tagErotic CouplingsAnother Football Season... Ch. 04

Another Football Season... Ch. 04


By mid season I'd settled into a routine of seeing Sam on Sunday's and hooking up with Mark during Monday Night Football.

Sam proved to be a passionate lover preparing all kinds of romantic settings at his place and taking the time to make sure I was totally satisfied before worrying about his own pleasure. His beautiful cock continued to fit all three of my pleasure pots perfectly. He took a profound liking to anal sex, like most men, especially anal sex doggie style. By the eighth week of the regular season my ass had molded its self to the shape of his bulging cock and I looked forward to his weekly assaults from behind.

Mark on the other hand was only interested in a quick wam bang type of fucking. I often had time to do a little shopping before meeting him where ever for a quick hot fuck which was perfectly okay with me since I'd have something to bring home proving to my zombied husband that I was actually going shopping.

Both of my new lovers couldn't wait for me to pleasure their cocks with my mouth and throat and as the season progressed I felt I'd become somewhat of an expert at sucking cock. I know I absolutely loved the feel of throbbing cock meat in my mouth and the awesome taste of a man's cum load.

Week nine of the season afforded an opportunity for me to have a special night out since the league had a Thursday night game scheduled. After two months of meeting up with my two new lovers I decided it was time for a little one night excitement.

After a quick dinner Barry announced that he was going over to Jim's place to watch the game.

"Okay I may catch a movie or something." I said as he stood up from the dinner table.

"Could be a late night Peg." Barry said adding. "The game doesn't start til 8."

"No problem honey. I'll try for an eight o'clock show so we should be home about the same time." I replied.

Barry headed off to the den with the sports section and I cleaned up the dishes loaded the dishwasher and started it.

When I finished I walked into the den and Barry looked up from his paper.

I smiled as I approached him letting my hips sway seductively with each step. Barry noticed and folded the paper placing it on the end table beside his favorite chair.

I moved to one side of his legs and slowly sat down in his lap. Wiggling my ass against his thighs I said. "Wanna skip the game and have a little fun tonight baby?"

Barry smiled and said. "But baby, Jim and the guys are expecting me."

I felt my face flush with anger. "Too bad babe I would have let you cum in my mouth." I said realizing I wasn't going to seduce him.

"Want me to wake you when I get home Margaret?" Barry offered knowing it had been weeks since he last slammed his fat cock inside me.

"What so you can have your game and fuck me too?" I growled.

Barry knew he'd pissed me off and didn't try to make things right. "Well maybe you'll still be horny tomorrow night." He offered.

If he only knew that I hadn't been the least bit horny since the preseason when I first started finding cock that wasn't so interested in football.

I grabbed the paper and got up. "I'll just find a movie or something to keep me occupied tonight while your having fun at Jim's." I said.

As I thumbed through the paper looking for the movie show times I realized that I'd just slipped up a little offering that maybe something besides a movie would keep me busy tonight. I hoped Barry hadn't caught it or believed that the something would be another shopping trip.

Barry stood up and moved behind me his hands coming to rest on my hips. "We'll go out tomorrow night for dinner then come back here for a nice romantic evening together." He promised whispering in my ear.

"I'd like that baby." I replied as I folded the paper and dropped it back on the table.

"Have fun at Jim's." I said as I began to move away from him toward the stairs.

"Should be a great game tonight." Barry said as I left the room.

I was still pissed off at him as I made my way up stairs to our bed room. I thought to myself. "Fuck the movie I am going to go out and see if I can find some other football zombie that could be torn away from his addiction by the chance of fucking some strange pussy."

After two months of sex with Sam and Mark it was time for some new excitement. Something quick hard and fast perhaps. I giggled to myself as I thought. Maybe even some black meat. Now that's what I call exciting.

As I slipped out of my clothes and stood before the full length mirror on the inside of my closet door viewing my lush body clad only in a black lace thong and bra set I thought. "So where do I find a nice thick black cock?"

In an instant it dawned on me. A sports bar, there would certainly be any number of potential black cocks hanging around watching the game that would jump at the chance of fucking a creamy white MILF instead of watching twenty two grown men beat on each other for three hours.

