Any Chance We Could Ch. 18


Katrina's team had won by one. Both of our throats were sore from cheering twice as much as any other parent at the game. All in all a great game with both our daughters getting 3 RBIs.

After hanging around and talking with parents from both teams, the girls joined us in the walk to the parking lot and we began to caravan home. Once inside the door, Ashley and Katrina embraced and congratulated each other. Veronica and I did the same with both.

Ashley said, "Katrina and I need to shower, are you two joining us?"

To Ashley's surprise and Katrina's delight, I replied, "How about Sunday when you two get home from your tryouts. We have to get dressed for dinner tonight, remember?"

As the girls were undressing in their bedroom, Veronica and I did the same. "Come sit on the edge of the bed sweetheart, I want an appetizer," I said.

As she sat, I knelt, spread her legs, and began to enjoy her already moist pussy. She held my head as I licked and sucked and had a mild orgasm. "You do that so well, handsome," said Veronica slightly winded. "Now let me return the favor."

Not one to argue, we traded positions and she took me in her mouth and after sliding her delightful mouth up and down for a few minutes, I was about to cum, when Ashley walked in and asked "When do I get a turn?"

As I was about to reply, Veronica eased her grip on my dick and I filled her mouth. As she swallowed and stroked me, clothed only in G-string panties Ashley sat next to me, put her arms around me and passionately kissed me. Her breasts were still warm from the shower and felt delightful against me. I moved my hand down to caress her bare ass cheeks and she softly moaned through our kiss.

As Veronica licked my softening dick, she said, "We need to get ready, playtime later. Nice ass Ashley," she said as her hands joined mine.

Katrina walked in and asked "What'd I miss?" She was wearing tan thigh highs and high heeled sandals. As she walked toward us her breasts swayed enticingly. Ashley moved off of me, and I put my arms out to Katrina after sitting up. She walked right into my hands. I gently grasped her breasts and began to caress her nipples with my thumbs. "Ummm, nice Dad."

"Come on, if we don't get started, we'll be late," said Veronica, "Shoo girls. We can continue when we get back home."

"Promise?" they both asked in unison.

As the gorgeous tight asses left my view, I embraced Veronica and said, "I love you so much."

"Handsome, you make me so happy each time you tell me. I love you too. What kind of hose do you have a preference for tonight?" she responded. "I'm going to wear a knee-length dress so I could wear garter stockings, if you like?"

"Of course I like."

I began getting dressed in my tuxedo while Veronica put on a grey garter belt, grey hose, grey sheer thong panties and a grey sheer bra. Her dress was a very pale blue, squared neckline and full skirted. She finished off the vision with black sling-back four inch heels and her hair spread on her shoulders. It was all I could do to keep a civil dick in my pants.

When Ashley and Katrina walked in, Ashley was wearing a pale violet knee length skirt and a white silk blouse with a collar, a scooped neckline, and black strappy high heels. Katrina looked equally enticing in a black sheer blouse with a black teddy and bra underneath, a light beige straight skirt, and strappy beige high heeled sandals. Both had their hair down and on their shoulders. Katrina tied my tie remarking that the last time she did this she didn't have any clothes on at all. Ashley asked to do it the next time wearing the same thing.

"Ladies, I think all of you are the sexiest women I have ever seen. I am so happy that we're all coming home together tonight and every night for a long, long time."

"Thanks, Dad." both girls responded, "We are too."

We walked down the stairs with Katrina and Ashley behind us. As Veronica and I got to the entryway, I heard Katrina say, "Mom, Dad."

We both turned. They were facing each other on different steps, skirts hiked all the way up. Katrina was wearing thigh highs and Ashley garter stockings, both showing pussy hair around their panties.

"Thanks for that," Veronica said as she reached for my dick, "Scott really appreciates it."

Getting into the Lexus was a real treat of a leg show. Getting out at the club was a bit more subdued when I mentioned seeing Emerson and Hazel being helped from their car two vehicles in front of us.

As we walked toward them, Kim, their daughter got out of the car. I introduced Veronica to Hazel and Kim, and Ashley to Emerson. Katrina greeted all three and we headed into the lobby. As we arrived at the dining room, Veronica and Hazel were talking animatedly, as were Ashley, Katrina and Kim.

