Another Mom and Son Story


"Mom your breasts are fantastic I cannot believe we did not go to Spain."

"And what would have happened in Spain?"

"I would have seen how great you look naked. When we got home I would have been hiding under your bed to see more. You have a fantastic body Mom, very sexy, very hot."

"Thank you sweetie, how long do you get to touch?" Way to kill a compliment. I realized I may not have too much longer although my breast work had to feel good.

"Everything I can see I want to touch." I tried.

I started massaging her breasts a little harder and moved closer. I was taller than her when we were standing, with both of us kneeling on the bed we were close to the same height. My hard cock poked into her lower stomach I released her left breast and moved my right hand to gently grab her ass.

"Honey you are poking me."

"Mom I'm trying to massage your fantastic ass," I shuffled a little closer poking a little harder. I was proud of my cock for staying horizontal. Her bare breast was touching my chest my other hand was keeping up constant contact with her nipple.

"You need to move your cock son," she spoke firmly.

"Okay Mom," I released her ass pushed my cock down below her crotch, moved forward as far as I could, my cock bounced up into her pubic hair covered pussy lips, settling in her very wet labia, the length of my cock was nestled in the length of her pussy.

Boy she was wet. Before she could speak I moved my right hand back to her ass & smoothly slid it down her ass crack to her pussy. I moved my fingers into her pussy lubing them up and then slid 2 very wet fingers up her ass crack to her asshole where I stopped and started touching her. I kept sliding 2 fingers up and down her ass crack across her closed little hole.

"Honey," that was a good sign, her face was inches from mine I got the feeling she was waiting for me to kiss her, I did not want to confuse sexual groping with kissing.

"How much longer do you need to do this? You need to move your cock" It occurred to me there was not much else she could say, given most of what I was doing she had partly agreed to.

"Mom I love touching your body, I need to touch it all over."

"Well move down." She apparently believed if I lowered my body my cock would drop away from her soaking wet pussy. My erect cock was reaching for gold. I slowed my movement, my cock head still touching her pussy. I pretended to lower my body as ordered. I put my lips around her left breast, she made her first groan of the evening.

"Mmmm, honey you need to stop..." I sucked her erect nipple into my mouth proceeded to suck and blow it in and out of my mouth maintaining a vacuum as the nipple slid easily. No more sounds from her but it had to feel good.

My right hand was sliding two wet fingers up and down her ass crack making sure every pass went gently over her little brown hole, my mouth was caressing her left nipple, my left hand was increasing contact with her right boob as my penis started to enter her soft, warm incredibly wet vagina. Suddenly my cock head was in. I hoped the multiple location attack would delay her noticing penis entry.

"Sweetie this is supposed to be only touching and quite frankly you are way beyond touching you need to back off and pull out."

"Mom I can't help myself you are so hot and sexy," she started to move away from me signaling an end to my fun.

"Sorry Mom just let me massage your legs and tummy." She stopped the exit action and looked at me with an impatient frown.

"Just lie down on the bed face up head on the pillow."

"Alright time is running out son." She lay down on her back arms by her side legs together, eyes watching me.

I started sliding my hands over her legs as I positioned myself kneeling next to her, both of us were still on the bed. I quickly slid my hands up her body to her breasts massaging them with vigor her nipples 'popping back' as my hands slid over them. I detected a very low purr from her mouth. Her eyes were closed. I concentrated on her breasts the head of my penis flopping onto her belly button as I leaned forward to work her boobs. Her eyes stayed closed.

"Mom spread your legs like before, I have an idea." She opened her eyes to give me a look of what the hell are you up to.

I slid back to allow her to lift her legs and then spread them wide. I moved between her legs and leaned forward massaging her breasts, my erect cock flopped onto her vagina as I rubbed and tweaked nipples. Before she could speak to claim penis on vagina contact was not permitted I slid my body down, my penis slid off her wet pussy and down the bed. I moved my arms outside of her thighs then grabbing the thighs as I recommenced working her beautiful breasts. My face was now hovering over her pussy. I lowered my chin onto her vagina, hands working her nipples and breasts as hard as I dared.

