Annie's Night Out


Annie grinned as she caught on to what I was trying to do and with her free hand tried to keep her skirt down. I was proud of her; she was taking my little game like a real sport. At least twice she had exposed herself to anyone watching. I noticed that many of the men, some dancing, some in the crowd around the dance floor, were looking at Annie with a studied intensity, waiting for another special view. Annie disappointed them by using her hand to anchor her swirling silk skirt but she more than made up for the loss with her bouncing breasts and lusty, erect nipples.

When we the dance was over we walked back to the bar holding hands. "You devil," she whispered, "you were trying to get me to show my cunt. weren't you?"

"Guilty as charged," I replied.

"I'm so embarrassed. All those men could see me. But I was so horny with my panties like that I couldn't think about anything else. I'm ready to faint I'm so horny."

"why don't we finish our drinks and then we'll take off."

"Okay," Annie said, getting back on the bar stool. When she brought her high heels up on the top rung her skirt slid down again to her stocking tops. She looked down briefly but didn't attempt to bring her hem down. She was either getting accustomed to her role as an exhibitionist and the attention her loveliness was creating or, was too aroused to be concerned. She parted her legs a little to give me a peek. "Nice cunt, huh?" she said.

"Very nice. Needs a hard cock in it though."

"Hmm. And it needs a big load of cum to put out the fire."

"I think it's time to go, my dear."

We left our drinks on the bar and gave the bartender a generous tip. Holding hands we made our way through the crowd to the elevator. The elevator was full and we squeezed in, barely able to move in the enclosed space. An attractive young woman with long blonde hair, next to us, spoke up, asking for the third floor. I turned to her. She was wearing a skimpy lavender, silk, slip dress, very low cut and exposing almost all of her large, creamy white breasts. The dress, on the verge of sliding off of her, was seemingly held up only by her nipples. Annie caught me looking and pinched my hand. "What's on the third floor?" I stammered.

"The playrooms," the young woman replied. "You haven't been here before?"

"Ah, no"

"Then you're in for a treat."

The elevator stopped and Annie and we were swept along with the crowd. We were in a dark paneled alcove, lit by beautiful a crystal chandelier. A hall was of to the left with doors open to a series of rooms on either side. Couples walked down the hall and disappeared into various rooms. The young woman, being led away by her boy friend, turned to us and winked. "Enjoy."

Within a minute Annie and I were alone. "Curious," I said.

"Want to see what's going on?" Annie asked.

"Sure." I took her hand and we started down the corridor, feeling a little bit like Dorothy and Toto in Oz. We followed the young woman into a large, almost cavernous room. It seemed to be reconverted loft. Inside the lighting was very dim, almost faint. Couches and love seats with end tables for freshly cut flowers were scattered throughout the room, most of them at odd angles, arranged I presumed to give people some privacy.

The room was just about full. Annie and I found the only couch left, facing the blonde and her partner by about fifteen feet. I could barely make them out in the shadows. A waitress in a "naughty French maid" costume came over and took our drink orders.

After she had gone I turned to Annie. "Well, what do you think?"

"This is exciting. It's like an old fashioned private club. Very romantic."

As my eyes got used to the light, I was able to make out more of the features of the room: wall to wall bookcases, fine painting on the walls and beautiful antiques. The scent of flowers pervaded the room like a delicate perfume. "It is quite lovely."

The waitress returned with our drinks and placed them on a coffee table in front of us. She bent over from the waist; her bodice fell away to give me a glimpse of two, pert, braless breasts.

"What are these rooms for?" Annie inquired.

"For the club guests and members. People come up here for a break from the music downstairs or just to be alone. Feel free and enjoy yourselves." She smiled. "Feel free to feel free."

I was surprised when I saw the bill; thirty dollars each for two Evian Waters but I didn't say anything, hoping that whatever "the rooms" were for would justify the tariff.

