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It seems like all guys come pre-programmed with the same questions when it comes to dating and sex. There seems to be a standard group of questions that guys who I've dated ask at some point or another. In this first writing, I'll tell you the answers to the most common questions that I have been asked.

The point of this is so that if you are one of the people who have ever asked a question like this to your girlfriends, then perhaps you would like a truly candid answer from me.

The dialog here is loosely based on one that I had with one guy that I was dating, but some of the questions were also taken from both a few IM chats, a couple of dates and phone conversations.

I'm from Riverside California. My parents had a drycleaners and usually weren't home. This left my older sister and I free to do whatever we wished... just so long as homework was done and the house was clean. I started dating at the age of 12, and lost my virginity a year later. The guy was a year older than I, but was sweet and gentle. I lost it in my own bedroom on a Saturday afternoon.

"What was it like for you your first time?"

If I remember correctly, he was about 5'9" and skinny as a rail. He was about six inches long. Really average size. I went down on him for only about a minute and decided that I didn't like it, so I laid on my back and he rolled on top. It really hurt as he began to go in, but he was very gentle and took it very slow. He had to try eight times to break my hymen, but on the ninth try, I felt the searing pain in from my pussy as he tore through. His cock felt really big inside me. I felt like I was tearing as he slowly pushed in. It felt like his member was pushing through my stomach as he finally hilted himself in me. I think it took us an hour for that first push... is that a record, anyone?

So yeah,as of this writing, I am 29 years old. I've had my share of dating, going out, one night stands and even rape. Yeah, rape. (Told you I was candid!)

"How many guys have you been with?"

Honestly, I don't really remember. There were times I wouldn't be with anyone, and times I was seeing three guys at once. I never kept count of all of them. All I know is that I was on a quest for love and "prince charming," and I kept meeting people until I found one.

"Did you have a lot of sex?"

Duuuuh... That's a no brainer, but guys still ask me. Sure. I had sex with the ones that I thought were fuckable, and I made love to those who deserved it. I hope you see the difference between the two.

"Did you ever do a girl-girl?"

A few times, but I really prefer a cock over a pussy - Hahaha! I mean, another girl can be fun and rather exciting, but it takes a man to make me get off and cum!

"What kind of guy do you look for?"

I really don't care too much about appearances. I have dated real geeks, Muscle builders and fat guys. I prefer men who look at my face first than my tits.

"How big are your tits, are they real?"

Yes, they are real. I am a 32C. I began developing around 12 and reached my 36C size when I was 15. I don't want to get implants or any enlargements as many men have told me that they are like a model's boobs. Perfect and perky. I love it when men play with them!

"So, how many men have you done at once?"

What do you take me for??? A Slut? Hahaha! Truthfully, I have had a couple MMF threesomes and a few MFF threesomes. I tried a FFF once, but that was boring and it left me terrible horny for cock.

"Did you do any anal or double penetration?"

Yeah, I had one in my ass as I sat on him, facing away, and the other in my cunt. We tried me sitting on top of one and the other behind, but he was too big, and my ass couldn't stretch to accommodate him.

"REALLY??? How big was he?"

He was about 9" long and as thick as a redbull can... remember, we are talking about a virgin ass here.

"What was the biggest cock you have had?"

The biggest cock, hmmm.... I would have to say that it was one guy that I met in Highschool. He was in his 30's. I was in my freshman year. We met at a college party that one of my friend's brother was having at his place. This guy took me in my friend's bro's bedroom after I asked if I could see if it was really that big. It was as big around at the base as my forearm right by the elbow or as big as a 22oz beer can! He was 11 or 12 inches long and had a head that was as big as my fist! I tried to go down on him, but he tore the sides of my mouth as he got a little too excited. He came all over my face! That, by the way was the first time I let a guy cum on my face too. We went back to his place and quickly went up to his bedroom. We tried missionary, but it wouldn't fit without too much pain. Then we tried me sitting on him, but that took so long, my legs got tired. Finally, the only thing that kind of worked was Doggie. I had to plant my face in the bed, tilting my hips back and spreading my legs as wide as they would go. I put a pillow under my waist to support my hips. He tore me on the top and bottom of my cunt as he got his head inside. It took him an hour to get half his cock in me, and another 30 minutes to get all the way in as far as he could. He still had two inches still out of me, but his cock was just too big at the base for me. I couldn't take it. I got kind of used to it, but every time he would pull back, it felt like he was pulling my stomach out with him, and every time he pushed it was just painful stretching. I finally ended up giving him a hand job because my pussy hurt too much.

"Was he black?"

No, surprisingly... He was half White, a quarter Native American, and a quarter Hispanic.

"Did you have a lot of men with big cocks? Do you like them?"

Well, that is a very loaded question. I have been with men who have been no bigger than a thumb, and as big as the one I wrote about above. I have had many that were over eight inches, but even more who were under six. As far as I prefer, I would have to say between six and eight are a good length, and as big around as four fingers put together in a square. It doesn't hurt, but feels great! By the way, no guy who was over eight inches could ever make me cum. The guy who had the thumb size one had me Cumming until I squirted twice. I have only ever squirted for two guys. Him and my husband.

"What was the biggest you have ever had in your ass?

Now that belonged to an Asian guy. He was about eight inches long and as big as six fingers around. He also holds the record for most cums and longest sex.

"Really??? How much and how long?"

We had sex for seven hours straight, only pausing when he came or I came. He wouldn't go soft after he came! I had to get him to come 12 times to make him finally go soft. I hurt down there for two weeks. I couldn't piss or poop right for two weeks after that encounter.

"He came 12 times???"

Yeah, he was the only one who got me pregnant (abortion). He came in my cunt seven times, my ass twice and my mouth once. The other two were from going down on him.

"Since you are Asian, are you into hentai?"

If the trust is there, like with my husband. I let him tie me to a sawhorse face down a couple days ago. He did me with dildos, spanked me, and had his way with me. I am into bondage and roll play with the right person too. I have acted as a nurse, a mistress, schoolgirl and more. Mostly for my husband though.

"What is the weirdest thing that you have ever had to do?"

My husband once tied me to the kitchen table and ate dinner on me. He placed a candle in my mouth and told me not to let it go. That was the weirdest, but most erotic experience I have ever had.

"Do you have nude photos or sex videos?"

There are a couple of my ex'es that have pictures, but nothing pro and my husband doesn't wish for me to display myself. I have webcammed a couple times if that counts.

"When going down, do you spit or swallow?"

It really depends on the mood, and how much I like the guy.

"Do you own any toys?"

Haha! I have a couple, yes... a couple viberators, a few vib-eggs, but nothing special.

"Do you like anal sex?"

I don't mind it if the guy is not too big. It really doesn't do anything for me, so if I consent, then it really is for the guy's pleasure.

"You said you were raped, what happened?"

This is the only thing that I don't like talking about.

"Do you have any deep dark secrets?"

Sure, don't we all? Honestly, I'll tell you one. I ended up sleeping with one boyfriend's brother at a party. I was too drunk to care. The worst part was that the next morning, I woke up with my boyfriend and his brother taking advantage of me. I quit that relationship right away.

"Wow, you have done a lot!"

This statement really gets to me. I take it that the guy thinks I'm a slut or something. I actually have always viewed myself as a liberal type. I look for love, and when it finds me, I take it. So it never really lasted until I met my husband.

He, by the way wanted me to write this. I have written other stories, but those are already out on the net. Hope you have enjoyed this. Just so you know, if you have questions that you have been dying to as, ask me. I'll put together another Q and A text like this one when I have enough.


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