tagBDSMAnonymous Destiny Ch. 02

Anonymous Destiny Ch. 02


"Concentrate" Andrea demanded of herself. Her stance was perfect. She was on guard, legs shoulder length apart, her right leg ahead of her left leg and her balance was perfect. She stood there watching her sparring partner waiting for his move. They had been sparing partners for a long time, but Antonio Gomez had managed to stay a step ahead of her throughout their training. Her eyes were focused on his hips. Where the hips went, so did the body. And by knowing that, she knew exactly what sequence of moves he could use on her.

Andrea shouted at herself again, "Concentrate!" Antonio was trying a very new approach. He stood there in front of her. Slow subtle movements from side to side, testing her concentration and her ability to switch defense positions. She watched his hips, peripherally noting what his eyes were doing. She knew that allowing her attention to fade from his hips would spell doom for her, but this was taking very long and she wanted him to make the first move. He didn't appear to be in a rush. Patience was truly a virtue she did not possess.

She looked up to his eyes for a second. That was the key Antonio needed and wheeled around with a perfectly executed roundhouse kick. Andrea's excellent reflexes saved her from the impact by ducking backwards and then rotating her hips and upper body underneath the kick. She felt the air rush from his kick caress her face. She stood and took one step backward and lifted her knee and kicked straight out. Antonio anticipated the retort and pushed her leg away, coming forward with his fist thrusting forward, she just brushed it away with a rotating block. The adrenaline flowed throughout her body and she allowed herself to enjoy the fact that she had blocked all his attempts to make contact.

Andrea looked up with a smile, and Antonio took full advantage of her slight distraction. He pivoted left and Andrea bit on the faint. She saw his front kick coming and she was out of position. Her weight was forward on her stance and her arm blocks were also out of position. Her reflexes tried to lessen the coming blow by tightening her abdomen and blowing out in anticipation. She watched the knee reach the top position, and his foot begin to move towards her. Her arms moved quickly to strike a blow against the onrushing foot, but being just a millisecond too late. She felt the force of the blow upon her solar plexus; the impact drove her chest inward, pushing all the air out of her lungs. The energy of the blow drove her backwards. Her feet having been in the wrong position, flew out from under her. Andrea flew through the air and landed flat on her back. The impact pushed the rest of the air in her lungs out, leaving her down and breathless.

Antonio's training both in martial arts and in physiology gave him the advantage. She had asked specifically that this be a fight to the end, where one of them would be knocked unconscious. He understood her need for this level of combat training. After all she was a police officer and was called on often to have physical contact with very nasty people. Yet he still worried about delivering the right blow and still not do harm. Pain was inevitable, but harm was not acceptable to his moral code. He watched as she flew backwards, realizing she had been taken by the fake move and that allowed him to put an end to this sparing match.

Antonio noticed how hard she landed and per her request gave her no quarter. Andrea saw him leap at her, land near her and delivered the coup de grâce right to her jaw. The blow was quick and precise, her world was a bright flash of light, the beginning of pain and then everything faded to black. Her last fleeting memory was that she had asked Antonio not to hold back should he have the opportunity. He had requested confirmation of what she meant and when she repeated her request, accepted the rules of this engagement.

- - - - ǽ - - - -

Antonio stood over her limp body. His experience in the martial arts and with her in particular allowed him to fully enjoy the moment of overpowering someone that knew the totality of His mind and His desires. The warmth coursing through His mind was that which only one other person, other than the limp and lovely body laying under him, and that was Erika. He made sure that Andrea had suffered no real harm, always aware that knocking someone unconscious caused a mild concussion. He pulled her eyelids back, saw that her pupils were sufficiently responsive that there was no real harm done to her and then he turned slowly to Erika and saw her kneeling as she had been ordered to be, noticing the warm smile on her face.

"Speak freely, little one."

"Thank You, Master." her eyes lowered to the floor, the palm of her hands turned upward on her knees, her heat fully exposed to Him.

"Go on…"

"I'm glad this one introduced You to her friend, she's never felt so happy as she does when she spars with you, Master."

