tagLoving WivesAnne and Tom Ch. 04: Vegas Pt. 03

Anne and Tom Ch. 04: Vegas Pt. 03


Tom wanted me to recount the story of me picking up five guys at the bar after our trip to the swingers club. I will, but first I want to write something to everyone.

I'm sure many of you think I'm just a slut and my husband is some kind of weak sissy. Unfortunately, you are wrong. At least about my husband.

I can't describe the feelings I've had since we opened our marriage. I thought the jealousy thing would be difficult to overcome, but it wasn't.

We didn't do this because we felt inadequate. I know my husband thinks I'm attractive, especially after I've lost some weight, and loves me. I love him and his over nine-inch cock is still the largest I've had.

Instead, for me, I've never felt so confident in my life. After I fucked Sean, a light went off in me. This is something that I've wanted without knowing it. I'm not afraid to be sexual.

My clothing has changed. My attitude. My confidence. All for the better. All because a young hunk at my gym wanted to fuck me. Still wants to fuck me.

It is hard to explain, because Tom has always met my every want and need and we didn't lack anything in the bedroom, even after we found out we couldn't have children.

I'm free to live out again the freedom I felt in college, where I was quite promiscuous. I never really had a long-term boyfriend in college and starting my freshman year, I had no problem opening my legs for a cute guy. All told, I probably fucked 25 guys in my four-and-one-half years there.

After college, I met Tom and fell in love. And we settled into our "normal" life that we thought we wanted. After the child failure, we just became honest about things and gave this a try. After our initial experiences, we both knew this is what we wanted.

The trip to Vegas opened both of us up for the experiences. In Vegas, we both felt free to explore. I dressed more provocatively than I had ever had before and was free to do what I wanted in terms of sex. And I wanted to have sex. Lots of it. I didn't want to stop. And I didn't.

And now for our regular story...

When we got back to the hotel after the swingers club, Tom was spent. However, I wasn't. I had already been fucked by 8 different guys, not including Tom, but still wanted more.

Tom went to the room and I went to the bar to get a drink. I didn't know what I was looking for, but would hopefully find it.

I ordered a chocolate martini and sat at the bar. I figured it would be the only drink I would have to buy. As I finished my drink, the bartender served me another one and told me it was compliments of the guys sitting at the booth to my left. I looked over and saw five young guys who all smiled when I waved and mouthed thank you to them.

I didn't know where this was going to lead, but I was interested. It was only a few minutes before one of the guys left the table and approached me. I made sure to brush my hair away from my shoulders so he could get a good look at the cleavage my loose fitting tank was showing.

After a quick name introduction, his name was Justin, he got right to the point.

"If you're not interested, I understand, but the guys had to find out," he started. "My friend is getting married and we're here on a bachelor party.

"We had hired an escort, but she never showed up," he continued. "We had arranged for her to fuck him and then we'd pay for her to fuck each of us. Now we're just desperate to find someone to fuck him. Would you be interested?"

"What makes you think I'm that kind of girl," I said coyly trying to hide my instant interest.

"Oh, we don't," he replied in an obvious backtrack. "It's just that you're a lady here in the bar by herself in Vegas. We figured it'd be worth a try to see if you were here looking to hook up and we could kill two birds with one stone."

While he didn't start nervous, the last sentence he definitely struggled over as we was probably afraid of getting slapped and kicked out of the bar and casino.

"Well, how much were you willing to pay her," was my response, which seemed to instantly put him at ease.

"We had agreed that we'd pay her $200 to fuck each of us and she'd fuck our soon-to-be married friend for free."

"And that was $200 to fuck her once," I asked as I put a hand on his waist during our little conversation.


"You know I'm not an escort," I replied, dropping my hand down to the side of his thigh. "I am a married woman."

"Well, we...were.." he stammered.

"Here's the deal," I interrupted him. "If you make it a $1,000, then I'll fuck all of you as many times as you can get your cocks hard."

The surprise in his eyes was priceless. He said he needed to check with the other guys, but he was back before me in an instant. They agreed he reported.

I finished my drink and walked over to their table. They weren't interested in much small talk and in an instant I was walking with them to the elevator. They introduced me to the groom-to-be as Jason.

Once we got in the elevator, I got on my knees in front of Jason and freed his cock from his pants. I began sucking him hard as the elevator took us to their floor. Once we got to the floor, he tucked his cock back into his pants and we headed to their room.

In the room, I quickly took off my tank and pants and jumped on the bed naked. I told the bachelor to get naked and join me. I also announced that after he was done with me, I was theirs to use as they wish.

I saw Justin put the money on clothes as Jason joined me on the bed, naked with a nice hard cock pointing at me. I asked for a condom, which was quickly provided. I slid the condom onto his cock.

"Does your fiancé let you fuck her in the ass," I whispered into his ear and he shook his head no. "Then stick that fucking cock in my ass."

I got onto all fours and stuck my ass in the air. I felt him push his cock in my ass, which easily accepted him since I had been fucked there several times at the swingers club.

Once he was all the way in, I begged him to fuck my ass as hard as he could. He followed my request and began pounding away. It wasn't long before I felt him tense and fill his condom.

As soon as he withdrew, I noticed the other guys were already naked. I saw one of them cover his cock with a condom and enter my pussy from behind. Another cock was presented to my mouth. I was split-roasted again for the second episode of the night.

I came again. Hard. My orgasm pushed the guy fucking me to fill his condom and the guy in my mouth pumped his seed in my mouth. The final two guys took their place and fucked me the same way. I was in an ongoing orgasmic fog as they both came in the same manner the two before them.

I hadn't recovered yet when I felt them maneuver me to continue, but this time I was lowered onto one of the guys that had recovered and his cock entered my ass. The other guy spread my legs as I laid my back onto the guy's chest under me.

I felt the other cock enter my pussy as they fucked me in both of my holes. Since they had already came once, they lasted much longer this time and had me cumming over and over.

I don't know how long they lasted and they came in their condoms while I was having another mini-orgasm. By the time I had recovered, they had repositioned me to where I was on top of the guy in my pussy and the guy behind me in my ass. Another cock was presented to my mouth, which I greedily accepted.

They kept switching positions and I lost track of who in me and who had cum. However, for the next hour or so, I was never without at least two cocks in my three fuck holes.

Finally, they were spent and I was finally tired and fucked out. I fell asleep with one of them spooning me on the bed.

When I woke up the next morning, I found out it was the bachelor who had slept next to me naked. He was hard again. I moved him to his back and began sucking his cock to wake him up.

Once he woke up, I slid a condom on his cock and rode him until he came again. By the time he had cum, two of the others had woke up and joined me on the bed. I wasn't tired, but instead still hungry for more sex.

Each of them enjoyed me for two more orgasms before I said I needed to go. When I reached down for my clothes, they begged me to let them keep them for a memento of the best bachelor party they had ever had.

I told them the request would cost them and they produced another $100, which I accepted. They were nice enough to give me a pair of their shorts and a t-shirt to go back to my room.

I put on my shoes and gathered my $1,100. They each thanked me and I thanked them for a great night as well.

I went back to my room to meet up with my husband and tell him of my exploits. Thirteen different guys had fucked me in one night. I knew on my way back to the room that it wouldn't be the last time I had a night like that.

Not even close. In fact, even though I was sore from my night and morning, I felt I was already wanting more cock for my Sunday. My asshole was most sore and I felt some soreness in my groin muscle from having my legs spread so much, but I was already wet in anticipation of more fucking.

Tom's cock would be the first for the rest of my day, but he'll tell you the rest of the story of our Vegas trip.

And we have plenty of other stories to tell about when we got back home!!!

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