tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAnne's Atonement

Anne's Atonement

byThe Needler©

Anne Thiman was lovely; everyone in town knew that. Enthroned at her desk in the First Colonial Bank, she presided over a great deal of the business going through Potsdam, Missouri, overseeing financing for most of the local businesses in the area. She had large, blue eyes, pure white skin, short brown hair and her frequent smile featured perfect teeth and dimples. Her co-workers were envious of her toned figure: no one would guess her to be a woman of 40 with a missionary son in South Africa and a daughter who was captain of the Potsdam cheerleading squad. Most men envied her husband Dave, paramedic, amateur cyclist and lay preacher at the Potsdam Bible Church. In many ways, Anne effectively ran Potsdam and most of the county, a role model for young Christian women wishing the blessing of success.

Jeff North sat at the desk of his Presidential office, looking across the bank lobby at Anne sitting at her desk, phone to her ear, speaking quickly and decisively. "I'm an old fat man," he said softly. "I'm thirty pounds overweight, my hair is either grey or falling out, I pee in Morse Code, and my wife has been wearing flannel nightgowns for twenty years. Don't know why I even look at Anne, Barry. She's definitely out of my league."

"I think you're focused the wrong direction, Jerry," Barry Halls replied, shaking his head in negation. "She may look like an angel, she may sound like an angel when she sings on Sunday morning, she may act like an angel with that relentlessly charming smile of hers, but she's no angel. If we don't act quickly, that little angel may send us all to Hell."

Jeff turned away from his Vice President and looked the internal auditor from St. Louis. "What? What the hell are you talking about?"

"Fraud. Embezzlement. Kickbacks. This little lady is a triple threat."

"Tell me more."

"I've suspected it for a long time, but I found the proof yesterday. She's taking kickbacks for all the business loans she's been approving."

"She's on the Chamber of Commerce, and the President this year. Everybody knows her."

"Risky trading under assumed identities, using the bank's funds without authorization."

"Guess there's a reason for all that overtime."

"And a very subtle skimming off the top, moving funds off to an offshore account I just found."

Jeff sat back and whistled. "Is she on to you?" Barry shook his head. "Does everyone in town know?"

"Sure," Barry said. "They don't see a problem, she's charmed them all. They think she's a fine, upstanding, trustworthy Christian woman who's on their side. She may be a cheat, but she's their cheat."

"You got around town quickly."

"Doesn't take long around here. I don't think any of them want any trouble, and they'll keep their mouths shut until the Feds show up."

"So what's the story? Do we save our asses, or does she take us down with her?"

"Oh, we can still save our asses. We put the money back, and things should be all right. We throw her under the bus, we should be all right. Our choice."

The Bank President stroked his balding head and looked at his colleague for several moments. "If I'm not greatly mistaken, this is what's called leverage."

The Auditor smiled. "Yes, it is."

"I have an idea."

It was several hours later when the rest of the employees had gone for the day that Anne Thiman stood in front of the President's desk. Barry Hall sat off to her right with a huge grin on his face. "Mrs. Thiman. . ." Jeff began.

Anne cut in abruptly: "Ms. Thiman"

"Mrs. Thiman, I have some data which has disturbed me greatly. Would you please look over the paperwork in front of you?"

She stood stock still, not flinching. "I know what it means. Congratulations, I didn't think you'd figure it out. You must be cutting down your Scotch ration, Jeff."

Jeff looked up over his glasses at her. "This may not be the best time for arrogance. We have you dead to rights."

Barry cut in. "And we have a choice to make. We can let you take the blame for everything, wash our hands of all responsibility, and let you endure public humiliation and prison. I doubt you'd be able to show your face in public in this town ever again. Or we could say nothing, let you put everything right before the Feds show up, keep everything between us, and no one is the wiser."

Laughing sarcastically, she gave Barry a withering look. "That's a surprisingly fair offer coming from a fat, decadent fool like you, Barry. What's the catch?"

"You have to submit to whatever we want to do to you," Jeff said with a subtle smile on his face. "Your humiliation will be private."

"Mr. North," she said in a frosty voice, crossing her arms in front of herself in defiance. "I'll have you know I'm a good Christian woman who's been faithful to her husband all her life."

"No doubt, Annie, no doubt. Though you have no compunction about screwing the Bank, that's for certain. You've broken other Commandments, and you must suffer the punishment, atone for your sins. We won't violate the sanctity of your marriage, the sanctity of your sacred vagina. Your Lord and Master will still have exclusive rights to that."

Anne Thiman started quivering and tears started to leak from her eyes. "But I, I, I, I. . ."

