Another Step in the Water


Like now in our shower, biting her wet skin delicately, stiff between her ass cheeks, my hands sliding and pulling them. Masturbation becomes truly addictive when someone else is involved, as my wife was discovering for herself again, her ass beginning to ride my cock. Shifting the focus of the water stream, she quickly sagged against me, spreading her thighs wider by rising up and down on the balls of her feet.

Grabbing the soap again from its place to my upper right, I ran the bar through my hands and her body, starting around her chest and over her arms, making the water jet's final destination a bit harder for her to predict. This led to her rubbing against my cock, distracting me in turn, grinding so good bringing me to the very edge of orgasm. Where I was able to remain, telling her 'yeah .. hot slut .. wet .. so fucking wet' as she began to shudder and grunt, orgasming against me.

'That was hot' I told her when the water stream began to hit the wall, since she was no longer paying attention to it, though she continued to move her ass over my captured cock in a way that seemed both slinky and snaky, entrancing in its motion. 'Like last week, in the water .. so fucking hot .. hot ass.'

She had recovered a bit, causing the pulsing water to hit the length of my cock, making talking more difficult - or easier, depending on one's perspective. 'Elizabeth .. she saw .. Elizabeth saw .. your spread .. spread .. hot cunt .. furry .. hairy pussy.' My wife's ass kept moving the entire time my words were tumbling, my hands finding her hips as I began thrusting against her.

My wife has always known how attractive I find Elizabeth, a counterpoint to how attractive Robert can be to my wife. They've drunkenly kissed and fondled several times in the past, my wife getting him hard through his shorts as he fingered her while they kissed deeply. In turn, Elizabeth and I have spent a naked night in her jacuzzi in past, me playing with her hair, everywhere, while drinking two bottles of champagne, her husband in bed.

I spent a while after we started the second bottle exploring her hair - the incredibly soft hair on her never shaved legs, the hair under her arms, and the somewhat sparse hair between her legs, which had been shaved a couple of years ago for an operation. Exploring her body was delightful, and yet very restrained. Much like my wife found a couple of years ago, it was extremely difficult to understand how Elizabeth was feeling in a situation containing a number of potential sexual elements.

It had been quite possible to restrain myself when playing with her pussy hair, even when seeing how invitingly open her pussy lips seemed to be. Later, she poured herself another glass of bubbling wine right in front of me, the sight of her gorgeous tits hanging down was almost too tempting, though I only allowed my eyes to appreciate the view so close, while letting my hand brush my hardening cock. In the end Elizabeth is neither like my wife, nor like Kathy. And the idea of complications in terms of friendship and being neighbors was at least somewhat present, my wife having brought it up in the past.

Thinking in the present about how my wife had laughed when Robert pulled her spread cunt into his wife's view, I remembered how my leg rubbed against Elizabeth's, a reminder of the naked body contact we had enjoyed when our spouses were in bed while we sat naked in the water. My hands had run over her legs and feet, and along the side of her chest to under her arms.

For me, it was interesting feeling another woman's pubic hair, while not planning to have sex at all. I really like playing with hair, and of more than one variety of places. It was a decadent pleasure to feeling another woman's pubic fur sitting in a tub of water in her backyard, long after midnight. Not to mention her armpit hair and unshaved legs, while gazing at her breasts and pussy. Something I have told my wife multiple times while getting off while she plays with my nipple.

Slipping a bit as I tried to support my wife's body, my foot had ended lightly pressed against Elizabeth's pubis, quickly moving sideways and upwards, trying to balance, then lightly brushing her breast. Her pubic bush was thicker now, somewhat visible in the clear water. Robert's hands were at my wife's knees, spreading them as his wife began to move up and down in the waves we were generating, leading to a bit of water splashing over the side of the jacuzzi.

My hands covered my wife's breasts, feeling her erect nipples without even thinking that another couple could watch me play with her tits. After a minute, my wife moved, giggling, shifting position to sit on me as I squatted in the center part of the jacuzzi. She turned a bit, and began nuzzling my neck. I could see Robert playing with his wife's breasts, and how her expression had changed in the last couple of minutes, becoming much more dreamy. And much more sexual.

As mine must have also, not to mention my barely suppressed moaning as my wife began stroking my erect cock, giggling again as she turned and squirmed against me, obviously unconcerned about the other two naked people in the water next to us as she rubbed her skin against mine. Or, it occurred to me in a wave of horniness, she was showing off. By now, my moans were becoming uncontrollable as my hands held her hips, her chest blocking my view of anything but her tits, her pussy lips beginning to slide over my cockhead.

Feeling her body against mine while looking at her erect nipples, it didn't matter that anyone else was around. My cock nestled perfectly between her legs, stroking her ass with both hands, spreading and pressing her cheeks, not coincidentally adding to my own enjoyment as she began to pant in rhythm, moving her body against mine. We didn't, quite, start fucking, but we were definitely two adults enjoying ourselves in the water. However, when I had last spent hours in the jacuzzi, Elizabeth had said she had never had sex there, leading me to stop at a certain boundary.

