tagErotic PoetryAnticipation of You

Anticipation of You


Anticipation of You

As i close my eyes and think of You
such blissful thoughts of Love renewed
to feel Your kiss softly upon me
has my body trembling uncontrollably

To feel the touch of Your hand
hard and firm, a silent demand
a soft moan escapes between parted lips
as Your fingers dig into these curvy hips

The rush of emotions as i anticipate
flood my body, oh gawds i cant wait
i clinch my woman's core everso tight
waiting for Your touch, my soul You ignite

Hands upon thighs that belong to You
parting them for Your explicit view
like a rose covered with early morning dew
soft pink petals unfold only for You

As i look up into Your beautiful eyes
within its depths there is no surprise
for all that You wish, want, and say
tells me silently 'you will obey'

how could i not, i laughingly ask
for within Your Dominance i joyfully bask
Your every caress takes me to incredible heights
a Master's touch upon His slave excites

Patience is to what i agonizingly must adhere
until the day comes when You'll draw me near
a song of joy felt so deeply within my soul
Your Ownership and Love is what makes me whole.

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