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Anton's Play Thing


When I was young man I travelled extensively. One night late I was walking through LA looking for a bus that would take me to my friends place when out of the shadows came this deep voice, "I like you," it pronounced startling me.

As I turned cautiously, in obvious fear towards the large black source of this comment the voice continued, "Now now no need for alarm, it's just that you are my kind boy."

Funnily, despite being shit scared, as a 20 year old I found "boy" to be a bit insulting. I stared, gawking at this large black man in a leather jacket who appeared so totally nonchalant as if this was a perfectly normal conversation to be having with a stranger on a pitch black night on a poorly lit street. Something about his nonchalance made me stifle my initial desire to flee but I still stared wide-eyed unnerved.

When I didn't run he seemed to take it as an invitation to continue and did, "I honestly like the look of you boy and would like to get to know you better."

When all I could do was continue to stare he smiled and told me, "See I have a room key for that place over there," and he showed me his room key indicating a hotel just down the street, "it's a nice room and I have money to make it worth your while." Upon which he showed me a large roll of cash.

My eyes must have bulged at the sight of so much money because he chuckled and murmured, "You'd have to be especially good to get all this money, honey."

Mesmerized by the gentle nature of the large black man I allowed him to take my arm and guide me towards his hotel. All the way he murmured calming niceties to soothe my jangled nerves. He nodded with familiarity towards the elderly white desk clerk who appraised me coolly over the top of his glasses before returning to his magazine.

In the elevator my black companion started to stroke me gently still murmuring about how nice I looked and how much he wanted me. I was trembling with a mixture of fear and desire by the time he dragged me into his room. Once there the large black fellow slowly measuredly removed his leather coat and hung it up his eyes never once leaving me. I swallowed hard to control my nerves as he then proceeded to the mini bar and removed several bottles of vodka.

Still silent he approached me and without inquiring whether I would like a drink or not uncapped one of the small bottles then held it to my lips. Uncertain and nervous I just stood there until the black man tipped the bottle and began pouring it over my lips. Startled as the ice cold burning liquid pouring down my chin I made to move away before realising that his other hand had slipped behind my head holding me there. With a gasp I parted my lips and he poured the entire contents of the bottle into my mouth.

While I gagged and gasped on the first bottle he quickly uncapped another and before I could pull away his fingers gripped my hair possessively pulling my head as I mewed fearfully so that he could empty another bottle of burning liquor into my throat. My entire world seemed to be overwhelmed with cold burning vodka. As I choked and snorted some out my nose he held the third bottle to my lips and poured not caring whether the liquor went in my mouth or splashed over my face and down my chin.

He left me choking and sputtering and bewildered to collapse to the floor. "Why would he do such a thing," I wailed silently trying to regain control. Confusing me more the huge black hand that had just treated me rather roughly was gently stroking my hair trying to calm me as he purred gentle nothings close to my ear.

As I slowly calmed down he reached down grasping the edge of my vodka wet t-shirt to slowly pull it over my head and off. Like a rag doll I allowed him to lift me up and could only chew on my lower lip apprehensively as he popped open the buttons on my jeans to pull them and my underwear down in one swift motion. I shivered uncontrollable as he then ran his warm palms back up the insides of my legs forcing me to spread them as much as the clothing about my ankles would allow until his huge hands engulfed my tiny but surprisingly hard white dick. "When did that happen?", was all that I could think as this black stranger caressed my little white boy dick. Stunned I looked up to see him smiling knowingly down at me and I swooned into that smile.

Using his big feet he then stepped and kicked off my shoes and pants. When I was completely naked he lifted me effortless and placed me standing on the coffee table. I stood there swaying gently while this large smiling black man stroked, caressed and explored my trembling white form, "Oooh my my my yes," he murmured throatily, "Oooh yess Anton is going to enjoy you baby!"

