tagGroup SexAnnie Babysits the Kids Ch. 01

Annie Babysits the Kids Ch. 01


Forward: This story was first written almost 15 years ago by another author. I liked the story so much I offered additional ideas to the original author who gave his permission for me to continue it as he had no time. This first chapter has been since heavily edited and changed to my own writing style, as well as to fit in with the rules of this site. It is my first submission and hope you like it and want more...as there will be plenty!


Chapter 1...the beginning

This adventure started on a late summer Friday evening. I was driving to pick-up my fiancée Anne Marie to take her out to dinner and dancing. She had started college for secretarial school this summer and we had not seen each other for a couple of weeks; this was the first date we had been on since she had started college. She had a month off between semesters so planned on spending the rest of the summer together making up for lost time.

We had met and dated through high school, I had been the quarterback on our football team and Annie was the head cheerleader, so it was almost natural we ended up together. After graduating we got engaged and were and hoping to build up some income before settling down together.

I arrived at her parent's house only to have her meet me on the porch upset. She apologized immediately saying some friends of the family had just called begging her to babysit for them. They had forgotten about an important engagement and desperately needed a sitter and she was their last chance. As Annie was starting school and her parents were in so much debt, she needed all the money she could get, even if it was babysitting. They were also close friends of her parents and she couldn't say no without reason...and unfortunately a date wasn't good enough for her parents. To add even more pressure, they owned the local bank where her parents had their loan and it was only their friendship keeping them from losing their house and who knows what else.

I was understanding knowing the circumstances, but still slightly pissed off--we do not get to see each other while she is away in school, and we were both horny as hell for not being together for some time. Making matters even worse Annie looked incredible tonight wearing white high heels, a red checkered miniskirt, and a tight white shirt unbuttoned and tied off at her waist. Her nipples were clearly visible against the tight fabric and as she moved I caught glimpses cleavage from her 36C tits making my mouth water knowing she was not wearing a bra. I got hard as soon as I saw her—her shapely, well-tanned legs accented by the high heels and showing so much of her body after being apart so long was almost too much to handle.

Annie has an athletic figure left over from cheerleading in high school as well as a gorgeous face with full lips surrounded by long dark auburn hair. She's quite the looker. Everybody who meets her says she should be a model, and she planned on attempting a modeling career; however, she wanted to earn some money from her vocational school in order to afford a modeling shoot for a portfolio to get started. She was a "10" in any man's book...and I was lucky to have her!

So there we were standing at the doorstep, her apologizing profusely saying our date was off for the night and me appreciating her body. She did not have to be at the Strauss' house for at least an hour so offered to sit on the porch while we waited. She had bought a bottle of wine for tonight and asked if I wanted some so accepted. As she turned away I couldn't help but stare at her gorgeous ass outlined from beneath her skirt.

A few minutes she came out with two wine glasses and an opened bottle pouring us each a glass. I thought it would be a waste knowing how Annie gets when she's had a few drinks, especially since we were planning to go out to dinner beforehand and she had not eaten anything. Alcohol is an aphrodisiac to her...she gets very horny and flirtatious. Inwardly she loved showing off her body and it was one of the aspects that drew me to her. I loved "showing her off" wherever we went...and she loved being the exhibitionist making us the perfect pair.

We sat on the porch swing chatting about her school and my work at the auto body shop, but my eyes kept straying to her legs and the fleshy glimpses from her shirt opening as she turned to talk to me. She caught my gaze several times and knew the alcohol was having an effect on her—she was purposely turning in ways allowing more to be revealed than normal.

By the end of the bottle we were both feeling the effects when suddenly looking at her watch she exclaimed, "Oh shit, I need to be there in 15 minutes!"

