tagMind ControlAphrodisia Ch. 02

Aphrodisia Ch. 02


A few hours after he fell to sleep Jamie Sloane opened his eyes to find himself flying. High over the village and the surrounding countryside he soared upward toward the thick dark clouds above. The water stored in those clouds started to drench him to the bone and he found it odd that his balls weren't about to drop off considering how cold it must have been up there. Still, despite the immense height, thick rain clouds and English weather he was comfortably warm. Finding no other option since he couldn't control his prolific ascent toward the heavens, Jamie resigned himself to go wherever he was going.

The nineteen year old strangely found that he didn't mind too much that he was hurtling up toward the upper atmosphere. In all honesty he wasn't thinking about it a great deal. It was almost as if he were in some kind of trance. Eventually he popped up into a large cavern within the clouds. The recess was surrounded by nebulous walls that were constantly moving into odd new shapes. Perched upon one of these wisps of vapour was a figure he recognised.

It was Allison; still dressed in her bar-maid outfit with the tablecloth tucked into the hem of her skirt. When he popped up she turned her head and patted the space beside her causing tufts of the cloud to escape and dissipate into the air. She turned her perfect head to look at Jamie and flashed him a dazzling smile. The boy floated over and took his seat in the sky next to the stunning beauty. It felt like he was sitting in a whole lot of cotton wool. After sitting down next to her he found that his face was flushed with colour. He remembered all of his clothing had been left back down on earth in Sonya's room so he was a little self conscious.

"Hey sweetie." Allison purred. "How was she?"

"What? H-how do you know about...?" The question trailed off as the boy regarded the woman like she might explode at any minute.

"Don't be shy Jamie. I know everything you got up to tonight. Oh and well done!" She gave him an approving pat on the back before stroking her hand down along all those muscles that had taken root there apparently overnight. "Nice. You know I didn't think you'd take to them so fast. What was I saying?" She asked no one in particular. "Oh! That's right! Well done on getting rid of that little virginity problem you had. You know, I knew Sonya had a wild woman locked inside her but even I wouldn't have guessed she was that wild." Her legs were hanging from the edge of their thick cloudy seat. He noticed she'd taken off her boots and her bare feet were swishing back and forth beneath them, breaking up the cloud into ethereal wisps. They interlaced with her toes as she dallied with them and left him to form a response.

"I...Hey wait a second here. That was supposed to be you in that room! You set me up didn't you?" Jamie accused. Then after a moment he added. "And what do you mean by you didn't think I'd take to them so fast?" The boy looked a lot more puzzled than angry at her. He'd also started to wonder just what the hell they were doing sat in the middle of a cloud. People didn't sit in the middle of clouds dammit!

Allison seemed to notice that he'd started piecing what was currently happening together. Taking the tip of his chin into her hand she turned his head to face her and pressed her mouth against his. The scintillating nature of her slightest touch was magnified a hundred fold by her kiss. Jamie found this out and immediately lost all concern for his cloud sitting. Before he could put his arms around her however she relaxed the kiss and pulled away. Jamie seemed a little stupefied after that and his eyes remained closed and mouth pursed whilst he tried to regain his bearings.

"Sorry about that Jamie. You were waking up and I'm not ready to let you go just yet." The 'waking up' comment didn't have time to register in Jamie's brain. She didn't want to let him go! That's all that was important to the boy right then. He regained enough of his sense and calm to speak again.

"Why weren't you there?" He asked, slightly hurt that she'd tricked him.

Allison looked right into his eyes for a long moment. Something in that enchanting stare of hers seemed conflicted until she finally looked away. "Jamie didn't you ever wonder how I knew your name before you told it to me?"

"Nope" Jamie replied honestly. Though now he thought about it he hadn't told her his name that night. Before he could think to ask her why that was however, she told him.

"I'm a goddess." She stated very matter-of-factly.

"Darn right you are!" Jamie confirmed, taking a moment to look down over that perfectly proportioned body of hers.