I took a long shuddering breath as Anton's one hand engulfed one cheek of my ass and his other stroked up and down between my thighs rising higher each time until he was caressing my balls and anus. When he suddenly stopped it was only the firm grip of his hand on my ass that kept me upright as my knees went weak.

Chuckling to himself Anton then stepped away leaving me to struggle for balance and retrieved something from under the bed. Beaming Anton opened a shoe box to display a pair of women's glossy red heels. While I swayed dizzy with booze and emotion Anton helped me step into the glossy bright heels and strapped them into place. "Oh yeah baby," Anton purred throatily stroking my ankles and calves working his way back up my legs to grasp my ass again firmly.

As I stood there on the coffee table gaping wonderingly down at my new shoes Anton used his index finger to stroke the sensitive tip of my cock coating it with the copious amount of fluid flowing from it. Once his finger was slick with precum his grip on my ass cheek tightened painfully holding me still as Anton's slick finger gently caressed my tight puckered anus. "Mmmm, mmmm, mmmmmm," Anton purred as my sensitive ass clinched and released his finger.

Anton continued to purr and poke and caress until I was a jerking convulsing mewing mess. Again without warning Anton suddenly let go of me causing me to teeter perilously on the coffee table. Slowly Anton sank back onto the bed and while watching me intently quietly opened his trousers allowing to spring forth the largest blackest cock I had ever seen. Standing there on display naked save the glossy red heels he had given me I marvelled at the size of him. Murmuring quietly to himself Anton began to gently stroke his manhood, "Ohh yeah baby you are going to make Anton one happy man."

In amazement I watched as the mans cock engorged and grew even larger. Holding it up Anton winked at me growling, "Come and get some bitch."

I didn't have to be told twice. Tottering about in the unfamiliar heels I nearly fell off the table and onto the bed. Catching myself at the last moment I crawled towards Anton's hugeness in a dream. Anton allowed me to marvel at the size of him up close before his large black hand slipped behind my head and slowly purposefully drew my white lips towards his massive black cock. Spellbound I had no real idea what to do as the huge shiny slick knob of his cock pressed against my lips so I just opened my mouth allowing his large cock in.

With his hands Anton guided my head to do what pleased him as he pushed down forcing his black meat deeper and deeper into my mouth then throat until I was gagging and distressed. Ignoring my distress Anton fucked my head holding my face to his groin until I gagged and thrashed about vainly trying to get away. Anton forced his cock on my mouth and throat for what seemed like forever until I was numb and nearly lifeless. I didn't even realise he had orgasmed until his hot gooey cum filled my throat, filled my mouth, drooled from my lips before exploding from my nose. The scent of Anton's sex, of Anton's cum, filled my senses overwhelming the vodka as I lay where he left me, spent.

Cum stunned I lay there inert as Anton moved around the room. Stopping by the bed he spread my ass cheeks and inserted something slick and cold into my anus. As the large thing spread my tight ass and violated me I could only whimper in protest. Trying to regain my senses and still gagging on Anton's cum I was vaguely aware that he was putting leather cuffs on my ankles and wrists.

Bemused I managed cum gurgling, "Wait," as Anton expertly looped lengths of rope through rings on the cuffs and bound me face up to the bed. Becoming aware of the precariousness of my situation I weakly tried to fight Anton as he pulled the roped attached to my ankles raising my legs up over my head. It was then that I became aware that Anton was naked. The big black man loomed hugely at the end of the bed surveying his prize. Me.

Grinning like the Cheshire cat Anton crawled up onto the bed and between my legs. As I struggled to find words to tell him that it had all gone too far. He reached out and slapped me. Not real hard but it stung. Before I could fully comprehend why my face burned he slapped me again. With tears forming in my eyes I looked at him to try and figure out why. While I stared hurt and confounded at him Anton pressed a tablet to my lips forcing it into my mouth. Before I could think to swallow or spit it out Anton was forcing another bottle of vodka into my mouth and I was drinking, swallowing the pill too.