Since we both had drank on empty stomachs, I suggested walking her to the other end of the development where she had to go to get rid of some of the effects of the wine. We started down the sidewalk, half the time walking in front of me with the full knowledge I was staring at her legs and firm ass. She was being a real tease, at one point bending down to "adjust" the strap of her shoe. She continued turning towards me in ways purposely meant to open her blouse up giving me a good show and I loved every minute of it, again upset we wouldn't be able to follow through tonight.

Looking at my pants she smiled seeing my cock almost bursting through. I knew she was feeling just as horny, causing her to be even more of an exhibitionist, so we were both in for a frustrating evening.

In all too short a time we arrived at the Strauss' house, the sexual tension almost palpable in the night air. The effects of the wine were barely gone and we were both highly aroused, but there was little to be done.

Instead of knocking at the front door she led me around the back, stopping before we got to the back porch she turned around. Looking into my eyes with a mischievous smile, she casually reached down and unzipped my pants. Still smiling at me she knelt down, reached in and pulled out my cock, slowly planting a sloppy, wet kiss on my aching dick. She gave me a squeeze and whispered she'd see him again soon, stood up, and kissed me. Giving my cock another playful squeeze said goodnight, giggled, and disappeared through the back door leaving me with my meat throbbing and sticking straight out in the night air. My only consolation was the knowledge of her being as horny as I was as the cold breeze blew against my exposed flesh.

We had often teased each to the brink were of practically raping the other, and she was obviously in one of her more playful and horny moods; unfortunately, I knew there was nothing to be done tonight.

To this day I don't know why, but since I had nothing better to do and decided to hang around and snoop on her. Looking back it may have been her being away for so long and figuring I could at least ogle at her. She was certainly worth watching dressed as she was tonight, and whatever the reason for staying, I did.

Looking around I saw the side of the house had a screened bay window with light shining out. Moving closer I looked in and could see a perfect view of the foyer, stairs, living room, dining room, and kitchen. The window was far enough from the front of the house nobody would see me peeping, which may have been why the drapes were left open as there were woods on the side giving plenty of privacy. My luck was even with me tonight as the window was opened to let in the cool evening breeze, so I made myself comfortable and looked in.

From my windowed vantage point I saw an older couple, the Straussses, talking to Annie in the kitchen, hearing them clearly. They were explaining the baby was already asleep and their twelve-year old daughter Ellen was spending the night at a friend's house. Their older son Brian had a friend of his named William over for the night and although the boys were both 18, the woman told Annie she did not trust them to be attentive enough to watch the baby. With Ellen gone they had no other option but her.

Annie told them it was alright, she had to cancel a date with me in explanation of her dressed the way she was, but said she needed the money. The woman again apologized for the short notice telling Annie they wouldn't be home until early morning. Thanking Annie profusely and promising extra payment for her inconvenience they ran out the door.

Once the couple had, left two teenage boys came down the stairs, sitting on the couch in the living room. I had never met either of them personally as they were still in Junior high school when Annie and I graduated, but had seen them many times at parties her parents held over the years. Brian was the blonde and William was the dark-haired one. I say boys because they were several years younger than Annie and I; however, both were about 6 feet tall and definitely had reached manhood. They were "nerdy" looking, particularly to me having been on the football team for high school.

Other than by reputation, I knew little about them, and then nothing more than what Annie told me. According to her they were terrors to babysit as little kids always giving her a hard time. Growing up they were always hitting on her trying to sneak peeks down her shirts and 'accidentally" bumping against her. Annie told me she never liked them and for revenge for them as children often purposely teasing them as she babysat them after reaching puberty. The image of two teenagers upstairs jacking off to the hot babysitter downstairs always made me laugh. I wondered if she was going to do the same tonight as an abstract thought, but was there to see her more than anything.

William sat on the couch while Brian put a movie on the television from the DVD player, likewise sitting down on the couch. Annie said hi to them saying she would be right back and went into the kitchen.

The couch was to the side of the window at a right angle providing a good view of it and the entire room. With the lights on inside nobody could not see me outside in the dark, and with the screen opened, even with the television on, could hear everything said.