After the waitress had left Annie and I sipped our drinks and surveyed the room. Across from us the blonde and her boyfriend were locked in a passionate embrace. We stared at them, feeling like a couple of voyeurs. The man had one hand between her legs, up her dress, and the other around her shoulders. He slid the straps of her dress down and the neckline fell away, barring her breasts. He cupped one and then the other, fondling and playing with them. He bent over and licked a nipple. Even with the distance between us, we could hear the young woman moaning. She reciprocated her boyfriend's affection by unzipping his pants, fishing out his cock and gently masturbating him. Annie gasped almost inaudibly, "oh, my God!"

Mirroring the couple, I put an arm around Annie and in the process slipped the straps of her camisole off her shoulders. She was so wrapped up in the scene across from us she barely noticed. Feeling bolder I tugged the camisole down, exposing her breasts almost to her nipples. Still no response. I drew close for a kiss. "Can't let them have all the fun," I said.

Annie burrowed her tongue in my mouth, lashing my tongue with hers in a frenzied bout of French kissing. I ran my hand up her thigh and under her skirt to caress her legs. My fingers glided over her slip until I found her cunt and I prodded her clitoris gently through the layer of satin. Annie moaned softly; her breasts heaved and I felt them push against my chest.

Annie pulled away and nervously scanned the room. "Sweetie, look over there," she said softly. To our right, almost hidden in the dark shadows of a corner, was a woman sitting on a large couch between two men. Her blouse was open and her skirt pulled up. I couldn't help but notice that she was wearing a garter belt and nylons like Annie. "Is she doing what I think she is doing?"

We looked closer. The men were playing with her breasts, two huge, magnificent specimens, one in each of their hands, as she played with their cocks. One of the men was up her skirt between her legs, his fingers buried inside of her. "Wow," Annie said. I took this as a signal and pulled down her camisole until her breasts swung free. Annie was too intent on the show across the room to object. I held one in my palm, hefting it, feeling it's lovely weight and then bent over and sucked a nipple deep into my mouth to nibble it with my lips. Annie's reaction was what I had hoped for. Her entire body twitched as a current of lust ran through it, as if the sensation was so powerful that she could barely endure it. Out of control, she pressed my hand tighter against her cunt.

The threesome on the couch shifted. The woman bent over to suck one of the men. The other man hitched up her skirt to her waist, maneuvered her hips and entered her from behind. "I don't believe it!" Annie whispered incredulously, mesmerized by the incredible scene of fucking and sucking. The three of them moved together like a well designed ballet, a cock sliding into her cunt as another disappeared into her willing mouth.

I slipped my hand between Annie's legs, stroking her nylons as I traveled upward. I pulled her panties aside to play with her. She was wet and slippery with arousal and when I touched her clitoris again she thrust her pelvis up to meet my fingers. "Sweetie, I'm so horny!" she gasped.

"Do you want to fuck?" I asked- half in jest, half serious. Three of my fingers disappeared, caressing her slick inner walls.

"I don't know, I don't know. I'm so horny I can't stand it." In front of us the blonde had slid to the floor and was on her knees, busy giving her boyfriend a blow job. I startled inwardly when I realized that he was able to be looking at us as we were looking at him. That he was having a lovely view of my wife's tits and gaping cunt. Annie was so aroused she was beyond caring. I was enjoying an extreme voyeuristic thrill, able to have her exposed as she was never before- beyond my wildest erotic fantasies.

Annie, modesty returning and probably aware of the sight she was offering the young man in front of us, pulled her skirt down to hide my hand and her camisole back up over her breasts. But not so modest as to stop her from unzipping my pants and slipping her hand in to play with my cock. I was achingly hard and her fingers on my balls brought me close to the edge of orgasm.

"Annie," I whispered, "sit on my lap. I want to fuck you." As if in a trance, keeping her skirt down to cover us, she straddled my legs facing away from me. She wants to watch the show I thought to myself. With a flourish of silk she positioned herself and slowly lowered herself onto my cock. The sensation was exquisite. Her cunt felt like warm, liquid satin.

