Anna took a deep breath in preparation for what she was about to do. As she tried to exhale slowly and calmly her jacket fell from her body landing on the floor. Mr Davies took her face in his right hand tilting her face towards him and kissed her lips softly.

He felt the lack of passion in the kiss, which only turned him on more, as he knew by the end of it she would give him all the passion she had. He continued to kiss her before moving down to her neck. Anna stood frozen to the spot as she closed her eyes. She was telling herself to just walk out of the door and to not look back, but then she felt her blouse being pulled apart and down over her shoulders. Anna hadn't even realised he had undone her blouse. As the blouse also fell to the floor Mr Davies was soon covering her neck and chest with tiny soft kisses. Anna felt the warmth growing inside her body as his fingers unclasped the back of her bra but held onto the hook. Very slowly he pulled the hooks apart and Anna could feel the tension on her bust easing. She couldn't understand why, but she found the pace of his seduction very arousing.

Letting go of the clasp he raised his hands to her shoulders, placing a finger on each shoulder strap. He then very slowly pushed the bra straps over her shoulders and let them fall down her arms. As he placed his lips onto Anna's she kissed back with a little more passion and removed her bra.

Raising his hands he cupped her firm breasts, caressing them gently as he felt the passion in the kiss increase some more. Leading Anna to the bed he knew he had her where he wanted her. Mr Davies then ran his hands through her hair and Anna knew what was expected of her.

Consciously blaming the wine for her actions, she reached out and unbuckled his belt. Slowly pulling down the zip Mr Davies gave out a soft sigh of anticipation as Anna pulled down his trousers. She was impressed with the bulge in his pants and as she hooked a finger either side of his boxers she felt her panties getting wet.

As Anna pushed his boxers down his legs she felt his cock spring free and hit her on the cheek. They both smiled before Mr Davies stepped out of his boxers and offered Anna his cock.

Anna held his cock in her right hand and slowly leant forward to lick the tip of his cock. His cock twitched as he felt her warm, wet tongue on his head. She teased him for a few seconds before he grabbed two handfuls of her hair tightly. She sensed he was done teasing and sunk her head over his cock taking it as deep as she could. Anna thought the cock to be around 8 inches and bigger than her husbands, but with less width.

Mr Davies began to thrust his hips back and forth, fucking Anna's sweet mouth. Anna had lost all her inhibitions by this point and was soon rubbing her pussy through her panties as she began to work the cock in her mouth faster. Anna was desperate to cum and as soon as she started to taste the pre-cum, her body tensed and shook violently. Withdrawing the cock from her mouth she continued to wank him hard as she enjoyed her orgasm.

Before she had time to get back to her senses, Mr Davies had pushed her back flat on the bed, with her skirt bunched up around her waist. He quickly pulled down her panties and smiled at her tight shaven pussy, before kneeling in her front of her and tasting her juices.

Anna was fast approaching her second orgasm when Mr Davies stopped and stood up. Anna raised her head about to protest in frustration, but her head quickly fell back as her second orgasm took a hold of her. Mr Davies had quickly stopped eating out her pussy, but by the time Anna had raised her head his 8 inch cock was sliding into her body in one, deep, slow thrust. That was too much for her and her body had surrendered.

Mr Davies pushed Anna up the bed, keeping his cock buried deep in her pussy as he too climbed on to the bed. Grabbing each ankle he pushed her legs together and then high up in to the air, creating a tighter and deeper position in which to fuck her. Anna had by now forgotten where she was and who she was with, all that mattered at this moment in time, was the feeling between her legs as thrust after thrust pushed her closer to more pleasure.

As Anna started to cum for a third time, Mr Davies spread her legs and placed them onto his shoulders. Raising her lower back off of the bed slightly he took a breast in each hand and very quickly began to thrust down hard into her body. By the time he had adopted the position Anna's orgasm was fading, only to be quickly replaced by another, as the new position allowed his cock to go deeper into her body. Anna felt him touching places she never knew she had and this only intensified her pleasure.

Seeing that Anna needed a break, he slowed his pace and slowly withdrew his cock from her body. Anna welcomed the rest but soon felt her being turned on to all fours. Leaning forward on to her elbows, her arse was raised up invitingly. This didn't go unnoticed by Mr Davies and he was soon rubbing his cock up and down her arse crack, sliding over her puckered hole and pussy lips.

Without warning, he pushed forward and Anna's tight pussy was soon opening to accommodate his cock. Grabbing hold of her hips he began to thrust back and forth very slowly but deeply. Once he had completely buried his cock inside her pussy, he would stop for a few seconds then slowly withdraw, leaving only the head of his cock inside of her. Keeping with this tempo, Anna was soon reaching another orgasm and she wondered how much more she could take, before collapsing on to her stomach in joy.

Mr Davies lowered his body with Anna's as she came, enabling him to keep his cock inside her pussy.

"Are you on birth control Anna?" he asked between short breaths.

"Yes..... Yes I am." She said closing her eyes.

The thrusts began to get harder and Anna was soon gasping for air again. Suddenly she felt the cock in her body push deeper than ever as it stopped and began to twitch. Lying still, enjoying the feeling this cock was giving her, she knew with every twitch she felt a jet of hot cum was coating the walls of her womb.

Mr Davies withdrew from Anna and went to toilet, leaving her alone for a few moments. Turning over on to her back, she felt the hot seed seeping out of her body. When Mr Davies returned he kissed her on the cheek before she quickly made for the shower.

Anna stood in the shower washing her body, feeling another man's seed leaking from her body. The reality of everything she had done, came flooding back. She sat down in the shower and began to cry. She had cheated on her husband for the sake of her job. How could she ever look at him and tell him she loved him? Worst of all, she had enjoyed it. She allowed herself to be seduced after being given the chance to walk out. Did she really stay to keep her job? She knew she went for the job, but once she began to relax, she questioned whether or not she did actually want to have sex. Whatever the reasons for her infidelity, she knew she would never be the same again............

To be continued..............

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