"Good evening, Mr. Appleton, Ms Bryce, Mrs. and Mrs. Jacobsen, lovely young ladies Ashley, Kim and Katrina, will you please follow me," said the Raoul the dining room manager.

We were again seated at the corner banquette table. Hazel and Veronica entered from opposite sides with Emerson and I on either side, Ashley slid in next to me, then Kim and Katrina. It wasn't as tight as it sounds, with outside chairs the table could easily seat a dozen. Emerson, Hazel, Veronica and I chatted. Hazel was asking a lot of questions and admiring Veronica's ring, "Charles always does a good job."

Emerson was wearing a tux. Hazel was in a long dress, not particularly fitted and in low heeled suede leather pumps. Kim was in a light rose linen sheath, above the knee in length, bare legged in high heeled rose colored leather pumps. She was about the same size as my two lovelies, maybe just a little bit heavier, a bit more full breasted, very nice calves, not slender but a bit full and a nice ass. Her persona struck me as quite sexy, quite attractive, enticing.

The girls were carrying on a very animated conversation, stopping just long enough to order something from the waiter who also took our wine order.

I managed to drop my hand to Veronica's lap and ran my finger tip over the garter clasp bump. Ashley would also from time to time drop her hand into my lap and perform a quick erection check with an unobtrusive squeeze.

We ordered after forty-five minutes of pleasantries, and dinner was served about a half hour later. I did hear Kim ask Ashley why she wasn't out on a date tonight, and Ashley reply that she didn't have or need a boyfriend right now as Katrina was the perfect friend and soon to be sister.

When asked the same question by Katrina, Kim replied that she had a partner she was living with near campus but her Mother didn't quite approve of the arrangement. "Isn't he nice?" asked Katrina.

"Yes, she, Gwen, is quite nice. My Father approves, but Mom just can't get her arms around the relationship. She says it's a sin. I think it's her loss, but oh well." replied Kim.

Ashley looked at Katrina and then asked "Would you both would like to come over for dinner, relax in the hot tub if we still have it, swim in the pool if it's still warm enough, for an evening of conversation and getting to know each other?"

"Sure, I'd like to get to know you Ashley. Having a lesbian couple to your house won't bother you?"

"Not in the least. We're both bi. We share a bedroom and would love to talk to someone like-minded. It's not the kind of thing you bring up in casual conversation unless you quickly want to be ostracized. At least it's not something you raise in high school or even too quickly at the community colleges we attend. I imagine it's not given a second thought in college, is it?" asked Katrina.

"Only by guys who want to watch," said Kim.

"Dad, can I interrupt for a minute?" asked Ashley. "Can Kim and Gwen come over for dinner and whatever on Tuesday? Could you barbeque?" asked Ashley as she was running her fingernails along my cock.

"Veronica, a moment please. Anything going on Tuesday evening?"

"No, why?"

"Guests for dinner with our daughters," I replied.


I turned back to Ashley and said "Let me know what you want on Sunday and Veronica and I'll shop for it on Monday."

Dinner arrived shortly and conversation slowed to a crawl. As coffee was being served, the band began setting up. Emerson wasn't much of a dancer and wasn't ashamed to say so, so I promised everyone a dance.

It was only fitting that Hazel wanted to be first so Emerson slid out to let the three of us out. Veronica headed for the bathroom after kissing me before Hazel and I went onto the dance floor.

"You're such a romantic, Scott, you always have been. It's so evident that Veronica loves you very much and it's so nice to hear her daughter refer to you as 'Dad'. She's a beautiful intelligent woman, you certainly are getting the best you deserve," she said.

"You and Emerson seen rather strained tonight, something wrong?" I asked. "Don't answer if you don't want to but I've known both of you since college."

"A few things are wrong, Scott. Kim is living with a female partner at college and Emerson works all the time, the same as you used to. I want him to talk to Kim, but he won't, and I want his attention like Veronica has yours." I noticed that her eyes were a little moist. She was clearly upset by one or both of these issues.

"Well, why not talk to Veronica. My girls are bi, they share a bedroom and if they find fulfillment and joy in loving each other I'm happy for them. If Kim's partner is a nice person, which she probably is, knowing Kim, I wouldn't be concerned if they are truly happy together. Focus upon their happiness. On the other front, I'll bet Veronica can give you a few insights into what gets a man's attention. She sure as hell has mine all the time. Invite yourself over for lunch Sunday. I suspect that she'll be more than glad to talk to you. By the way, you're a good dancer. Get Veronica to tell you how to entice Emerson onto the floor next time you're here," I finished saying as the music ended.

