tagNonHumanAnother Night to Remember

Another Night to Remember


Davinci tossed and turned as much as the wooden box would allow. His thoughts were consumed by Lyric. In a fog between asleep and awake he relived every detail of the night; her black dress, the satin lingerie, her exquisitely soft skin, the distinct smell of her sex. Never in his 170 years of being a vampire had he met someone like her. She was The One.

Lyric had intoxicated him from the moment he met her. The magnetism between them was incredible. Her desire for him, even after he revealed his dark secret, was unbelievable. She aroused him like no woman ever had and that arousal had him writhing about his limited space. Hours after the end of their encounter, she still stimulated his mind and his loins.

The vampire found himself fully awake, with a conspicuous erection and lingering thoughts of Lyric. Without thinking, he began stroking his hardened member; something he hadn't done in over a century. There was no need to masturbate when he could get whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted it. Yet there he was, unable to sleep and incapable of escaping the thought of her. He stroked with increasing speed, recalling the taste of her warm fluids; that of her blood and the nectar of her womanhood. Closing his eyes, he saw the image of her taking him in her mouth as she looked up at him with those innocent eyes full of determination and desire. He spilled his seed, disappointed that she wasn't there to receive it but satiated enough to finally drift back into sleep.

He rested for a few hours, but soon Davinci was awake yet again, with no hope of further slumber. He opened the lid to the wooden chest and climbed out. This was an awkward task in the daylight hours when he was stripped of all supernatural powers. He paced every inch of the darkened basement, trying to escape the thought of Lyric, but there was no escape. He kept recalling the questions that raced through her mind in the last moments of their encounter, the questions he refused to answer.

"What is The One?"

"What is this book?"

"What do I have to do to be with you?"

"Why do I have to go?"

He desperately wanted her to be his bride and share his future but it had to be her decision. Davinci could not bear to deceive her, or force his will upon her. Many vampires did just that, using their mental capabilities to mold women to their will. Even he had been guilty of it on occasion, gently nudging the psyche of a woman until she believed that she wanted nothing more than to be filled with his seed. However, he only did this in order to secure a night's meal, and considered it a crime to force an innocent into immortality. Years later, when the euphoria was gone, these unfortunate creatures became bitter and jaded at being cheated out of their humanity...like him.

Still, he thought, he hadn't handled the situation well. The book he had given her was written in Latin, a language he knew she did not speak. The illustrations would provide her with some answers but not enough to make an educated decision. In vain, he wished that he could read her thoughts at that moment. Davinci knew this was impossible, at least until sunset. It occurred to him that this was the perfect time to go to her, while he was weaker than the average mortal. He could speak to her without reading her mind, without bending her will. He decided to do just that, and prepared himself for the sunlight.

He took a cool shower, hoping to calm his heated thoughts. After he dried off, he applied sunscreen before looking for something to wear. He found a long sleeve white cotton shirt and some light colored khaki pants. The light colors would reflect some of the sunlight, making his daylight journey a bit more bearable. The ensemble served its purpose, covering as much flesh as possible while still being light enough to keep him cool. He put on a white hat and a pair of silver shades, along with the silver crucifix the vampire sometimes wore as a private joke.

He went upstairs, immediately squinting at the light that flooded in from the windows. It had been few years since he had bothered to deal with daylight, but Lyric was worth it. He stepped in front of the mirror and was satisfied that he looked fairly normal, albeit somewhat pale. He went out to the garage and immediately thought of the kiss they had shared there. He stepped into the car and inhaled the lingering aroma of her arousal; remembering how her bare flesh undulated against the leather seat as she stroked herself and moaned so musically.

When he arrived at Lyric's house, her youngest sister answered the doorbell. Thankfully, the eight year old child remembered the man who had brought roses the night before and did not hesitate to let him in. She told him that Lyric was in her room reading, and then she returned to her video games. The vampire was relieved that her room was in the basement, both because it gave them a bit of privacy and because it took him out of the direct sunlight that had already drained him.

She was an adorable sight. She had fallen asleep curled up on her bed with the Latin text in one hand and her arm draped over an open Latin-English Dictionary. He sat on the bed beside her and her eyes fluttered open. Davinci couldn't resist leaning over and kissing her soft lips. Even in his weakened state, he could feel the magnetism between them.

