tagGroup SexAnne's Bust Ch. 02

Anne's Bust Ch. 02


Greg had signed off his AOL messenger and Anne knew he was heading straight over here to join Heather and her.

"God Anne. I love your huge tits. So soft and firm for their size," moaned Heather, as she lifted one of Anne's enormous melons to her mouth and started sucking in as much of the tit flesh as possible between her eager lips.

Heather used both of her small hands to cradle Anne's large tit and nearly sucked the life out of it. Her tongue lashed back and forth over Anne's large areola and nipple.

Anne started moaning and squeezing her other breast and fondled the plump nipple between her fingers. Running through her mind was the though of Greg's mouth and hands all over her huge tits. Dreaming it was Greg who was sucking her tit and not Heather.

Anne got up from the chair with Heather's lips still attached firmly against her giant breast. Anne sat on the bed and Heather released the now swollen and wet nipple from her mouth. She began doing the same to the other nipple. This time, she made the sucking noises louder and fondled Anne's free tit with her hands.

"Oh god Heather! That feels so....good!" moaned Anne, running her hands through Heather's long golden-brown hair, mixed with yellow highlights in the front.

Heather always had a big mouth and she was certainly putting it in some good use right now. Taking as much of Anne's breast between her lips as possible. Both of Anne's G size breasts were soaked in her best friend's saliva.

Heather finished up Anne's other nipple and sat back to stare at her work. She started pinching large wet nipple. Series of moans escaped Anne's lips. The pinching was sending shockwaves from Anne's breasts to her dripping cunt. Heather could see a medium size wet spot on the crotch of Anne's tan jeans.

"Mmmm. Let me take care of that for you Anne," moaned Heather.

Heather started lifting up her hooded-shirt. Then she took off her tank-top and revealed to Anne her large D cup breasts. They were overflowing from her tight bra cups.

Anne wasted no time and lifted up the bra cups over Heather's big D's. She planted her full lips around a nipple and sucked on it for all she's worth. Anne has never done anything like this in her virgin life. But her horniness was too great and overwhelming to control.

After sucking back and forth between Heather's tits, Heather pushed Anne down upon the bed. The sight of Anne's enormous breasts swaying and bobbing to the push made Heather hotter. She took off Anne's shoes, revealing Anne's poke-a-dot rainbow socks. Heather traced her fingers over the tops of Anne's feet. She took hold of Anne's ankles and lifted her feet up. Heather planted her face against the warm fuzziness of Anne's socks. Sniffing the Frito aroma of Anne's sock-covered feet.

After savoring Anne's feet's smell for a few minutes, Heather dropped her feet and moved her hands up to the zipper of Anne's tan jeans. She quickly unzipped the jeans and pulled them down and off Anne's feet. Anne was now lying on her back, with her mammoth jugs flat and spread out across her chest like plump pancakes, panties completely soaked, and in her favorite pair of socks.

"Am I interrupting anything?" said a male voice by the door.

Heather and Anne looked up and it was Greg.

"Oh God!" said a frighten Anne, as she quickly try to cover her giant breasts with her tiny hands and arms.

"Not at all Greg. You're just in time for dessert," said Heather with a wink.

Greg quickly undress and Anne watched in anticipant as Greg pulled down his briefs and revealed his massive hanging cock. Two grapefruit sized balls sagged half way down his throbbing member. Heather had already begun sucking away at Anne's sweet virgin cunt. Pushing her puffy pink cunt lips open and drilling her tongue deep inside her warm moist womb.

Anne moaned as Greg stood next to her head, with his enormous cock hanging down in front of her. Anne's eyes became wide as she saw the huge monster up close. Anne has never seen a real dick, in person, before. Especially one Greg's size.

"Go head Anne. It won't bite," Greg urged her.

Heather's tongue was touching spots that Anne never knew existed in her body. Anne's mouth was already wide open and Greg just lowed his cock half way down her throat. Greg's hands immediately grabbed Anne's breasts and played with them in every way possible. Jiggling her breasts like bowls of jell-o. Scooping her breasts up and letting them drop back down to her chest. Pulling and pinching her tender nipples and wobbling her massive flesh mounds by them.

All the tit play just got Greg's cock harder between Anne's lips. Anne also started dripping more to the delight of Heather.

Heather started munching away furiously at Anne's cunt. Having her nose completely buried deep in Anne's drenched snatch. Heather sucked on Anne's cunt lips and clitoris, sending Anne into a frenzy. Her toes curled up inside her socks and her nipples were as hard as bullets. Greg reached over and held Anne's legs up, smoothing her creamy thighs with his palms. Anne's face was buried in Greg's hairy crotch. His cock deep in her mouth and his balls swaying back and forth over her flushed face.

Anne could be heard moaning in Greg's crotch as her pussy took a vicious eating from Heather. Greg bent down further and lashed his tongue out on Anne's wet pussy. Meeting Heather's tongue and tasting Anne's juices on it. Both of their tongues began battling against Anne's clitoris.

"MMMMMM!" Anne moaned with her mouth full of Greg's dick. Anne wasn't a pro at sucking dick since this was her first time doing it. All she did was bob her head with the room she had left in Greg's crotch and used her tongue to lick away at his cockhead and shaft.

Anne's body was trembling at an all time high with both Greg and Heather's mouths plowing away at her delicious virgin cunt. The powerful orgasm took control of Anne's body and she began gushing her cum out like a geyser. Greg and Heather's mouth sucked up all of Anne's cum and continued sucking away at her pussy after Anne finished unloading.

"I think her pussy is ready Greg," said Heather, rubbing Anne's red and swollen pussy lips.

