tagGroup SexAnnie Wants a Party Ch. 02

Annie Wants a Party Ch. 02


There were five men at dinner with Annie. It was a recent Thursday night at a good city hotel. I sat across from Annie. She was looking as sexy as usual. She was wearing a black jacket and no bra. I'd insisted. She had a nice knee length skirt. I'd chosen a suspender belt and stockings, a nice black pair with tiny, ornate flowers on them. I knew Annie would lose the jacket and skirt later that night and I'd decided on stockings and suspenders to frame her freshly waxed cunt. For the time being she was wearing knickers to soak up the juices that flowed during dinner.

Annie didn't just look sexy at dinner, she was glowing. She'd been worried for so long that she lacked the stamina for a marathon of cock sucking. Finally I had convinced her that the men would be so turned on by her that they'd cum whether she could suck them or not.

Now I could see that she was a little nervous and also incredibly excited. This was the night she would live out one of her most extreme and challenging fantasies. It was a desire that she had fought against for a long time. Finally she'd given in to her desires and her curiosity and found the courage to confide in me.

So I had approached this night as a very important one. To fit the occasion all the men were in suits. Ties were optional. Annie was going to end up naked but the men would stay clothed. They would have their flies open and their cocks out for Annie. We wanted this night to feel more naughty, illicit, as if her pleasures would be stolen.

During dinner the guys seemed almost as excited as Annie. On one side of her was Damien. We met him some years ago at a sex party. He was younger and inexperienced (until he met us!) and had cum in Annie's mouth only minutes after meeting her for the first time. Somehow she'd taken a liking to him just as quickly.

Gary was on the other side. An old friend of mine -- of ours. Annie has fucked him a few times now, only once in front of me. Until this night he really had no idea of the extent of our sexual interests. Gary hasn't had a girlfriend as long as I have known him and is always grateful for the opportunities he gets with my Annie.

Andrew was a first timer with us. A little pudgy and with short red hair. He'd seemed nice on email and the phone and we'd quickly decided he was a perfect 'stranger number one'.

'Stranger number two' was Joseph, a Sri Lankan man about my age and quite tall and bulky. His would be only the third dark skinned cock Annie had ever enjoyed.

Of course the dinner was a strange affair. Conversation was a little stilted. Everyone was thinking of the dessert. Damien and Gary were touching Annie throughout. I knew what was going on. Annie kept her hands to herself but she lapped up all their lusty attention.

In fact, Annie was in her element. She had five very horny men all focussed on her and her physical charms. We all wanted her and Annie knew she was going to oblige. She was the centre of attention and about to live out one of her favourite porn scenes. The anxiety about her performance later that night only added to her thrill.

Everyone skipped the cake and coffee. I'd arranged with Damien that he would escort Annie upstairs. We were trying to not be too conspicuous. And walking out with Damien would help to keep Annie nice and calm. I watched them leave the restaurant together. Damien would provide a little foreplay for Annie, just some kissing and fondling once they were in the room, and that would help Annie to get into her groove.

The rest of us paid for dinner and headed for the lifts. One last time I checked with everyone, especially the new guys, that they understood the ground rules. Upstairs we knocked gently and Damien let us in to room 1210.

My Annie was standing in the middle of the room, obviously in heat. The time alone with Damien had done the trick. She refused to make eye contact with any of us, however. I gave her a small kiss and gently rubbed my hands over her shoulders and back. I whispered to her that I loved her and was proud of her.

'This is going to be a great night. You are so sexy and these guys won't believe how good you are.'

Then I stepped away. This wasn't about me. No matter what Annie was feeling, this was only going to work if she was focussed on the other men.

I gave a silent signal to Damien and to Andrew. They moved in on Annie and the others followed immediately. Now my sexy, horny woman was surrounded by four equally horny men. What an incredible sight.

Damien embraced Annie and they kissed again. The other guys started to touch her and rub her through her clothes. Joseph put his arm around Annie's waist and she turned to kiss him next. Soon she was turning and turning, trying to kiss each of them. She was giving no resistance as the men touched her through her clothes. The four men were stroking her hair, her shoulders and her arse. Annie was smiling softly now as her long held fantasy began to come true.