". . .didn't know I was screwing the Bank that badly?" Barry finished for her. She looked at him like a frightened animal. "Didn't know skimming that much money was a violation of God's Commandments, at least the ones about stealing and lying, probably coveting, too? Didn't know Greed was one of the Seven Deadly Sins?"

The tears flowed down her cheeks copiously, and she whispered: "Give me another chance. Jeff. Please."

Jeff walked around the desk and brushed a tear from her cheek. "Yes, I will. But you have to do everything I say, tell me everything you're doing before you do it, and tell no one."

She shook her head. "If you do something too awful to me, my husband will beat you up."

"Funny you should mention him," Barry said, pulling out his digital recorder. "Listen to this."

The voice trembled in anger from the speaker. "Barry Hall told me everything, Annie. I'm ashamed of you, ashamed for our children. You're a sinner, a dirty, lying sinner, and you're a long way from the grace of God. Divorce isn't part of God's plan, but you're not sleeping with me again until you atone for your sins. Clara's going to stay with her grandmother for a while, and I don't want to see you around the house. I expect it to be maintained perfectly, and my dinner waiting for me when I come home, but you will not be in sight. After you've done everything Jeff tells you, submit to everything he makes you suffer, we'll talk and I'll forgive you. But not until then. Not until it's all done. How dare you do this to me, you self-righteous bitch!"

A look of shock and rage filled her face. "That rat bastard! He knew everything I was doing, approved it personally. He should be here, not me!"

Jeff shook his head. "We don't have proof Dave did anything. I don't think he's lying. He told me about how things are at your house, when we were sitting in the bleachers at the girl's softball game last week. You surely aren't the submissive little Christian wife you pretend to be. 'Wives, obey your husbands.' How long has it been since you've given Dave sex?"

Her eyes flared in outrage. "You have no right to ask that."

"No, I don't, but Dave said it's been years. Has to jack off in the shower to get his rocks off now and then. You knew that, didn't you?" She went silent, looking downward sullenly. "Yeah, you knew what that white goo in the drain was."

"Here's what you're going to do, Anne," Barry cut in. "You will come to work tomorrow and act as if everything's normal. Jeff will approve any loans or other significant transactions you make. You will start working to undo the mess you've made, bring the money back from the Cayman Islands, yes, we know about that, start easing the money you took in kickbacks into the merchant's accounts so they won't notice it. . ."

"Then tomorrow night at 9:00 PM you'll come to the back door of the Elks Club. Knock three times, and when the door opens, enter and do everything you're told."

"This is where the gross and disgusting happens, right Jeff? I can see the little bulge in your pants, the little damp spot."

Jeff nodded his head. "Oh yes, Annie. And you will have no control over what happens to you. Or else all this is off and we sell you out to the Feds. Barry thinks you'll be a Domme behind bars, but I don't think you have the balls for it, so it's either be abused by men you know here or by bull dykes you don't know at the State Pen. You think Jesus will let you become a lesbian love doll?"

"I'll be there, I won't go to prison," she said with quiet steel in her voice. "I can take whatever you can dish out."

It was a quiet the next day in Potsdam, nothing was out of the ordinary. The June day was bright and blue, no clouds gave relief from the heat. Jeff looked at Anne several times during the day, in her white, silk blouse and dark skirt, calm and collected as ever, smiling and laughing as she mixed with the customers as usual. A few text messages he received during the day informed him that his guests would be available for the special meeting, a couple were even interested in taking part. He smiled and tried to control himself: he would need to save himself for the end of the night's fun.

She arrived punctually at the back door, admitted by a tall figure in a grey robe and a mask. "That looks like a choir robe from the First Presbyterian Church," she said, a slight tremor in her voice.

"If you wish to avoid more pain this evening, you'd better keep your mouth shut and speak when you're spoken to."

"Sure, Jeff."

He led her into a twilight room, where a dozen robed and masked figures stood in a semi circle. A spotlight picked out a circle in the center: her destination. She stood in the light bravely, smiling her charismatic smile and blinking in the harsh light. A figure stood in front of her motionless for two full minutes; she gazed at him most of the time, her eyes flicking occasionally at the other figures seeking a clue to what was going to happen. A voice from the side of the room addressed her at last: "Remove your blouse."


"Remove your blouse, or suffer the consequences."

Her eyes went wide. It seemed a lifetime passed, all the figures around the room stood stock still, unmoving, waiting, until at least, hesitantly, she undid the buttons of her sleeve and then the front. Pulling it off her shoulders, she cringed momentarily before holding her chest high. Her white lace bra cupped her breasts sweetly, her perfect white skin shone in the light. "All right, boys, you have your little look. Like what you see?"