Shortly after Antonio had visited the BDSM club in Hoboken and stalked Erika as she'd offered at the contact bar, He had taken her in hand and began her training. Erika was a very strong willed woman and was truly deserving of his full attention and devotion. The one thing that Erika needed was a strong Man in her life, someone that she could trust and count on in every way. In trade she gave Him her entire body, mind and soul. The payment was trust. A trust he'd earned protecting her from real life dangers with her job, and from over protective family member, and judgmental friends. He stood by her providing her with the solid foundation upon which to build her life, and now their home.

Antonio was a demanding Master and her training had been very difficult. Erika's wild spirit and need for edge play had been difficult to dominate; to fully bring under His control without taking away her spirit, yet allowing her to reach her full potential. His ability to work with people had been taxed heavily, but the budding flower was promising to be a radiant spring rose; full of aroma, full of visual purity and capable of giving the great joy only her submission could bring. The girl knew her proper place, and Antonio noticed the polite deference to her Master's will. He answered honestly and she answered without drifting from the question: two signs that brought joy to His heart. If Erika had any flaws it was that she would not focus on one thing. Now, thanks to Him, what the doctors had called Adult Onset Attention Deficit Disorder was completely under control. He taught her how to meditate, and how to focus her mind on one task at a time. Now Erika was more successful then ever at work, and in her personal life. His joy was immeasurable, for it was His gift to her and reciprocally her gift to Him.

"Master?" her eyes still downcast, her black hair pulled back in a pony tail, her neck adorned by a leather collar over the silver and gold necklace with the Chinese inscriptions "slave to her Master by choice and desire" that was her true collar.

"Yes, little one."

"Do you think this will be enough for her, to continue to spar with you?"

"No, sweet girl of Mine. I think she needs far more than this to fulfill her own destiny. She's a strong woman in a difficult line of work. One that takes her to the very edge on many levels, but she is missing that which you were missing; someone to take her and hold her on the very edge till she realizes that she needs Him, more than the edge itself."

"This little one agrees with you Sir."

Antonio looked at His slave, the radiance of her naked figure kneeling before Him. He walked over to her, leaving the lithe limp body of Andrea on the mat. Her short cropped blonde hair sticking to her face with the drying sweat of her perilous sparing match with a far superior opponent. He looked at His girl as he walked towards her. The nipples pierced by round rings. The rings held a silver chain that formed a triangle dangling from them. At the bottom of the triangle a weighted medallion with the ying and the yang symbol tugging at her nipples. The image of beauty and elegance filled His mind. Only His girl could look so wonderful after her own workout with Andrea, and later with Him. The sweat still shimmered on her body. The sweat of a workout He had demanded from her.

He stood before her for a moment. Dropping his Gi to the floor in front of her, he raised her eyes to Him. The smile on her face showing the she had been hoping the He would use her to release the pleasure the sparing workouts had brought. His hand took her pony tail and he pulled her head backwards placing her lips over His erection. Erika parted her lips, obeying a silent command. Antonio plunged his manhood into her mouth, allowed her saliva to lubricate it, and pulled out. He repeated the process until her mouth was fully able to accept His thrust and not damage her throat as it pushed deep into oral cavity.

He pistoned into her mouth slowly for a few moments, allowing her to gather her willpower and then thrust deep into her throat and held her face against his groin; she held her breath. Erika's face turned red, and He could feel her gag reflex massaging the tip of His cock. He held his place. Carefully watching for the tell tale signs that she had reached the limit as it existed at this moment. Seeing her reach it, he backed away slowly and perched the tip of His cock on her bottom lip. Erika gasped for air and pulled against His firm grip on her pony tail. The wench wanted more, but it was not time for her to get there yet. No, this was going to take some time, and Antonio was going to teach her patience; one more time!

He grabbed His cock and caressed her lips; leaving trails of pre cum for her to lap up. Always give the girl a reward for trying to expand her own limits, he thought to himself. A smile crossed his eyes and He made sure Erica noticed as her tongue hungrily took in His flavor.

"Spit on it, wench!"

