Anna's Panties


I am a 32 year old guy living in the UK and married to Anna (25) for two years. I have never had sex with another guy but recently I have been thinking about it more and more and the thought is really driving me wild. My recent experiences have taught me that I am definitely ready to explore my bisexual side with the right guy.

I have always been attracted to other guys but never thought anything would come of it. Since I started masterbating at the age of about 13 I have often fantasised about making it with another guy. When I was younger I liked to dress up in my older sister's lingerie and fantasise about making love to another guy. My liking for dressing up never really left me and since I married Anna I have had a ready supply of very sexy underwear that I have taken full advantage of.

Since we got the internet at home that has really fuelled my fantasises about other guys. I work at home a lot and now spend as much time as I can online reading gay and transvestite stories and checking out hot, horny gay sites. I can't believe how much it turns me on to read about and look at gorgeous guys, especially, if like me, they have a thing for ladies underwear.

I really want to meet another guy, aged 18-30 who is also into dressing up in ladies underwear with a view to swapping stories and photos and then meeting up to live out my fantasies with. If you like the fantasy below then please email me and we can take it from there. I would especially like to receive pictures of guys dressed in underwear as I have a lot on my camera that we could swap!!

Right now I am wearing a white see through Calvin Klein bra and matching lacy see through thong panties and a pair of black stay up nylons and my cock is hard and aching. I just wish there was a young guy here with me to pump my ass and stick his cock in my mouth until he shoots. Write soon there is one virgin ass and hard, panty covered cock desperate for action.

I get particularly turned on by the thought of dressing up and then talking to another guy on the phone about what we would do if we were together. I would love to swap my mobile phone number with another guy who was also in this.

My fantasies are very varied. I fantasise a lot about being dominated and spanked, especially by a well muscled black stud - that would be wild, but the object of much of my recent imagination is Michael, the 18 year old son of my neighbour. This is what I think about when I dress up in Anna's sexy lingerie..

I have been dressing up in Anna's clothes for a long time. I imagine that Michael spied me dressing up and threatened to tell Anna about what I was up to. I told him that I would do anything if he didn't tell her. I love the idea of being in his power like this. He told me that I had to chose some of Anna's sexiest underwear and then come across to his house and up to his bedroom and when everyone was out. I was trembling with fear and also anticipation as I walked across to his house.

I imagine entering the house and going up the stairs to Michael's bedroom. Opening the door I notice him almost naked lying on the bed. All he is wearing are a pair of skin tight blue lycra running shorts. I can see he is erect already, my own cock twitches in anticipation. He smiles.

"So you made it then slut" he spits out. "Ok, lets see you strip and dress yourself up, just like you like to. They better be nice knickers or I'm telling Anna".

I quickly strip and face him naked, my cock now fully erect and hard. I open the bag with Anna's things in and take out a semi see through pair of lacy white panties with a hong strap at the back (one of my favourites). Michael smiles as I slip it up my legs and into place, smoothing the material over my cock and aching balls, both clearly visible through the material. Michael is getting visibly more turned on as I continue. I pull out Anna's favourite bra a white see through Calvin Klein front fastening number that I had tried on many times. I slipped the thin straps over my shoulders and clipped the bra into place around the front. I feel humiliated yet turned on more than ever standing there in front of this 18 year old while wearing my wife's things.

"You're mine now you little gay slut" Michael shouts as he gets up off the bed and walks towards me. "Get on your knees".

I kneel down facing him as he comes towards me, his cock only inches from my face as he stands still wearing his tight shorts.

"From now on you'll do anything I say or I tell Anna about your little games. Understand!" he barks.

"Yes Michael" I mutter.

"Now suck my cock" he orders me.

I moved my mouth to his cock and ran my lips up and down the outline of his hardness pushing against the material of his shorts. I traced the outline of his cock, up and down, slowly with my mouth, closing my eyes and imagining sucking him for real. My hands moved to his bum and gently and slowly massaged his ass. I could feel him getting even harder as I played with him.

Slowly I peeled down the front of his shorts and saw his hard, throbbing cock for the first time. I wanted to taste him so I moved my lips to the head of his cock and slowly licked up the precum leaking all over his cock head. I slipped him gently and carefully into my mouth, savouring his taste and his excitement for the first time. My tongue licked his head and my lips slipped down the shaft of his cock, taking him deeper and deeper as his breathing quickened and he moaned my name. I continued to suck him, feeling like a slutty little girl until he quickly pulled out just before he was ready to come.

He slapped my face hard "you little slut" he said. "I haven't finished with you yet. You've got a lot more to do to satisfy me yet".

He told me to stand up and I stood in front of him as he stared at my cock now leaking precum all over the front of Anna's panties. I didn't care I was more turned on than I had ever been. All I wanted to do was to please Michael and do anything he said. As I stood there I noticed the small webcam in the corner of his room with a red light to indicate it was on. I glanced across to the small computer almost concealed behind some books on his desk. I could just make out my own image on the screen dressed in Anna's underwear. He smiled.

"So you noticed. Now everyone knows what a little slut you are. This is going out live to some friends of mine that I met online" he laughed.

I was past caring all I wanted to do was to be his slave and for everyone to see how I belonged to him.

Michael walked behind me and I felt his hands on my sides. I felt his hard cock press between the checks of my ass and lightly touch my hole. He was going to fuck my ass and everyone was going to see. He slide his cock gently inside me as I moaned out loud. I bent over to allow him better access and soon he was sliding in and out, pumping me with his meat and I cried out in pleasure and pain until I felt him shoot hot, hot cum into my tight virgin ass. As he did so it was all to much, hot cum spurted out of my own cock and leaked out through the front of Anna's panties as I had the most intense orgasm of my life.

In my fantasy I imagine that after that day I become Michael's willing plaything. Whenever he wants I have to run to him and do exactly as he pleases. I imagine that one day Anna comes home early and catches me dressed in her things making love to Michael.

I hope you like my fantasy get in touch if you did. Maybe I can live it out with you.


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