"Davinci? What are you doing here? What time is it?" she asked, looking up at him with a confused and sleepy gaze.

"Sweetness, I can't get you out of my mind long enough to sleep" he replied.

"So I guess the thing about the sun is a myth too," she said. She sat up and drew close to him, warming him with her angelic smile as she said, "You smell like coconut."

"It's sunscreen Lyric, and the thing about the sun isn't completely myth. Sunlight will not kill a vampire, but it is draining. We are weakened during the daylight hours. Right now I don't have any supernatural powers," I explained, "In fact; I'm rather weak even by human standards. You could probably beat me in an arm wrestling match."

She gave him a mischievous look and asked, "Wanna wrestle?"

Before he could answer she had pounced. There was a brief struggle until suddenly the vampire found himself pinned. His ego was bruised, but otherwise he was fine. More than fine, he was stimulated; by the depth of her brown eyes, by the subtle sway of her breasts as she loomed over him, and by the fact that in their current position had there not been clothes in the way she would no longer be a virgin.

She smiled down at him in a less than innocent way and leaned in for a kiss. Her lips were sweet and her body melted against his, but she kept him pinned beneath her, powerless and at her mercy.

"This isn't fair you know" Davinci said playfully, "How long do you plan on torturing me like this?"

"Torture?" She asked, "You don't look very tortured to me. In fact," she muttered as she grinded against him "it feels to me like you're having a very good time"

Indeed, he did feel very good at that moment, as her body glided over his like silk. Davinci gave up his struggle and surrendered to her and she rewarded him with another kiss. Letting go was an almost blissful feeling. He was not a monster. He was not supernatural at all. He was just a man, under the spell of a beautiful woman. He was defenseless in a way he hadn't been since before he became a vampire. But this was different. Then had been bitter enslavement but with Lyric he was a victim of enchantment and it was exquisite. At that moment, he knew that she was indeed The One with whom he would spend the rest of eternity.

"Besides," she whispered, glancing at the Latin text that had been brushed aside during our little bout, "Eventually, you will get your payback and more".

She let him go, and lay down beside him, finally revealing a small amount of fear. They held each other and talked. They discussed the ritual that she would undergo; the one outlined in the text he had given her. Davinci marveled at her intelligence because he hadn't expected her to understand so much as quickly as she did. She knew that the ritual was an extreme act of submission in which she gave herself to him. It was more than the mere process of becoming a vampire, it was an immortal marriage. She knew that the ritual was intense, and she seemed ready to face anything for him. Her love was humbling, he was in awe. He looked into her eyes and saw that she loved him... no psychological prodding, no supernatural forces; just pure human love: the kind that could withstand forever.

Ever full of surprises, Lyric got up from the bed and locked her door. As Davinci formed his lips to ask her what she was doing she removed her shirt. Drained though he was, his body responded with a rush of adrenaline, and a rush of blood to a certain place below the belt. It was his turn to pounce, and he pinned her beneath him. In the vampire's weakened state she was stronger than him, but Davinci still had a weight advantage and he used that leverage to keep her subdued. He rested his full weight on her abdomen, and she was unable to squirm away. Her attempts at escape were lackluster anyway, and he suspected she enjoyed being his captive. He pinned her arms above her head in retaliation for her actions a few minutes before and feathered her with kisses on her lips, her neck, her nipples. Remembering her response the night before, he teased her nipples mercilessly with light kisses, licks and nibbles. She whined and moaned in protest until finally he paused and smiled down at her.

"You have no idea, Lyric, the things I would do to you right now if I didn't need you to stay a virgin just a little while longer!"

He looked down at her bare, large, voluptuous breasts and had an idea. He let go of her arms, but she was too intrigued to struggle as he undid his pants revealing his arousal. She opened her mouth in expectation, but it was not her mouth Davinci was interested in. He cupped a tit in each hand and kneaded her flesh together. Slowly at first he slid into the valley he had created and as her flesh enveloped him, he picked up speed. All of her teasing had him on edge and in his weakened state he lacked his usual self control. He found himself fucking her tits at fever pace, squeezing and pinching her nipples as he did. She was no less wanton than him. Her tongue snaked out hungrily to lick his head each time it peeked out from between her breasts. With one hand she absently began to pleasure herself, the other clamped over his mouth in an attempt to keep him quiet lest someone hear them. Soon he reached the point of no return and exploded all over her. She smiled at him lustfully and began to spread the cum over her chest and stomach as if it were lotion. That act itself was so erotic that he would have pounced on her again had he not been exhausted.