"Silence! Remove your skirt."

Another long moment passed before she unzipped the side, slipping it free and stepping out of it. She still wore the red heels from work and her hose went three quarters of the way up her leg. Her panties were bore small pink polka dots.

"Remove your bra."

"What? Can't you see enough? What do you. . ."

"Silence! Remove your bra."

She looked around, vainly trying to find someone to outstare, but the masks kept her from doing that. If I could only see their eyes, she thought to herself. Awkwardly, she reached around and unhooked the garment, drawing it down as her breasts flopped free. They rested like small torpedos above her waist, the nipples hardening immediately in the cool air. Her hands reached up to cover herself before the voice commanded:

"Put your hands together on your head."

For once she obeyed immediately. Her winning smile came out again, struggling to control the situation as it had many times in her life. Still she looked around from mask to mask, trying to find sympathy behind one, but there was none. The next order came at last:

"Remove your panties."

She looked down at her legs, her smile dropping, looked up again and slipped her hands down. Her bush was salt and pepper; black was giving way to grey. Her backside was apple shaped, marred by some cellulite that was just beginning its encroachment. All her skin shone blazing white in the bright light. "You're not recording this, are you? Are you? I know what happens on YouTube, you'll get in so much trouble for posting. . ."

"Silence! Put your hands together on your head."

Timidly she complied. A small gesture from the leader and a blindfold was tied around her eyes. Whimpering noises escaped her mouth, but a sharp intake of breath from the leader silenced them. Then, a crack rang out and a red line of pain appeared on her well rounded buttocks. It was followed by two more in close succession. She winced with every blow, and her lower lip started to quiver slightly. Several more stings, and she bent over with a yelp.

"Stand up straight, or you will go to prison tonight."

Tears ran down next to the blindfold as the air was parted by leather. Their pace was uneven, single blows well spaced, followed by several in pairs and threes, then several in close succession. Her butt turned red as the welt marks deepened and swelled. Several angry, dark red lines scored her skin, a couple were leaking red. They stopped and there was another grand pause.


Trembling, she descended and yelped when her knees touched the concrete floor. "Ouch, this is hard and cold."

"Silence! You will kneel until told to rise."

More time passed as she knelt in subjugation, breathing heavily and her breasts bobbing slightly as her chest heaved. The masked figure approached her, his hands parting the front of his robe. "Open your mouth."


"Silence! You will open your mouth. If you feel something touch your face, you will lick it; if you feel something land on your tongue, you will suck it; if any liquid enters your mouth, you will swallow it."

"It's not right, it's unnatural. It's against God's Law!"

"So what? You're a Sinner, you can't hide behind God's Law any more. If you do not obey, you'll go to prison."

Her mouth bobbed open and the figure waited several moments before putting the head of his cock on her face. He touched her teasingly: resting on one cheek, moving to let her tongue find it, then pulling back and watching her wobble uncertainly, her breasts jiggling. The cockhead went between her lips, she sucked it slowly at first, not knowing what to do, but he moved it in and out, fucking her face, until she got the hang of it. His breathing became ragged, and before he finished he pulled out of her mouth, whipping her cheeks with his dickhead before spewing a large load of seed on her tongue and cheeks.

They let her kneel there for several moments, sperm hanging on her face. The blindfold was ripped off and the figure before her gestured her to rise. The voice came from the side of the room again: "One week from today, you will come here at the same time to receive more punishment. You will be watched in the meantime, and your conduct will determine your fate next week."

"I thought tonight was enough, I thought. . ."

"You diverted over $400,000 dollars this past year. Tonight is not nearly enough to cover that. You will subject yourself to this until we tell you it's over, or you will go to prison. Is this clear?"

The response was in a voice so tiny it was almost inaudible. "Yes."

"Then go!" There was no movement as she gathered her clothes, wincing as she put on her panties, and her shaking fingers misbuttoned the front of her blouse. Her hair was disheveled, and white flecks still adorned her face. She staggered as she left the room and the door slammed hard with her exit.

Jeff took off his mask and looked around at his friends, all local businessmen Anne cheated. There were high fives all around, and as the lights came up, the men started to help themselves to drinks at the bar. Fern Davis, the owner of the malt shop, whispered into a nearby man's ear, and they left together as soon as they took off their robes and gave Anne a chance to get home. Barry came over and clapped Jeff on the shoulder: "Well buddy, what do you have in mind for her next week?"

"I'll let you know."

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