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Annette at the Lake


I could hardly believe it. In the line at the grocery store was Annette O'Toole, the woman who plays Martha Kent on the TV show Smallvile. She looked thinner than she did on TV, but a really nice bubble butt. I'd say it was perfect, but I was star stuck. Her hair looked true red, not like it was colored or than thing, and she wore a pair of plain tight fitting jeans, a plaid shirt, and white tennis shoes.

I would have expected a big star like her to be hiding behind dark sunglasses and a scarf that let you know that she didn't want to be stopped. I really don't think that she cared one little bit.

I was buying skim milk, chips, sodas, and a few candy bars. She looked at the magazine rack and chuckled then turned back in line. I think I was the only one who recognized her. She always seemed like the kind of woman that who have been my best lover. I had more than a few dreams about banging Superman's earth mom.

She glanced back and must have seen the stars in my eyes, because she immediately turned back around. Shit! I thought I had blown my one chance of meeting one of the Hollywood stars that I dreamed of fucking.

I started to feel a bit down, so I dropped my eyes. All I could see is the shape of her ass, like me and it was the only thing that existed. I knew I was smiling, but I didn't realize that I was drooling until the cashier cleared her throat. Ms O'Toole and the cashier was staring at me.

"Oh, I'm sorry," I said.

The cashier rolled her eyes, and Ms. O'Toole seemed a bit annoyed by my ogling. I really felt embarrassed, but I realized that I was getting some attention from a big name movie star. I smiled and blushed.

The cashier took her time checking me out, even though I only had beer and the latest copy of Cycle Magazine. By the time I got out the store, there was no signs of Ms. O'Toole. I was happy that I got to stand in line behind Annette O'Toole. None of the guys would ever believe that.

As I began rolling down the highway, I envisioned her rosy cheeks and my cock with her painted red lips wrapped tightly around them. I was willing to bet that a woman of her great acting talents could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.

About five miles down the road, I pulled off the highway for gas. There was a blue Lexus SUV in front of me with tented windows. I went about my business gassing up my bike.

"Nice bike."

I looked up and saw that it was Annette O'Toole pumping her own gas. I had already made an ass of my self in the store, so I wasn't going to continue the same cycle.



"No. Night Train," I said.

She smiled and her cheeks seem to glow. Damn! She looked so hot. Her hips curved to her thighs, which matched the awesome shape of her ass. I know that people say these types of things about younger women, but Annette was hotter than my bike.

"Look, I'm sorry about...in the store. I know it was rude, but....okay, I'm not sorry. You have a nice butt."

She chuckled and I laughed with her. I told her that I was heading up to meet some friends at a cabin for the weekend, and she said that she was just there for the weekend too.

"Hey, look..." I started. "I know that every guy who finds out who you are try to hook up with you, so I'm going to be real with you for a minute. I don't want your fame or fortune, I just want to fuck the sick out of you." I smiled as bright as I could hoping that she would take too much offensive.

She blushed so much that her face almost turned the same color of her hair. "When you say straight, you really put it out there, don't you?"

"Is that a yes?"

"I don't know you," she said.

"I don't know you either, but I'm getting real excited about finding out some things about you." I took off my glove and walked over to her. "Blaine Carter."

She took my hand and my cock stretched right down the leg of my pants. Her hand was soft, but strong. Her age showed across the back of her hand. I felt like kissing it, but that would have been to much for even me.

"Blaine, as tempting as your offer is, I'm afraid that I'll have to decline your charming offer," she said giving me a pleasant smile.

"Well, if you get bored, my friends and I will be easy to find around the lake," I said going back to my bike. "We'll be the ones singing around the camp fire."

"I'll keep that in mind," she said.

I kick started my bike just for dramatic effect and rolled up the mountain. I knew I didn't stand a chance with a movie star, but it was worth the shot. The way I say it, how many guys can say that they asked a super star for a piece of ass.

I didn't tell my friends about it, because they would have called me a lair. That was okay. Mary, Sue, and Sally were up there, so I knew they'd be glad ol'Blaine a shot of ass.

We started a bon-fire just as it started to get dark. We had beer, Jack, and some of that Wild Turkey to get us in the mood. I started up on Gil's guitar and wailed out a favorite tune.

It was the biggest thing when Annette walked down the hill singing to my tune. Ray and Sue recognized her right away. I moved over, so she could sit next to me in front of the fire. Gil was grinning like a cat as he handed her a beer. It was so much better than any tell I could have told them.

Ray told the story about the time we hide up in the water tower from the cops. It was great laughs. Gil started chasing Mary around and I knew where that was going, so I asked Mrs. O'Toole out for a walk around the lake. I got a blank, beer, and of course the guitar. A man needs his tools.

She asked me about my self and my friends. She never expected me to say that I worked in a bank. I had to tell her that I cleaned up pretty good. I asked her about the jeans she had on and she told me that I would have to wait and see. That sounded real promising to me.