"You know" she said, putting her shirt back on "We should both get some rest. We've got a big night ahead of us. I just thought I'd give myself a reason to think about you until tonight."

"This woman is amazing!" he thought. As much as he wanted to make her scream ... they both needed rest, and in addition, she had preparations to make. Davinci rearranged his clothes and got ready to leave. She smiled, kissed him playfully on the cheek and said "See you later coconut boy!"

When he got back home it was about 3 in the afternoon. Being thoroughly exhausted, he went straight to basement, into his coffin to sleep for the rest of the daylight hours...dreaming of the night to come.

Lyric on the other hand could not rest. Every nerve in her body was awake and screaming for his touch... but he needed to rest and she had preparations to make. She reached for the book that was still on the bed with the intention of studying for a while longer even though it was hard to focus. She was intrigued, excited and afraid,

but more than anything she was determined.

~The Shopping Trip~

After she was satisfied that she understood what she needed to do she decided to get up and make her preparations. She needed the proper attire based on what she had seen in the illustration. She also had to acquire the tools used in the ritual as well. That was the first test of loyalty and will, providing the instruments of her own torture. She thought about taking a shower and changing before she went out but she decided against it.

"Just to remind myself of how much I want this" she thought. If she had any doubts, her wet panties and the smell of him clinging to her would serve as reassurance.

It was a reassurance that she would need often during her shopping trip. She did some research and found an adult store that carried all the supplies she would need. (She didn't think she would have the nerve to go from store to store.) She had a cab drop her off in the area and told him to have the company send another cab for her around sunset. Once inside the shop, with some measure of shyness, she first had herself measured and inquired about purchasing a corset.

Despite Lyric's very obvious embarrassment, the pretty young woman in the store was very helpful. She was fair skinned with golden brown hair whose features hinted at the fact that she was mixed. She took the appropriate measurements and asked Lyric if there was any particular style she was looking for. Blushing and at a loss for words, Lyric fumbled through her purse for a moment before pulling out the book and showing the woman one of its illustrations. The woman nodded knowingly and set about finding something for her.

"Dammit I've got to get myself together or I'll never get this done!" she thought to herself.

She inhaled deeply, thought of Davinci and exhaled, relaxing some. The saleswoman returned with an assortment of items. There was a black lace corset with a ¼ cup, a garter with a thong, and a long, sheer robe. Lyric slipped into a dressing room to try on the ensemble and smiled with pleasure at the results. The corset was tight, but it wasn't an unpleasant restriction. It gave her an hourglass figure, and forced her breasts upward and outward. The ¼ cup served simply as a shelf and concealed nothing she realized as her nipples hardened from the cool breeze of the air conditioning. With the corset drawing her waist inward, her hips and ass became that much more prominent, and were aptly displayed by the garter and thong.

Just as the thought crossed her mind, there was a knock on the door. It was Victoria, sales woman asking if she would like stockings and high heels to complete the ensemble. "That girl is like some kind of mind reader!" she thought. Moments later, the last few items were provided. She looked in the mirror and caught a glimpse of the creature of the night she was about to become. Lyric couldn't have been more pleased. Feeling suddenly a bit bolder, perhaps even a little wanton, she invited Victoria in and asked for her opinion.

"Absolutely sumptuous," the woman replied, "it looks like you have a very lucky someone at home!" She spoke with an accent Lyric couldn't quite place.

"I guess you could say that" Lyric responded. She added, while she was still feeling bold, "I love this ensemble, but tell me one thing; do you have anything that's .... crotchless?" This last bit wasn't anything she had read in the book; it was her own personal touch.

Without revealing all the details, Lyric explained that she would be participating in a sort of dedication ceremony ... like a wedding, but darker. Again, Victoria nodded knowingly, allowing Lyric to relax and making the rest of her shopping a lot less awkward.