I could see that she was warming up nicely. There was no need to wait any longer. I gave Damien another signal and his hands went to the buttons on Annie's jacket. I'd briefed all the guys carefully on how the play should start. So now the four of them began to undress Annie in the middle of the hotel room.

Being naked in front of us wasn't a challenge for Annie but she was excited about being stripped bare. She knows she has a hot body and she enjoys the responses it gets. But having the group remove her clothes had an element of submissiveness in it and just highlighted how hungry we all were for her.

The jacket was off quickly. The two new guys responded loudly to the sight of Annie's slender body and her bare skin. I heard Andrew murmur. 'Oh look at those nipples. Man, those are amazing!'

Annie slipped her shoes off for comfort. The guys kept a tight hold on her and more touching and kisses followed. Andrew played with Annie's nipples, testing and pulling on them as everyone does the first time they see them. I watched closely, knowing just how exciting her long chocolate teats are. Annie was surrounded again, wrapped up in multiple hands and arms. Still she let her own arms hang at her sides.

I saw Gary was trying to unzip Annie's skirt. She did nothing to help. It was their job to undress her, it was their job to take out their cocks and push them into her face. Annie's only task for this night was to enjoy and pleasure our cocks. But Gary soon got the zipper moving and then Annie was stepping out of her black skirt, letting all of us admire her gorgeous legs and the curves of her shapely arse.

The men thrust their hands into Annie's knickers. I knew she would be soaking wet in there. I could see a couple of hands on her arse as well and someone was feeling along the crack between her cheeks.

Right then Annie made eye contact with me. She looked straight past the guys and straight at me. She gave me a little smile. Not a word was said but this was her private signal to me. Annie was telling me that she was ready for the play to begin. I had to stifle a groan as Annie, still holding my gaze, slowly parted her legs to let her playmates access her hot, slick cunt.

Gary was keen to help out some more. He knelt beside Annie and began pulling her knickers down. There were murmurs of approval. The thin, lacy material quickly dropped to her feet and Annie's freshly waxed cunt was totally exposed. Already her labia were swollen with lust and I could see the shine of her juices. Her golden tanned butt and her luscious legs looked great, framed by the black of the suspender belt and her new, delicate stockings. I had been right in my choice of outfit for Annie. I was so pleased that she was mine and so thrilled to have her shown off like that.

Joseph was quickly down on his knees beside Gary. He wasn't waiting for any further invitation. He thrust two fingers straight up into Annie's hot hole. I was glad to hear Annie moan with pleasure. Annie had known to expect this. She had looked forward to it. Being taken like that was all part of the experience of servicing five men at once.

The other men were still circling around Annie, grabbing her arse, sucking on her nipples. I could see how badly they all wanted her. I knew they were intent on only one thing and my beautiful Annie was as ready as they were.

I signalled once more to Damien and he slowly guided Annie over to the king-sized bed. Annie just followed his directions, letting him take charge for now, happy in the knowledge that Damien and I would keep her safe.

The guys guided her down onto the bed, on her back as they surrounded her once more. The four of them stood or knelt along either side of Annie. They resumed their touching and fondling. Two pairs of hands stroked the insides of her thighs before softly pulling them apart. They were spreading Annie, opening and exposing her. I could see she was giving them absolutely no resistance.

Again fingers were inserted into her. Annie was watching the men as they moved around her. She was their willing prey and she was already giving herself up to them. Now there was almost nothing Annie would not do for us. She happily kissed each man as they took turns fingering her sopping wet cunt.

Now was the time to really get things moving. Annie had set herself to pleasure a group of cocks. Here were five extra horny men wanting to feed their cocks to her.

'Come on boys,' I said from my corner. 'Don't leave the woman waiting. Cocks out.'

All the men pulled their belts open and unzipped their flies. Me too -- I wasn't about to miss out on the action.

