tagAnalAnnie's Anal Fun

Annie's Anal Fun


Regular readers will know about my Annie's amazing arse and how much I love to take advantage of it. Some months ago I had to abandon my idea of taking her more into the BDSM lifestyle (of which I'll write more another time). But while I am now restricted to an occasional light spanking Annie did 'confess' to me the thrill she gets from knowing I lust after her bottom. She loves being submissive to me as far as sex is concerned. And what's more she even came up with a little 'offer' -- anytime when the weather is warm she guarantees to not wear pants or skirts of any kind while she is in the house with me! My jaw just dropped on hearing that.

We've long had little routines. You know about the one where I present my cock to her face as she watches TV so she knows I need her to suck me off. But during the recent autumn months I was able to order her to stop or to bend and what have you...all so I could avail myself of her soft, firm, toned butt cheeks and even stroke my fingers across her dark little hole. I can't tell you how many times I have found myself needing to touch and stroke and squeeze and pat her arse as she moves around the house.

And then as the days started to cool and winter approached ever closer I knew I had to have one last hurrah, to take advantage of her open display of her rear end before the cold weather forced her to resume covering up.

My idea was to combine my desire for her arse with another of Annie's favourite sex activities -- outdoors fucking!

It was a simple plan. Of course Annie worked out fairly quickly some of what I had in mind. And there was no way she was going to complain. She loves to give her arse to me -- loves the taboo nature of it, the dirty joy of having her arse licked and poked and fucked. She has a rather tight passage so its important not to over-do things -- but Annie hardly ever knocks back a chance to feel me squeezing my way past her muscles, stretching and filling her up.

As always with a plan like this I'd found ways to deny her sex for a few nights prior. I knew it would be worth the wait.

On the big night, a Friday night late after work, she got dressed according to my instructions -- no bra as always, no knickers, a long skirt and underneath a nice suspender belt and stockings. Annie chose a white set, wanting to take advantage of what was left of her natural summer tan.

Just knowing how sexy she looked and what I had in store for later that evening kept me hard as I got dressed alongside her and then drove out to our adventure.

We didn't go very far -- just to the cinema at the local mall. But I made sure I parked up on the top level over in a far corner. Annie looked at me quizzically and I couldn't help but grin back at her. Not a word was said -- it wasn't needed.

A soon as I'd locked the car I pulled her close to me and kissed her deeply. I wanted to tell her how sexy she looked and how much I love her. But my mouth was full with her tongue. And to make matters worse my hands were fixed on her arse, feeling her flesh through the material of her skirt.

It wasn't much of a movie -- I can't even really remember much of the plot. I spent most of it sitting in the dark with one hand down the front of Annie's blouse, softly playing with her hard, chocolate nipples.

We took our time exiting at the end. I wanted to have her in a public place but I didn't want an unwitting audience of moviegoers. So we shuffled along behind the other stragglers and younger couples -- me and my stunning, slender, Chinese woman looking so fine and ready to be taken.

We reached the car and Annie moved around to the passenger side. My turn to drive that night. I knew she was expecting something but must have assumed we would make a detour to our usual bushland haunt. But no -- that was not what I had planned.

Instead I commanded her to stand at the front of the car and to lift her skirt up for me. She hesitated for a moment. Then she slowly began to raise her hem. I knew she was excited by the idea but cautious all the same. We've never been caught yet and we've always been careful. I was sure we were alone despite the very public nature of the place I'd chosen.

I pulled a soft blanket from behind the driver's seat which I spread across the hood of the car. Annie had her skirt hiked up at the back. Those gorgeous globes were exposed to the night air and the soft breeze which was blowing across the roof top car park. Now I held her tight and kissed her again, long and hard. This time I did manage to mumble my love to her. Annie mumbled back but she was more interested in sucking on my tongue as it pushed into her mouth. I knew her cunt would soon be wet enough for me to plunge straight in...but of course you know that wasn't the hole that was on my mind right then.

'Lean forward' I murmured to her and reached to pull her skirt right up to her waist as Annie positioned herself across the car. I didn't need to ask her to spread her legs. Pausing for a moment, I eyed-off her lovely, muscled thighs encased in the sheer white nylon of her stockings. I could see clearly her cunt lips peeking out from between her legs. Her soft arse crack lay open and waiting for me.

