tagLesbian SexAnne Working Overtime Ch. 13

Anne Working Overtime Ch. 13


AWO13. – Setting in

The day at Rowena's office had been exactly the start that Anne had been dreaming of... A real kick! The perfect combination of feelings ranging from total submission via respect and admiration to the enjoyment of being able to provide ultimate pleasure and satisfaction. She felt utterly dominated and exploited by someone who genuinely appreciated the skills and devotion she had put into her pleasuring efforts. Rowena had taken all she had to give with full vigour, and had total satisfaction.

Jean made it very clear to her early on that she could expect to be regarded as something of a "lower class citizen" - as she put it - by some of her clients. Many of them already were well established within the lifestyle, and had no problems understanding the roles they were playing in the game. It was hardly surprising though, that it could be a challenge to earn appropriate respect in the role as a submissive pleasure provider.

But already the first regular client visit at Rowena's office had given her the distinct feeling that by showing her skills, devotion, and her own genuine enjoyment, she could be noted as much more than just a living pleasure doll. She even had a feeling that she could have some kind of power in the relationships by being the one she was, and doing the things she did.... When she was at her best!

At the end of the day, Rowena had released her from the chair, and let her clean up properly. Then she was shown to one of the seats opposite to her desk as they sat down to discuss the details of the dinner arrangement. Rowena looked warm, satisfied and happy - almost glowing - and when she met Anne's eyes, the young girl could see and sense that she definitely had appreciated her visit. That she had made a difference! Anne felt she could use her charm and good mood to deepen their contact even further.

Did she know that Anne had come hard herself during her last shattering orgasm? Anne suddenly felt that this woman knew everything! And she obviously didn't believe the handcuff- gimmick at all, because as Anne rose to leave, the woman just handed them over to her with a snug smile, telling her to do with them as she pleased.

The next day Jean was at her work desk phone already at lunchtime, and Anne immediately heard the excitement in her voice;

"Mrs. Kyle told me she enjoyed your visit. That means top marks to you!! I knew it!" she sang.

"You know," she quickly filled in to explain, "she's not the one to throw around compliments or blank approvals. That's why she is what she is. When she says she enjoyed your visit, she did, and very much so! Trust me, I know her."

Again Anne's first feeling was this little sting in her heart telling her she was being used. She knew this wasn't fair, considering how Jean had been the door- opener to all the relationships she had built during her time with the program. And she was free to go away any time she wanted. It was just something about the attitude and the way she talked to her. Something she couldn't really say. And something that was not important! Anne decided then and there to try to forget this forever, and concentrate exclusively on the positive side of it all. After all Jean had made a positive difference to her life like nobody before her... ever!

"Anne, I've got another client for you already this evening, but I thought you'd maybe like to have tonight off considering what you've already been through. Am I right?"

"Yes, I think so," Anne answered reluctantly, feeling a little relieved that at least Jean had no problems understanding what an experience it all had been. She really didn't feel like another go around this soon.

They agreed to get in touch again the following morning at work.

That evening, however, Anne realised that she in fact regretted that she had turned down Jean's offer. As she watched TV and munched some chips, she realised that she was more than ready for another go! Every glimpse of an attractive looking, senior lady on the screen brought heat to her body like she had never felt before. She almost got scared. Was it really that strong? Had it changed so much about her in just a few months? Did it even show on her face?!? If she let herself go any further into this, would she ever be able to return to a "normal" life... have a family and kids? Was there really a way back?

She felt the need to talk to someone about this more than ever. But who should that be? If she tried to discuss it with Jean, she would just get another long lecture about the way of realizing her own personality and feelings by fully embracing this new lifestyle. That was all fine and dandy, but still it was – and would always be considered - quite awkward. The question was if she would be able to handle the different situations in this "double life" over time? Especially when her feelings so strongly told her that this was all what she really wanted... what she had been dreaming of since she was just a young girl?

And what about Carol? Could she open up to her?

