Wonder Woman, Drucilla, and Supergirl were lolling drowsily in the sunroom of Geek Castle in the remote Scottish Highlands, relaxing after the delicious breakfast Wonder Woman had prepared. The three women had made short work of a mountain of waffles and strawberry syrup served with pounds of yummy cream cheese, several platters of bacon, and a pitcher of freshly-squeezed orange juice spiced just right with several slugs of Absolute. Supergirl had washed and dried the dishes and tidied up the modern, spacious kitchen that the women had insisted be installed.

Needless to say, with such appetites, our friends had put on a few pounds since they were working in comic books, but that's the way The Geek liked his women. Supergirl was certainly looking more womanly now. Her pinched waist had thickened, but her bust and hips had spread to more than compensate. Her size eight figure really looked good squeezed into a size four mini. The tits were still not as large as The Geek preferred, but all things come to those who wait. GSS (Geek's Super Slut) was tattooed discreetly on each cheek of her eye-popping arse.

Wonder Woman, on the other hand, was already pretty close to her master's ideal, so he merely had her ditch the Lycra tights for a slinky, ever-changing collection of teddies and camisoles flown in weekly from Frederick's of Hollywood. Though she pleaded with him to let her wear sexy high heels like Supergirl, The Geek insisted Wonder Woman remain in the kitchen barefoot. As a concession, he let her get the clitty ring.

Dru had "improved" the most. The skinny teen, though shorter than Supergirl, had plumped up rather nicely and now sported a set of honkers to rival her big sister's. The tired but happy youngster was sitting right now on the couch in her torn pajama gazing vacantly out over the heath. Last night had been her turn with The Geek. She had gotten very little sleep, from the looks of her hair and makeup. Only one of her sandals had survived the ordeal.

"Do you know what day it is today?" asked Wonder Woman dreamily to no one in particular.

"Thursday?" yawned Supergirl. "No, wait! Saturday?"

"No, I mean the date. It's a special date. Can't you guess? What about you, Drucilla?"

"Don't tease her, Diana. You know how out of it YOU are when you've spent the night with The Geek getting your lights fucked out. She'll be non-comp 'til noon."

"OK, so you tell me," Wonder Woman insisted.

"Sean Connery's birthday? How the Hell should I know? We don't get any news up here. All The Geek lets us to watch on the telly is porno flicks," the Maid of Steel replied, a little annoyed at having her daydreams of her next tryst with The Geek interrupted.

"Think, Supergirl. It was just a year ago last night that we met The Geek."

"No! Gosh, I guess you're right," Supergirl said incredulously. "So much has happened since then. Can you believe that a year ago we were trying to capture HIM?"

"Yeah, but he captured US," Drucilla giggled. "I still get goosebumps thinking about the way he subdued us with the Libido -Ray. It made me soooo horny."

"If I'd known what a good fuck he was, I would have let him capture me long before that," Wonder Woman growled.

"You can say that again," Drucilla sighed. "I think he did me five times last night. My pussy is still leaking cum."

"That was some wild first night, eh?" Supergirl reminisced. "For all the villains that had captured me, and tied me up, and fucked me silly, I had never been orgasmed like that. I mean, having those six androids all dressed up like Superman was too much. 'Course, the cherry Kryptonite he slipped me may have had something to so with it, but I was cumming like a freight train just to look at those big blue machines. When they finished with me, I couldn't get enough cock."

"Well, of course not, honey. The others were just ordinary villains getting their jollies from fucking an over-endowed superheroine. The Geek is a genius that used our need for sex to turn us into slave sluts. I had resisted no telling how many attempts to make me come, but a couple of hours in his Hypno-Climaxorium and I was one silly multi-orgasmic cockhound," Wonder Woman related, as if Supergirl and Drucilla didn't already know.

"What about me? I was a virgin, not counting those Nazis!" Drucilla giggled. "The Geek re-deflowered me himself. Now I'm such little fucktoy!"

"The Geek's fucktoy!" Supergirl sighed. "It makes my pussy wet just to think about it!"

"He sure wasn't toying last night!" Drucilla grinned, risking the jealousy of her friends. It was considered bad form to say too much about what went on in The Geek's bedchambers, as it could only make the others frustrated, knowing it might be more than twenty four hours before they would be able to get fucked again.

"Oh?" Supergirl bit.

Drucilla's voice dropped into a conspiratorial whisper. "He chlor-orgasm-formed me!"

"Get outta here!" Wonder Woman exclaimed.

