tagLetters & TranscriptsAnother Day, Another Sex Fantasy

Another Day, Another Sex Fantasy


I can't imagine a scenario that sounds even remotely realistic for this to ever happen but I had a fantasy late last night (when I couldn't sleep)involving you, two guys and a woman with a strap-on as I sat back and just watched the fun.

At least in my imagination you seemed to enjoy laying on your back on a bench or table that put you at the perfect height for the woman to stand between your wide spread legs and press the strap-on into you as you reached out and gently stroked each hard cock on either side of you as the men stood next to you enjoying your stroking hands and gently played with your breasts and nipples.

Everything happened very slowly in my mind. Your hands moved slowly as you turned your head from side to side to look at each of the strange men's hard cocks. The woman between your legs is naked except for the strap-on and she moves slowly but with gentle force in and out of you. You obviously (even in my fantasy) aren't interested much in her except for the pleasure she is giving you with her dildo. There is no sound in my imagination either. Maybe a little soft moaning and deep breathing but it's all so subtle and not at all over the top sex screaming like in most porn movies.

It's more of a sensual act than a sexual one. Each man holds one of your ankles to allow you to relax your legs as they take on the task of holding them up, out and back to give the woman full access to slowly fuck you. Your stroking them is more an attempt to keep your hands busy rather than trying to get them off. You handle them as if you are fascinated by them. You are gentle and slow and your eyes only leave each cock to shift and examine the other. Slowly as you begin to enjoy the dildo inside you more and more you close your eyes completely but continue to slowly stroke and squeeze each hard cock in your hands.

The woman is somehow getting pleasure from the fucking she is giving you because I can see her begin to close her eyes as well and arch her back slightly as the pace of her penetrating strokes increase ever so slightly and I can tell the force she is fucking you with has increased as well. Still she isn't full on fucking hard and fast like you might expect, her restraint is impressive and sexy. You are arching your back now as your climax approaches and your hands are squeezing harder and moving more quickly with a new intent to get these men to cum.

Although one of my favorite fantasies is to watch you suck another man's cock in this fantasy you don't. Your stroking increases as your orgasm builds and I can see in the faces of your anonymous male lovers that their orgasms are not far away. The woman fucking you never stops and as you reach that peak and begin to release she also begins to moan a little louder and shudders but never stops sliding in and out of you as she obviously shares your waves of orgasm with her own.

Soon, even as you are still coming down from your orgasm one of your men makes the loudest noise either of them has made so far and his body almost jerks back away from your hand as his first shot of warm cum spurts out onto your right breast. You continue stroking him watching his cock closely as he spasms two and three more times each time adding to the cum splattered on your chest. As soon as he slowly pulls away from you (over sensitive I'm sure from a powerful hand job orgasm) you turn your head to face the man on your left.

The man on your right has slowly started rubbing his cum around your breast and nipple and soon kneels down to lick it off of you. This apparently has a positive effect on the man on your left and that combined with your continued jacking motion forces him to also begin cumming. His cum shoots out with slightly more force than the first man and actually lands partially on the right hand lovers nose as he licks his cum off your perfect tits.

More cum jets out of the left mans hard cock and soon after he follows suit and begins rubbing his own cum into your left breast and licking it lightly off. The woman has pulled out of you and the empty feeling between your legs is replaced by her hand gently placed full palm against your sex almost as if to calm and sooth it back to normalcy. All three of them are treating your body to a gentle loving appreciation that even I can feel or sense from across the room where I sit and watch.

You appear as if you may have gone to sleep or passed out from all of this attention and you orgasmic release moments before but the smile on your face is undeniable and proof that you enjoyed and are enjoying your new found lovers attentions. The men have finished lovingly licking your breasts clean and each moves up to give you a brief kiss on the lips. You lick and taste each mans lips and tongues which surprises me as they are coated lightly with each other's cum but as this is probably just a sign of gratitude and appreciation from you.

The woman moves up after gently rubbing her full hand massaging your well used pussy to kiss you gently on each pussy lip and surprisingly again you do not protest or shy away. I assume again you are just happy to have had such a sensual sexual experience even if it did involve another woman.

As the three lovers dress and leave you stay lying naked on your back and again I am only sure you haven't passed out or fallen asleep because you occasionally shift slightly and let out long breaths of satisfaction.

After they've gone I undress, move over to you and pick your naked prone body up and move it to the bed where I lovingly cover you and slide in naked next to you for a short nap before we have to return to reality.

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