Probably not! The conflicts with Jean seemed to be escalating rather than settling, and it was clear to all of them who was the weaker part. The beautiful woman was just a pale reflection of her old self these days. Anne knew she was the reason behind it all, and that made it so much more unfair. She clearly felt how the lady tried to get her to move her direction, and Anne felt a growing conflict between her attraction to her and the loyalty to Jean. Somehow it felt like if she went to her now, she would have taken a position in the conflict, and there would be no way back.

Still she kept hoping she would contact her. She missed her terribly!

Sitting there in front of her telly, she decided once again to proceed for another month or so, to find out what she really wanted, and if she at that point would feel that she had control, or if she would be totally addicted, and there would be no way back. Then she would make the final decision.

Once this was settled, she let her thoughts drift back to the wonderful day with Mrs. Kyle. Her finger found the sensitive spot, and it took just a few minutes for her to reach a very powerful orgasm....

Jean was a little bit worried about Anne's feelings after her first real field visit. The fact that Ms. Kyle would be very happy with her talents was hardly surprising. Nobody else could still match her special technique, although Jean had trained her other girls very hard lately, trying to make them improve in the same direction, or at the very least understand the physiological basics of how it's done. Deb, her own personal assistant, had been practising intensively - mainly on her own insatiable pussy - and was the one with the best progress so far. But still nothing came up to dear little Anne.

Her main concern was that Anne would be appalled by some of Ms. Kyle's special desires, and start to have second thoughts about the whole thing. She hoped not, because she knew better than any other that this was just the beginning. Had she prepared her well enough? Should she explain things further? Or maybe she had talked more than enough already?

Jean was pleased when Anne without hesitation accepted her next assignment. It was a new lady, a woman who had been recommended to her by another client. She had been quite unsure about the whole thing, and wanted a meeting more or less just to ask some questions about the services that Jean and her staff could offer. Jean decided that this was a good "soft" case for Anne to handle next. A situation where she could play out her whole registry of skills, or just settle with some talking... about the easiest thing she could expect to face in quite a while....

Ms. Sommers had made evening dinner arrangements for them at Hotel Excelsivor a few days later. She was sitting alone at a corner table for two when Anne arrived. Anne had dressed in a light tee- shirt and a fairly loud knee-long skirt, looking quite like the student she had been until recently. Jean recommended this as the most appropriate, even if a hotel like this normally would require a somewhat classier outfit. Even though Jean had told her what she knew about her, she somehow still didn't expect the two of them to stay long in the hotel restaurant.

That proved to be wrong though. The lady had put together an extensive menu, and clearly had plans for a longer chat. She was very delighted when Anne greeted her by kissing her hand before she sat down opposite to her. She felt she could do so even if there were a few other guests over at the opposite side of the huge room.

Anne had expected her to be slightly nervous, like many of the others, but this one was completely calm, signalling a confidence and strength that took her a little by surprise. Now how about that! If she should want something, it was all much easier and relaxing when her lady was relaxed and confident herself.

And from the first moment she saw her, Anne was definitely hoping for some closer contact. The woman was breathtakingly beautiful. Definitely one of the most beautiful of all the ladies Jean had brought her in contact with so far! She also appeared to be a little younger, hardly over forty, with an elegant, kind of cool appearance that left no doubt about her being a lady of exquisite class and taste. She had her dark blond hair set up in a wide, curly fashion that clearly required a lot of work every day. A face with an elegant, but very discreet make-up applied to frame big brown eyes and a mouth that was practically screaming for hot kisses. She was wearing a dark grey business-type jacket over a low cut bottle-green blouse, covering a pair of drop-dead, delicious looking tits. They were screaming for hot kisses too, Anne thought to herself after throwing a quick glance in that direction.

Within seconds the waiter was there, popping a massive bottle of Brute Freixnet Cordon Negro. After pouring it for them, he immediately disappeared, and the lady raised her glass.

"I'm quite used to hide my feelings in my everyday life," she said, clicking her glass with Anne's, "so forgive me for not appearing more emotional. But let me tell you right now; you're absolutely stunning!"

