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Anything For The Company


I lifted my shirt over my head and watched Phil's eyes lock onto my breasts. He was handsome in bed in just his boxers. I guessed he was somewhere around forty, worked out but not with weights and was nervous around a girl half his age. He was stiff the whole time I undressed him. Stiff as in tense. I was still working on making him stiff as in rigid.

I saw the telltale bulge in his shorts and smiled. I put my hands on my breasts and massaged them, lightly tugging on the nipples and rolling them between my fingers. I slid my hands down my body and into the top of my jeans. I watched the expression on his face get more serious the lower my hands got.

He finally adjusted his cock when my right hand reached my clit, the outline of my fingers clearly visible under the tight jeans. I played with myself for just a second before unsnapping the pants and pulling down the zipper. The top of my thong was barely visible at the bottom of the zipper. I let the jeans hang open while I peered once more at the swelling under his boxers.

He could have a daughter my age. I wondered if he did, and if he ever thought about fucking her. Was he imagining that I was his daughter right now? That would be cool.

I started to take off my jeans. I did it as slowly as I could and still make it seem natural. I turned a little so he could see my ass as it was uncovered. I loved this part. I loved to tease.

I let the jeans fall to my ankles, then reached down to take them off. His eyes darted from my breasts to my ass to my legs, finally settling on my thong. I adjusted it, making sure it was tight against the outline of my pussy.

And to think I got paid for this. When I got hired at the restaurant, I never imagined that part of my job would be to entertain the regional manager while he was in town. My manager at the restaurant was very tactful in how he brought it up with me and we negotiated a suitable fee fairly quickly. It worked well for everybody involved.

We could only hope that Phil liked twenty year old brunettes with average tits, but an above average ass and sex drive. So far it appeared he did.

I kept my thong on for now. I wanted this to go slowly. And we had a lot to do before I would allow him to cum. Like getting his wrists into the cuffs attached to the headboard.

I walked to the edge of the bed and reached for the cuff closest to me. I pulled Phil's right hand up to it and carefully clamped the cuff around his write. He was absorbed in everything I did--every move I made. For his other wrist I leaned over his body, making sure my breasts brushed against him. I fastened the cuff around the wrist and pulled away from him, taunting him with my tits.

I felt I controlled everything that happened after that. I'd do what he wanted, but when I wanted to and how I wanted to. In fact, I wasn't sure if I'd ask him or not. Maybe I'd just do it. This was fun.

It was time to get serious. I wanted to see what was inside his boxers and I'm sure he wanted me to attend to it. I moved down and ran my hand from his balls to the top of his cock. Even through the material I could feel how big and hard he was.

I slipped my fingers inside the boxers and touched the tip of his cock. It twitched at my touch and I shifted my hand until my palm was over his shaft. I gripped him and felt the warmth. The cock throbbed and grew in my hand.

I pulled down his shorts until I could see half of his cock. The pink tip was begging to be licked, so I gently placed my lips on it, then my tongue. Again the cock jerked upward.

When I pushed his boxers down his legs to fully expose his balls and cock, I began to get truly excited. He was very large and thick and hard. It was going to be difficult to wait.

I walked towards the end of the bed so I could take off his boxers. Now he was completely naked, cuffed to the headboard and under my control. Not bad for a restaurant hostess.

Phil was looking at my thong again. If he wanted to see my pussy that desperately, that was going to be the last thing I gave him. In the meantime, I moved up and licked him from the base of his cock to the tip. Then I opened my lips and took him in my mouth, slowly sliding down until I almost had it all. I felt the cock hit the back of my throat and I gradually pulled my head back until it fell out of my mouth.

At this point I was pretty sure Phil was as hard as he was going to get. So I climbed onto the bed and straddled his waist with my knees. I pulled my hair back so it didn't cover my breasts and sat back until I felt his cock just touch my ass.

I stood on the bed—still straddling his body—and finally began to take off my thong. I couldn't get it all the way down because my legs were spread. So I let Phil enjoy the view for a second, then took the thong off one leg, followed by the other. I tossed the thong onto the floor and stood over him with my hand on my pussy. I could feel the wetness and knew I would need his cock soon.

When I came back down to my knees, I made sure my bare pussy was just inches from his face. I wouldn't let him lick me. I just wanted him to see it, close up, and know what his cock would be enjoying soon.

