This is a nonfiction story. I'm writing it in regards to all of the negative feedback from readers that read my words just to criticize me for the stories I write. But before I begin, I wonder why anyone would read a story that appalls him.

I'm sure that you can't tell me that you don't get off on my words. So see if you can get off on these.

So in answer to your questions, "Do you hate all men?"

My answer is no, I love men.

You make comments about my divorces but you have no information to pull from other than words on my profile that states that I've been divorced twice. So here is the real story of my life.

My father was a pedophile. He raped me at an age too young to say on this site. All of my life men have pursued me for my prowess.

I left home when I was eighteen to get away from the abuse of my father.

I moved to Washington D.C. where I met and married my first husband because he got me pregnant; something that I don't regret because my daughter is my most treasured gift from the Lord.

Her father, whom I was married to for thirteen years, was very deceptive. He led me to believe that he loved me and would care for our daughter and me for the rest of our lives.

As soon as he had that ring on my finger, I became his "property. He was not a nice Master. He was a tyrant. And he was proud of it.

He beat me nightly and then forced me to have sex with him. He drank regularly and took out his aggressions on my body; only he knew where to hide the bruises. No one ever knew.

That is until one day, his father dropped by unexpectedly and found him beating the hell out of me and took him out of the house so that he could "cool down."

A few weeks later, I had a car accident with Al Hurt. My sweet, loving husband was upset that I wasn't hurt badly enough to sue, so he grabbed my hair and tore my head back and forth with such fury that he did give me whiplash.

My daughter was two years old at the time and she saw it all. Would you want your child to see that happen to your wife?

I stayed for thirteen years. I left because my daughter told me that if I didn't leave her dad, that she would leave me. What you have done?

My daughter means more to me than anyone in my life. And my life I would give for her.

A few years later, I met a man that was wonderful. He pleaded with me to marry him and I knew that he was the one that would love me forever. So I said yes.

I had had a hysterectomy because of cancer so I had no more children. My daughter was grown with a child of her own. We were free to travel and do all the things we dreamed of. A trip to Spain, which was a wonderful time. We traveled the USA and were so in love I just knew he would never leave me.

Then, my father had major surgery and I went to Arizona to help my mother with him. I was gone from home for weeks and months at a time.

My husband was going to college to become a therapist. I was the one that was paying the bills.

When I came back home after a three-week stint with my father, he informed me that he had taken off his wedding band and thrown it in a field.

But he had it on his hand.

I asked him why he had it on. His answer was that he knew it would upset me if I came home and he didn't have it so he found it before he came home. Then he took it off and put in a jewelry box.

He told me that he was in love with someone else. Someone he had met at school. And he started not coming home. Finally he told me he wanted a divorce without even trying to work out any of the problems he saw in our marriage.

So now you can judge me. You can say that I hate men. You can say that I'm a real bitch. But at least now you know the real story.

The man that you say I abuse and hurt, wants to be treated that way. I love him so I give him the treatment he wants and expects from me.

Cuckolds love seeing their wives with other men. They are unable to please the woman because their cocks are usually too small to give her the rapture that he believes she deserves. So judge me. But don't condemn me about things you don't even know.

But you know what really makes me angry? The fact that you don't even give me the chance to respond to your criticism by using the "Anonymous" label.

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