I saw Annie getting something to drink out of the refrigerator and was mesmerized as she bent over. The kitchen light was off so only the light from the refrigerated was on outlining her body and shining through her skirt. If you did not know better, you could imagine she was standing there naked as the outline of her figure left little to the imagination.

Movement on the couch caught my eye and I glanced over to see both guys also visibly admiring her on the couch as well. William told Brian to "watch this" and stood up, turning on the ceiling fan and doing something with the thermostat on the wall. He made a nodding motion towards Annie in the kitchen while squeezing his tits and both of them laughed as he sat down on the other end of the couch.

Annie came back with a drink and seeing the boys on both ends of the couch shrugged and sat down between them, crossing her legs. I could see them watching her out of the corners of their eyes as they pretended to watch the television, but they were obviously more interested in Annie than the movie.

Brian broke the silence telling Annie how hot she looked, William joining in saying they appreciated her dressing so sexy just for them. I saw Annie get annoyed as she told them she did not dress up for two nerds such as them. I could tell by their faces this upset them; however, it did not stop them from openly admiring her as she sat on the couch, the movie completely forgotten.

Although Annie tried to ignore them, it was hard to avoid the leering gazes they were now openly giving her body and I could tell she was getting uncomfortable. She would glance over to each of them now and then and I remembered her saying how she always teased them. She shifted in her seat causing her skirt to pull higher up her thigh and I suddenly realized she was not uncomfortable by being embarrassed, quite the opposite, she was purposely teasing them! I realized the wine was also having its effect—her face was slightly flushed and by the way she moved her legs every so often realized she was probably getting wet turned on as well. She made a pretense of stretching, arching her back and twisting causing the fabric of the shirt to flatten against her revealing her figure even more.

This went on for a while, her pretending nothing was happening but I could tell from the way she acted she knew they were watching her. Abruptly Brian told her they had seen her saying goodbye to me outside. She looked at them surprised, her legs were still casually crossed showing a lot of thigh, but I could see her tense up. She was trying to act nonchalant.

William made a comment asking if it were cold in the room and my attention was drawn to Annie's blouse. I suddenly knew what the guys were up to with the ceiling fan and thermostat. Whether turned on from the wine, having two men leering at her, the cold, or I now suspect a combination of all of them, her nipples were poking against the tight shirt and could tell they were as hard as marbles.

Nonplussed, Annie said "So what? I was just kissing him goodbye. God, he is my fiancé."

They told her she knew exactly what kind of kiss they meant and Brian said they wanted the same!

I couldn't believe the audacity of these two as Annie laughed, "No way, dweebs!"

Looking pissed at her calling them names, William told her they would tell Brian's parents what they'd seen, as well as her parents. Annie's face went white and they knew they had caught her attention. Annie's father was well-respected in our small community, so any rumor of her being even slightly promiscuous in public would embarrass him to no end. Although a tease and inwardly an exhibitionist, Annie was cautious how she acted in public around town. For me she would dress provocatively and tease me, but unless we went to bars out of town where nobody knew us, when it came to her parents, she led a life of moderate decorum.

Annie again refused, but I could tell the boys' threat had shaken her from the way she was fidgeting. They knew she was losing steam with their continuous threats. They told her Brian's parents would never allow her to babysit again, asking what her strict parents would think of her always teasing them when she babysat. They obviously had a lot of pent up frustration at her constant teasing and were looking for revenge.

As she kept telling the boys no, I saw her shoulders slump, realizing she was giving up. I couldn't believe what was going on...here was my hot fiancée dressed provocatively between two guys being threatened into who knew what. The same "kids" she was there to watch trying to blackmail her! I shook my head in amazement as they continued on when suddenly I heard something I never thought I would hear...and from the look on the guys faces they never thought would happen either:

"Alright" Annie said dejectedly.

