tagLoving WivesAnne and Tom Ch. 05

Anne and Tom Ch. 05


When we got back from Vegas, we were all over each other constantly. The first week back, I must've blown at least 40 loads on my wife's face, on her body somewhere, in her mouth, in her pussy or in her ass.

We put together a profile on a swingers' site (adult friend finder) and chatted with some people, but we weren't interested in meeting anyone yet. Nor were we wanting to check the few swingers' clubs in the Dallas area. The only time we had clothes on was when were getting ready for work or at work. We were completely into each other at the moment.

Well, and the pictures. Anne had taken a lot of pictures of me with the two hot young women on our last day in Vegas. Every time we looked at them, we got horny and fucked. Anne seemed always ready to fuck and brought home some the various strengths of Viagra to help me keep up. I'll have to write on the wonders of fucking with Viagra in a future story.

After one particularly intense fuck, I mentioned we needed some pictures of her in action. The smile she flashed me meant she was into it as well. I told her I wanted to direct her in a porn scene and she thought my perverted mind was right on track.

I told her that I would set it up, but I needed some pictures of her to show off. For the next couple of hours, she modeled in heels and lingerie as well as heels and nothing. I must've taken 400 photos with our digital camera. And then we fucked again.

As she fell asleep, I was fired up and couldn't quite get comfortable. I jumped out of bed and went to the computer. I uploaded the pictures and then scanned the swingers' site for the right single guy.

After a little searching, I found a guy a few years younger than us that was in very good shape. The thing that caught my eye was that he was shaved and looked decent size down there, which is what I wanted for the scene. His profile indicated he was educated, which was important because my lawyer wife can't stand people who can't speak at least somewhat properly.

I put together a few of the pictures that I had just taken of Anne and typed out an email to him, which read,

"Hi. Just browsing the profiles here and came across yours. My wife and I are looking for a hot guy to fuck her while I film and direct the scene. It will be just the two of you fucking and I will edit it to look like a real porn scene. What I have in mind will require you to get hard and cum several times in front of me. We won't be using condoms, so I would require you to have a recent STD test, which she will have for you as well. I have attached several pictures of her. If you're interested and think you can do what we want, please reply. By the way, don't worry about not being able to get hard over and over. We have an ample supply of Viagra Super Active. However, we would require you to not cum for at least three days before us getting together. Anne and Tom."

I clicked send. And I was hard.

I went back into the bedroom and found Anne sleeping on her back. I got over her and woke her up as I drove into her. Did I mention we had been fucking a lot since getting back from Vegas? As we fucked, I told her that I had already started looking for her co-star.

After I came, I was finally relaxed and we both drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I checked our email and there was a reply.

"Hi Anne and Tom. First, thank you for the email. Second, your wife is super gorgeous. Third, yes. I have no problem with any of your requests and would love the chance to fuck your wife over and over. When? I'm free this weekend. I've attached several more pics for you. Ryan."

I sent a quick reply and said this weekend sounded good. I also added that Anne would be emailing him to chat and I'd email later tonight with more details.

I told Anne the details as I left for work and she said she'd email him her Messenger address so they could chat.

By Tuesday we had all of the details set up for Saturday night. Anne went and got and STD test like we had arranged with Ryan. I bought a second video camera and tripod and two professional photography lamps for the bedroom.

The hardest part of the setup was that Anne and I decided to not have sex since we had told Ryan to not cum for the week.

By Saturday afternoon, we were both excited. Ryan was going to be arriving at 7. Anne had been to the salon earlier in the day to get her nails done. She spent an hour by our pool to get some color.

She got in the shower around 3:00 in order to have plenty of time to get ready. While I planned on shooting the cum shot scene first, I got the outfit I wanted for her to wear for the first part of the scene. I chose a pink blouse and a black skirt that was loose fitting and would stop about mid-thigh. A black g-string was chosen, but no bra. I chose a pair of black stiletto heeled sandals that she would be wearing for the entire scene.

I started to get the lights ready when I heard the shower stop. I grabbed the bag that had my adult store purchase in it. She was standing naked in front of the mirror when I entered the bathroom.

When I pulled the medium sized butt plug out of the bag, Anne just smiled. I lubed it up and got some on her asshole before I worked it into her ass.

It was all I could do to keep from bending her over and fucking her, but I restrained.

For the next couple of hours, I got the room ready while Anne got herself ready.

At 6:55, the doorbell rang. Ryan was here.

I answered the door and he was dressed as we had requested. A pair of jeans and a fitted t-shirt. He looked as good as he had in the pictures he had sent. He gave me his STD form, which was clean.

I asked him if he wanted a drink, which he declined, so I led him to the bedroom. I told him the first part of the filming would be him fucking her in the ass doggy style and then cumming in her mouth and on her face.

