tagGroup SexAnnie Bradford & Mal Content Ch. 02

Annie Bradford & Mal Content Ch. 02

byParis Waterman©

Annie met Mal at seven sharp, and he quickly left the front of the hotel behind them. He drove to the same warehouse parking lot that they had parked in the night before.

"Why here, Mal? I thought we were going to party."

But Annie knew full well why they had returned to this particular parking lot. Mal had turned to face her and she'd seen the look in his eyes. He wanted a going away present.

"You're going to the party. I'm not invited. Sorry, I'm sorrier than you can imagine."

"In that case, I don't think I want to go. It's weird, with me a single woman going to a party and with no ride back. I'm not comfortable with it. "

A pregnant silence filled the cab.

"Talk to me, Mal."

"Look, the Cloninger's -- they're good people. I know them. They'll treat you good and will provide a ride back to the hotel. That I guarantee."

"Guarantees mean nothing these days, and you know it," she replied brusquely. He didn't reply, but opened his door, and joined her in the backseat.

"Looking for a free sample, Mal?" The eagerness in her tone told him she wanted him as much as he her. But Mal was accustomed to playing games, and replied.

"Well, I thought that . . . maybe you'd blow me . . . you know, for old times sake."

"Old time's . . . Christ, Mal, we only met last night."

Annie felt herself growing wet at his close proximity.

"Show it to me," she said, her voice already husky with sensuality. "If it's big enough I'll bite, if not, I'll throw it back."

He looked at her, trying to understand where she was coming from, then decided he had been right in his initial assessment. He took out his dick and displayed his erection to her.

"Nice cock," she purred.

"Then suck it," Mal hissed excitedly, and reached up to press down on Annie's shoulders.

Annie scampered to her knees, as Mal urged her face toward his throbbing penis. Her eyes were wide with excitement, and she moaned with unbridled pleasure and opened her mouth to engulf him.

"Aaah," he sighed, and gave himself over to her talented tongue; opening his eyes briefly to peek at her mouth as it stretched to accommodate his cock; watching with fascination as it slid in and out of her tightly sealed lips.

Then it was Annie's turn to peek as Mal worked her head back and forth with his hands. She saw his saliva-coated cock as it came out of her mouth and listened with unbridled glee to the soft sucking pop that came when she removed it from between her lips.

"Can I suck cock, or what, baby?"

"Oh, yeah, that's it baby, suck my cock! God, you sure can suck cock, baby!"

The nasty repartee took its toll on Annie, and she took his balls in her hands, studied them for a moment; and then began to suck on one while caressing the other.

"Suck me off!" He cried, knowing that time was short. He had to get her delivered to the Cloninger's before the orgy started.

Annie took hold of him and began to pump him furiously while at the same time wildly tonguing his knobby tip.

'He's going to cum," she told herself. I'd better swallow, or the dumb fuck will cum on my dress.'

"That's it... that's it," Mal hissed as he pushed forward, and pulled her head toward his shaft. "Aaaahhh!" he groaned, "Here I cum!"

Annie was caught by surprise at the force of his ejaculate. Her cheeks bulged out as her mouth quickly filled with his load. She swallowed, and managed to rid her mouth of the first blast, but the second and third quickly followed. She felt herself starting to come and lost control, opening her mouth to gasp out her pleasure at the unexpected experience. She had never come from sucking a cock before, but thought fleetingly, 'There's a first time for everything. The night's already worthwhile, and it's only starting!'

As she moaned, Mal's cock spurted twice more and he did manage to leave a slimy trail of semen across the front of her dress, just across her left nipple. Annie didn't notice the residue until after she had cleaned his cock with her mouth, and swallowed the remainder of his sperm. Then she cursed him soundly, and demanded that he take her to wherever the hell the party was without further delay.

A well-sucked Mal Content was happy to oblige her, and told her a little about the Cloninger's as they rode.

"Swingers," he said, glancing over his shoulder to admire her magnificent legs, perhaps for the last time. "They been swingin' for maybe four years now. Joe, he's a lawyer, maybe mid-thirties; made a ton of money with a couple class action suits against the tobacco companies. Barbara, his wife, teaches at the local high school. She's early thirties, be my guess."

Curious, Annie asked, "And the guests?"

"Couldn't say," he told her. "I've been to a couple parties with them. Their guests always seemed to be all right. Especially the women; I mean, guys I don't bother with, ya know?"