Not wanting to draw too much attention to myself and looking like I was really headed to a dark movie theater I slipped on a pair of jeans and a bulky sweater with a pair of tennis shoes. If Barry even noticed me he'd be certain to think I was headed to a movie.

This wasn't exactly the kind of outfit I'd normally choose if I was going out on the prowl so I slipped a small bottle of perfume into my purse so when I got to the sports bar I'd at least smell seductive even if I wasn't looking the part.

I mussed up my hair a bit and added a tiny bit of gel but held off on any more lip gloss until I got out of the house.

"I'm outta here." I announced as I crossed in front of the doorway to the den where Barry was back to reading his paper.

"Have a good night Peg." He replied without looking up from the paper.

As I backed the Benz out of the garage I decided I would drive across town to Flannagan's Pub instead of the sports bar a couple miles from home. There was less of a chance that I'd run into someone I or Barry knew across town.

Flannagan's parking lot was almost full when I pulled in. I found a space in the back row and pulled the Benz to a stop. Flipping down the visor I looked at my reflection in the vanity mirror. I thought. "Do I really wanna go through with this? Do I really wanna go in here and try to seduce some strange brother?" Do I really wanna let some unknown black stud stuff me full of hard cock." I grinned at myself as I thought. "Absolutely!"

Some pink lip gloss a squirt of perfume behind each ear and one between my lush tits for good measure and I was ready for the challenge.

As I walked across the lot toward the entrance I noticed an awful lot of pick up trucks and SUVs not to mention the row of motorcycles in the spaces just outside the door. Maybe Flannagan's was too much of a red neck bar for any brothers to hang there. I'd soon find out.

I pushed the door open and stepped inside. Hardly any one in the place which was packed noticed me as I entered. They were all engrossed in conversation or too busy sloshing down bottles of beer to notice one lonely MILF come in.

The place was smoke filled loud and had the stench of spilled beer. A bakers dozen flat screen TV's were all tuned into the pregame show and at first glance every male in the place was as white as Larry the Cable Guy, and most likely waiting for the chance to utter his favorite phrase "Git er Done"

As I walked toward the bar I thought. "Maybe I'd have to settle for some fat red neck cock instead."

Nearing the bar I spotted an empty stood. Unfortunately it was between two groups of good olde boys wearing flannel shirts tight jeans and biker boots. Not the best place to sit if I was going to attract the attention of a black stud if one was actually in the place.

I passed on sitting where I'd be between red neck book ends and instead found a seat at a high table near the back of the place below one of those flat screens mounted on the wall. I don't normally smoke but carry a pack for the occasional time when a cigarette helps relax me so I pulled the pack out of my purse and placed it on the table.

"What can I get ya?" The young waitress asked as she approached.

Normally I'd order a glass of white wine or some fruity drink but in this place I figured go with the flow. "How about a draft." I replied.

"Bud Coors or Yuengling?" She quickly replied.

Not knowing much about beer I choose the one I was most familiar with. "Bud please." I replied.

"Got ya." She answered as she turned to walk away.

As I waited for her to return I tried surveying the place. Every face was white and the few women all seemed to be attached to their men at the hip. Perhaps I'd have one beer then try another place.

As the game started the youthful waitress returned with my beer. "You here to watch the game?" She asked as she placed the pilsner glass on a coaster in front of me.

I grinned at her and replied. "Actually I'm here to watch the men watching the game."

She smiled at me then leaned closer to say. "Well be careful by half time these guys can get pretty rowdy."

As I listened to her words of advice I noticed the door from outside swing open. A very large black man stepped through and stopped to survey the place.

"Think I may have found what I'm looking for. Thanks." I said.

She turned her head and instantly saw the same burly black stud that I just noticed.

"Franklin!" She exclaimed obviously knowing the target of my challenge.

I grinned at her as she continued. "He's a really big dude hun. You sure you're up to it?"

My continued grin told her I was willing to try.

"Good luck with that one hun." She remarked.

She turned and walked away and I thought I noticed her shaking her head as she did.