Ann couldn't help getting a little red, although she was trying very hard to lay off some of her childish behaviour. She was able to return a swift "so are you" though, in a way that she felt could convince the woman that she truly meant so, and kept looking directly into her eyes.

"Frankly, I find you breathtakingly beautiful," she added, to get thoroughly on top of it.

The woman's face brightened even more and she took a deep sip of her sparkling wine.

"I just love the Spanish vintage," she sighed, elegantly patting her lips with her napkin. "This one actually isn't expensive at all, but definitely in class with many of the better French champagnes... at least according to my taste."

Anne was impressed by Ms. Sommers' excellent style; although she felt she was overdoing her manners a bit.

Her conversation was as relaxing as her personality, and before she even knew it, Anne had told her quite a bit about herself, and even touched in on Jean's program. And that was the point at which the lady cleared her throat and got down to talking business.

"Now, I know all there is to know about Ms. Alden and her program," she told her straight out, putting aside her glass for a moment. "I learned about it from a good friend of mine several months ago. It all sounds just great to me. Something I've been looking for a long time actually. There are, however, a few things about this I really need to clarify."

"I'm all yours!" Anne responded, trying to appear as confident as her partner, and at the same time not sound like some around-the-corner streetwalker.

When the woman started to ask questions, she suddenly realised that she actually never clarified with Jean what she could discuss with the clients, and what she should hold back. How about this slave girl image they presented to some of the clients - even in a few cases with fake whip welts across the buttocks? Or the face sitting service that she herself had learned to enjoy so much? She couldn't just go on and tell her about this, just like that... could she? She felt the old familiar nervousness creeping along her spine once again as she was trying to decide at which point to draw the line. What would Jean tell her?

"Actually, what I really need to know - and this I need to know from you - is, if this is something you really enjoy doing, and then I mean really love doing!" She leaned forward against Anne, so much that the girl almost feared her quivering tits would fall out from under her blouse.

This calmed Anne's nerves a lot. Maybe she wasn't in for a detailed interrogation after all! She was easily able to bend forward and lock her eyes with the lady.

"Yes, I do love it. It's my greatest passion! Not with everybody obviously, we can say no if we don't like the client, if that's what you mean. But I can tell you right here and now that I would enjoy immensely to get more intimate with you!"

Silence. Glittering eyes. Understanding. Hot mental signals. A deep sip of dry, sparkling wine.

The woman's perfumed scent had drifted heavily against her when she leaned forward, leaving her completely light headed, almost tipsy, much more from that than from the wine!

The waiter appeared with the second course, and they enjoyed the food for a while without talking much. Just occasional comments on the excellent taste and arrangement. Then Ms. Sommers raised her glass.

"I needed to know that," she smiled warmly. "How can you enjoy any pleasure if it's not mutual? Cheers!"

After a little while she again patted her lips with her napkin in her typical way.

"I really think I will enjoy your company! I was a little curious, but now I know!"

She small-chatted for another couple of minutes.

"And you are really well trained? I mean... you are used to this. You can take whatever comes along?"

Anne wasn't quite sure if she knew what she meant, but this lady couldn't possibly have any disturbing intentions with a question like that. Not her!

"Yes!" she answered swiftly.

The lady seemed pleased.

After they had finished coffee, she handed her business card over to Anne.

"I will be here again on Wednesday. Then my business here in town will be concluded. Will you meet me here at, say, seven sharp?"

"Yes Ms. Sommers. It will be my pleasure!"

"Mine too!"

Anne had a feeling she was in for a turbulent time the next few days. One evening with Ms. Kyle and her associate, and the next one with Ms. Sommers! But all her doubts were gone by now. Totally! The few days she had by herself had convinced her that she needed this just like other people needed food! All of a sudden she was hardly able to think of anything except working out and watching TV on her free time. Better then to put her effort into pleasing wonderful women who knew how to enjoy her skills! Make the world a happier and hornier place! And those two ladies were exactly the kind of strong and confident people that made the whole thing feel just so wonderful. No fear, no doubts. Just let herself sink into the warm embrace and never get up again. Just do her thing...