We laid down next to a log nearly on the other side of the lake and cooked up another fire. The moon was full and straight ahead shining down over the lake right at our feet. I sat down on the blank and leaned back against the log, and tried my best to make magic come from my fingers. She hummed along with the melody sounding like an angel to my little heart.

"One thing about this place," I said grabbing hold of another brew. "Those tabloid folks won't be able to find you here." I recalled her looking at one in the store.

"It's one of the few places that I found where I can really relax," she said and leaned back against my shoulder.

I'm just a regular guy, so I put my arm around her shoulder and let my hand dangle over her left tit. She took my mischievous fingers in her hand and squeezed them firmly. Man, I was rock hard. I know that she was a big movie star and every thing, but old Jim was trying to find his way out of my pants.

"This is such a romantic spot," she said.

Oh, man...and I wanted to go at like two wild animals under the full moon. "That there is the big dipper," I said like she never heard of it before.

She snuggled up more against me, so I put my other arm around the front of her under those big tits. She was turned kind of side ways and my hard-on was throbbing up against her hip. Every time she moved an inch, I squeezed her tighter.

She looked up at me and I was like a deer caught in head lights. It seemed like it took forever for my lips to touch hers. I just could hold back much longer. It felt like electricity flowing through my body.

I laid her down on the blank and slid my hand right down over her crotch. I could feel the heat of her sex coming right through them jeans as I rubbed it firmly. She spread her legs and moved her hands up over my back as her tongue moved around in my mouth.

I could only use one hand, but I managed to flip the button on her jeans open and yank down the zipper. Getting my fingers to her moist cunt was kind of tricky. She had long pubic hair and I didn't want to pull on them. They were tangled with her panties. It paid off, thought. Her clit was huge and her pussy lips were long. I slipped two of my fingers into her with ease.

"Are you really going to fuck the shit out of me?" she asked.

Shit! I could foresee how badly my dick was going to hurt after we were done.

The bad thing about tight jeans is there is no smooth way to get them off. I had to take my time just getting my soaked fingers out of her hot pussy. I rolled on my back and started tugging at my clothes to get them off. I was glad that my boots had buckles.

Annette stripped completely nude with me. She held me down with one hand on my chest and gripped my throbbing shaft. "I haven't done this in a very long time," she said. Her warm mouth made my toes curl. If she hadn't given a blowjob in a long time, I'd say that she is one heck of an actress.

I held her hair back and watched her take my cock into her throat. It was all I could do to keep from slamming her head down. She started twisted her hand around the shaft as she slid the head in and out. I thought, "You lying bitch." That's the way pros give blowjobs and she was dead-on.

Annette raised her head and I caught both of her hanging tits. She straddled my waist and moved the head of my dick over her wet cunt.

"I finally get to go for a ride," she giggled.

I moaned so loud, I think it echoed across the lake. Her pussy felt like an oven, and it wrapped tightly around my cock.

"Oh shit!" she cried out. I think her out burst surprised her.

I lick and sucked on her freckled tits, while she slid up and down on my hard dick. I thrust my cock up each time she came down causing her to let out a little squeal. My cock felt like it was growing an inch each second.

I flipped her onto her back. The last thing I wanted to do was to cum with her on top of me like that. I pushed her knees up to her shoulders and looked into her sparkling blue eyes and smiled. I wondered if she knew how awesome it was for an ordinary guy like my self to be with a famous sexy woman.

She guided the head of my cock through the red nest and back into her steamy cunt. I watched my dick sink all the way in, and then I pulled it half way out. The soft dirt under the blank was perfect. I drove into her making a loud slapping sound against her soft butt-cheeks.

My cock felt like it had been dipped in steel. I hit bottom. Again and again, I pounded my cock into her hot pussy. I thought the sounds were in my head, but then I realized that the slapping against her ass-cheeks were echoing over the lake. That was really cool, and I tried to keep it going.

I grunted and strain as I fucked her as if I was in a fight with another man. Sweat poured off me and felt really funny rolling down between my butt-cheeks. Her moans sounded restrained, but some women had been like that, too dignified to let it all out.

I flipped her over on her knees like she was Mary or Sue. I pulled up on her hips and began driving my pussy laced cock into her doggie-style. I felt so powerful fucking a famous super star as if she was a bar fly.

I almost howled when I came inside of her. The thought of getting her pregnant crossed my mind, but I figure there was no away that a woman like her would let my sorry ass get her pregnant, but the thought was cool.

"You are a man of your word," she said as she squeezed back into her tight jeans. The grimace on her face spoke volumes.

I cover the ashes with dirt as she gathered the beer bottles and blank. "What are the chances that we'd be able to hook up again?"

"This time of year, I tried to get up here on the weekends when I can," she said putting her arm around my waist. "I guess better than average."

I wanted to jump for joy. I slid my hand down to Annette's ass and squeezed it when we got back to the other side of the lake. I wanted my friends to have no doubt that I bagged the shit out of Superman's mama.

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