"Just touching Mom" I lied. She looked down her body. Legs spread wide apart, son working her tits like I was keeping her alive with my skills, pussy lips apart the wetness obvious, my chin resting on her pussy. She laid her head back on the pillow, eyes closed. I moved my head to allow my tongue to very slowly touch the top of her vagina above her clitoris.

She was so very wet, I quickly eased my tongue into her pussy, feeling her clit. I moved my tongue under the skin folds rapidly touching and rubbing. The underside of my tongue slid across her erect clit fast and with pressure, I could feel the pussy juices flowing. After a couple of minutes I moved my tongue down her vagina. My tongue was as deep in between her labia as I could force it. My hands were constantly touching and massaging both her breasts rubbing nipples between thumb and first finger. Tongue was buried in her pussy. Juices were flowing,

No matter how good it felt I was sure Mom would not let this multiple erogenous zone assault go on too long, she was doing this for poker glory. She had agreed to the rules I was bending into two but she was still in control and mostly under control. I had not detected any body shaking orgasm (I had no idea what Mom's orgasm felt or sounded like). She was obviously enjoying the contact. Juices were flowing, erogenous zones had to be very sensitive but I assumed she was still in control. My time was running out.

"Lift your ass" I commanded. She lifted her legs high and back to counter balance her weight in this position, securing my head between her thighs. My hands slid down her breasts a little but stayed in nipple contact touching and tweaking as my head slid down her pussy my nose pressed against the bottom of her pussy. I could feel the juices flowing out of her vagina running down the sides of my nose as my tongue plunged in and out o her soft wet lips. There was so much pussy juice it was trickling out of her pussy down to her asshole. I could not smell or taste ass but the thought made me hornier and braver. I had never been near a girlfriend's ass with Mom it seemed like something I had to do.

"Mmmm, stop it honey," she whispered as my tongue tickled her asshole quickly returning to her pussy. Her body denied her words her asshole relaxed and opened. My tongue shot into her little hole, pussy juice mixed with saliva as my tongue moved quickly around the exterior of her hole then darted back into her ass. Her ass opened a little more, I heard another moan. My hands were still working her large heavy breasts and erect nipples. She made a deeper guttural moan, tried to tell me to stop, the words were not spoken before she started a new faster breathing.

She had been breathing loudly since I had slid my penis down her pussy lips but this sound was new. I increased the pressure on her tits squeezing them harder rolling her nipples a little tighter my shoulders pushed on her thighs as my hands mashed her breasts, tongue buried deep.

I felt her leg muscles tense, her hands clamped over my hands on her tits squeezing hard. She inhaled fast and deep, started to sigh but the sound never came, instead a loud long deep moan erupted from her mouth that turned into a scream of pleasure and release. Juices flowed, her body jerked a couple of times her legs closed on my head. Her thighs pressed against my ears her breathing was loud and there was moaning, panting and little screams. My mother was having a great orgasm. Wow.

Long seconds passed I did not want to shorten her pleasure but I wanted to at least have my tongue out of Mom's ass when we started talking again. She seemed to be passed out she was breathing deeply and slowly, her body had relaxed, eyes closed. I moved away from her crotch & let go of her breasts. Her hands rested on her giant tits as I moved away. I eased her thighs together and straightened her legs down the bed leaving them at 30 degrees so I could keep on looking at her vagina. I was pretty sure this was going to be a one time event, I wanted all the memories I could get.

Those two thoughts are what moved my hands back towards her pussy lips as she laid eyes closed breathing deeply. I placed my right hand fingers together on her pussy aligning my middle finger along her lips. The finger immediately sliding in, my finger tip moving gently between her labia down towards her clitoris. My brain had not stopped working that's when I admitted to myself I wanted to have sex with my mother.

I had to be careful because it was very doubtful she was thinking the same thing. I moved my middle finger gently up and down in her pussy making contact with her clit or the skin above it but mostly a touch and then gone. She opened her eyes and looked at me, glared at me is more accurate.

"Son what the hell?" she started

"Mom I was touching, touching hard, touching fast but touching." She stared at me.

"I have never done that before with anyone," it was true, I think she could tell.

"I stayed away from your erogenous zone, your vagina (which we both knew was a lie) I knew you did not want me getting too close." I was pretty sure my Mom's asshole was an erogenous zone although I was certain now was not the time for her to debate me.