Before we broke Hazel looked me in the eyes, "You're a good man Scott. I was raised in a church that taught what Kim is doing is an abomination. I'll give what you said about Kim some thought. You're right that I need to have my focus on Emerson, not me."

We walked back to the table. Veronica stood, took my hand, lightly kissed me and said, "Let's dance, handsome." Hazel soaked this up and sat back down.

Kim was asking Ashley and Katrina "Why are you two wearing hose? I didn't think anyone wore hose anymore."

"Mom wears hose every day to work. Dad has a hose and heels fetish, and we love to tease and please him. He enjoys it so much that we never miss an opportunity to wear stockings." said Ashley.

"Pantyhose, you mean?" asked Kim.

"Yes, also thigh highs, which Katrina has on and I'm wearing garter stockings, so's Mom I think." replied Ashley.

"Really, you mean with a garter belt thingy?" asked Kim.

Ashley took Kim's hand and put it on top of her thigh and moved it around. "Feel the clasp? Isn't it sexy?"

"I'll have to ask Gwen about me wearing stockings. She's never stated a preference. Do either of you shave?" Kim asked.

"Our legs?"

"No, your pussys."

"No we don't, and neither does Mom," answered Katrina.

"I think it's nice that you refer to them as Mom and Dad. You must really love them both. Why don't you shave?" continued Kim.

"My birth mother does, even waxes, but Dad has said that he prefers that we don't," said Katrina.

"How does he know?" asked Kim.

"We love teasing him at the pool and around the house. If a little bit of hair sticks out the side of a bikini bottom, or panties, we get a reaction." That was a careful answer, thought Katrina, she doesn't need to know that we've been nude more often than not with him.

"Reaction?" asked Kim.

"Yeah, he gets a hard on and we think that's neat. We've been topless around the pool with friends and we've enjoyed him seeing us. I assume that you're a little more modest at home?" said Katrina.

"Yeah, I haven't seen Mom partially dressed for a long time. Also, shaving is a pain in the pussy, I think I'm going to quit, Gwen doesn't anyway.

After two dances with my fiancée I asked Ashley to dance. "Your team played very well, you get the first dance," I announced. Katrina and Kim scooted out and headed for the bathroom.

As I put my arm around Ashley and she nuzzled her face into my neck she said, "Remember,

winner gets first taste. That got you hard right away didn't it?"

"And you're surprised because? I could never forget something like that. I'm looking forward to it." I said.

"Did you know that Kim is living with a female partner, and that's who's coming over on Tuesday?" asked Ashley.

"Yes, about the partner, Emerson's mentioned it several times. Hazel won't leave it alone and it's causing friction between them. I'm glad that they're coming over"

"That's too bad, I like Kim and she shouldn't be a source of parental unhappiness. Are you concerned that Katrina and I sleep together, and make love together?"

"You know I'm not, neither is your Mother. We clearly see the nature of your love for each other, that it's deep and sincere. We're happy you both have found each other. I don't think this is a short term fling in either of your thoughts."

"It's not. Does that bother you?" she asked sincerely.

"No it doesn't. I love you both and want you both to be fulfilled and happy. And if that involves you two being a couple for a year or the rest of your lives, you have my love and support," I replied as I squeezed her tightly in a hug as another song started.

"Scott, thank you very much. I don't just love you, but I'm falling in love with you. I don't want to have sex with you. I want to be your lover, but I know that isn't going to happen right now. I'll be content with some playing around. A lot of playing around. I guess I'm not making sense. But you and Katrina make me so happy and contented," she whispered with a tear in her eye as she lightly kissed my neck.

I collected my thoughts. I knew what she was saying. She was a young woman who was in love with multiple people and was still trying to sort it all out. Rather than deal with it directly I felt a change in direction and a little lesson could help her, "Ashley, Carol was Veronica's lover in college and they have seen each other frequently over the years. I'm not concerned about that relationship. They love each other, and your mother's love for Carol doesn't diminish the love she has for me. Love is not like a pie that the more you slice the smaller piece of love each receives. Rather, with love each person has their own complete and full pie." I let that sink in for a moment before laughing, "Besides Carol and your mother like to share."

"Who?" asked Ashley.

"Me, for one."

