tagLoving WivesAnne and Tom Ch. 04: Vegas Pt. 02

Anne and Tom Ch. 04: Vegas Pt. 02


As usual, this is a story of a husband and wife who fuck other people. If this isn't your cup of tea, please move on. If it is, I hope you enjoy.


After Anne and I had fucked to start the morning, we dozed back off before we both woke up around 11:30.

We both got in the shower. We fucked again.

After I had showered, I decided to hold off on shaving until later because I knew I'd shower again before we headed out.

Anne stayed in the bathroom to get her makeup on (she claimed just a touch) and get dressed since everything she wore was to be a surprise to me.

As I waited I pondered the day. I knew we'd get something to eat and head to the pool before coming back to the room to get ready for dinner and the swingers club. I wondered how the club would be and how Anne would react.

Sure we had hooked up with the couple the night before and watched each other fuck, but I knew the group scene would be different. Little did I know that my wife, who had already become something of the hotwife type, would be considered a slutwife by the end of the night -- or early morning based on how you keep score.

When she came out of the bathroom, she had covered her bikini, which I still hadn't seen, with a tight tank and shorts that barely covered her ass. From the site and the mental wonderings about the evening, I felt myself harden a little in my swim trunks.

I was able to keep things in check and we headed to lunch. We had a nice lunch and were on our way to the pool.

We found some chairs by the main pool -- we were saving the European pool for the next day -- and I got our stuff out and chairs ready. Just as I took my seat, I saw Anne remove her tank and shorts.

For the past several years, Anne had not worn a skimpy bikini. In fact, the last time I had seen her in one was on our honeymoon. It was a good thing I had sunglasses on or everyone would've seen my eyes widen. Some of her bra and panty sets covered more.

She had on a red string-bikini. The red and yellow top covered most of her tits, but left a nice view of cleavage. The all-red bottoms sat very low on her waist, well below her hipbone. She had tied the bottoms a little too tight, which had caused the bottoms to creep between her ass cheeks that were barely covered at the top. When she turned around, there was only about 4-inches of fabric above what was covering her bare pussy.

She told me she was going to get drinks for us and she walked away towards the bar. She was showing off. And I noticed more than a few looks at her as she walked to the bar and back. She had never done anything like this before and I was getting turned on watching her proudly parade in a swimsuit that was mostly "approved-for-public lingerie."

"I like the new you," I said to her when she returned with my scotch. "And I think several guys who were staring at you do as well."

"Who me," my wife asked with a grin on her face. "That's good, because there were several guys who caught my eye. A couple I'd fuck right now if they came over and asked."

We both laughed, but we both know she was serious and when she brushed against my hard cock, she called me a pervert. I corrected her, however, by telling her I was a pervert with a slut for a wife.

We laid out in the sun, got in the pool a couple of times and Anne made her walk to get drinks a few times as well.

By mid-afternoon, we had enough of the pool and headed back to the room for a nap before getting ready for our night. When we got back to the room, we both wanted nothing more than to fuck each other's brains out, but we decided stay extra horny for the club tonight.

As we got ready, Anne told me that she wasn't really hungry so I ordered some room service for me. Just I had finished eating was ready to head out, Anne came out of the bedroom. I don't know if I can describe her outfit.

It was black. The top was normal except that the front was open and held together by two chains that allowed her tits to be covered but nothing else. The skirt was normal except on the sides it was held together with two chains that exposed her entire side leg and hip with only the side straps of her g-string exposed. The skirt was short enough that you could see the tops of her black thigh-highs and she finished it off with a pair of black platform stiletto sandals.

She asked me if I liked the outfit and I basically responded with a "duh." She put on a knee-length coat (it was a little cold outside) to cover herself as we went to the club.

We hailed a taxi and headed to the club. Once we got there, we were both nervous. We paid our cover, got a couples pass and checked our coats. The doorman went over the rules of the club and we entered.

Immediately, we noticed the dance floor where several women were already naked and dancing with several men. Other women were in various states of dress as well. There were probably 75 or so people around the dance floor and bar area.

We decided to check out the entire club before settling into the possibilities of the night. In the group room, we saw six women on a bed getting fucked by 8 guys with another 15 guys and maybe 5 women standing and watching the orgy.

Upstairs in the couples' rooms, we found several open doors with various sized orgies going on. By the pool, another 30 or so people, men and women, were naked in the pool or in the deck area. I only saw two couples fucking out there.

We went back into the bar area and we got a couple of sodas. We had both decided to stay sober for the events of the night. I could tell Anne was turned on by what we had seen. As was I.

We were busy talking about the various ages and sizes of people present when a couple about our age and build approached and introduced themselves.

There names were Scott and Kayla and they were from the Vegas area. After a few minutes of small talk, Scott asked Anne to dance, which she readily accepted. Kayla and I followed.

I'm not the best dancer, but Kayla pretty much led by turning away from me and grinding her ass into my hard cock.

"Oh, my," she gasped when her ass made contact with my cock. "That's a nice cock I feel."

I thanked her embarrassedly, but she asked if I wanted to skip the formalities and go the group room and fuck. Even if I wasn't in a swingers club, I would have accepted because she was a super cute redhead with a decent (not as good as Anne's) body.