Franklin must be nearly six feet eight inches tall. Strong wide shoulders and closely cropped hair. As he approached the bar his brilliant smile caught my attention. He spoke with nearly everyone he passed telling me he is a regular here at Flannagan's.

He leaned into the bar next to the waitress station and ordered a beer. The bartender handed it to him as he leaned down to listen to something my young waitress was telling him.

His smile broadened as she spoke and he turned his head to look in my direction. I smiled widely at him then lifted my glass to take a healthy gulp of it's amber contents.

Franklin again looked at the young girl then spoke next to her ear before turning and facing the bar.

I didn't expect him to come running across the place just because he was told I was interested in him, but for the next several minutes he never returned his attention toward me. He wore a pair of black dress pants, a black tee shirt under an equally black sport coat. In fact the only thing not black about this huge stud of a man was his brilliant white smile and the gold jewelry that adorned each and every finger.

When he didn't even glance at me again for several minutes I figured he wasn't interested in what the young waitress had told him. I can't blame him after all I certainly wasn't dressed to impress such an awesome black stud.

As I finished my beer I thought perhaps I would just leave when the waitress approached with a fresh pilsner glass full of Bud.

"I didn't order another beer." I said.

She smiled and replied. "This one's on Franklin."

I returned her smile with one of my own then said. "Well thank the fine gentleman for me."

"I will." She answered then added. "But Franklin is anything but a gentle man." Her pause between the word gentle and man made it clear she had first hand knowledge of his sexual personality.

Her warning did little but to excite me about the possibility of rough sex with such a monster of a man.

I watched as she returned to her station then spoke up toward Franklin's ear. His brilliant white smile again flashed as he turned and raised his bottle of beer toasting my appreciation of his gesture.

While I still had his undivided attention I slipped my purse over my shoulder and slide off the stool. Franklin turned to face me fully as I began walking toward him trying my best to walk as seductively as possible wearing tennis shoes.

His eyes watched intently as I approached.

"Thank you Franklin." I said raising my glass toward him again.

"Your welcome." He replied extending the most enormous hand I'd ever seen.

I placed my tiny hand in his and as we shook hands I said. "I'm Margaret pleased to meet you."

"The pleasure is all mine." Franklin replied.

I seized the opportunity to let this incredible specimen of African American meat know where I hoped the evening would go and said. "Hopefully the pleasure won't be all yours." A broad flashy smile on my lips.

His raised eye brows acknowledged that he understood completely what I meant and he wasted no time responding by slipping his hand around my waist and pulling me closer to him.

Franklin stood a good thirteen inches taller than me and I strained looking up at his face. I didn't try to move away and in fact pressed my hip against his thigh.

He leaned down and spoke directly into my ear. "What brings you to this dump of a place Margaret?"

"Football." I replied.

"You like watching football?" He asked.

"Hate it!" I answered then added. "But I like men and football attracts men."

Franklin smiled again and from my close proximity his smile seem to warm the air between us.

"I had a shot at the pros but I tore up my knee my senior year at State and had to give up those dreams." Franklin offered.

"Too bad. I replied then said. "You certainly look like a football player."

"Fortunately my coach had rules about studying and I was able to land a good job after graduation and now I don't have to worry about what I'll do after a pro career." He explained.

By this time it was nearly half time so when Franklin finished his beer and leaned down to ask. "Let's blow this place baby." I was more than happy to agree.

I smiled and replied. "Yes let's blow this place and then I can blow you."

His eye brows raised again and he let his hand slip down from my waist to gently grasp my ass.

"You're one hell of a MILF Margaret." Franklin said.

I laughed then replied. "You're the second man who thinks I'm a MILF. I'm glad you like fucking mothers."

Franklin threw a twenty on the bar waved to the bartender and our waitress then motioned with his huge hand toward the door. I was amazed at the size his fingers they must have been over six inches long.

As Franklin pulled the door open for me I reached out and touched his hand. "Is it true what they say about the size of a man's hand?" I asked.

Franklin smiled and said. "What is it exactly that they say Margaret?"

I grinned and replied. "Well I've heard that the size of a man's hand is a direct correlation to the size of his cock."

As we stepped out into the chilly night air he took my hand and moved it to his crotch. "You tell me baby." Franklin said as he pressed my hand against his cock.