"Oh, yes," she murmured. With one hand I moved her back and forth and reached around with the other to play with breasts. I tugged the camisole down so the bodice rested precariously on her nipples and tweaked the hard little nubs through the slippery fabric, rolling them between my thumb and forefinger.

The threesome had changed positions. One of the men lay on the couch with the woman, face up, on top of him. I couldn't make out if he was inside of her because of her skirt. The other man lowered himself between their legs, pushed up the folds of her skirt and buried his cock in her ready cunt. The woman sighed and rolled her head back and forth. The man on the bottom massaged her breasts. The other man took her hips and slowly moved her up and down. The skirt moved higher with every thrust until we could see his cock sliding into her lush body and the other man's cock buried in her ass. "Sweetie," Annie inquired in a low voice, "are they doing what I think they are doing?"

"Yup. A double penetration. That lucky lady is getting stuffed with cock. Looks like fun."

Annie didn't comment on my observation but I felt her dripping cunt twitch as she pushed herself down on my cock. We fucked slowly, unhurriedly, savoring the experience, bathing in the glorious feelings we were able to give to each other through our love making. Annie lay back on my chest to kiss me and as our mouths found each other she took my hand and guided me under her skirt to her clitoris. "You know what I want," she said.

"I sure do," I replied and manipulated her little nub, now rock hard and slippery. Annie bucked on top of me, squirming and moving as if unable to stand the intense pleasure. I tugged her camisole again down and fondled her breasts, pinching her nipples hard the way she liked when she was extremely horny.

"Oh, Sweetie, that feels so good. Fuck me! fuck your whore! Cum in my cunt!"

I thrust my cock deep into Annie, almost ramming myself into her sopping, silken moistness as I worked on her clitoris and nipples. Somehow our rhythms matched and she pushed herself against my fingers at the same time as I speared her delicious cunt. Our tempo increased, all of our concentration focussed on our individual pleasures- yet fully aware of ourselves as a couple. My cock felt like a pole impaling her; my balls hardened. She writhed and moaned and gasped, seeking release, demanding release. We closed our eyes as our orgasms swept over us simultaneously. My cock exploded deep into Annie, flooding her with spurt after spurt cum. It was like I could feel my balls draining into her as a gusher. Annie shook and whimpered, forcing my hand against her clitoris, grinding into it, squeezing out her own orgasm, waves of passion and joy sweeping over her, matching my own.

We lay satiated, spent from our exertions, each feeling the aftershocks of our individual orgasms, Annie twitching from time to time. My cock still somewhat hard, still lay nestled inside her. Across from us the young woman had her head in her boyfriend's lap alternately sucking and licking his cock. A smile of contentment spread across his face as he enjoyed her expert blow job.

Annie slid down my lap and turned sideways to give me a kiss. Her skirt and slip rode up over her nylons. As our tongues met I gently brought the hem of her skirt up a little farther to expose her still dripping cunt. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the young man grinning as he savored the sight of my wife's lovely cunt, overflowing with cum. Sensing what I was doing, Annie waited a minute and then lowered her skirt.

"It's time to go," I said and gave her one last kiss.

We quietly arranged our clothes and left the dimly lit room without making a sound. Everyone seemed busy and involved in their own pleasures. We were standing by the elevator, waiting for it to arrive when the young woman in the slip dress came up to Annie and motioned her aside. They talked for a minute or two and then Annie and I got into the elevator.

"Interesting," I said. "What was that all about?"

Annie grinned and giggled. "Remember that couple that walked by us the park earlier?"

"Vaguely," I replied. "I wasn't really paying too much attention... except at you of course."

"Well, that was our friends across from us. She was just thanking me for helping put them in a romantic mood. They had just become engaged the night before."

"I told you that you were magic my dear."

The elevator stopped and we held hands, walking out into the warm mist of the summer's night.

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