"Mom you have the hottest body, I love your body, this is by far the hottest thing I will ever do in my life." She was still staring at me expressionless my right hand was still gently moving in her sopping wet vagina I let my middle finger rest above her clitoris very slightly pushing down on it.

"I am not sorry maybe a little sorry, I have enjoyed every second I have been looking at, touching and caressing your fantastic body." I hated to admit anything got out of hand as that would be admitting I'd gone too far which I knew would put me in the wrong. She knew how we had got here, We were both adults, well nearly. I also knew if things slowed it would be impossible to restart the sexual contact. Playing cards and cash would distract both of us although it was her I was worried about. Someone famous said it first. Attack is the best form of defense.

"I am still touching you Mom, my time is running out, this is so sexy," I moved my left hand onto her right breast and gently massaged her nipple. It was erect immediately; my right hand was sliding out of her vagina. I could not maintain breast and pussy contact at the angle my body was. I flipped my hand so that the top was lying on her pussy lips. Her face was flushed she looked fantastic.

"Your time is running out young man let's say 5 more minutes, then we play poker, the final hand." The fact she was still talking poker after what appeared to have been a fantastic orgasm with her son continuing to touch her made my cock twitch.

"Five minutes Mom that's not fair," I did not wait for an answer I put my right hand still soaked with her pussy juices up to her mouth as though to stop her from speaking. My first finger touched her lips in the classic ssshh position, then my other two middle fingers so all three were across her mouth. I was touching her lips with my three middle fingers still wet with her juices. I started to slide them down until only the three finger tips were touching her lips. Her pussy smelled great mild and musty at first now just the smell of sex, all the excitement had produced new fluids that smelled and tasted of sex. There was no doubt she could smell her pussy on my fingers.

"Mom sshh if you cannot speak you cannot enforce my five minutes," not sure if the dumb lines were going to work but anything was worth a try. She opened her mouth sucked in the three finger tips down to the first knuckle and then blew them out effectively sucking the finger tips 'clean'.

"Five minutes, son."

I moved my body to her side. My right hand went back to her pussy. In deep, she was so wet sliding up the length of her vagina, dipped to her clitoris and started my relentless massaging of her pussy. Her clit was hard in seconds; I toyed with it gently at first, maintaining continuous contact. My left arm and hand were now much closer to her breasts allowing me to play with both, massaging twisting her nipples alternating between breasts always touching skin my hands never leaving her body. My penis had been erect since my Mom's skirt came off it was still very hard pointing straight out from my kneeling body.

I could see her looking at my cock.

"He has done very well don't you think Mom?" she looked up at me.

"No action but still ready for action. How are you doing?" I faked a TV sitcom star's favorite line, badly but with enough 'New York' for her to give a little smile. I leaned forward my cock bounced down touching nipple.

"Touching is so hot." I did it again leaving my cock on her right nipple, the gleam of pre cum all over the top of my penis. I increased my hand action in her pussy, the sound of sloshing juices audible, she moaned a little. I moved my soaking hand down to her asshole leaving my thumb in her pussy gently pushing my middle finger against her closed hole. I also twisted my upper body a little my cock dipped to her chin.

"Touching Mom, unbelievably hot touching." Her eyes were nearly closed.

I touched my penis onto her closed lips there was no change in her expression. I lifted it up and down like I was knocking at the door of her mouth.

"Mom I cannot believe how long I have been hard and not cum."

Her looking at my cock was making it harder. I dipped my thumb deeper into her vagina and pushed my other fingers against her asshole. She squeaked as my cock moved between her lips. She opened her mouth to speak. My fingers slid in and out of her vagina pumping her just like sex, my thumb never stopped massaging her clitoris. She groaned out loud my cock head dipped into her mouth she pursed her lips over it and blew out like she had my 3 fingers earlier. Her mouth closed but she was making noises moaning and breathing heavy. My left hand had stopped playing with her breasts, I leaned away from her face did I see a look of disappointment? I moved my left hand towards her vagina.