Annie instantly stirred at the sound of those zippers. This was the sound she had been waiting for, the sound of five eager men all around her with their cocks sticking out of their pants just waiting for her mouth. She lifted herself onto her elbows and I could see her taking in the sight of the stiff cocks pointing at her. I knew how thrilled Annie was. She'd seen this scene played out so many times in movies and now the scene was all her own. She looked magnificent, lying there almost naked with five thick hard cocks all pointing at her. The funny thing is that the only time Annie does like being the centre of attention is when she is naked.

I moved in closer just as I saw Annie reaching out for those cocks. She was hungry and wanting to pleasure and enjoy them all. This was the moment when Annie finally made her fantasy become real. After all her worries for so long I knew now that Annie would not back out. I was so proud of her and so incredibly turned on by her.

The guys were on their game and they quickly moved to guide their hard cocks into Annie's outstretched hands. She's handled two cocks at once many times before but this time it was totally different. We all knew that there was a lot more coming.

Annie moaned as her hands closed around two shafts. She gripped them firmly and moaned again as fingers resumed their stroking of the inside of her cunt. I tried to make eye contact but already Annie was in a world of her own. She knew I was close by and she was just letting herself go. Slowly her thin fingers started stroking and pulling on those two meat hunks. The room was warm and the five cocks were hot.

I knew Annie was thrilled at having her hands on two stiff, hot shafts. I heard her moan again and looked down her slender, heaving body to see that Joseph had helped himself to a taste of Annie's cunt. He was perched on the bed with his face pressed against her bare flesh. I'd chosen the men well for this adventure. I watched as Annie lifted her stocking clad legs and softly wrapped them around Joseph's shoulders.

The guys were getting bolder now. It wasn't just Joseph. Andrew leaned in behind one of the others and started sucking on one of Annie's nipples. He really was excited them and he wasn't the first guy to want to get them in his mouth.

After a few moments I could hear Annie murmur 'more...more.' Damien knew what she needed and was happy to take the lead.

'Come on fellas,' he called out. 'Time to switch around.' And we all did, slipping two new cocks into Annie's hands. Annie was already too far gone to know (or care) which cock was which. Gary took his chance to lap at Annie's cunt and I knew that before long they'd all take a turn sampling her delights.

I leaned in from the top of the bed and softly kissed her face. Annie turned her head, trying to watch what I was doing. She tried to say something but couldn't. I kissed her again. 'Just enjoy it. This is what we planned and its just perfect. You are perfect and you are going to have a wonderful night.' All she could do in reply was sigh one of her deepest, most sexy sighs that told me that her body and her brain were on fire.

Then the men swapped positions again. This time Gary and Andrew were in Annie's hands as she softly stroked their shafts. Joseph had his mouth on Annie's cunt as Damien and I held her legs wide open. It was quite a sight. And the great thing was that Annie just allowing herself to be carried along by all the energy and lust that was surrounding her.

I'd set up my camera equipment earlier in the night. I had the wireless shutter release in my pocket. So it was easy to start shooting pics of Annie in her utter debauchery. I just had to capture some of these scenes. There was my loving and sexy woman, surrounded by five horny cocks and lapping up all their attention. She would never believe how great she looked if I couldn't show her later.

Next it was Gary taking the lead. 'This might work better if Annie is sitting up.' He was right. So we gently lifted her up till she was sitting on the edge of the bed. It meant a temporary absence of mouths on her cunt. But Annie quickly had her hands wrapped around two new cocks. There were three more pointing straight at her face and I could see how pleased she was.

I also noticed that she kept her legs apart. Annie enjoys showing her body and she did look extra sexy in that black lingerie. But I knew it was more about Annie being incredibly turned on and wanting to encourage us all to keep going.

Damien for one had not forgotten why we were there and stepped forward with his big cock bobbing in front of him. Annie was holding both me and Andrew at that moment, not stroking but wrapping her fingers firmly around our lengths. I saw that suddenly she only had eyes for Damien -- first his cock and then making eye contact, giving him a sly little grin. All five guys knew what was coming next and a couple of us loosened our flies even further to make sure we'd all get our full share.