"He did, too! Held the soaked rag over my nose and mouth and rubbed my clitty to make me inhale the vapors until I passed out and everything!" the excited teenager gushed.

"Shit, I pass out when he plays with my clitty even without the chlor-orgasm-form," Supergirl interjected, trying to even the score.

"And when consciousness slowly seeped back into my drugged brain ...." Drucilla ignored Supergirl and paused dramatically.

"You don't mean ...?" Wonder Woman asked, unable to conceal the envy in her voice.

"Yup! I was TIED UP! He had stripped me naked, except for my high heels of course. My arms were bound to the bedposts with silk scarves and my legs were splayed ever so obscenely. Of course I was squirming and making a mess on the sheets just from feeling so helpless and vulnerable. The Geek was standing over me, grinning, rubbing his huge cock, and telling me he was going to ram it in my pretty little pussy and fuck me until I couldn't think straight."

"You haven't thought straight in a year, my dear," Supergirl sniffed.

"None of us have," Wonder Woman sighed, a soft spacy expression on her face.

"I know, but it was still heavenly. First he got between my legs, even took off his glasses, and started licking my ..."

"Oh, shut up, Sis! You're making us horny" Wonder Woman wailed.

"HorniER" corrected Supergirl.

"Shit, he hasn't tied me down to fuck me in months," complained Wonder Woman. "How come SHE gets so lucky?"

"Maybe if you didn't POUNCE on the poor boy as soon as you see him, he would be more imaginative with you," Supergirl remarked, a little cattily. "He may be a criminal genius, but he's still a eighteen-year old. You get on top of him, cram his prick up in your cunt, and start fucking him so fast he hardly has time to think before you have him shooting you full of jism."

"Well, if it's not Miss Romance herself, giving lessons!" Wonder Woman snapped back. "And I suppose YOU think crawling to him across the floor on your hands and knees at super speed, burning off his jeans with your X-ray vision so you can suck his cock is any better? Hell, I've seen you with a mouthful of cum seconds from the time you lay eyes on him. Talk about over eager!" Wonder Woman's voice dripped venom.

"I'll suck Geekie's cock any Goddamn way I want to, you bitch!" Supergirl snarled.

"Sis, Supergirl! Please! Calm down! This was my fault. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said what I did," Drucilla put in, conciliatorily. "I know, you're horny from hours and hours without a fuck, but we love each other and The Geek too much to fight, OK?"

"Oh, you're right, Drucilla," Supergirl agreed. "We have nothing to complain about. The Geek is very fair about fucking us equally. And we have his cyborgs, the androids, and the Orgasmatron to use as much as we want. In fact, one of the lady 'droids is getting pretty darned good at cunnilingus, but I'm not telling which," Supergirl continued, smugly.

"He created a new trans-genetic Vine-Snake with dozens of tentacles and sexy proboscises just for ME." Wonder Woman announced proudly.

"And we've got each other," Dru, said shyly, taking Supergirl in her arms and kissing her as her hands found their way to the former superheroine's breasts.

"Oh, Drucilla, honey, that feels so good," Supergirl moaned, slipping back on the couch and pulling Dru close to allow her little friend easier access to her tits.

"Seeing those two get it on makes me sooooo horny," Wonder Woman sighed as she reached for a handy vibrator and hurriedly inserted it into her dripping pussy.

"I love being her like this with you, baby," Dru murmured, moving her mouth from one of Supergirl's engorged nipples to the other. "I feel so safe and warm here in your arms, nursing the sweet milk from your hard, round tits ..."

"Milk! Baby! Nursing! Oh my God! I almost forgot!" Supergirl exclaimed, suddenly sitting upright. "I've got to get back to my babies. Three two-month-old boys get hungry very fast."

"Fuck it, you're right!" Wonder Woman almost shouted, jerking out the cum-coated vibrator. "What was I thinking? Steven, Sthepin, Estevan, and Stefano will be starving!"

"Oops! I'd better go, too," Drucilla added, licking the last drop of milk from her lips. "I left Demeter and Proserpine in the care of two cyborg women with breasts full of formula last night, but by now my little angels will be wanting some real milk from their real mommy"

The three ex-superheroines made dashes for their respective wings of the vast castle, but just before each woman left, she could not resist stopping and turning around to drop her bomb. As if in a Geek chorus, each paused and said, "By the way, girls, I though I'd tell you."

The three heroines paused and looked at each other, puzzled that they were speaking in unison, but then each shrugged and continued her announcement with squeaky excitement.


The End

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