I saw Anne and Scott were kissing and their hands feeling each other freely. I grabbed Kayla and we headed to the group room.

Once there, we moved to the side of a bed and as I took of my shirt, she unbuttoned my pants and pulled them and my underwear down in one movement, freeing my hard cock.

I heard a few gasps, including one from Kayla, as my cock came into view. Kayla wasted no time taking the tip of my cock in her mouth as I heard one of the ladies watching say something about my size, which is something that always makes a guy feel good.

As Kayla struggled to take me in her mouth, I made eye contact with the lady who had made the comment and smiled at her, which she returned. She was an older blonde lady that was wearing a white see-through baby-doll top with a matching g-string.

It wasn't long before she joined Kayla on her knees to share my cock. Believe, it didn't take long before I realized I was enjoying my first two girl experience. The feeling of both mouths on my shaft was truly amazing.

After a little bit of time, Kayla pulled me to the bed and had me lie on my back. The older blonde moved to straddle my face as Kayla worked my cock into her pussy. The older blond and moved her g-string to the side and I began licking her pussy as Kayla rode my cock.

Since it was my third time that day and all the sex I'd experienced the day before, I had plenty of staying power, along with the fact I had a condom on, and the girls switched positions. The unnamed blonde was riding me as I licked Kayla.

They switched positions a couple more times before I was ready to cum. They both wanted to taste me so I got off the bed, took of the condom and pointed my cock at their faces, which were now at the level of my cock.

My virility didn't disappoint, as I was able to shoot a few long shots of cum into their open mouths. They finished by cleaning me off and thanking me, which I definitely returned.

As my cock shrunk to flaccid, I noticed Anne was also in the group room and was on the bed with Scott fucking her from behind while some other guy had his cock in her mouth. It was her first threesome with two guys. I watched them for a little bit before tending to business.

Anne's purse was next to my pants and shirt. I grabbed them, wrapped a towel around me and proceeded to the provided locker rooms. I took the lock out of Anne's purse to secure our belongings before heading back out to the group room.

I saw Anne, now on her back, getting fucked by the guy that had been fucking her mouth. I decided to get some air and head out by the pool.

When I got there, I noticed there were more people fucking than earlier. I grabbed a bottle of water and leaned against a table that was out there. It wasn't long before a naked lady approached me.

She wore only heels to compliment a thirty-something body that was curvy in the all the right spots. Our conversation was short and to the point. She had seen me in the group room and wanted to get fucked by my big cock. Of course, I obliged.

She sucked me to full hardness before standing and bending over the table next to us. I got behind her and began fucking her from behind. It took a little bit before adjusted to my size, but, once she did, I fucked her hard.

After awhile, I noticed some people were watching and with the cries of pleasure she was making, it only increased the pace I was fucking her.

Finally, I felt my orgasm develop and asked her what she wanted. She wanted me to cum on her tits, which I did. After a few exchanges of small talk, I don't remember getting her name, we went our separate way.

I grabbed my towel, put it on my shoulder, and walked back into the group room where I spotted Anne on a bed. She had the bed to herself, but had several men around her. I counted five. One had his cock in her ass, another in her pussy and one in her mouth. The two others were to the side and her hands stroked both. Her first gangbang.

The sight had my cock springing to life again and two girls next to me watching the scene were both soon stroking me.

I got on the bed and enjoyed my second two-girl experience. After I came with them, I got off the bed, noticed Anne was down to just two guys double-penetrating her, and went back out the pool.

I had sex with another girl, which I didn't get the name either. This time, it was Anne's turn to watch me. After I came, I introduced the girl to my wife and they exchanged a laugh about how lucky Anne was to get my cock all the time. Another ego booster.

After the other left us, Anne and I hugged and exchanged a small peck of a kiss. I told her I was exhausted and she agreed to leave. I sensed she could've stayed much longer, but we got our clothes, got dressed (Anne had brought a pair of yoga pants and a tank to wear back to the hotel) and headed out to catch a cab.

On our way back to the hotel, we recounted our experience and how much we loved it. Anne was happy to find out that her seven guys beat my six girls. She was still horny, but there was no way I was getting hard again. She had a look in her eyes that said she was not anywhere near done for the night.

When we got back to the hotel, Anne said she wanted to get a drink. I declined and told her to go ahead. I was heading back to the room to sleep. I gave her some money, but took her purse so she wouldn't have to worry about it.

We hugged and kissed and I told my wife to not be too bad. We both smiled.

I didn't see her again until 11:00 the next morning. She came back into the room wearing a t-shirt and pair of shorts that she was not wearing when I left her the night before. In fact, that outfit was nowhere to be seen.

Instead of being exhausted, she had that some insatiable look in her eye that she had when we parted the night before.

I saw she put a small stack of money on the table before she came to the chair I was sitting and watching television. She straddled my lap and smiled at me.

"I've been a bad girl," she said seductively, grinding her groin into mine, which was having the desired effect of getting me hard.

"How bad?"

"I just made a $1,100 fucking five guys all night."

We fucked as she recounted the story.

She was now truly a slutwife. My Anne.

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