Some men would stop at this point to fondle and caress her cheeks. I'd happily let them too! But I get to do that almost anytime I want. Instead I was set on fucking my luscious woman, fucking her tight rectum as she lay spread over the hood of the car.

With two fingers I softly stroked the length of her crack...from her tail bone down and over her anus...down to her cunt...along the join of her flaps and to her clit still buried inside its flesh. Then I did it again. I did my best to touch as softly as I could. We both knew what was coming. I wanted to work her into it, tease her, get her hot and hungry to be fucked.

The third time I moved slowly, knowing she wanted me to rub the length of her cleft but happy to make her wait. Annie groaned softly as I touched close to her anus. It was not a sound of pleasure. She was hot and wanting. Normally Annie is happy for me to take my time and enjoy her body. This, however, was one of those times that Annie just did not want to wait. At times like this she doesn't ask nicely for more -- she lets me know that she wants it. A little more of this and she would open her arsehole wide for me.

So I pressed a little harder. I made sure my fingers split her cunt lips. I wanted to sample her wetness. But I wanted to tease her. This time she gave up one of her deep-throated moans. Oh yes, that was more to her liking.

Slowly I thrust my two fingers between her labia and into her opening. Annie threw her head back. She had forgotten any thought of danger. She was in her own little world -- a world where she lets me have anything I want from her.

Gently I probed Annie's tunnel. Her cunt was nicely shaved and her juices spread easily. I planned to use those juices to ease my cock into her bottom. Not that it would hurt to use my tongue to help prepare her little brown hole. As I worked my two fingers up to the hilt I leaned down and pushed my face between her firm, round arse cheeks. Annie knew what was coming and she held herself very still in anticipation. I flicked the tip of my tongue across her anus and again Annie moaned her soft, deep moan.

I didn't need to touch her clit -- but I did it anyway! It was a sort of minor release for her and Annie's head and shoulders sagged back onto the hood of the car, her beautiful long black hair falling over her face. I used my free hand to rub and tease her clit while I maintained the slow rhythm in her cunt. I could feel her juices spreading over my fingers and across her cleft. It would be easy to scoop some up to her butt hole.

First I wanted to use my tongue a little more. I crouched down behind my darling Annie and took hold of her hips. 'You know I'm going to fuck you in your backside don't you'? She didn't reply -- which was all I needed to hear!

Again I softly flicked my tongue across her hole. Then I pressed it flat against her opening, feeling the warmth in her rear end and enjoying that familiar musky taste.

But there was no need for me to linger. The night air was cooling and even in her fevered state I didn't want to keep Annie there too long. So I moved down and lapped at her cunt a little, making sure I collected as much of her juice as possible. Then I began to work it up to her arsehole.

I kept at it till her rear entrance was covered with my spit and her lust. I love tonguing her tight little hole. Not only because it means I'll be allowed to plunder Annie's arse. She's never understood why I enjoy it so much. But Annie loves the sensations all the same and that really is as good a reason as any for me to lick at her bung hole.

Only now did I unzip my fly and pull out my cock. 'I'm so hard just thinking about being inside your bum'. Annie didn't reply...she didn't move. I knew she was ready and wanting for whatever I choose to do. I undid my jeans and as I pushed them down I leaned in for a last lick of her puckered little hole.

Then I stepped forward and sank my cock deep into Annie's cunt. One long, slow thrust was all it took. She did not move a muscle but I heard a soft little sigh escape her lips. Annie truly is a sexual creature, a woman who craves and thrives on sexual pleasure. She is almost as highly sexed as I am. It took her years to find someone who knows how to take advantage of her high sex drive. Now I am more than happy to help her make up for lost time.

She just loves to fuck. So for several long minutes I eased the length of my cock in and out of her soaking wet hole. I knew how hot it was making Annie. I knew it was getting my tool nicely lubed. And on top of all that it felt so good to be slowly reaming my beautiful woman as she leaned over the front of the car in this very public place.

For once I was anxious not to stay in her cunt too long. I wanted to fuck her bum there in the carpark -- a long, casual arse fuck. It would not do to be too close the edge.