Annie surprised us a little right then by sliding forward and off the side of the bed. She released the two cocks and went to her knees in front of Damien. I think a few of us held our breaths. We watched closely as Annie dropped her eyes from Damien's face to his crotch. Annie knows this cock so well and loves to give and receive pleasure with it. I could see that Annie was really getting into the action. She loved the fact the men were still clothed. It was all part of the idea of illicit, naughty pleasures that an outwardly conservative woman might steal. Now she was in front of Damien, on her knees and running her hands up and down his thighs, feeling the material of his suit trousers and staring at his cock as it poked out from his fly.

We all watched in awe as Annie stretched up to the head of Damien's cock. Her mouth was wide open and I could tell how much she wanted him. Damien is bigger than the average cock with a very large head. It is almost Annie's favourite cock.

There were no further preliminaries. Annie wrapped her lips around the tip of that fat pole and slowly began to wet it with her saliva.

There were groans all around us. I grinned at the others, trying to signal that everything was OK. What else could it be as Damien began to grunt and Annie started to lower her wet mouth down his thick shaft. Happily the other guys took the hint and soon had their hands back on Annie's gorgeous body, feeling her nipples, her arse and even trying to finger her cunt anew.

This was it! This was what I'd planned for. My beautiful Annie in the centre of a ring of cocks, the centre of so much lust and desire. She had never looked more beautiful as her thin lips stretched around Damien's log. I heard her moan softly as he swelled and hardened across her tongue. The others were breathing again, someone heavily, as Annie slowly sucked Damien's shaft into her mouth and then began to work her way back and forth along his length.

Andrew was holding his cock nearby and I wanted to keep the action moving. 'Step in,' I instructed him softly. Damien understood and slowly made way. Annie just grinned at the new man and reached out to him, her hands going to his arse where she could pull him to her and rub the fabric of his pants at the same time.

I'd thought of a number of phrases I could use to encourage Annie during the party. Things I would say to reassure her and keep her horny and motivated. Clearly they weren't necessary. She was already devouring her second cock and softly humming her pleasure around its length. I have watched Annie suck a lot of cocks and marvelled at the pleasure she can take as well as give. But this time it was so much more, with my woman knowing all these men would use her mouth and she so hungry for them.

Joseph was next, his heavy black cock causing Annie's eyes to widen. He wasn't enormous but he was unusual for Annie in being both black and uncut. Neither of those things was about to slow her down a whit.

She was enjoying the men in their trousers and their flies open. For Joseph, however, she changed tack. Her left hand went straight to his ball sack. He sure was big in that department and I could see he'd taken my advice and shaved himself clean. Annie used her fingertips to hold and gently stroke the skin. I was impressed by the contrast in colours and snapped another few shots. Joseph was moaning his thanks to her and he kept his head forward so he could watch the action with the rest of us.

As I said, Annie knew she would be kept safe. So she hardly needed to think about me anymore. I was just one of five horny men all watching her live out one of her favourite porn scenes.

Then she wrapped her right hand around the base. She'd be happy to give him some extra stimulation. The real reason, though, was for protection from this new, large weapon. Annie really can't accommodate and entire cock in her mouth and she didn't want and vigorous thrusting from him.

She pulled down with her right hand and moved the skin away from his head, exposing a small, pale knob with his pre-cum already oozing from it. I expected Annie to lick some of that up, enjoying a small taste of his juices. She surprised me and Joseph by just dropping her head and quickly taking his first few inches into her mouth. I groaned aloud and got some more shots, zooming in on the dark colour of the new cock against her thin lips and her golden skin.

Maybe she'd been doing some extra study with a few DVDs during the week. Annie was certainly getting into her part. She went right to work, using her lips and tongue on his cock as she began to move her head up and down. Everyone else was happy to watch as Annie slowly picked up the speed of her strokes. She released Joseph's big ball sack and placed he left hand on his arse. She rubbed this new man through the material of his suit pants. And, with her other hand still tight around the base of his rod, she started guiding him to gently move his hips for her.

Soon I heard a new noise. It was the sound of slurping, Annie wetly and hungrily slurping as she sucked up and down the length of that dark cock. Oh yes, she was giving a performance all right. My Annie loves sucking cock but rarely is she noisy. Now she was sucking for all she was worth, her lips and tongue working hard and her drool spilling out over Joseph's thick cock and Annie's nimble fingers.

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