I turned to face him keeping my hand firmly pressed against his cock. Looking up into his face I said. "I can't wait to feel this throbbing in my mouth."

"You're quite the little slut aren't you?" Franklin replied.

I giggled and replied. "Only during football season baby."

As we walked across the lot Franklin asked. "Where do you wanna go Margaret?"

"Well my place is out how about yours babe?" I asked in reply.

"My car's right here." He said pointing to a gleaming black Chrysler 300 sedan.

I didn't mention that he had parked right next to my Benz.

He opened the passenger side door and I immediately noticed that Franklin obviously had the driver's seat repositioned to give him the necessary leg room.

I slipped into the dark gray leather bucket seat and watched as this monstrous black stud walked around the front of the car. While I watched I thought perhaps it wasn't a good idea to drive off to parts unknown with this basically total stranger but something told me I shouldn't let him know the Benz beside us was mine.

I decided it would be best to just be a quick suck n fuck with him.

As Franklin settled into the drivers seat I turned to face him and reached between his strong mammoth thighs. Finding his cock shaft I began stroking my hand along the full length.

"I think I'd like to suck this big cock right here and now baby." I whispered.

He grinned and replied. "Go for it!"

My tiny fingers found the tab of his zipper and pulled it down. Franklin reached down and undid his belt and opened the clasp on the front of his slacks.

"You gonna need a little more room." He said.

My hand slipped beneath the elastic waist band of his boxers and found the growing shaft of his cock. It instantly began to pulse and surge hardening under my delicate touch.

Franklin lifted his hips and pushed his slacks down around his knees and as he settled back down into the leather bucket seat I pulled his massive cock out of his boxers.

My fingers hardly circled the thick shaft and as I stroked him it continued to swell and grow in length.

"My god how big does it get!" I exclaimed as it stood a good nine inches above my hand.

He ginned again and said. "Biggest one you'll ever have babe."

It's surging shaft was topped with a wide flaring corona and a huge head. My mouth watered in anticipation of trying to take his enormous cock inside. I knew already I'd never be able to take the whole thing. That gargantuan cock head would rip my throat apart if I tried to swallow it.

I kicked off my tennis shoes and opened my jeans pushing them down off my legs. Turning more toward him I got up on my knees and moved my mouth over his now rock hard cock.

"Suck it!" Franklin demanded.

Opening my lips as wide as possible I slipped them around his huge cock head and over the flaring corona.

Franklin moaned deeply as the warmth and wetness of my mouth surrounded his cock head. His cock tasted pungent with a twang of urine distinctly noticeable at first. My wet mouth quickly absorbed the taste and I swallowed letting it coat my throat.

I steadied myself with one hand while I used the other to jack his cock and massage his equally huge balls.

My lips and tongue worked over his cock head coating it with a shimmering film of hot saliva. As I pressed more of his cock inside my mouth his huge hand came to rest on the back of my head.

"Suck it!" He repeated.

I let him slip from my mouth and used my tongue and moist lips to spread the hot saliva over the entire length of his cock shaft lifting his balls to lick and suckle at them when I reached the base of his huge cock.

Franklin moved his left hand to my head and slide his right down my spine to my ass. He had no trouble slipping his long middle finger past my ass and into the wet folds of my already twitching pussy.

His finger found my clit and he quickly applied rotating pressure on the hard nub. I cooed softly as his finger worked it's magic on my clit.

Again taking his cock in my mouth I sucked hard on the head drawing my cheeks in tightly around it as I fucked him with my hot wet mouth.

"God damn woman that feels fuckin good!" Franklin exclaimed.

His finger drove in and out of my wet pussy and each time he reached maximum penetration I sucked harder on his cock.

I wanted this massive black cock buried inside me. I wanted to ride this incredible black stallion until he exploded inside me. I had to feel that beautiful black cock head slamming into my cervix that surging black cock shaft stretching my pussy to the hilt.

And I begged him. "Fuck me baby. Gimme this big black cock now."

He almost lifted me up over him. My head pressed against the head liner I reached down and pulled the fabric of my thong out of the way.

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