Anton forced me to drink a couple more bottles of the fiery liquid as I struggled helplessly chuckling to himself the entire time. Once he had forced the alcohol and pill into me Anton straddled my chest and started pressing his large shiny black cock against my lips. Not wanting another throat fucking I turned away only to squeak helplessly as his large hands pulled me back. Then slap.

Harder this time. As stars sparkled, SLAP. Hard stinging open handed slaps. SLAP. My faced burned as his cock was once more pressed to my lips and with tears streaming down my cheeks I parted my lips allowing his massive cock to be thrust into my mouth, my throat. Anton fucked my face. Holding his cock deep in my throat until I choked and gagged before pulling back then pressing it home again. When his hot gooey cum flooded my throat and mouth again I swooned slipping into darkness.

I came to with Anton gently slapping my face. It took several seconds to register that I was still drooling his sticky goo down my chin. The cum, the booze and the pill that Anton had fed me left my head spinning. My body felt numb and my senses reeled. Anton held my chin up with a finger and when he had my attention purred intently, "About to make you a woman boy."

Not really comprehending I howled voicelessly as Anton settled between my thighs pressing his massive throat fucking cock against my anus. Slick with lube, stretched earlier and numb I was still no match for Anton's massive girth. Anton pressed mercilessly until the large purple black tip of cock slipped inside me. Anton held himself there as I fought for breath before relentlessly forcing himself into me to the hilt.

My lips formed a large noiseless "O" as Anton groaned with pleasure.

"Oh fuck yeah baby," he gurgled loudly, "Oh fuck yeah!" Then Anton started to fuck me. He fucked me long and he fucked me hard. Then he turned me over and fucked me some more. Finally his animal growls culminated in one long loud roar as he filled my virgin white ass with a massive volume of cum.

Anton continued to pump his cock in me until eventually it popped out. "OH fucking yeah," He crowed standing up on the bed and moving to stand over me, "Oh to fucking good." He growled and began slapping me with half hard cum slick meat.

Still tied to the bed and stunned by the force of his fucking me I could only whimper and moan as he amused himself. "Lick me bitch," he eventually ordered holding his gooey and still leaking cock before my lips. In a nightmare world I complied wincing at the funky taste while vaguely aware of streams of fluid slipping down the insides of my thighs.

Eventually Anton must have become bored with his game and moved away. As I hung there by ropes tied to the bed I half listened to him make some phone calls but was far too fucked up to understand there meaning. Panting on cum and vodka I fought to remain conscious. Vaguely I heard the knock on the door and trembled violently when Anton called out, "Come on in."

Fighting back tears of shame that some one else was going to witness my predicament I cast a wary fearful look towards the door as it opened and sheepishly the elderly front desk clerk slipped in. While I gawked terrified at the hungry way he stared at me Anton chuckled, "Go ahead Winston but hurry up and get out of here before my friends show up."

Still limp from being used I struggled weakly against the ropes as Winston's weight made the bed creak and sway. I managed a woeful, "No please." As Winston shuffled up behind me. I tried to pull away until I was utterly shocked into stillness when the old mans hot mouth and hard tongue contacted my still gaping cum oozing ass. I shuddered and trembled then moaned as the old twat sucked and licked Anton's cum from my ass.

I groaned when he eventually stopped only to begin poking at me with his little erect white dick. Anton chuckled, "GO on Winston get at the bitch. Hell she ain't hardly even gonna feel that little whitey thing of yours anyhow!"

But I did feel Winston. My poor ass was so sore that even his lesser member made it sing and I howled as he remorselessly ploughed into me. Winston fucked me fast and furiously and exploded just as quickly all to the sounds of Anton's uproarious laughter at his sad effort. The grunting fat old man then hung onto my body until his deflating cock popped from my ass.

Without hardly a word the old man rose adjusted his clothing and slipped back out the door to Anton's cry of, "I'll let you have more leftovers later Winston!"

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