My wife's giggling had turned to rhythmic moaning, but when my hands slowed her motion, she mentioned, fairly loudly, that the water was too hot, and she needed to move around a bit to cool down. She shifted, got to her feet, and climbed out, dripping water until she grabbed her towel, drying off before heading for the bathroom. Robert and Elizabeth had also separated, with Robert standing towards her as my wife walked through the sliding door. His cock was clearly aroused, though not really hard, as he reached for the prosecco bottle, filling our glasses again.

Toasting again, we drank fairly deeply from our glasses, Elizabeth sitting to my left in her favored corner, a satisfied look on her face as she spread her legs and shifted slightly, until a small sigh seemed to escape her lips. Her husband was directly across from us, his legs also open and spread. His expression seemed content with how the evening had turned out till now, including how happily drunk we had all become by this point, even as he drained his glass. Elizabeth and I took more time enjoying the refreshingly cool liquid feeling in our mouths as we sipped, but neither of us let the bubbling wine cool much before placing our empty glasses on the indented space along the whirlpool's rim.

We all relaxed, sliding down deeper into the warm currents, legs and feet drifting, glances shifting between us and the open door. Slowly, I noted how Robert's attention was fixed there, making it easier for me to watch his naked wife, so near, whose eyes were now shut. I wasn't even sure whose skin I touched first in the water, but after a couple of moments, it was obvious that all of us were comfortably letting ourselves feel each other's skin.

Floating on several currents, our eyes remained more or less shut, concentrating on the contact of our bodies in the water. Nobody was attempting to get anyone turned on, but at the same time, three drunk naked adults are likely to be at least occasionally indulging in erotic thoughts, especially after we had been enjoying some naked adult fun just a couple of minutes ago.

I heard my wife's steps when she returned, still naked in the cool air, her nipples visibly crinkled. There is never any reason not to look at my wife, but looking around at the others, I noted that Robert's attention was fixed on the excellent view of my wife's front, while I felt his calf against mine. Elizabeth still had her eyes, with one of her arms seemingly held at an angle that made me think her hand was at her pussy, if only casually, perhaps.

Stopping at the edge of the jacuzzi, my wife announced in a somewhat slurred voice that she was still too hot. All the glasses were empty, prompting her to reach for the still possibly 1/3 full bottle, and beginning to pour, starting with her glass, which was the closest. She filled Robert's next, stepping over to his side and squatting down, giving him a very explicit view of her unshaved body, lazily grinning a bit as she waited for him to pick up his glass and taste it.

After he drank, followed by her in turn, she turned and moved to fill our glasses. After both I and Elizabeth had drank, she stood, turning to walk down the steps along the jacuzzi, stepping out into their yard under the obscure light of the past crescent moon.

Robert's attention was fixed on her sexy ass as she walked past us, followed by Elizabeth's gaze, though with far less obvious desire, my wife entered the dim moonlight of the open yard, emphasizing her white skin. She stretched. highlighting her breasts through a pattern of light and shadow, standing with her arms over her head, not caring about who saw her naked form. Her erect nipples and puffy bush attracted my attention, as my right hand went, discretely as possible, to my cock.

In a couple of minutes, my wife returned, moving slowly, again fully exposing her front as she walked back to the jacuzzi, its white lights illuminating the contrasts and shadows of her body, her bushy fur and very erect nipples most prominently. Reaching the jacuzzi's edge, she placed her arms along the its edge, bending slightly, her breasts between me and Elizabeth. The feet of those still in the water continued rubbing against each other in the warm currents at the bottom of the clear water.

Looking down into the bubbling water, a definite small grin appeared on my wife's face as she turned her head towards me. I noticed Elizabeth staring at my wife's close breasts, nipples hard, while we all kept chatting inconsequentially. I then asked my wife to get back if she had cooled down enough, to climb back in with us for 'just a couple of minutes,' an expression Elizabeth found amusing as she also verbally encouraged my naked wife to return to the whirlpool.

She walked up the steps along our side, then entered the water as Robert and I both watched intently, though I stole several glances at his half hard cock as his attention remained fixed on her naked body. Being drunk, she stumbled a couple of times as she moved into the water, touching Robert with her hands and legs, her breasts jiggling at his eye level, and mine, taking some time before sitting down on my lap, her hands reaching out to both sides to steady herself.

Turning, she reached her right hand down to place my cock between her pussy lips, her left hand lightly stroking Elizabeth's torso. I began moaning, in a distant way, much like remembering that this was not really the place for sex, something I had mentioned to my wife several times days before we had ever entered the bubbling water. I knew that Elizabeth was watching us, with a more than slightly vacant look. Our spread legs began to press against each other while I looked at her body, her nipples clearly visible under the water's surface, her bush becoming a focus of my attention as my wife slid her buoyant ass against me.

This is one of the sweetest temptations I know, and my wife was fully indulging it, something we enjoy at mixed saunas, much like other couples do. Of course, this is also a temptation that I am completely unable to resist at a bathhouse, but for all of my enjoyment of physical male group sex, women are still sexier to look at. Especially naked women, particularly when my wife is sliding along my cock's length, my cockhead perfectly positioned against her spread lips, looking at another sexy woman.