Annie nodded, understanding only too well.

Five minutes later, the cab pulled into a long driveway in the Buckhead section. Annie saw a large white-brick home looming out behind a thick cluster of oak trees. Then they drove past a huge deep green lawn that seemed perfectly manicured, before halting on a brick paved circle.

Annie got out and gave Mal a soft, wet kiss before turning away to walk to the bright red double doors. A light-skinned black woman in a skimpy maid's uniform answered the door, and greeted Annie by name, and invited her inside.

She led Annie through a series of spacious, luxuriously furnished rooms and out to the backyard. There were a couple of dozen impeccably dressed people gathered there next to a long swimming pool; sipping drinks and holding small plates of hors d'oeuvres as they talked and laughed among themselves.

No one seemed to pay her any attention, and Annie headed to the bar, asked for and received a strong martini. As she turned from the bar, a tall blonde woman in a slinky dark blue dress detached herself from a small group, and walked over to her. She held out her hand and said, "You must be Annie. Mal has told me so much about you."

Annie shook her hand and was pleasantly surprised at the electrical current that passed between them. "I'm Barbara Cloninger, welcome to my home."

"Mal . . ." Annie took a gulp of her martini before continuing. "Mal, err, told you about me?"

"Oh, yes. Mal was quite verbal . . . for Mal."

"May I ask, um, just what he said?"

"Oh, let's see . . . you like sucking cock, and love it up the ass . . . shall I go on?"

"No! No, that's quite vivid. I gather you two spoke for a while."

"I confess we did. After all, I was curious about this stranger wanting to party with Joe and I."

"It's all Mal's doing. I mean we had a short . . . relationship. I . . . I'm in Atlanta on business. I'm from Minneapolis and . . ."

"Do you happen to know the Marcolina's? That would be Jim and Val. They live in Minneapolis and are dear friends of ours. We met them while skiing in Aspen two years ago. We go skiing with them every year."

"I'm afraid I haven't had the pleasure," Annie said, taking another sip of her drink.

"Then I'll make arrangements for you to meet. If you enjoy this evening with us, you'll love spending some time with them back home."

Annie nodded dumbly, feeling inferior for a second. Then regrouped, telling herself that they may have more money than she, but she was as good as them any day. Besides, they wanted to fuck her, and she them . . . well, maybe,' she thought hedging her bets for the moment.

"Come on, let me introduce you around," Barbara said gaily, ushering Annie into the midst of the gathering.

"Everybody!" she called out loudly enough to get everyone's attention. This is Annie. Annie's from Minneapolis and no, she hasn't met the Marcolina's."

"Annie, this is my dearest friend, Jackie," Barbara said. Jackie took Annie's hand, gave it a little squeeze, and stared at her breasts.

"You have a little stain here," she said to Annie. "Oh, let me help clean it off." Jackie pulled a hanky from a small purse, and began to rub Annie's left breast.

Pulling a small mirror from her purse, Annie held it out and saw to her chagrin the stain was Mal's ejaculate. It took her another moment to realize that Jackie was lightly massaging her nipple and not the stain.

"That's fine," Annie stammered, and took a step back. "It happens. The dry cleaners will get it out."

"Now that's what Monica Lewinsky said," Jackie laughed, "and you know what happened to her."

Barbara came to Annie's rescue, saying, I've really got to introduce Annie around."

"See you later, I hope," Jackie yelled to Annie, as they walked away from her.

"I see Mal prevailed upon you before dropping you off. He's insatiable at times."

"You're so right Barbara, and thanks for intervening on my behalf."

"Oh you've not seen the last of Jackie. She'll want to get into your pants as much as any man here tonight. Do you go both ways? I apologize for asking, but it will help as we move about."

"I . . . I've limited experience with women. An affair in college and one in high school, that's about it."

"That's fine. We like teaching novices. It's almost virginal, you know? Now aside from the stain, that is a lovely dress. Come on; let's meet some of the others."

As they maneuvered through the crowd, it was obvious that Barbara wanted her to meet a certain person. Annie took stock of the ages of the guests and decided that almost everyone was either in their thirties or early forties and that suited her.

Barbara steered them toward a handsome man sitting alone at a table sipping an imported beer. He was blond, tanned, and wore a white dinner jacket and red bow tie.

He promptly stood up as they approached.

Barbara smiled, then said, Annie, this is my husband, Joe. Joe, Annie."