I slid down his body until my breasts were over his cock. I rubbed them across it before moving up and down with the shaft between my tits. Then I inched forward until my pussy was touching him. I leaned forward and let my breasts hang near his face. I felt his cock rub against my clit and along my wet cunt. It felt so good and his expression seemed to indicate he agreed.

It was time to fuck.

"Do you want to cum now, Phil?" I asked him, my pussy firmly planted on his cock.

"Yes, Traci. Please let me cum."

"Do you want me to put your cock inside my cunt so you can cum?" I inquired.

"Yes. Please."

Did I mention how much fun this was? This man could be an executive in the corporate office some day soon and WHEN he got to cum was up to me. In fact, IF he got to cum was up to me.

"Tell me what you want, Phil."

"Traci, I want you to put my cock in your cunt so I can cum. I want you to fuck me. Now."

"Please," I reminded him.


I smiled. "Well, OK."

I reached down and lifted his cock, still amazed at its size for a man his age. I was impressed, and horny. I positioned my cunt above his cock and lowered my body so we just barely touched. A second later I could let go of the cock while the head rested just inside my cunt.

We looked at each other. Then Phil's eyes returned to my pussy. He watched his cock disappear before closing his eyes and enjoying the feel of my tight cunt taking him in. I slid down the shaft until resting on his body.

Even I moaned at the length and thickness of the cock and how it made me feel. Was I going to be able to hold back an orgasm long enough to please him? Hell. I might have to cum twice, I decided.

We began to fuck. Phil could do no more than thrust his hips upwards, which he did with some intensity. For my part, I squeezed his cock with my cunt and gladly accepted his thrusts. His eyes focused on my bouncing tits until I started playing with my clit. That seemed to interest him, too.

I toyed with him occasionally, adjusting the speed of my movements from time to time. I would lean towards him, then sit straight up. I could feel different parts of his cock strike the sides of my pussy and knew the changes in sensations had to be good for him.

Phil tugged at the cuffs, eager to hold me by the ass or tits. Not this trip. Maybe next time.

A few minutes later, as my orgasm approached, I heard Phil cry out, "Yes. Traci. I'm cumming."

One more huge push upwards and cum spurted out of his cock. It came with such force that I felt it hit the inside of my cunt.

"Oh, yes. Come on. That's it," I urged him.

He came again. It seemed that every other thrust of his cock resulted in a huge pool of cum being deposited inside me. I felt it dripping out and spreading over my pussy as he continued to fuck me.

He was still very hard. It felt tremendous. My hand rubbed my clit furiously until I finally started to cum. I nearly screamed with pleasure as my entire body shook. I felt more cum flow from his cock as my orgasm peaked.

My fingers stroked my clit as fast as they could, pressing harder all the time. It seemed the more I came the longer Phil stayed hard. But eventually he began to soften and my orgasm subsided.

It was certainly one of the best orgasms I'd ever had, but my job was to satisfy Phil. Time would tell if I succeeded or not.

I collapsed onto his body, letting him lick and suck my breasts. When I released him from the cuffs, he used his hands to push my tits up and continue to enjoy them with his mouth. Afterwards, he held me by my ass while we kissed and rolled on the bed.

We would shower after that and he fucked me once more, this time from behind in the shower. I came twice. I hoped he didn't mind.

The next day at work I saw Phil meeting with my manager, who called me into his office at the end of my shift.

"Did you enjoy it?" Tony asked me without having to explain what he meant.

I wasn't sure how I was supposed to answer. But being a generally honest person I said, "Yeah. Actually. I did. But did he?"

The manager laughed. "Oh, yeah. He enjoyed it. He thanks you and I thank you."

"The inspection went OK then?" I asked.

"Very well. I hope you'll be available for the next one."

"I should be," I said. "He seemed nice."

Tony smiled. "Traci, I really do appreciate this. If you ever want to back out, just let me know."

"I will. But I'm fine for now."

Fine was hardly the word to explain how good I felt after being with Phil. It was exciting and fulfilling and really fun.

It didn't take long for my next assignment. About a week later, Tony called me in again and sat me down.

"Traci. I have guests coming in this week and I need your help. But this one's a little different," he said.