Erika obeyed and spit on the tip of her Master's delightful member. He could see her eyes fully dilated with pleasure, absorbing every photon of light bouncing off of His cock. The girl was in lust and now was the crucial teaching moment for Him.

"Spit on it again, girl. Do it well and you'll have a taste of it in the back of your throat!"

Erika did as she was told. The tug of war between her head, and His grip on her pony tail was vigorous and through that connection Antonio could tell exactly her level of desire. He fed her his cock and watched her nurse upon it. He let her lick the tip of it and suck the mushroom head into her mouth. His cock slit probed deeply by her experienced tongue, trying to find the origin of the nectar He was about to feed her. He pumped his cock several times, agonizingly slow. Pulling the glistening member from her lips and then plunging back deep inside of her; holding her tight against the shaved groin she maintained ritually for Him. Just as she was purely shaven, so was He; both of them by her expert hands, using a straight razor sharpened and honed by Him.

"That's it girl, suck that cock! Show Me your desire girl… Show Me!"

He fed her his cock and could feel her tongue lapping the big vein underneath as he drove past her lips, down her tongue and into the delicious throat of hers; cutting off her ability to breath. He held his cock there. He held the pressure against the back of her head. Again He watched for the signs of Erika's limit. He held it there, and felt her tongue caressing the vein, coaxing Him closer and closer to release. Erika was oblivious to her inability to breath. He could see her face turning red and tears streaming from her eyes and yet she continued to push him deeper into her mouth. Erika had an amazing ability to hold her breath and was completely relaxed, allowing her gag reflex to stroke the head of His cock and still not worry; she was His to do as He willed and she had no fear – complete trust.

Antonio waited to the last second and the eased the pressure on her throat. Erika gagged and pushed back against His pull but He knew she had reached a new limit. His strength was no match for her protest and He pulled his cock out of her mouth. The girl looked up in supplication, her face red with the struggle her body functions acknowledged, and her eyes covered with tears, and He held her there; enjoying the feelings of the moment. As soon as He was sure she had regained enough oxygen into her body, he plunged into her mouth, fully using her now. He had found her new limit and was going to keep her right on the edge, till he unloaded a full load of cum down her throat. His cum being the only thing that would reward her for the patience and trust she was showing.

The embers that had been started by the sparring with Erika, and fueled by the no holds barred fight with Andrea, were now blazing inside of His body. His struggle to gain control over the situation reached a pinnacle and Antonio announced through His guttural groan, that Erika was about to receive her well deserved reward.

- - - - ǽ - - - -

Andrea awoke just as Antonio started to fuck Erika's mouth. Andrea had been told that the position Erika was in, was called Nadu and it was one of the many positions that her friend had been taught by her Master. It was a position that in a very subtle way either said, she was or was not open to being used. Andrea noticed that Erika's palms were up, and now she remembered that they had been turned upward as the spar with Antonio started, and remembered noticing the Erika's legs had spread further open every time Andrea landed a blow, and every time Antonio landed a good blow.

The memory of the deliciously vicious blows Antonio had landed on her small frame tingled right down to her clit. Her grogginess was an added bonus of being beaten by Him with that incredibly difficult faint with which He had thrown her off balance. His kick had knocked her breath away with delicious pain coursing throughout her entire being. She fell to the mat with the force of His kick, and the full limp weight of her body; again driving delicious pain down her entire frame. Her hand instinctually reached for her pussy, and Andrea found the moistness she knew would be there. Her fingers encircled her clit and she caressed left to right over her fully engorged clit. There was nothing like the feeling of pain to drive her to her sensual apex.

Andrea watched her friend's mouth being used and the tears streaming down her face and realized that Erika was in as much ecstasy as she was feeling; but each was feeling it for a different reason, from the same Man. Why weren't there more Men like Antonio? She slapped her clit forcefully several times in perfect rhythm with Antonio's forceful fucking of her friends face. The pleasure was very intense; visually and physically. Andrea focused on her clit, the pain in her jaw, her ass, back and chest. She rubbed her clit harder and took her other hand and cupped her breast allowing her thumb and index finger squeezing her nipples to the very edge of agony and then just a bit more. Her fingers left her clit and began to piston deeply into her cunt.

