tagAnalAnticipation Ch. 02

Anticipation Ch. 02


He climbed on the bottom of the bed and spread her legs apart. He licked, nibbled, and sucked his way up her inner thighs. His hands reached up and grabbed her ass cheeks. He squeezed them firmly and then began smacking them with his palms. Each spank caused Audrey to twitch and let out a gasping moan. Soon her ass cheeks were a light pink, as she felt him grab her panties and drag them down her legs.

"Get on your knees," he told her as he reached back into the bag. After a few seconds of fumbling Audrey could tell by sound that he had found what he was looking for.

As her feet were too far from the bottom bedposts to use scarves, he slowly tied two pieces of rope to the bedpost, and then tied each peice around one of her ankles. They were just loose enough that they did not cause any immediate pain, but any significant movement by Audrey had been restricted.

Audrey's pussy -- dripping already in anticipation -- was now in clear view for Mark. He crawled up to it, stuck his nose right up against her lips, and sniffed emphatically.

"Mmmmmmmm," he moaned as he took in her musky scent. Audrey let out a soft moan herself. She sooned moaned again -- significantly louder this time -- as she felt Mark's middle finger push its way inside her pussy. His index finger soon followed, and Audrey's hips now rocked back and forth, fucking his digits.

She let out a frustrated sigh as his fingers slid out of her snatch. They were coated with her juices and Mark gave in to his urge for a taste. Audrey could hear the sound of him sucking his fingers, licking up every drop of her moistness. Mark repeated the finger fucking again, this time removing his fingers and placing them on Audrey's lips. She eagerly sucked on them.

Mark went back and again slid his fingers inside Audrey. Instead of sliding them quickly, he instead just slowly explored her insides. Audrey had tried to rock her hips again to increase the speed, but a slap across her ass cheek from Mark's other hand made it clear that she was not to do this.

Mark removed his fingers, coated again with her wetness. He took his moist index finger and ran it along her ass crack, running it in a small circle around her anus, pushing her crack open ever so slightly in the process. Audrey gasped in anticipation and then let out a loud groan as his finger started to penetrate her asshole. Slowly but confidently he slid the finger inside her all the way to the knuckle, and held it there briefly as he felt her asshole contract around it. He slowly slid the finger in and out of her tight ass several times, before removing it and leaning over to quickly flick his tongue over her anus.

Her legs started to quiver as he now took his middle finger, still coated in her juices, and slid it inside her rectal opening. This time when his finger had fully penetrated her, he began to slowly curl it up inside her, leading to loud gasps and moans. Soon the finger was replaced by his tongue, which first circled slowly around her anus and then penetrated inside her asshole as far as it would go, flicking rapidly back and forth once inside.

"Ohhhh yessss," Audrey cried out.

"Do you like this, slut?" Mark asked after he was finished tonguing her ass.

"Oh god yes, play with my asshole," Audrey replied.

Smack! Mark's hand slapped hard across Audrey's ass. "I don't think I heard correctly," he growled.

"PLEASE play with my asshole, SIR!" Audrey exclaimed.

"Much better," Mark said as he reached back into the bag. Audrey heard a snapping sound and then soon felt an oily substance dribbling down her ass crack. Mark spread the lube along her crack and inside her asshole. To test it out, he slid a finger back inside her asshole. Whereas before her asshole had only slowly and reluctantly taken his finger, he now found that digital penetration of her asshole was rather effortless. He closed the bottle of lubrication and reached back to grab his next item.

When Audrey felt a bunch of spherical objects sliding along her ass crack, she knew what was next and let out another soft moan. One by one she felt the anal beads penetrating her. The smallest one went in effortlessly, but she gradually felt each successive one, with the last ball stretching her asshole to a point she had never previously experienced. As each ball was removed, Audrey's body convulsed slightly at the feeling of being stretched followed by the contraction as she expelled each bead.

"Do you want me to fuck your ass?" Mark cooed.