"Yeah." Tony stared down at papers on his desk and then back up to me. "If you don't want to…"

"What is it?" I asked.

"Well, a VP is coming in…"

"Wow. A VP. That's cool," I interrupted.

"Yes. And he's bringing somebody with him."

My heart raced. I had often dreamed of two guys at once.

Tony looked at me. "He's bringing his daughter. She's nineteen."

My mouth must have dropped open because Tony quickly went on. "He asked if I would ask you if you'd join them…like you did Phil."

"Uh…together? Like at the same time?" I began. "Wait. No. He means separate."

Tony looked down at his desk again. "No. Together."

I stared at him blankly. "Jesus Christ."

"He wants to watch…then, uh, have you," Tony stammered.

"He wants to watch me and the daughter, then fuck me?"

"Yeah. Something like that," Tony said.

I looked at him but wasn't really looking at him. I was picturing the scene. Or trying to. It was a little too weird to put into focus. I just saw bodies everywhere.

"Can I think about it?" I asked.

"Sure. Can you decide by tomorrow?"

"Yeah. I guess."

I drove home petty much on instinct, since I could only concentrate on the request Tony had made. A nineteen year old girl…with her father watching. And then fucking him, I assumed, with the daughter watching. I got out of the car a little wet. That told me something.

Lying in bed I took the scene a little farther and got a little wetter…to the point where I masturbated at the thought of doing the girl. My problem was: how do you do a nineteen year old girl? I'd never been with another female before. And with a guy watching. No, not just a guy. Her father. God.

And what if they were not attractive. I needed to ask Tony if he knew these people. I didn't sleep much that night.

"Hey, Tony," I yelled across the kitchen at work the next day.

The manager approached me and I pulled him into a corner. "Have you met this guy…the VP…or his daughter?"

"Actually. I've met him at one of the conventions," Tony said.

"What's he like? I mean, what's he look like?"

Tony smiled, knowing his answer was going to help influence my decision. "I think you'd find him attractive. He's maybe 43 or 44. Kind of tall. Looked like he was in good shape to me."

I thought about it. "You haven't seen the daughter?"

"No. Afraid not. But you know what?" he said anxiously. "This guy's wife was at the convention and she was pretty sharp. I mean I thought she was cute. Blonde."

Maybe I'd rather do the wife. "OK. I think I'll do it. But it will cost you double."

"God, Traci," Tony mumbled. "You're really something. I don't think that was our agreement, but I'll do it only because he's a VP and this is important."

"Our agreement never said anything about voyeuristic incestuous lesbianism."


Oh, forget it," I said, turning and walking away. "I'll do it."

Frank Conway was good-looking. He looked like what I thought a fast food VP should look like. Professional. A little dorky. But he was also a little sexy in his golf shirt and dark hair and nervous smile.

And across the table from me was one of the most beautiful young women I'd ever seen. Debra was blonde like Mom, with blue eyes and a perfect face. Her petite dress highlighted every curve of her flawless body. If she wore it to make it easier for me, it worked.

We had met for dinner before going to their hotel suite and my nerves were more than a little taut. I, too, wore a dress. But it didn't match Debra's in style or sensuality. By the time we were done eating I was ready for what I expected to be a wild night. I only hoped I wouldn't blow it.

When we arrived at the room, Frank immediately poured us all drinks. We sat in the living area and talked.

"I hope you can stay with us for a while tonight, Traci," Frank said.

"Yes. As long as you want," I said.

"Good. I think Debra finds you very attractive, just as I do," he said. "Don't you, honey?"

"Yes, Dad," Debra said softly. "Very attractive. I bet you'd enjoy watching us, wouldn't you?"

I wasn't sure going into the evening how much they knew I knew, so I decided to just play along with the conversation. I didn't appear shocked at her statement.

"I would. Traci, would you like to have Debra show you how a woman makes love to a woman?"

I was tempted to ask him why he thought I needed to be shown. But I didn't ask him that. I asked, "Would you like to watch?"

The smile on Frank's face indicated we were all on the same page now. "I would like that very much."

We each had another drink. I'm not sure Debra took her eyes off me the entire time. I could feel my pussy starting to contract with excitement and I believed this would be easier than I thought. When I thought the time was right I placed my glass on a table and stood in front of the couch.