Andrea found the spot she was looking for: That nice fleshy mound inside her pussy that not only magnified the sensations, but allowed her cum to build up pressure inside of her body. She fucked her cunt with the wild abandon that an undisciplined woman did as her sensations, both visual and physical, were heightened. She drove herself to the very edge of orgasm and pushed harder; trying desperately to achieve the orgasms she had seen Erika have with Antonio, even when Antonio wasn't there. She felt the wild fire raging in her body, and felt her belly quiver with the crest of her orgasm and then she released. The waves of her orgasm unnoticed and the gushing of her cum squirting out of her pussy drenched the mat in front of her. Uncontrollable spasms coursing through her entire body, her vaginal muscles squeezed cum out of her in long streams of cum, emptying her of orgasmic energy.

- - - - ǽ - - - -

Antonio's focused attention gained control of His orgasm and fucked his girl's mouth gently. He gave her the time she needed to build up her own orgasmic feelings and feed them His cock to stoke those embers around the fire into full flame. All the many months of training His girl had paid off and He knew she was reaching her own crest. Now it was time for both of them to ride that crest towards the beach like surfers riding the big waves on the shores of Australia. Antonio drove his cock mercilessly in and out of Erika's face and watched her tears continue to roll down her face. His grip on her pony tail loosening and replaced by both of His hands around her face, steadying her for a good face fuck.

Erika felt her Master's hands on her face and knew that she had to squeeze her vaginal muscles and drive her own intensity to match his. Soon would come the words she longed to hear and she would gulp his cum greedily. Erika felt her medallion bouncing and swinging tugging at her nipple rings. The sensation so close to painful was wonderfully inside her own limits and thus was incredibly pleasurable. She took her time, squeezed her vaginal muscles and relaxed her throat so that her Master could have full access to her body.

The only thing she knew at the moment was that her Master loved her, and that He was completely in control and she was "safe" in His use of her body. He had taken her close to her limit several times, each time arousing her in ways that no man had ever been able to. The power of His control over her body was unmatched and unmistakable. There was no doubt in her mind that she was being taught patience and she would not let her Master down. Erika would only cum on his command, and if He decided she would not cum right now, that was in her best interest. She focused on squeezing her muscles, and relaxing her throat. She pushed hard against his cock and tugged against His push to come out of her mouth. The truth was that deep inside of her was the drive to push Him over the edge and to make Him cum before He wanted to, that little bit of feistiness in her. But, she knew that it was not going to happen; it had never happened in the two years they had been together and she had many lash marks to prove to her He was in charge.

The thrusts from Him intensified and she knew it was about to happen. Erika steadied herself and focused on being the receptor of His desire. It was now the time for her to show her commitment to Him and to her submission. He would cum exactly when He was ready and she was only there to accept Him. The world slipped from her grasp and she felt herself leaving her own body. This was a sensation that could only be achieved when she allowed herself to be patient and to be the woman she was born to be. This was the moment when she became the lover and nurturer of her Master and all feelings and sensations belonged to Him because He had given them to her; every one of them.

"Take My cum, wench" Antonio ordered, his voice husky and revealing the desire in his loins, and clear also revealing he still had his own senses under control.

Erika felt his first spasm and then the subsequent eruption of cum hit her throat and she swallowed it. Then she felt the second orgasmic wave course through His body and exit through the burning flesh in her mouth. Another squirt of cum hit her mouth, this one she allowed to lay on her tongue so that the full flavor of her Master's cum would fill her senses. Again she felt his orgasmic wave travel from His toes up to his belly, down to His balls and then out of His delicious cock onto her mouth filling it full and she allowed some of it to dribble down her chin. Then she felt him slowly pull out of her body, having given her three waves worth of cum and now using the last wave to bathe her face with the hot jism that her face craved. Each orgasmic wave punctuated with a deep guttural groan that echoed from her own body in response to Him.

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