I asked him if he wanted a performance enhancer, but he said he'd already taken one. That was comfirmed as he got naked and was already hard.

Not to sound gay, but I checked him out. He was in very good shape, shaved and sporting a decent sized cock. Anne was going to have fun.

I called for Anne and she appeared from the bathroom. She was naked, except for her heels. She had really done up her eye makeup and complimented them with fake eyelashes. However, everything else about her looked normal.

She walked over to Ryan and gave him a peck on the cheek and gave his cock a stroke. As they did that, I got the camera on the tripod fired up and turned on my handheld.

I told them to get on the bed. My final direction for this part was for Ryan to fuck her ass hard since this was actually the final part of the scene. I handed him some lube, which put on his cock and worked into Anne's ass.

Once he was in, which didn't take long since she had the butt plug loosening her up, I told him to fuck her until he was ready to cum, which he would then need to pull out and let her get on her knees before he shot in her mouth and onto her face.

He took direction well since he really started pounding her with long deep strokes. Anne played the part well, or was she, as she was instantly screaming with pleasure begging for him to fuck her harder.

I moved in for close-ups with my handheld, but let the camera on the tripod get most of the action for this part of the scene.

It wasn't long before Ryan was ready to cum. He was comfortable enough with what was going on because he said he wanted to cum in her mouth before she said it. They quickly moved off the bed and Anne got onto her knees. I moved in for a close-up as Ryan began shooting an amazing amount of cum into her mouth and all over her face.

Once he was done cumming, Anne sucked the remaining cum out of his cock before winking at the camera and waving goodbye. Once that was done, I grabbed the digital for some still shots with Anne and his cock with her covered in cum.

After shooting another 30 or so pictures, Anne excused herself to the bathroom to get cleaned up and dressed for the still shot part of our shoot. I had been focused on the getting the shots for the scene and hadn't noticed I was as hard as a rock.

Ryan got himself redressed as well and he and I went to the kitchen. I offered him a drink, which this time accepted. As we waited for Anne, I told him the different parts of the shoot I wanted.

After about 15 minutes, Anne reappeared dressed as just a normal looking lady.

I then had them go to the front door and start kissing. I began shooting pictures of them in action and having them pause and pose for certain shots. I was creating a video and stills just like they did on the online porn sites.

When then went back to the bedroom, where I had them start kissing again, but slowly undressing each other. The pictures were awesome. They posed for picture after picture before they were both naked. Anne was on her knees sucking his cock and taking my direction for various poses.

I had them move to the bed in a 69 position and shot more. When it was time for the fucking shots, I had them pose in every position imaginable. His cock all the way in her pussy, barely in, close-ups and wide shots. They posed in missionary, her on top, her on top reverse, doggy. The anal poses started with them in the spoon position then and progressed to her on top, her on top reverse and doggy.

I had taken several hundred pictures when I had all I wanted and told them to fuck until he was ready to cum again. When he was, they got in the same position as before and I got a few pictures of cum erupting from his cock and landing in her mouth and on her face.

His second load wasn't as large as his first, but I had the after shots from before. After he had cum, I handed Anne a clean wipe to get the cum of her face.

She went to clean up again and touch up her makeup while Ryan got dressed and joined me again in the kitchen. Once Anne was ready again, I got my handheld video camera ready and turned on the camera on the tripod in the bedroom.

We went through the same procedure, but this time with dialogue. Ryan and Anne pretended to be coming to her house after a first date to fuck.

Things went smoothly from the door to the bedroom and for the next 30 minutes I filmed them sucking and fucking from various angles. Every time they changed positions, Anne took the opportunity to suck his cock. I was happy that Ryan had enough stamina to go through the anal scenes. Once he got to the anal doggy style, I knew I had enough footage to edit a scene together.

I turned off both cameras and stripped off my clothes, freeing my rock hard cock. I joined them on the bed and got in front of my wife.

She smiled at me before starting to suck my cock. Ryan was pounding away in her ass and forcing her mouth deeper on my cock. From the horniness of the night, I didn't last long and filled my wife's mouth with my cum. Soon after that, Ryan was unloading his third load in my wife's ass.

I had been so horny, that I really didn't soften. After Ryan finished, I got behind my wife and buried myself into her pussy. Even though I had just cum, I didn't last long again and unloaded in her pussy.

Ryan was spent and said he needed to leave. He got dressed and Anne, still naked except for her heels, walked him to the door.

Anne came back to the bedroom and told me she was spent as well. After a trip to the bathroom, she got into bed. I told her I wanted to upload everything to the computer and watch a little of the footage.

She smiled and told me if I got horny, to come to the bedroom and wake her up.

I went to my office and uploaded everything. After watching a little of the footage, I was hard again. I went back to the bedroom and woke up Anne. We fucked before I fell asleep naked next to my naked slutwife.

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