"Oh, I knew that, I've been with Carol too. Katrina and I have talked about the three of us trying something. Carol's a very sexy woman, not only to you, but to us and Mom as well. When she gets going she is very energetic and fun to be with."

The music for our second dance together ended and we walked back to the table holding hands. "Dad, will you dance with Kim, then me, then Mom?" asked Katrina.

Kim stood. Ashley took off for the bathroom with Katrina. Kim slipped her hand through my arm and walked back out to the floor with me.

I put my arm around her and she snuggled into me much the same as the women in my family do. "I've enjoyed meeting Ashley and Veronica. I love talking with the two of them. Katrina and I haven't talked for a long time. Where's she going to college? Are they going together?"

"They're all special women, aren't they? College? Neither knows but that's a project for the coming weeks since the intense softball season has ended. I assume they'll go to the same school and continue to live together. They've come to love and respect one another very quickly. They're as good a match as Veronica and me, I think. I understand that your living arrangements are a problem with your Mother. I'll have Veronica try to talk to her, if that's okay with you?"

"Yes it is. Have I given you an erection?" asked Kim, as she surprised me by moving her hip a bit harder against me.

"Oh, yes, I'm sorry. Katrina, Ashley and Veronica expect it and I make no effort to avoid touching them." I lamely explained.

"No, it's fine. I kind of like it actually. It's been since high school that a male has been pressed against me. Nice. I may be in a relationship with another woman, but I still find men to be of interest. You included Katrina. Does she make you hard as well?"

"Absolutely, she's become a beautiful woman. We've talked about it and we're both cool with it. Does it bother you, Katrina I mean?"


"That's quite nice. Mom and Dad would be bothered. They're somewhat stuffy," replied Kim.

"Hmmm, I've known them both since college and they didn't use to be that stuffy, come to think of it. It got that way with me too until I met Veronica. Maybe your Mom and Dad need to take a break from the 'day to day Emerson always at the office routine', go somewhere and rediscover each other. Why don't you suggest it?" I offered.

"I think you might be on to something. Thanks Scott, and thanks for the dances," Kim said as we walked back. As we neared the table she pulled my arm and leaned her mouth next to my ear, and said in a whisper, "I'll bet you have a nice cock, ever think about sharing?"

"Yes, of course, both Veronica and I have," I whispered wondering what that was all about.

Katrina came into my arm and we walked to the floor. She kissed me lightly on the lips as she put her arm around me. She then put her head on my shoulder and pushed into my erection. "Bought your batteries, good, that feels so nice. I get to taste you this weekend and I'm looking forward to it, are you?"

"Yes, and so's Ashley," I said.

We danced in silence, then Katrina said, "I like where we are in life right now. Ashley as a lover and a new sister, Veronica as a new Mom, and our new relationship. I'm happy, the happiest I've ever been. I love you Dad, and thanks so much."

"Good, this is the best I've felt in years. I love you too Katrina."

After a pause I continued, "I'm happy for you and Ashley. What was your reaction to Veronica's 'life mate' statement?"

My daughter drew her head back to look me in the eyes, "We both talked about it that night. She feels the same way I do. I can't explain it, I like men and I want to be pleasured by a man again and again, but I want to spend my life with Ashley. I love her with every fiber of my being. Mom may be right, we could be each other's life mate. Would that upset you?"

"Though I wouldn't have any grandchildren, you two being together for the rest of your lives wouldn't upset me. If that's what your hearts and head directed, you would both have my blessing," I smiled as tears formed in her eyes. Enjoying each other's presence we continued to dance without another word being spoken. Her relationship with Ashley had evolved almost as rapidly as mine with Veronica's. Though it had been unplanned, I had given my blessing to Katrina being with Ashley. I felt nothing but calm and love as we danced.

The number of couples on the dance floor was thinning as I walked Katrina back and interrupted a conversation between Ashley, Veronica and Kim. Hazel was listening while Emerson was in his own world deep in thought. The ladies moved so Veronica could get out and as she reached me she threw her arms around me and kissed me passionately. That didn't go unnoticed by anyone at our table.

"Thanks, lover, I love you too. What was that all about?" I asked.

"That was a thank you for you being so understanding of women. Hazel's coming over for brunch with me on Sunday. Kim told me what you told her, I'm just amazed at how lucky I was to get you," she said just before kissing me again.

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