Annie Bradford & Mal Content Ch. 03

byParis Waterman©


On awakening, Annie saw Perry and Bea fucking casually on the bed several feet away oblivious to her presence. She got up, tottered a couple feet before regaining her sense of balance and left the bedroom to wander around the house.

Annie found her purple thong wedged between the cushions of the couch in the living room and clutched them in her left hand. She saw a line of coke on the coffee table and decided to help herself to it.

'I just wanted to get laid,' she thought. 'Did I ever. Who would believe me back in Minneapolis?' She laughed dryly, for her throat hurt. 'Too many cocks tonight,' she thought. Then she smiled wryly. 'Like who the fuck would I tell about this night?'

She spied a pack of Winston's on another small table and shook one out.

"Need a light for that?" A voice behind her said. Annie turned, holding the cigarette halfway to her lips.

"Yes, thank you," she said, to a total stranger who was making no pretense of taking in her physical attributes.

He was an older man, at least sixty, distinguished looking and unlike most everyone else, he was fully dressed.

He lit her cigarette with a solid gold lighter and glanced at the purple thong Annie still clutched in her fist.

"Are you putting it on, or taking it off?"

"She exhaled and smiled at him. "I just found it again. Lucky I guess."

"Indeed," he said, "with all the naked people running about I should thing recovering ones under garments might present a major problem, not to mention one's outer garments as well."

"You're right," she replied. "I'm Annie, by the way."

"Lewis." He said, "Lewis Cloninger. I'm Joe's father."

"Oh, really? How do you do?"

"I take it that you're enjoying yourself?"

"You could say that, yes."

"I gathered as much.

"I saw you with Joe earlier," he said.

"He's very nice." She told him. "He screwed my brains out.

"Actually he ate you out. You have lovely breasts. Quite lovely actually."

Annie remained silent. He looked pretty good for someone as old as he appeared to be. Still, Joe's father . . . 'The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree, or something like that,' she told herself.

They wandered into the kitchen and she thought he had to be hung as least as well as Joe was, and that was all to the good.

Without saying a word, Lewis hoisted her up onto the counter and kissed her. He had a minty taste that Annie liked. She ran her hands through his graying hair as he hoisted her legs over his shoulders and placed a gentle kiss upon her cunt. His tongue, an artful digger if ever there was one, tormented her clit, darting over and around it with almost no pressure placed upon the tender nub.

Still highly aroused from her earlier encounter with Joe and Connie, she came quickly. Lewis kissed her once on the mouth and thanked her in a pleasant fashion. He caught her off guard by taking his leave as she was reaching for him, wanting to taste his cock, which she had not even seen.

Annie went into the bathroom, peed and then cleansed herself in the shower. Leaving the shower without toweling off, she wandered out to the pool area finding a sea of writhing bodies in the water, or so it seemed. Actually only four couples were going at it in the pool itself. Two other couples were making out at the far end on some lounges, and three people were having drinks and smoking pot while waiting for the men to revive sexually. Annie recognized the maid on the grassy lawn beyond the pool covered with the semen of two gentlemen who were just finishing their dual masturbation and emptying their cocks upon her face and chest.

She thought about having another drink, but decided against it. "Not a good idea after all the cocaine," she said to herself aloud.

To her left she saw Bea, sitting on the third step leading into the pool. The blond-haired guy was slowly pumping a very impressive cock into her. Annie surmised that it was about 10 or 11 inches and thought about joining them.

She scanned the rest of the pool area and noted Jackie Rawls blowing Perry Dunlap and Elise going down on Barbara Cloninger, but where was Joe?

A woman with long gray hair was surrounded by men. She had a cock in each orifice and two more in her hands. Annie edged closer to the writhing mass of flesh, wondering who the woman was. She had not seen her before and concluded that people were still coming and going – 'No pun intended,' she thought.

She turned to leave and bumped into Joe. He'd been fucking an older woman, perhaps his mother's age. Her tits sagged, but all in all, she was holding up rather well. "I should look that good at her age," Annie muttered.