I slipped myself right out of her. Annie sighed quietly. The loss in her cunt soon would be replaced by that familiar feeling of her arse being completely filled.

I gazed at her tight cheeks, still golden brown with the last of her summer tan. They were so nicely framed by the white fabric of her suspenders. I was never a fan of lingerie until Annie taught me how to appreciate the way she looks in her sexiest pieces. Right now the tight white material seemed to make her butt stick out even further, as if to make her arse look even more inviting.

Gently I pulled her arse cheeks apart. The sense of anticipation was immense. I knew Annie would be feeling it too.

I placed the head of my cock against her little hole, making sure there was enough pressure to hold it there. Annie can accommodate me easily but I still need to guide myself into her chute. I let go with my right hand, squeezing one cheek with my left to help keep her spread. Then, I took a firm grip on my cock. 'Ready'? I asked my sweet Annie. She just mumbled something in reply. I manoeuvred myself to make sure I had the right angle of attack and finally all was ready.

I pushed forward with my hips, slow and steady. I saw my cock head disappear into her tight, wrinkled hole. I never get tired of that sight -- you guys who enjoy giving anal know what I mean! And it always adds to the excitement -- this is the moment of truth, either I fuck her arse or she softly begs 'no'.

What I needed now was slowly to force the hardness of my shaft into her. There was no begging on this night. I sensed Annie breathe out and force herself to relax.

Some women complain about the feeling of being filled -- that its like a regular bowel movement. But Annie tells me that's part of what she enjoys so much about anal sex -- feeling herself being stretched and filled and the relaxing warmth that floods through her body as a result.

Plus there's the thrill of something taboo, even kinky. And she definitely loves the idea that she can give me access to all of her body.

Annie is very tight in that little hole. But with the right care she stretches enough to let a cock slide in. Carefully, gently I pressed forward. I met the first resistance. It always takes a little time for the wetness to do its thing and allow skin-on-skin friction in her anus. All I needed to do was slowly rock my hips back and forth. Each time I placed pressure on her sphincter Annie opened up a little more. Unlike her cunt that can be so hot and wet, sometimes seeming to want to swallow my cock, her anus always stays firm and tight around my shaft.

I added some more of my spit to my shaft to make sure we'd have enough lube. I kept up my slow rocking and fed my cock inch by inch into my woman's chute. She sighed again. Annie prefers doing anal while face-to-face. On the other hand, she doesn't feel really filled until I am buried in her up to the hilt. Lucky me! And nothing allows me such deep penetration as taking her from behind. So I kept pushing forward until the head of my cock was well past her sphincter. I knew as soon as I was through - the telltale feeling of nothing as the head slid past the warm grip of her muscles and into the emptiness of her bowels.

It took only three more gentle thrusts and my thighs were touching her round, firm, browned arse cheeks. I was, indeed, buried up to the hilt in my woman's butt. She was skewered on the end of my cock.

I had her where I wanted her -- now I just had to give her the slow reaming we both needed!

After a few more careful movements I allowed my rocking to lengthen. I wanted to slide my whole shaft in and out of Annie. My first withdrawal was slow, still wanting to make sure there was enough lube to keep her comfortable. Then I slowly replaced my swollen cock in her arse. I felt her muscles pushing against my hardness. I felt the pressure of my cock in her rectum as she slowly gave way, her sphincters adjusting to the invasion.

This was still only the preliminaries. Again I withdrew most of my cock. I added some more spit to my tool and slowly pushed it home.

With her legs nicely spread for me I could easily reach around Annie to her clit. There was no teasing -- I found her button and pressed firmly on it, slowly rubbing to heighten the sensations she was feeling. She was hard...and very wet. She was ready for me.

So I took a firm hold of her hips with both hands. I rocked back one last time till only the head of my cock was left in her. I applied a last wad of spit to my shaft. Then, still holding tight to her hips, I shoved myself into her and listened to another of her trademark moans.

This time I could feel her arse muscles were ready to allow me fully inside her. Annie was opened up so I had total access to her dark little place.. Now I could deliver a long, steady bum fuck.