After several moments of purely physical pleasure in the water, not even concerned about what another man and woman were seeing us doing, Elizabeth left the jacuzzi to pee. She also took her time standing, quite drunk, making me unable to stop watching her ass and pussy as she stepped out, her breasts freely swinging, my wife wriggling her own ass the entire time as I played with her breasts. My hands moved down along her body to her thighs, Elizabeth now towelling off before entering the house to go to the bathroom. After she left, my hands began to stroke along her inner thighs, perfectly aware of the fact that Robert was across from us.

Now, Robert pressed forward, my cock rigid against my wife's body, the head sticking out between her thighs. His hands beginning to slide along her inner thighs while my hands returned to her breasts, feeling her extended nipples. The sight of another man playing with my naked wife's body was unbelievably arousing, especially feeling her reaction to rolling her nipples between my fingers and thumbs, knowing that Robert was watching.

My wife was lower against me than the other times she had sat on me, letting my see how Robert looked at her as his hands reached out to feel her open legs. I knew that my cock was visible beyond my wife's hairy pubis, and the thought that Robert might touch my cock while playing with my wife's pussy was turning me in a very powerful way, especially considering how much I had enjoyed looking at and touching his naked wife.

My hands were now resting on the outside of my wife's thighs, noting her quivering while being touched by Robert, as she moved on my turned on cock, a hand reaching down to guide my cock against her pussy.

I heard Robert drunkenly talking about sandwiches before his wife returned, his hands sliding up on my wife's spread thighs. She is more than a bit of a tease, especially when drunk, and there was little question that Robert responded to her expression by opening her legs wider, lowering her further into the water. My view was highly erotic - her breasts in the water, Robert's hands gliding along her inner thighs while my hands rested upon them.

But this too was more along the line of something kept within boundaries, as we all knew Elizabeth would be returning. As my wife had explained several times, her ideas about sex and marriage are generally conservative, something that neither I nor my wife wanted to get tangled with, even if Robert too often doesn't use his brain thinking about the subject.

This time, he wasn't as hard as I was, and when his wife reappeared, he sat back, clearing the space for her to return to her corner. She squatted at the edge, knees open, looking at my wife with an enigmatic expression before letting a hand trail down her body, touching along her thigh, then rising to take off her towel.

She walked into the water, no more steadily than my wife had, turned and sat on her husband, her hands reaching out to touch my wife's knees, then beginning to stroke down along her calves. I knew I began moaning again when my wife's hand touched my cock and she shifted her position, putting my cock against her front, my shaft pressing against her pussy lips, my cockhead nestling perfectly against her clit, knowing that our shared horniness was on full display.

Elizabeth settled down, raising a leg before letting it settle along my arm and wife's thigh. Robert's hands were playing with his wife's breasts, her nipples hard as they moved under his fingers. But when Robert moved one hand down to her pussy, Elizabeth stopped, letting her hands float to the top of the water, saying that it was time for her to go to bed.

My wife followed in agreement, saying that it had been a bit more than just a couple of minutes, making both women laugh quietly. However, my wife had not stopped rocking against me, her continuing motions again the perfect accompaniment to watching Elizabeth leave the jacuzzi.

Returning to the present, the feel my of wife's hot wet ass and spread cunt against me merged with and then submerged those memories, my wife clearly going to cum again. Her panting grew closer as she sagged against me, her neck in reach for me to begin nipping at, using my teeth a bit harder as she gasped. I remained on the verge of cumming in the shower, my fingers spreading her pussy as she directed the stream against her wanting clit.

The water now perfect, her orgasm was delightfully inevitable, particularly with my helping it along. After she had peaked again, I reached for the soap, and felt the water jet underneath the rim of my flared cockhead, which is pretty much my magic spot. When she began to slide, I essentially froze at the pleasure, a reaction that made her laugh just a bit.

But I knew it wouldn't be long until the showerhead was pointed at her pussy, as was happening now, the water stream drifting away from my cock as she began to focus on its goal.

This is one of the reasons it is so hot to watch her shower since she discovered its magic, as she continually teases herself, the water seemingly accidentally flicking against her pubis, until the stream is directed against her pussy again, a process that doesn't take long, as she teases herself into having another orgasm, until she is done showering. A process that can go on much longer than a few years ago.

As the pulsing jet began to work its magic, I was able to restart the process of soaping her body, starting with her breasts, then sliding down against her ass, sliding underneath, letting my fingers tease along her asshole, something I knew she wouldn't resist, especially in her current state.

What I hadn't expected was how she started pressing against my utterly turned on cock, removing the free space my hands had been using. Just leading me to placing them on her hips, syncing our motions as my cock began to demand its own satisfaction, its head sliding over and between her sexy labia.

The speed in which this occurred wasn't a surprise - the showerhead has her as thoroughly in its grip as her toy does - but the way I was so helpless in the face of our mutual pleasure just added to the experience. The waves of our orgasms crested, my cum pumping as her pussy clenched and released my shaft, water flowing between us.

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