"Nice to meet you, Annie," he said and she knew he meant it."

Turning to include Barbara, Annie said, "You have a remarkably beautiful home. I don't believe I've ever been in one a beautiful."

"Thank you Annie," they said together as if they'd practiced it.

They made light chatter about current events and then Joe said, "It gets more interesting later on, if that's what you're thinking."

"You must be a mind-reader," she said off-handedly and the Cloninger's laughed.

"In the meantime," Barbara said, would you care for a joint?"

Annie nodded and followed Joe into the next room. Barbara went with them to the doorway and stopped.

"I'm afraid I've got to see to our guests, enjoy each other darlings," she said and began walking away.

Annie waved a feeble goodbye to her hostess and entered the master bedroom. It was enormous, completely mirrored, floor to ceiling – and the ceiling was mirrored as well.

"Have a seat," Joe said, indicating the edge of the bed. She sat carefully, aware that she was making an indentation in the carefully made-up bed. Joe dug through a desk drawer and extracted a plastic baggie and a packet of rolling paper.

She looked on with interest as he deftly rolled a joint and handed it to her. Her eyes found his and Annie thought she detected a wry smile in them.

He lit her joint and then rolled one for himself. Annie inhaled and held it, thinking, 'Where I come from, I'd be sharing the damn thing not having it all to myself. I guess that's the difference between being middle class and rich.'

Joe took a strong hit on his toke and holding it down, asked, "So how did you and Mal meet?"

Exhaling, Annie felt the rush and didn't answer him for a full minute.

"I'm in town for a conference. I'm a college dean. Quite frankly, I got horny sitting in the hotel room and I hailed a cab. I thought I'd ask him . . . well, in fact, I did ask him . . . to show me a hot spot."

"AH, that's our Mal," he said knowingly as he too exhaled.

"Yes, that's Mal. He asked if I wanted a show. I said sure, as long as it was more than just naughty. He asked me if I wanted to see him jerk off. It seemed highly erotic at the time, and I said sure. He masturbated and I got . . . very hot."

"Very hot, eh?" Joe whispered.

"Yeah, I . . . I sucked him. You know if it weren't for this weed, I wouldn't be telling you this."

"I know," he said kindly. "Weed loosens tongues. Speaking of which, did he tongue you?"

"Yes and I'll save you the trouble of asking more. I blew him, we fucked and then he screwed me up the ass and I blew him again tonight on the way here. That's how the god damned stain got on my dress."

"Poor baby," he whispered in her ear, and then tongued her there.

Annie found his voice so sensual that she felt compelled to drain the rest of her martini. She took another drag on her joint and her head began to swim.

"I'm going to kiss you Annie. Is that all right with you?"

"You're too damn polite. Of course it is c'mere!"

He kissed her softly, with a gentleness she was not sure she'd ever felt before and her knees went weak.

Annie could feel his erection growing in his trousers and readied herself to accept him. She imagined him to be larger than most men and was looking forward to having him fill her with his thickness.

To her chagrin, he ended the kiss and said, "You're a good kisser. Now let's finish this joint and join our guests. Dinner will be served soon." He relit both joints and they smoked them before leaving his bedroom.

On the way to the dining room, Annie ducked into one of the bathrooms, ostensibly to repair her lipstick. But the fact was that she was somewhat unnerved by his actions. She also felt the need to pee, and did so, then pulled her panties back up and washed her hands before rejoining the party.

The bartender served her a glass of white wine as she entered the large dining room. In some places a room this size would be called a banquet room. Annie sipped it slowly, mindful that the joint she'd smoked with Joe would make it go to her head quickly.

And then dinner was served and Annie found herself seated next to Joe, who wasted no time in finding her thigh with his hand. Barbara was seated on the other side of Annie and soon reached out under the table and found Annie's hand and squeezed it lovingly.

Annie noticed that the others at the table were acting in similar fashion, in that few ate anything, but kept their hands busy under the table, groping and caressing the person beside them.

Joe saw the bewildered expression on Annie's face and leaned over to whisper in her ear. "Don't worry. Dinner never lasts very long. Then the fun begins." He squeezed her thigh and they held hands under the table.

Soon the servants were clearing away the plates and served coffee and liqueurs, cigars were lit; and a giant joint reminiscent of the one in the classic Cheech and Chong comedy, passed around the table.

A few minutes' later people began getting up from the table, apparently having already paired off, and made their way to what Annie assumed were predetermined rooms throughout the mansion.

