tagSci-Fi & FantasyAnnie & Her Tentacles

Annie & Her Tentacles


Contains tentacles, dick on girl (futanari), foot fetish, body distortion, cum inflation. It's quite extreme.

Lily. That's my name. I was just an innocent, lesbian young lady at some point in my life. A brunette with a curvacious body. I met someone, and then it all changed. Annie was the girl that I met, her hair was pink and she had the most feminine and sexiest body I ever saw. She was just so alluring. She seemed a lot like me, we got along well and quickly fell for each other, well at least I know that I did.

It was a hot summer night. We were making out in my bedroom, it was great. I live alone, not much company around except Annie. She was really getting into it, squeezing my breasts and rubbing my skin. Then she stopped and pulled her tongue out of my throat. She looked into my eyes and I stared back into her blue eyes. She started going on about what she wanted to do with me and how she isn't the most innocent girl I thought she was.

"Lily, I have things that I like and I'm afraid you'll leave me because of them."

"What things? Tell me, it shouldn't be to bad."

"I have fetishes..like.."

"What like, a foot fetish? Don't worry Annie, I've had experience with that and I love it!"

"Really? I'm so relieved, but that's not all."

"What other fetishes do you have?"

I looked at Annie and started to get worried. She then picked up my laptop and started to search up some videos on the internet. I couldn't believe what I was watching.

"It's...just something about a girl having a dick and fucking another girl.. just, ugh."

"Well... umm.. I don't think I have any strap-ons.."

Annie clicked to another video, a tentacle porn where tentacles came out of a human female and started to fuck the other woman. I couldn't understand it, for some reason I was getting extremely turned on by it.

"Why... Am I getting turned on by this..?"

"Are..Are you really, Lily?"

"Yeah.. I don't know why."

It was then I noticed that Annie got on her knees and told me to lay down and relax.

"What if.. I was.. like the girl in the video..?"

"What.. how can you be.. that's impossible?"

"Would you be willing to let me? I don't think I can hold back any-- UGH!!"

I watched as Annie's back opened up, and out came 9 pink tentacles. I didn't know if I was scared or excited. Then from her tailbone, a larger pink tentacle grew across her anus then to her pussy. It was like Annie had a large pink cock, instead of a vagina. Her eyes were now pink, and I could see that she was shaking.

"I-I.. can.. I..?"

"What..But.. that.. thing is much too big.."

"I need your per-permission, Lily.. Or this'll be me taking you against your will.."

She put her hands on the tops of my knees and spread my legs, I could feel her shaking. I looked at the laptop, the girl was being fucked quite roughly, but pure lust was on her face and she was enjoying it. Maybe it felt really good? So I lay there, not moving an inch and let Annie do what she wanted with me.

"Go ahead then.."

Annie put on a huge grin, and lay down on top of me and kissed me. She then pulled away and stared into my eyes, hers was filled with lust. I could feel her hard cock pressing against my stomach, I didn't even know if such a large thing could fit in me, but there was no turning back now, Annie had lost her self control. I watched as her tentacles started to descend on me.

"These tentacles.. have huge cum loads. So be ready when I'm close okay? My cock has twice the amount of these tentacles."


2 tentacles made their way into my hands, I started to jerk them. One found it's way into my mouth and I started to suck on it. 2 more tentacles wrapped and squeezed around my breasts, starting from the base of my breasts, twirling around them till they were at my nipples, suckling on them, and every few seconds, were squeezing my breasts hard, causing me to squeal in pleasure. One more tentacle squeezed in between my breasts, and started to titty fuck me. I wrapped my legs around Annie's waist, and as I did that, 2 tentacles, starting from my inner thighs, twirled their way around my thighs and pushed through under my knees, slowly fucking them.

"Aah, oh god, this is pure pleasure."

I stayed silent as I had one of her tentacles in my mouth, slowly fucking it, but was moaning softly. The last tentacle wrapped itself around my feet, twirling around starting from my heels, then going through my high arches, out again and then in between my toes. My feet were locked together and I could feel the tentacle's head fucking my toes and the shaft sliding in between my arches.

"Oh wow, your feet feel so good."

The tentacle pulled itself from my mouth.

"You..can feel it all?"

"Everything. I'm in heaven Lily."

The tentacle tried to push itself back into my mouth, but just before it did.

"I..I don't like anal, so don't, okay Annie?"

"Anything for you.. I'm going to enter you now."

Her tentacle pushed itself back into my mouth and then Annie pressed the tip of her huge cock against my pussy. I watched, without blinking as she slowly penetrated me. Pain was all I felt, it was so big, I felt like I was going to be torn apart, but somehow, I stretched. I screamed into her tentacle.

"H-hold on Lily.. It will be pleasure soon."

I could see it bulging through my skin, slowly going in me. Then her cock head hit my cervix, I was filled completely, and I lay back down on my pillow. Then all of a sudden I felt her cock go deeper. I lifted my head quickly and saw that she was only half way in! I moaned into her tentacle.

"Almost there Lily, you're so tight."