"Ohhh gooddddd, yessss. Fuuuuccckkkk yessssss, please fuck my ass sir!" Audrey screamed.

"You want to feel a cock sliding inside that tight hole, you filthy whore?"

"Yes, yes, yesssssss!!"

They had agreed about this before. Mark could use a small dildo or vibrator inside her ass, but not his cock. As much as Audrey wanted to explore her anal fantasies, she was not sure she could take the full width of Mark's cock inside her tight ass. It's true that she had at times fantasized about that very act while looking at photos of his cock that he had sent her, but they had agreed on this limit for their first encounter.

Mark reached into his bag one final time and Audrey's leg twinged in excitement when she heard a buzzing sound. Mark put the tip of the vibrator on her asshole and just delicately slid it around her opening without penetrating her.

"Fuck my ass, please sir!" Audrey begged.

Finally, Mark gave in. He first turned off the vibrations, and then slowly slid the small dick inside her. The rhythmic fucking led Audrey to moan even louder.

"Please master, put it in my pussy, rub it on my clitty. I need to cum soooo baaadddddd," Audrey exclaimed.

Instead, Mark simply left the vibrator fully inserted inside her asshole. Audrey whimpered as the penetration stopped. He turned the vibrations on to a high setting. Audrey gasped at the new sensation.

"So you want your pussy played with, do you?" Mark asked as he brought the tip of his finger to her clit and grazed it ever so slightly.

"Oh god yes, more please, rub my clitty baby," Audrey begged again.

Instead Mark stood up and walked to the front of the bed. He untied the scarf that constrained Audrey's right hand.

"Rub your clit for me bitch," he instructed her.

It took Audrey no time to obey this command that she had been longing for. Mark spent a few seconds watching her furiously rub her snatch before climbing onto the bed. He took hold of his cock, rubbed it a few times to return it to a fully erect state, and then he started to rub the head against her pussy right above where she was fingering her clit.

"Yessss, fuuucccckkkk me baby fuccckkk my pussy!!" Audrey screamed. "Fuck my .... my pussy .... I need .... inside me ....," Audrey was now babbling in between loud screams of pleasure.

Mark grabbed her hips as his thrusts were now slamming deep inside Audrey's tight and throbbing pussy. He could sense that she had already begun her ascent to orgasm and that it would not be much longer now. With each push inside her he felt his balls slap against her hand, which was still rubbing her enlarged clitoris with full speed.

They were both screaming and grunting now as Mark's dick continued to pound Audrey's needy pussy. Some words were uttered as well, but both were so delerious with pleasure that little of what was said made any sense. By now the ropes around Audrey's ankles had tightened to the point where they were somewhat painfully digging into her each time she involuntarily convulsed, but the pain paradoxically added to the pleasure she felt.

The intense fucking lasted for several minutes before Audrey felt her pussy start to spasm. Her screams became even louder and she managed to blurt out, "I'm cummmmmmmmmiiiiinnnnnnngggg" as a clear liquid started to squirt from her pussy. Mark instinctively pulled out as this happened, letting her juices shoot all of his stomach and cock. As soon as the torrent of girl cum stopped flowing, he slid his cock back inside her. Grabbing her hips, he started thrusting again with all of his might, Audrey's hips pushing back against him as they reestablished the rhythm they had from seconds ago.

"I'm gonna cum too," Mark shouted.

"Yes baby, cummmm inside meeeee!" Audrey begged.

After just a few more thrusts, Mark felt his milky white semen start to shoot in jets inside Audrey's pussy. They screamed together as Audrey felt herself cresting to a second orgasm. Thirty seconds later, Audrey collapsed onto the bed, and Mark did the same. He managed to work up enough energy to untie the three remaining bonds that had tied Audrey to the bed.

He turned her over so that she was lying on her back, and he lifted a sheet over her. Then he crawled under the sheet beside her and ran his hand briefly across her forehead, pushing her hair off to the side. Her eyes flickered openly briefly and she made a quick smile. He wrapped his arm around her and both passed out, feeling completely at peace.

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