Greg moved his crotch from Anne's face. His hanging cock soaked in Anne's saliva and dripped down his sagging balls. He got in between Anne's legs and with Heather's help, lifted her calves up onto Greg's shoulders.

"This is going to feel real good Anne," Heather whispered to her.

Heather grabbed Greg's wet cock and started jerking it a little bit. She put her mouth over his cock and sucked on it for a couple of minutes, while driving two fingers in and out of Anne's cunt. Greg's enormous cock was hard as steel. Heather took it out of her mouth and inserted the enormous cockhead between Anne's pussy walls.

"OH! OH!," cried Anne, gripping the bed sheets with her nails.

Greg reached up and squeezed Anne's gigantic breasts and play with them while Heather shoved his cock inside Anne's tight virgin cunt.

Once half of his huge cock was inside Anne, Heather grabbed Greg's balls and began rolling them in her palms. Greg released Anne's huge breasts and grabbed her hips and began pushing forward. Anne's feet were locked around Greg's head as she was experimenting ecstasy for the first time.

"Let's milk these balls Anne!" urged Heather, as she squeezed Greg's large hairy balls tightly in her palms.

Anne's pussy was being stretched out by Greg's oversized cock. He pushed harder and deeper inside Anne's soak cunt, forcing more and more of his dick inside. Anne closed her eyes as the pain she was feeling started to become pleasure.

Greg wrapped his arms around Anne's legs and started ramming her pussy with incredible speed. Greg has never fucked a virgin girl before and he was enjoying his first time as well Anne enjoying her first time being fucked.

"Ahhhhh fuck! Oh yes! Mmmmm!" moaned Anne, as Greg pounded her pussy with no mercy.

Heather released Greg's bouncing balls and sat up to suckle on one of Anne's big flopping tits. Heather captured the nipple with her teeth. She stretched and pulled the nipple from the flopping tit. Greg grabbed the other tit and began cramming his mouth with it as sweat poured down his body and he rammed Anne harder and faster. Her legs were now spread apart with this guy fucking her faster and harder in between them.

Heather took off her jeans and panties and tossed them to the floor. She lifted up Anne's body and sat behind her, with Anne's head resting firmly between Heather's big tits. Heather grabbed and fondled Anne's massive jugs while they bounced and flopped around her chest wildly.

Greg grabbed Anne's legs and pushed them against her chest. Greg slowed down his fucking and plowed Anne's cunt with hard, slow thrusts. His sweaty balls bounced off Anne's bubble round ass.

"Oh god! Ohhhhh! Heather! Oh, oh, oh fuck!" cried Anne.

Heather released Anne's breasts and grabbed onto both of Anne's ankles. She separated Anne's legs to side of the bed. Greg moved up and began kissing Heather. Tasting some of Anne's cum from earlier. Greg started fucking Anne once again hard and fast. Anne moved her head up to join Greg and Heather's kiss. Moans escaped all their mouths as Greg worked like a jackhammer and pounded Anne's pussy hard. Drips of blood mixed with cum flowed from Anne's cunt but that didn't stop Greg. He pulled his large penis out from Anne's pussy and lied sideways. Anne lied sideways with her back against Greg's sweaty chest. Greg lifted up Anne's legs and Heather engulfed Greg's huge wet cock between her lips. Sucking all the old juices from his penis.

Greg started pushing his hips in, thrusting his cock in and out of Heather's mouth. Anne watched as she inserted two fingers between her pussy lips. Greg face-fucked Heather for a couple of minutes and pulled his slobbery cock from her mouth. Heather took hold of it and shoved it back inside Anne's cunt.

Greg fucked Anne's pussy sideways for a few minutes, making her reach her orgasm and cum. He pulled his cock out and Heather sucked all of Anne's cum off his cock.

"Mmmm! You have such a big cock Greg," moaned Heather. "Lets make sure you cum this time."

Greg lied down onto the bed and Anne straddled on top of him. Greg immediately started pounding her cum-drenching cunt and watched in amazement as Anne's enormous sweaty breasts rolled all over his chest. Dragging her big nipples into his wet skin.

"OHHHHH FUCK! GREG! Oh god! Fuck me Greg! Ugghhhhh fuck!" cried Anne.

Heather got up close and personal to Greg's dick drilling her best friend's cunt. She held Greg's knees apart and watched as his balls pounded against Anne's big pale ass. Anne's large ass was bouncing out of control against Greg's assault. Greg has his hands firmly squeezing Anne's ass and spreading her ass cheeks apart. Heather took the invitation and started drilling Anne's asshole with her tongue. Swirling in and out, around and over Anne's asshole.

All of this was too much for Anne as Greg's head was buried in her sweaty cleavage and her pounded her pussy to another level of intensity. Anne started cumming all over Greg's plunging cock again and her body trembled with multiple orgasms.

Greg felt his balls were too heavy and needed to unload. Heather would have agreed as she sucked and licked his balls.

"Cum on our tits Greg," suggested Heather.

Greg got in a few more thrust and finally pushed Anne off of him. He stood up on the bed and jerked his gooey cock twice and it immediately exploded onto Anne and Heather's breasts. The girls held their big tits out as Greg drenched them in his hot milky jizz. He concentrated on Anne's breasts more due to the sheer size of her mammoth G cups and the amount of cum that it would take to even cover one of her massive areolas.

After Greg finished cumming, Anne and Heather took turns cleaning his cock off with their mouths and pretty much sucked him back to hardness.

"Looks like we're ready for round two," smiled Heather, as the fuck feast continued all night.

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