Annie moaned in pleasure as she pushed in harder and entered my womb. I could feel her whole cock head inside my womb. My body was distorted, just like the girl in the tentacle porn. I looked down, and could see the shape of Annie's cock head bulging out from my belly, now I was completely filled. I took a moment to take in what was happening. My hands were jerking off her tentacles, I was giving head to another. One was titty fucking me and more were squeezing my breasts and sucking on my nipples. More were fucking my knees and squeezing my thighs and the last one was fucking my feet. I had the biggest cock ever inside me, the cock's shaft was bulging out of me and the cock head was also bulging out from my belly, clear as day.

A few minutes past and there was no longer any pain. Every little movement of her cock inside me made me moan, squeal and scream loudly in pleasure. It was pure bliss.

"I'm going to move now Lily.."

I nodded and Annie started to pull her cock out, until only the tip of her cock head was bulging out, before thrusting back in, hard, making the whole cock head appear immediately. I moaned loudly when she did that. Then Annie started to fuck me at a steady pace, I was filled to the very maximum with pleasure, I thought I was going to cum, just after several seconds, and I did. My whole body tensed up and I screamed in pleasure as I came. No juices seemed to come out of my pussy though, as my pussy was clamped so tight around Annie's huge cock, none could escape. Annie continued to fuck me, even though I just came. My pussy was so sensitive after orgasm, I was overloaded with pleasure.

As her other tentacles were fucking my body hard and fast, so was her cock, ramming in and out of me. I don't know how my body could have taken all of this. The bed was rocking violently, and I was screaming in pleasure. After a few minutes, I came again. But Annie just kept fucking me. She was fucking me her hardest and fastest now and was moaning loudly with each thrust as well. Her tentacles were quick also, the same as her thrusting into me. I could sense she was very close to cumming. Inside me and outside of me. The tentacle in my mouth was very quick, and I tried my hardest with my tongue to help it reach its orgasm. My hands were getting tired from jerking the tentacles in them, so they were thrusting in and out of my hands instead.

"Ah! Ahh! Lilleeee!! I'm soo cloose!!"

"Uuugh, Anniieeeee!!"

I barely got the words out clearly with the tentacle fucking my mouth. Then, it happened. I was truly amazed. First, the ones I was jerking off exploded all over my hands, they wrapped themselves around my wrists, with their cock heads still in my hands, and lifted my hands above my mouth area, not my whole face so I could see. Then, the one titty fucking me reached its limit and came on my neck and chin, and the ones squeezing my breasts and sucking on my nipples came on my breasts. I couldn't tell how many spurts came out of each tentacle, there was a lot, Annie was right. Annie screamed, she was thrusting and ramming into me so hard and fast now, that I had to release the tentacles in my hands, and put my palms on the headboard of the bed to stop myself from hitting my head on it. Annie moaned loudly, again and the tentacle in my mouth started to slow down. I wanted to know how many spurts of cum came out from each tentacle so I decided to count. The first spurt hit quite hard at the back of my throat, and the second came after quite quickly. I tried to swallow it all before my mouth became too full. Droplets were dribbling out from my mouth. I tried to push them back in with my fingers, but had to be quick as I still needed to hold myself from Annie's rough fucking. When the tentacle stopped cumming, I counted exactly 15 spurts. Annie said that her cock was twice the amount, so that could only mean 30 spurts from her cock.

Next came the tentacles fucking my knees. I could literally feel the cum pulsing through the tentacles, as they were wrapped around my thighs tightly, squeezing them. As the tentacles came under my knees, they slowly unwrapped and came on my thighs. All at the same time, Annie was still ramming into me. Now, the tentacle at my feet started to have it's orgasm. I could feel the first few spurts of cum travel through the tentacle from my heels, through my arches and then explode onto my little toes, actually coating them in cum. Very quickly, the lone tentacle unwrapped itself halfway and continued to cum on my arches before wrapping itself around to my toes again and finished off cumming on my feet, the cum dribbling down my arches to my heels.

Finally, Annie moaned loudly and thrusted very hard for the last time in me and came. Again, I could feel her cum travel through her cock, only this time, I could feel it even more as her cock was in me so tightly and all the way up to my womb. I felt the first spurt travel quickly from her shaft to her cock head and spurt deep inside my womb. At the same time, I had my third and final orgasm, I screamed loudly as I came. Spurt after spurt hit the walls of my womb, I could feel my womb expanding. Through heavy breathing,

"Ah...your womb.. its...inflating."

I looked down, my womb was slowly inflating with cum. It was quite frightening how clear you could see it expanding. Slowly, Annie's cock head was no longer visible as I looked like I was 4 months pregnant. Annie collapsed onto me when she let her load of 30 spurts go into me. My face, breasts, legs and feet were covered in cum, basically my whole body, in and out. My womb was inflated with Annie's cum and I was full from drinking her cum. We lay there exhausted, and drifted off to sleep, with Annie still inside me.

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Has the inflation tag, yet this is all of the inflation content:
""Ah...your womb.. its...inflating."
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