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Anne's Ambition


Reading instructions (this is for your own good)

1.If you don't like reading about wives have extramarital sex, please – please – please – do not read this story. I do not want to upset you.

2.If you assume everything written is true or is autobiography – please – please – please – do not read this story. You should seek help.

3.If you feel the deep-seated need to moralize and comment on what this character or that character should do – please – please – please – do not read this story! It won't be good for you.

4.If you require cheating wives to be punished; if you require husbands to find out the bad things their wives are doing and to take action; if you require bad outcomes for those that have cheated and expect a cosmic justice – please – please – please – do not read this story – you'll be most unhappy.

5.Comments from relatively normal humans are welcome.

This is my version of a story about a person I know particularly well. Once you've read it, you'll understand I know her very well indeed. I won't detail my relationship with her here. The facts of the story she wouldn't dispute. My analysis as to her motives, of course, is my opinion alone.

Snapshot Day 1 #1

Anne Bastien checked into her hotel room. She had arrived in Dallas some 90 minutes ago, this Tuesday afternoon, ostensibly as her company's representative to a conference held at the University of Texas at Dallas. She had attended the two previous years as well, but in spite of being able to pass this one on to someone in a lower position, she decided to attend again.

It wasn't a prestigious conference. In fact it wasn't the conference at all which influenced her decision to be the representative from her company there. Sure – she'd attend the two days' meetings dutifully. Anne wasn't the kind of person to shirk her duties. When it came to business, Anne was very much a company person. She would not take advantage of her position to turn a business trip into a personal trip.

Anne should have been the happiest person in the world. Most would be envious of her life. At 32, she was already a VP, Marketing at a large, well known company. She was well respected in her company and in the business world. She had successfully moved through the ranks, and now had a track record of success admired by most, even envied by some. She was a voice people listened to in her company – a company with several thousand employees. This was no small feat.

Her personal life seemed perfect. She married her good-looking boyfriend from her university days, and had two young daughters with him. He – we will leave him nameless – owned a couple of restaurant franchises. He made good money. They weren't rich, but they were very well off.

Nothing had gone wrong with her game plan. Her husband was still good looking and physically fit. She loved her children dearly. She was proud of her accomplishments at work.

That sounds nearly perfect, right? Actually, Anne had it even better. Anne was also a true beauty. She was 5'9", particularly slim, with a tone body due to good genetics (her mother's), and a daily workout regimen. Her very pretty face was nicely accented by her straight shoulder length brown hair, perfect cheek bones, and a sexy mouth. Her breasts were definitely small, but firm and real.

Anne was admired in all of her roles – business, mother, wife, and friend. It's hard to lose at 5 card stud when you've just been dealt four aces.

So – here was Anne, alone in her hotel room, busy unpacking her bags, making sure her business clothing was handled gently for the next two days. It was very warm in Dallas, but the conference rooms would be air conditioned and cold. She had been through this before and knew to be prepared.

In spite of having such an envious life, Anne was actually at a critical juncture. An issue had developed - starting from a momentary thought but snowballing into constant, ongoing spiritual challenge. The psychology as to how it developed wasn't pertinent in her eyes. What mattered is what to do about it. She had spent her time and energy deciding how to meet this challenge by either accepting it or declining it.

Anne, in fact, had made her decision. It was, of course, easy to decide to do something – doing it, though, is a completely other matter. People decide to quit smoking and never do anything to quit. Deciding to come to Dallas was Anne's first act in support of her decision. Packing her two luggage bags and actually coming to Dallas was the second. Still at this particular point, Anne had the ability to back away from her decision. She had the ability to do so, but had no intention of backing down. Backing down wasn't her style.

Character Snapshot

It is worth talking a bit about Anne's character. Obviously, she's a bright, accomplished person. But more interestingly, she's been a good person.

Here's the thing about being good that most people don't get. It's really easy to be a good person. What's hard is to be a good person when something bad is tempting you or at least open to you. When the waitress gives you back an extra $20 by mistake, and you let her know and give it back – that's actually being a good person. And Ann had been truly a good person – both in her personal life and in business.

In the first 5 years of her marriage, Anne was a faithful wife. Perhaps more importantly, in the last three years of her marriage, Anne actually practiced being a faithful wife. It's not much of an accomplishment to be faithful when there was no real opportunity to be unfaithful. But as she climbed business and social ladders, such opportunities had begun to present themselves and had recently become a commonplace occurrence in her life.

Those first five years of marriage saw Anne devote herself to the two main facets of her life; first, the starting of her family; and second devoting an intense amount of time at work. Anne was not the stay-at-home mom type. She wanted to be a strong role model for her daughters. She commanded respect from all.

So, in these first five years Ann simply wasn't going to be much of a target of interest for other men for a sexual liaison.

But as she was promoted in the company, and with two pregnancies now behind her, she was certainly the object of lust from men in her own company. She was out of town with much more frequency. She had dinner meetings; after dinner events. The opportunities to make your moves on her were far more frequent. And men were taking advantage of this.