I completed the movement I had started by putting my left hand to her pussy. I heaved my left leg over her head and body, my foot touched the wall behind her back, my knee came down on the bedspread my legs now ran up either side of her upper body, we were in a 69 position.

I knew my five minutes were up, all I could hear was very heavy breathing and the sound of my fingers sloshing in her pussy. I moved my right hand under her right thigh straight back to her crotch my weight was now on my right elbow and lower arm, I removed my left hand from her pussy and used it to take my weight, my mouth zeroed in on her pussy, tongue ploughed into her vagina seeking and finding her clitoris. I flicked it a couple of times and lowered my right hand sliding a finger into her wet and open asshole. Her fluids were lubricating everything, my tongue and mouth locked onto her clit she gasped loudly. I lowered my hips and ass by sliding my legs up her body. All I could do was guess but I knew all this movement had mellowed my rock hard erection. I was sure my cock was pointing straight down towards her mouth. I lowered my body down felt my cock touch skin and redoubled my efforts on her vagina. Two well lubed fingers were now moving in and out of her ass, my lips were pushing into her pussy, I was rubbing the underside of my tongue across her clit pushing as hard as I could.

Mom was making some new noises a gasped inhale then blowing out air, then a moan with a few groans mixed in. I knew I could not stop my actions at her crotch, then I felt her tongue lick my cock head, I lowered my body a little. She was still moaning and breathing heavy. I could feel her breath on my cock hot and breezy. My fingers speeded up in her ass racing in and out, my tongue was slapping her clit and then sucking it hard into my mouth. I felt her lips close around my cock I lowered a little more into her mouth she was sucking cock, opening her mouth to breath down the sides of my penis. I was rock hard, after so long without coming I felt like I could stay hard forever.

I began to move my penis in and out of her mouth. Her mouth locked on to my cock as I moved out sucking me back. Each time she let go of my cock to breath I started to withdraw, then she would suck me back in. It felt fantastic. My Mom was sucking my cock while my mouth was buried in her vagina.

"Mmmm ughh," she groaned her mouth releasing my cock as she gasped for air. I added a third finger and slid it into her ass as far as I could leaving all 3 jammed in her butthole, although in the interests of full disclosure my Mom's ass was tight, all three fingers were only in to my first knuckle tightly grouped together. I plunged my tongue into her pussy, surrounding her clitoris with my mouth and sucking on her clit like my life depended on it. Then her entire body shook and vibrated, her thighs locked onto my face fluid gushed over me. Her mouth grabbed my cock and sucked on it dragging it deep into her mouth I swear I could feel the back of her throat touching my cock head. I felt her vagina muscles spasm her whole body jerked a couple of times as she came again.

We lay there not moving in the 69 position for at least a minute except for the tremors that continued through her body. My cock was rammed down her throat being sucked like candy, she was breathing through her nose, three fingers of my right hand jammed into her ass hole, my mouth locked onto her clit.

I had not cum for one reason I was busy trying to make sure she did, plus as sexy as it was to be upside down having your Mom sucking on your cock I wanted to see her face and eyes while she was sucking (Okay 2 reasons). Now I was worried we were done forever.

Her mouth released my cock I could hear her breathing fast and deep. Mom's eyes were closed like last time, actually only about 15 minutes ago. I figured she was out for a few more seconds. I collapsed my fingers a little and slide them out of her ass hole as I pushed my chest up and away from her crotch. I lifted my left leg over her body so I was back on her right side. Her vagina still looked unbelievably sexy her pussy lips were engorged, pubic hair wet and matted clearly displaying her labia. I slid the back of my left hand upside down through her pussy so wet and warm as I turned to face her.

Her nipples were puffed out, a little elongated I touched one with the same hand gently moving it under my finger.

"Sweetie that was not just touching." I knew sweetie was better than son.

"Mom you are incredible and sexy and hot and wet the most beautiful woman I have ever touched." I was not going to apologize.

She got up very slowly, her eyes looking straight at me, legs moved together forcing my hand away from her nipple. She was sitting up back to the wall her fantastic tits were hanging down nipples pointing at me, pussy shiny and exposed she looked unbelievably sexy.

"Mom I wanted to get maximum time checking out your beautiful body. I loved every second, I love your fantastic body didn't you enjoy any of it?"

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