Annie left the room still holding Joe's hand. He stopped to get her another glass of white wine and Annie caught a glimpse of Barbara and Jackie slow dancing on the large patio.

The back of Jackie's dress was unzipped and Barbara's hand rested on her tanned back; and when she saw them kiss, Annie felt a tingling feeling in her stomach; part jealousy, part arousal. She allowed herself to ponder the softness of each woman's lips and grew eager to feel them on her own.

Joe returned with her wine and they stood on the fringe of the group still sequestered around the bar with his hand resting in the small of Annie's back as they watched the gathering. Annie sipped her wine and watched a woman named Elise shrug off her little black dress and drop to her knees in front of a handsome blond man in a white dinner jacket.

She fishing his long, tanned cock out of his trousers and guided it to her lips. Another man, balding, but probably only in his late twenties, knelt behind her and freed her breasts from her lacy black bra, kneading them while she sucked the blond-haired man.

Annie heard a splash and turned in the direction of the pool. Over to her left a good-looking redhead clung to the edge of the pool while a thirtyish man hugged her generous breasts. 'Was he fucking her from behind already?' Annie wondered. As she studied the woman's facial expression, Annie concluded that he was indeed inside her.

A blonde, petite woman approached Annie and Joe. She appeared to be in her mid-thirties, and was wearing a slinky pastel-yellow dress. She smiled as she looked Annie up and down.

"Who's your pretty friend, Joe?" she said.

"Bea, this is Annie. She's a new friend."

"It's my pleasure to meet you, Annie," she said, extending her hand and giving it a quick squeeze. Annie squeezed back, thinking that this was some sort of secret handshake these people had. Squeeze if you're interested. Well, she was definitely interested.

The first moans of pleasure could be heard from poolside. Annie turned to see how Elise was doing with her blowjob, and saw her deep-throating the blond haired man.

"Are you two busy?" Bea asked, following Annie's eyes. Annie glanced at Joe for guidance.

"Not yet," he replied.

"Good! I have a bet going with my husband," Bea said.

"A bet?" Annie inquired, suddenly very interested. Bea leaned over her and said,

"I bet my husband that you were wearing red panties under that pretty dress. He bet that you were wearing virginal white cotton, but I know better," she whispered.

"How much did you bet?" Annie asked as her body tingled with excitement.

"Two thousand dollars," she said. "Will you show me? I could use a new dress or two."

"All right," Annie replied. "Shall I hike my dress up here?"

"No, let's go over there by the man with the grey beard."

Bea led them across the patio to where a handsome grey bearded man stood watching them. Annie thought he might be about ten years older than Bea.

He put out his hand, and Annie took it and felt a tingle of electricity shoot up her wrist to her nipples. 'Whatever it was,' she decided, 'he had it.'

"Annie, this is my husband Perry. Perry, dear, this is Annie, isn't she just lovely?"

"I'm pleased to meet you," Perry said. "You've heard about our little wager?"

"Yes . . . I have. And you're wagering $2000 on what color undies I'm wearing, right?"

"That's correct," he replied with a beneficent smile.

"Suppose I'm not wearing any?"

"Well then, the bet would be off."

"But we still want to see . . . for ourselves, that is," Bea hastened to add.

"Well then, this is as good a place as any," Annie said, as the redhead climbed up and out of the pool and straddled the blond-haired man and they began humping away like a pair of rabbits.

"Oh no," Perry said anxiously, not here. "Let's go inside, away from the others." And he led them back into the house.

On the way, Annie exchanged her nearly empty wine glass for a full one from a maid holding a tray. The maid was wearing an abbreviated uniform, lacy petticoats peeking out from her hem, her legs clad in fishnets, the bodice of her uniform accentuating her cleavage. She was young, with a dark complexion; big brown eyes and thick black hair. She smiled at Annie as she took her glass, and Annie made a note to find out if the maid was fair game for later in the evening.

Annie found herself in the den, a large space with a fireplace at one end and two huge leather couches in the middle. Two women whom Annie hadn't seen before lay on one of the couches, kissing and fondling each others' breasts. Joe and Perry took off their jackets, folding them over the back of the couch before sitting down on the other couch.

Bea deftly guided Annie over to stand in front of them.

Bea turned to her smug-faced husband. "Ready to lose some money, dear?"

He nodded, eager to see what lay beneath Annie's dress.

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