Just the thing she knew was expected from her. She could see it in their eyes at first glance when she faced them. Glowing, intense eyes, hot and horny, just waiting for her to entertain them.

And Anne felt self-confidence fill her chest every new day. She sure as hell was going to entertain them! Gone were the days of shy uncertainty and sore- trunked elephant syndrome. Naturally, it was a great help that she felt she knew Rowena quite well already. When Jean asked her if they should pull off some kind of bondage gimmick this time, and heard about the lady's reaction to their first attempt, she definitely decided to scrap that idea.

And so it was that Anne found herself in front of a huge table that filled a deep alcove in a remote corner of a very luxurious restaurant not far from Dayton Drive. A very handsome waiter had accompanied her to the table, elegantly leading her across a classical looking hall with sparkling crystal chandeliers, a discretely trickling water fountain, expensive carpets and mahogany wood work everywhere around. Holding her hand gallantly in his white gloved one, he introduced her to the two ladies sitting at the inner side of the table, bowed discretely and then disappeared.

The alcove was quite deep and dark. If it hadn't been for a set of lit candles next to a huge flower decoration on the table, she would hardly be able to see the two ladies sitting there with their glasses of dark red Rioja Grand Coronas.

After a brief discussion with Jean, she had got herself a light grey kind of business suit with jacket and skirt, quite a bit less conservative in style than her partners, and with just a very light and simple blouse underneath. She even wore high heel shoes, although they had agreed it was a little on the far side for her age. But at least no stockings...

Those shining eyes – familiar grey ones, and strange blue ones - looked her thoroughly over for a moment before Ms. Kyle smiled and motioned for her to take her place at the table. A little clumsily she manoeuvred herself into a place next to her dear lady.

"Anne, my dear child, let me introduce you to a good colleague and a very close friend of mine, Ms. Johnson."

She leaned slightly backwards and laughingly looked back and forth;

"Jill... Anne, Anne... Jill!"

A beautifully manicured hand came up towards Anne. After a fraction of a second to recall her lessons, Anne took it and brought it up to her lips for a very discreet kiss on the back, all the time maintaining eye contact with her, sending her very best "whatcanidotopleaseyoumymistress" – signal.

The lady was thrilled. Her entire body smiled at Anne through those beaming eyes. She displayed a chain of perfect, white teeth, a rounded, beautiful face with only very tiny wrinkles marring the corner of her eyes hinting at her mature age. To Anne she looked something like 35.

Both ladies were wearing extraordinary elegant business suits, with very deep cut blouses under their jackets. Ms. Johnson's suit was dark grey with discreet pinstripes, with a matching dark brow, plunging v- necked blouse. Her necklace was a broad chain of what looked like pure diamonds, and matching earrings completed a stunning impression of expensive high society. She had her dark blond hair set up in voluminous curls, with stray locks hanging casually elegant down in her forehead and neck.
Rowena's suit was dark too, quite rough in texture, some kind of very dark green colour to it, with a matching, even darker bottle green blouse. She was wearing a thin golden necklace, with a small golden drop- shape trinket hanging down into the cleft between her full breasts. Anne was stunned to realise that even the almost invisible creases in the skin of her tits actually matched the colour of her blouse, and underlined her elegant maturity. Everything, even her imperfections, contributed to her classical beauty!

"We chose this particular restaurant because of the extraordinary correct and liberal service," Rowena told her, smiling at the waiter who returned with a glass for Anne.

As they drank to their health, they were served a very light salad with shrimps in lemon juice. Anne was complimented for her new style. This was the first time in her life to ever wear a business type suit.

They chatted for a while as the glasses emptied. Anne noticed how Ms. Johnson got more and more uneasy on her seat as their eyes met across the table. It was soon clear to her that the lady already was so horny she could burst! This made her feel more confident than ever that she would be able to give them a great experience, and she could even find the courage to initiate the topic that she knew would lead to another session of great sex... and a long evening of overtime!

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