Next, Lyric asked for a dress. "Like a wedding dress," she said, "except I want it to be black, and very very sexy! Something I can slip on over what I'm wearing now."

Victoria returned with a silky black dress. It was indecently low cut in the front, concealing only slightly more than corset did: if she bent over too much, she was in danger of her nipples spilling out, and she loved it! The dress was technically floor length, but the slits on both sides stopped just below her waist. It was perfect!

Now, she thought as she slipped out of her garments, was the hard part. She had to shop for some things she wasn't sure she even wanted to see. Now naked in the dressing room, she absently fondled her breasts; shuddering at the thought of nipple clamps. She pinched her nipples, twisting them forcefully between her fingers and wondering how much worse the clamps would be. Spreading her legs, she found herself fingering her clit. She winced at the thought of a clamp there, thinking it would probably be worse than the nipple clamps. Despite her fear, when she withdrew her finger it was shining with wetness, she was incredibly turned on by it all. She slipped back into her normal clothes and stepped out of the dressing room, explaining to Victoria the other types of things she needed to shop for.

Victoria led her to another section of the store and left her there to find what she needed. Lyric tried to push the fear out of her mind and get what she needed quickly. She looked over the selection of clamps, and despite every instinct in her that screamed out against it, she chose a set of Japanese Clover Clamps attached by silver chains. They appeared to have a very firm grip that increased when the chain was pulled. While she examined those, she had Victoria bring her a set of spreader bars ... similar to devices she had seen illustrated in the book. Ever helpful, Victoria presented a set of 2 adjustable bars with cuffs for the wrists and ankles. The bars were black and the set also included a silver chain that could be used for suspension.

Finally came the most dreaded part of her shopping list, the real torture instruments. According to what she had read she needed a whole assortment of things ... floggers, whips, canes and paddles of various sizes. She slowly walked once around that section of the store observing their entire selection. Then she took several deep breaths, inhaling the smell of him. Once more she swallowed her fear, thinking of how badly she wanted to give herself to him. A few hours of pain ... that was all, a few hours of pain for an eternity with the one she loved.

Lyric explained to Victoria that she needed things that would bite, but nothing that would tear her clothing or her flesh. Veronica told her which things to stay away from, and went to tend to other things in the store; leaving Lyric alone. After a few more deep breaths, inhaling his scent and thinking of him, she began to make her selections.

First she picked out a bull whip. The braided leather seemed too thick to tear at anything, but was sure to leave a mark. Next she picked a stiff riding crop. She gave it a test swing and shuddered as it sliced through the air ... it was going to leave a mark as well. Everything was going to leave a mark! Then she got a long, thin rattan cane; as wicked as the crop, but more flexible. Next she picked 2 floggers (cat o nine tails was an inaccurate description ... there were a hell of a lot more than 9!) They were identical except one was smaller. Finally came the paddles. Like the floggers she needed a large one and a smaller one. "If I'm gonna do it, I might as well do it right," she thought as she looked over the large paddles. She selected one which bore the ominous name 'Excalibur'. The wicked device was 2 feet long, made of polished aluminum and it had holes for decreased wind resistance! She picked a smaller paddle, also silver and about the size of a hairbrush. Finally, it was over! The shopping at least ... Lyric gathered everything and took it to the register where Victoria packaged it all discretely before she paid and left the store, thanking Victoria for her helpfulness.

It was nearing dusk, and her cab was waiting. She was mildly surprised to notice that it was the same gentleman who had driven her earlier in the day. Thankful for the discrete packaging, she loaded her things into the backseat, sat down in the cab and had the driver, Amar take her to Davinci. This time, after a few moments of nervous silence on her part he started up arbitrary conversation. He was a large friendly dark skinned man with strong African features and locs like Davinci's. There was something about his eyes that seemed familiar, a certain intensity in his gaze that she noticed in the reflection from the rear view mirror... it was slightly unsettling, but she dismissed it as nervousness due to what the evening had in store for her. The conversation faded as she slipped into thoughts of the last few weeks, her love for Davinci outweighed the fear of what she was about to experience.

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