First, a number of the top executives in the company had her in their sights. Some were divorced; others had expressed interest even though not divorced. She'd be a great catch as a wife if she'd leave her husband; or a fine mistress if she wouldn't. These men would look at her and see themselves with her as a prized high-powered couple. If Anne were just a secretary, she'd be worth getting into bed, in their eyes, but as a VP of the company, she'd be a trophy on someone's arms, in those expensive, stylish, yet still sexy outfits she wore.

Executives from other companies were targeting her as well. She'd even received a job offer from one large company simply because the 50 year old president of the company was smitten with her. He hadn't made his intentions known, but Anne could guess it reasonably enough.

But being very attractive and in a high position meant you'd be the object of desire for men in lower stations as well. Men in the warehouse would never say anything for fear of losing their jobs, but Anne was certainly discussed on numerous occasions over a pint of beer, and the discussion did not focus on her work ethic.

In the main office, more than half a dozen much younger men – one ten years younger – had made moves ranging from asking her to lunch to asking her to join for a drink after work to the straightforward suggestion of a hook up at a company conference.

Even in her personal life, Anne was surprised to have a pass made at her by a good friend's husband.

In each and every case, once Anne became aware of the intentions, she made it crystal clear she would not at all stray from her husband. She made it clear she would never proceed with anyone. And she did it in a way that got the message across. Once her rejection was received, these men did not repeat.

Anne's business conduct was always by the book. Even if single, she wouldn't get involved with anyone from work – from the President on down. Business was business. Always. And Anne's personal conduct was straightforward. She was a loving wife and mother.

You see, Anne, these past three years, actually practiced being faithful. She had opportunities presented to her and chose not to act on them. It actually amazed her that other chose otherwise. To mess around with someone at work was a sure way to make a mess of your life. It almost always ended badly with everyone else, and only became complicated after a break up. Who wants to see every day at work the person you just decided not to see for the rest of your life? And when everyone finds out at work, it gets downright embarrassing. Anne wondered why she was the only one who sees this.

Anne was also fiercely protective of her home life. It would destroy her family – crush her husband, hurt her ability to deliver a proper environment for her beloved children if it were ever discovered she was unfaithful.

Forgetting the morality of it, Anne saw these opportunities as a very stupid risk to take. It simply was not going to happen.

Please note, though, that Anne wasn't really making a moral decision here. Anne did think there was an element of foolishness amongst some of the men trying to get into her pants. But for the most part, she didn't condemn them. She was well aware of the statistics, and knew enough personal stories to know a lot of people were unfaithful to their spouses. If you condemn one, you spend your life condemning all.

Further, it was, ultimately, flattering to her. Men were attracted to her for her physical beauty; for her power; and for her brains and ability. How could she really blame them? In love and war, all is fair. Whether one was looking for a spouse, an affair, or a casual quickie, it was only flattering that the more she was available to make a move on, the more moves that were made on her.

So Ann had actually been practicing being a faithful wife. She had rejected each and every offer received – and further, had not even engaged in flirtatious behaviour to lead any guy on. She didn't make a big deal out of it; never made a scene. But each man had no doubt of her position when she made it.

None of this required intense amounts of reflection for Anne. She was bright and could think through things easily. She was also self-aware. There is probably no higher praise to give a person than claiming of him/her, that he/she is self-aware.

Some Fourteen months ago an event took place, which was not unlike other events which were happening to her, but was followed for a brief moment by a seemingly fleeting thought. The problem was that this thought was only seemingly fleeting, and came back to her later that night. And it came back again. And it served a seed for further thoughts.

The event was straight forward – Tony – a 25 year old associate manager specializing in online marketing – made a bit of a move on her, asking her to go out for a drink sometime. He made it fairly plain it wasn't to discuss business. Anne – as always – upon seeing this wasn't about business, quickly declined and shut the conversation down. Tony smiled and shrugged and said he understood, but he was hoping otherwise. He would have no idea this was a regular occurrence for her – most guys only think about what it would be like for them, never thinking about the competition.

As Anne returned to her office from the encounter, that fleeting thought hit. It was simply this: "He's cute." Life quickly intervened and the thought was forgotten.

Anne gave Tony no more thought that afternoon. But at night, after some satisfying sex with her husband and now ready for sleep, the thought returned. Tony was cute. He was handsome, tall, well-built. There was something sexy about him. She went to sleep that evening thinking about Tony.

Now a bunch of you are going to immediately jump to the conclusion that Anne at some point would go an affair with Tony. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you thought this was going to happen, you haven't been reading this story closely. Reason may be the slave of the passions. but this doesn't mean we are all sex-starved raving lunatics. Anne had no intention of being unfaithful with anyone, and certainly not a young man in her company that worked under her.

The only reason the story is germane is simply because this was the first time physically attracted to a guy that had made a move on her. This in itself wasn't very interesting either, actually. Just because Anne was a loving, faithful wife with no intention of changing anything, it didn't follow that she couldn't find other men sexy. In fact Anne had recently attended a Maroon 5 concert and was practically drooling over lead signer Adam Levine. (This in turn was funny. The kind of men Anne usually found sexy certainly weren't covered in tattoos, as is Mr. Levine.)