Quickly I found my usual rhythm. I was using my whole shaft to stroke in and out of her. Each time I drew myself right back but now there was no pause, no waiting before I moved forward and once more jammed my cock meat into Annie's rectum. The feeling of having her muscles abused like that and the gentle friction in her rectum was guaranteed to keep my beautiful Annie almost as happy as I was.

The combination of sensations I experience when fucking her arse is incredible. There's the warmth and the pressure in her chute. Then there's the soft velvet of her skin and the firm muscles of her butt cheeks swallowing my cock.

Until then I hadn't decided whether or not to cum in her arse and take her home with my cream oozing from her tight little passage. It felt so good slowly reaming her out in a public place. But I just knew I had to hold off until we got home. That way I could give her the special treat of choosing where she wanted my cum.

Once or twice I paused briefly in my thrusting so I could reach down and give her clit some more attention. Annie wasn't going to orgasm from an arse fuck. But it wasn't hurting my cause to give her a little extra pleasure.

Not that I got much of a reaction from Annie. She was too far into her zone of pleasure, happily giving herself to the experience and the thrill of anal sex in combination with the open spaces of the mall car park.

And I could keep on fucking her arse so long as I could hold off my orgasm. I pride myself on my stamina but the real point of it is to prolong the fucking as long as possible.

For now I just kept sawing back and forth inside her arse and watching her little opening move and stretch. I kept a nice firm grip on her hips too. I didn't need the leverage, it was more about feeling in possession of Annie -- of holding her tight and at the mercy of my thrusting cock.

After a few minutes her arse muscles were fully stretched. She still had that delicious tightness around my cock. Once more I paused to play with her clit -- I also used the opportunity to check the wetness in her cunt. Of course she was soaking!

About that time I started to feel the wetness inside Annie's arse as more of her body began to respond to her joy at being fucked liked that. Her tunnel was getting warmer too, from the friction and from her increasing arousal. It was clear Annie was in no hurry to be anywhere else and I knew we could keep this up for a good twenty minutes if I wanted to. So I just concentrated on the simple pleasure of fucking the bottom of the woman I love and reminding myself of the reasons why I've always encouraged her to be a slut for me.

I've never really pounded her arse. But now I could at least push into her more forcefully, even allowing my skin to slap against hers as I bottomed out with each stroke. It is very indulgent on my part. It doesn't give Annie any greater physical pleasure. On the other hand she is turned on by me making use of her like that. She loves being used.

And as tight as Annie's arse might be, her arse cheeks always wobble slightly when I fuck her with the right amount of vigour. The wonderful sight of it makes my cock swell a little more. Again, you guys know what I am talking about.

And that's all to the good, helping to keep up the pressure in her chute. I just have to keep my rhythm going and we both get to enjoy just the right amount of friction. Then, like this time, Annie slips deep into her zone, allowing me to do whatever else I like.

Right then I wanted to possess Annie completely. And I guess she would say I was! For me it was heavy lust mixed with the powerful love we share. Or maybe it was just the dirty filthy arse fucking she was taking!

But I hadn't forgotten the plan. And I knew from experience not to overdo the backdoor reaming. We'd been there long enough. It was getting cool and there was no need to press our luck in a public place. The plan was the main thing. I badly wanted to eat out Annie's delightful cunt and some time later that night finally cum in, or on, my woman. So I needed to extract myself from her hot little hole and take her home.

It wasn't easy but I slowed my pace and started using my hands to gently fondle her arse cheeks.

'Lets go home' I whispered, 'So we can get more comfortable'. Though I knew Annie was hardly able to care at that moment!

'I want to take you home so I can have the rest of you as well'.

She lifted her head and ever so slightly pushed her hips back towards. Given the state Annie was in that could mean either she wanted more arse fucking or that she was excited by the idea of what was still to come that night. So I reached round once more and softly touched her clit. It was my way of letting her know I wanted to give her maximum pleasure. Her body was hot and alive at that, her skin and her flesh almost throbbing with pure sexual desire. I wanted it all!

So I slowed further till I was almost holding myself almost still in her chute. In truth I was trying to stretch out the pleasure for just a few more seconds. Once I pulled out I'd probably have to wait for another night to fuck her arse again.

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