I stared in amazement, not believing she would agree to anything, even with their threats. Looking back, I understand how horny she was and being ogled by two young men, slightly inebriated, and the threat of her father being shamed, who knows what she was thinking.

I stared awestruck as she stood up and went over to Brian with a resigned sigh. Kneeling in front of him she reached out to pull his zipper down when he suddenly stopped her hand telling her not so fast, she had to do whatever they said for the whole night.

At this Annie stood up saying "Fuck you, you little geeks. I have my limits." and sat back down obviously ready to forget the whole thing. Looking back, I think she was just planning to continue to tease them, but never will know for certain.

Brian just smiled and went to the phone and started dialing. He read out the numbers as he dialed and I recognized Annie's father's cell phone number. Annie acted like she didn't care at first, but by the seventh number got scared and quickly yelled alright.

"Alright what?" Brian asked, "That you'll do what we say for the night?"

Annie opened her mouth ready to argue until he picked up the phone again and she said yes she would do what they said, "within reason."

I shook my head outside in disbelief at what was going on in there.

Brian turned the stereo on and told her they wanted to watch her dance. Giving both boys a glare to freeze a lake, she got up in front of the couch and started to dance. Her movements mechanical and conservative as she tried to not give them the show they wanted; however, Annie loves dancing to the point it has become foreplay to us. With her feeling the effects of the wine we had earlier, horny at us not being together for several weeks, and teasing the boys, her body began to take control. She was undoubtedly getting turned on! Dressed as she was with spiked heels and revealing outfit, she couldn't help but start to shake and jiggle all over the place.

By the second song she was fully into it and had given up trying to hold back. She was giving all of us a nice show. The guys obviously enjoyed their entertainment, rubbing their crotches through their pants and telling her how hot she was. Their talk only gave her more inspiration and soon she was totally into the music. I was stroking my own dick as I watched her myself, what a hot little babe! The scene was reminiscent of a strip club and I was overwhelmed at the emotions I was feeling seeing my fiancé dancing in front of these two.

After four or five songs Annie's exertions were making her glow as a soft sheen of sweat formed on her. She was only dancing to the music now, oblivious to her surroundings. A part of her mind knew they were watching her, but the music had taken its hold as she closed her eyes and danced.

The boys whispered to each other and suddenly William told her to stop, they were getting hungry and wanted her to fix them something to eat. I knew from listening to the couple's instructions Annie was supposed to do this anyway, so was not surprised she didn't resist and instead turned and walked into the kitchen. As she walked out the room I realized she purposely began swaying her hips similarly to our walk here, and knew she was as turned on as ever. Both their eyes were glued to her wagging tail as she flounced out of the room into the kitchen.

With that brief prelude, I began to think about what was going on. I was annoyed these little squares—the kind of guys who only had each other as friends in school—had my fiancé compromised like this. In school their classmates called them geeks, they weren't very outgoing or popular—I'm sure you know the type for your school days. Yet here they were in complete control of a very popular, beautiful, and sexy girl several years older than they. You figure it out, I still can't, and a part of me was not sure why Annie was listening to them.

While in the kitchen the guys "high-fived" each other snickering how they could not believe this scheme was working. William said they would finally get a taste of what she'd been showing them all these years and I knew they had been planning this for quite some time. Any other night and they probably would have failed; however, the time of her and I being apart, the wine, and us teasing each other on the way here probably all were affecting her and I believe I played a part in what was happening.

Breaking my reverie, Annie came out of the kitchen carrying sandwiches and drinks on a big tray. Moving in front of Brian, she bent down to serve him, both of the guys' eyes glued to her chest. I'm sure she was giving them quite a show and not unintentionally! As she moved to William I saw him not paying attention to anything but her chest as he clumsily reached for his soda, spilling it on the rug. Annie rolled her eyes muttering "boys" as she went to get a towel and I saw William frown.

"Boys indeed," he said to Brian. "Tonight we'll become men," he laughed and I stared dumbfounded realizing what they were trying to do.

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