Anne knew there was nothing wrong in finding other men attractive. It was just unusual in this case, because she worked with the young man, and would see him many times a week.

Ultimately, Ann decided that she was no different than any of the men in her company ogling a young secretary. It wasn't such a bad thing that she'd get to check Tony out a few times a day. And this is exactly what she did. She enjoyed checking him out discreetly. Fridays were casual days – this was the opportunity to check him out in a pair of jeans. She, like every guy in her company made sure to give him a glance when the opportunity presented itself. But this was all she did. She'd give Adam Levine the same treatment if he walked into the office right then too.

Anne's opinion of Tony actually went up. Given their positions, Anne rarely had one on one contact with him, so really didn't have much to think about his ability. Everything she had heard had been good. But, again, it was flattering that a man – a younger man – would be attracted to her. And she liked the fact that he just didn't sit there in silence; in his own earnest way, he took the initiative – the risk, in fact – and had made a bit of a move.

Anne knew that Tony knew she was married and clearly realized she was older. It would have taken a certain amount of guts to ask the boss of his boss out for a drink for non-business reasons. She certainly thought going out with him was a terrible idea, but admired his guts in asking. She saw him as something of a kid; but liked him now and found him physically attractive.

Weeks passed. The only thing that changed was that Anne's physical attraction to Tony had become downright lust. Again, don't jump to any conclusions by this. Anne wasn't going to have a change of heart. She just continued to be physically attracted to the guy.

In fact, the only action she ever took with regard to Tony happened while away for a couple of nights, alone, on a business trip. Anne masturbated as a means of relaxing herself for bedtime daydreaming about being on a beach with some stud of a guy and making love to him on a blanket. In her daydream, after they finished she realized the guy was Tony. The next night Anne chose Tony again as her masturbation fantasy lead.

Still, don't read anything to Anne now masturbating while thinking of Tony. In previous months, it had been Adam Levine. The thought of David Beckham had led Anne to a successful masturbation act as well. Now it was Tony. And it was her first fantasy about a younger man.

As weeks became months, there was very little change. Anne remained a happily married woman who was not unfaithful. She continued to attract attention from other men. She continued to decline any offers in a straightforward fashion.

The only change was that Anne was aware she was spending more time herself thinking about what these men were thinking to have approached her.

She realized, for instance, some of the high powered executives from her company and other companies very much valued the idea of the hot power couple. Anne thought about it and frankly thought the idea was indeed seductive. She understood why an ambitious man would want such a relationship and therefore why she'd be a particularly hot commodity to them. Getting their secretaries was easy. Being in a power couple relationship was not.

Anne saw her own husband as a very successful man. But although he was a good man and a good earner, he wasn't a mover and shaker in business. They weren't a power couple. She had the stuff of what it took to be part of a power couple. He didn't. His business world was small and rather isolated to the particulars of his business. Her business world was much bigger; much more connected.

Just as she found Tony physically attractive, the idea of the high powered relationship was a turn on too. And as a result, Anne was now beginning to find herself attracted not just to Tony (and Adam Levine), but also to other men, because of their position. As long as they were good looking, Anne was now finding herself turned on by other relationship aspects, and therefore found herself sexually attracted to more than handful of other men.

It remained very flattering to have men want you. But Anne now developed a deeper understanding of these men and what they wanted. Whether it was the guy in the warehouse or the CEO of a rival company – she could see why, from their vantage point, she was something worth pursuing.

Anne was fortunate, really, to never have a bad experience. Generally, these men looked for the opportunity to present themselves to her, and gracefully accepted her immediate, but not insulting, rejection.

And so, the only thing Anne had to reconcile with herself is the simple fact that she was regularly finding herself attracted to a good number of other men. This had not been true during the first five years of marriage. She hadn't even thought about other such men, even when the opportunity presented itself to her for the longest while. But now, Anne was finding herself finding a good number of men sexy.

This was beginning to trouble her. Finding other men sexy, in itself, wasn't bad. That it was beginning to be a distraction was. Anne was finding she was spending too much time thinking about other guys. Sometimes it was Tony. Sometimes it was someone else. Several months went by where she found herself daydreaming about another guy each and every day. Tony was the main target. But there were others.

On another business trip she decided it was time to sit down with herself and find a way of dealing with this. She could now imagine that in a couple of years' time, she could possibly slip up. She was beginning to feel that there were circumstances (added with a bit of alcohol) that could cause her to wind up in bed with one of these men. And this she could not allow. She knew as clear as day, mixing business with her personal life was an intensely stupid mistake. Having an affair with a friend was an equally intensely stupid mistake.

It's not like she had the opportunity to go out and look for a potential lover either. Anne was a busy, busy person both with business and as a wife and mother. And so, late at night she made a big decision.

She decided that for the next month, she would actively attempt to banish the thought of other men from her mind. She would not think about them. She would not masturbate to anyone else other than her husband.

Anne saw herself as very disciplined. If she could carry this through for a month, she could do it for the rest of her life. The goal would be to stop thinking sexually about other men. It was interfering with work and at home. It was becoming a distraction. It had to stop.

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