I didn't know whether to face Frank or Debra, so I faced neither one directly and took off my shoes. Then I unzipped the back of my dress. It would have fallen off by itself if I hadn't held it in place at my breasts. Slowly I let it fall from my shoulders and down my arms. Still covering my chest, I removed one arm at a time from the straps.

I looked at Debra and let the dress drop to my ankles. I wore the smallest pair of matching bra and panties I owned. The panties weren't exactly thongs, but they didn't cover much either. The bra was thin, revealing two erect nipples underneath.

With the dress pushed aside, I walked over to Debra who sat in a large, overstuffed chair. Her legs were crossed and I asked her if I could sit in her lap. She placed both feet on the floor and tapped the top of her legs invitingly.

I liked the feel of her bare skin on my ass, her dress having ridden up her legs until just barely covering her pussy. Looking down at her I could see most of her breasts. This was getting more enjoyable by the minute and she was still dressed. I couldn't wait.

Debra's hands were on my waist, then they moved up my sides and finally rested on the front of my bra. I leaned down and lightly kissed her lips. I felt her hands cup my breasts and she pressed them against my chest. We kissed harder, my initial insecurity giving way to the softness of the beautiful girl's mouth.

She was practically ripping at my bra so I backed away from her face and opened the hook in the back. Her eyes shot back and forth between my fingers in the back and my breasts in the front. I'd always enjoyed the instant a man first saw my naked tits, but this was a new excitement. I was even more anxious that Debra liked what she saw.

I let the bra hang on the end of my breasts before letting it fall completely off and into my hands. The air hitting my nipples caused them to grow. Debra's fingers on them soon made it even better. I laid the bra on the floor and just took in the tremendous sensation of the young woman's hands on my breasts.

It only took her a few seconds to lean forward to gently kiss, then lick, the breast closest to her. It was at this point that I happened to look over at Frank and notice that he had taken out his cock and held it firmly in his hand. I knew then that I had to satisfy Debra while giving her father a good show at the same time.

Satisfying Debra was going to be easy. She wanted my body. Determining how to make her cum was going to be more difficult.

I turned my body so that she had free access to both breasts. Her tongue was driving me crazy the way it touched my nipples. It felt so good, in fact, that I almost missed the fact her hand was between my legs, rubbing against the outside of my thong on top of my pussy.

I hated to move, but it was time to get serious. If she wanted my body that much, I had to give it to her. And, besides, I was very anxious to get her naked and see if she was as gorgeous as she appeared in that dress.

The only dilemma was that if I faced Debra to take off my thong, Frank would be looking straight at my ass. Or I could turn so they both got the silhouette view. I decided to face Debra as she was my "client" at the moment.

I bent over at the waist when the thong reached my knees. It was quite a thrill letting Debra watch my breasts hang from my chest while Frank stared—cock in hand—at my ass. Before long I was going to have to let one of them make me cum. For some reason I was leaning more towards Debra, and I never thought I'd say that.

I stood up after getting naked.

"Turn around, please," Debra asked me politely.

I faced Frank and stood with my arms at my side. His cock looked huge in his hand even from across the room. He stroked it twice, then let it rise from his pants without holding it to let me see. I wanted very much to walk over and put my lips around it.

But I turned instead and faced Debra once more.

"You're beautiful."

Her words were music to my ears. It was as if a man could have me and cum several times and I took it for granted, but to hear this stunningly attractive young woman say I was beautiful made me want to do anything for her.

So I did. Debra got off the chair and stood just inches in front of me. Then she slowly turned around so I could unzip her dress. When she didn't move, I pulled it up from the bottom and raised it over her head.

After dropping it to the floor I unhooked her bra and took it off. I wished I was in front of her, but I knew I'd get to see her breasts soon. Debra still didn't move, so I took her little panties and pulled them down her legs, kneeling down to remove them.

She had a perfect ass, with round puffy cheeks that begged to be held. I ran my fingers up the back of her legs, over her ass and around to her stomach. I heard her breathe deeply as my hands reached her breasts.

I pressed my body against hers, kissed her neck and massaged her tits. I could have spent the rest of the evening just caressing her body.

Instead, Debra took my hand and led us over to the couch. She laid down on her back and stretched her arms out to me, inviting me to cover her with my body. I didn't consider any of this my job anymore. This was becoming pure delight and something I wanted to do.

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