Joe's cock glistened with their commingled fluids. He took Annie's hand, thanked the older woman and led Annie back into the house.

Alone in what she took to be his bedroom, he asked, "What do you think? About all this, I mean," he said. He sucked on a bottle of beer.

"I really don't know what to think," Annie replied. "I mean, I like it. I haven't had such great sex . . . ever."

"Yeah, I know," he said. "So many different people, so many variations. And they know what they're doing . . . most anyway." He laughed and then finished the beer and put it down."

His cock stirred in his lap. He leaned over and kissed her. "You, Annie, are a breath of fresh air."

She laughed at that, said, "You're lucky I just showered. Otherwise I'd smell like a whorehouse on wheels."

They both enjoyed a laugh at that. Then Annie pushed him backward onto the bed and took his cock in her mouth, ravishing it with her teeth and tongue. When he was hard she straddled his hips and guided him inside her. He reached up to cup Annie's breasts and she leaned down, seeking his lips as her hips churned against his seeking even more pleasure.

They fucked slowly, savoring the varied sensations it brought. Annie knew the cocaine had worn off for there was only the feel of skin on skin, hip bone against hip bone and lips and tongues and nipples and balls . . . but not the thousand different thoughts per second that the cocaine caused to rush through one's mind. Still this was good. It was very good. Perhaps because they were savoring the moment, taking their time, exploring one another that made all the difference.

When she came it was with a soft moan. Joe moved more quickly then and a moment later she felt his seed hot against her vaginal walls and came again.

Afterward they lay together, staying connected, exchanging gentle touches and kisses. His wife, Barbara knocked on the door and entered. Joe kissed her too.

"The party's over," she said wistfully.

"Oh," Annie said and sat up.

"Actually there's no urgency to leave. Everyone's fucked out and they're getting dressed. If they can find their clothes, that is." Barbara laughed at that. Joe smiled.

"If you can't find your stuff, or something suitable, help yourself to anything in my wardrobe there," she pointed to one of two walkin closets.

"You're welcome to come visit me in Minneapolis," Annie said.

"Yes, we will. We have your address and number, right?"

"Yes, by the front entry there was a bowl, I left my card there."

"And Jim & Valerie Marcolina, do call them," Barbara said.

"If I locate my purse, I have their address. I will certainly call them. If their entertaining is half as good as yours I'm in for a treat."

"Treatment is more like it," Joe said softly, caressing her arm and sending a wave of tingling right to her pussy.

Annie left them on the bed and moved into the living room. People were in various stages of dress. Elise had gotten short-tempered, looking for her dress and was cursing the maid.

The maid, who had been eaten out by Elise at least twice during the evening responded curtly, saying," You took it off, how the hell should I know where?"

"Bitch!" Elise spat out, only to have the maid slap her across the face. Annie thought a cat fight would ensue, but Elise apparently mollified by the blow, apologized to the maid and went off in search of her dress.

Annie found her dress, but a plump blonde was wearing it. Annie wasn't heavy by any means, but the dress on the blonde was stretched to a point that Annie let her pass without saying a word.

She found her shoes, then her purse and returned to Barbara's bedroom to take her up on the offer of a dress to wear home.

Barbara, wearing a strap-on cock was fucking her husband anally. Joe's face was buried in a pillow as Barbra pummeled his bottom with the instrument. She shook her head in recognition and sweat went flying all over the room. Annie didn't speak, but went to the closet and selected the first dress she saw and slipped it on.

She gave Barbara a wave and left her slamming the strap-on into Joe who was groaning loudly.

Perry and Bea, who were to give her a ride back to her hotel, were nowhere to be found. Nor were Connie and Maria. Annie called for a cab and sat down to wait. A minute later, she dialed her hotel and had them check her out. The cab arrived and she told the driver to take her to the airport.

"The sooner I get home, the sooner I can call the Marcolina's," she muttered under her breath. "God, I'm getting horny already."

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