Allison actually blushed at that little comment. "No you silly, I mean I'm a real goddess."

This gave Jamie a moment's pause before he answered. It wasn't everyday you met a crazy person who lived in a cloud after all.

"Ok, so why are you cleaning tables? I mean I didn't know goddesses were such micromanagers." He asked the question in the most serious tone he could muster.

"Hey!" Allison turned and prodded him sharply in the side with her finger. Jamie shooed the finger away with his hand. He was very ticklish. "I was cleaning the tables so I could meet you. You let me out of my bottle so I wanted to see what kind of person you were." She responded, turning her head to look down as the cloud beneath them divided to reveal they were currently floating over a large city. It was London. He recognised the Thames snaking its way through the middle of it. They sure had come a long way in a short time. He'd been in York when he flew out the window after all.

"Were you the nice smell that came out of the bottle?" Jamie asked using the kind of logic one tends to only when they're dreaming.

"I was. I'm glad you liked it." She said, her smile returning as if he'd paid her a very flattering comment. Seeing the woman smile made Jamie smile too but he didn't really know why. Then something occurred to him and his expression changed to a slightly annoyed one.

"I was stood there for five hours!" He exclaimed. "I couldn't feel my hands or my feet I was that cold!"

"Well...well you should have thought of that before you opened the vial!" The stunning little goddess suddenly seemed overly defensive. Folding her arms beneath her breasts she turned and faced away from him.

There was a long moment of silence between the two and it didn't seem like it was going to lift until Allison lowered her head a little.

"I'm sorry. I was just really happy to be out of there. I mean you try living in a glass vial for over a millennium, it's not very nice. I just couldn't resist pouring out all at once. I wanted to feel the world again instead of just cold glass." She lowered her hands to slip into the fluffy clouds at her sides and turned her head to look at him again. He was surprised to see her eyes glistening with tears. Feeling his heart start to plummet back down to earth he reached out instinctively to put his arm around her shoulders. She leaned in against him but she didn't cry. "Thanks Jamie. After I regained my senses I realised you were stood there and I had basically frazzled you. Gods shouldn't pass through humans. It's really not good for you. So it took a little while to fix you up right again, with a few improvements of course. After I did I made myself a body, which took me some time, before I went to go see you at the inn. I wanted to see if you were a good person." She rubbed her cheek against his shoulder and a little happy smile came back to her lips. "You were a good person. I also noticed you were down on your luck though and very lonely. So I introduced you to Sonya and fanned the flames of desire between the both of you. Well you did most of that actually..."

"Wait...you're saying I made Sonya sleep with me?" Jamie's voice had a hint of panic in it. If he'd just turned into some kind of rapist he was going to throw himself off the next bridge he happened to come across.

"No!" Allison's eyes opened wide in shock. Clearly the very idea of forcing someone into sex was highly disturbing to her. "Jamie I wouldn't let you go around raping innocent women!" She reached out and took his hands in hers, looking into his eyes again very seriously before she spoke.

"I'm Arianrhood, Sjöfn, Venus, Aphrodite...every goddess associated with love or fertility ever known is usually born of someone catching me doing what I do." Allison explained to him. "I encourage love. I fan the flames of desire and let people who are good for each other feel free to do what their hearts want. You're good for Sonya. She wanted you too; all she needed was a little push. She was basically emotionally blackmailed into having sex with a college boyfriend. He took her virginity and then ran off to the hills when he heard she was pregnant." Allison then leaned back before spitting up into the air in a very un-ladylike manner. Jamie thought that was a little gross even as he watched it hurtle down to earth. "That's going to hit him on the head on his way home from work." Allison said with a rather evil smirk. Then she looked back over to Jamie and continued her story. "Anyways after him Sonya just lost faith in love and hid behind those big brown woollen sweaters of hers and the huge glasses too. She's had a bit of a crush on you for a while though but wouldn't let herself act on it. So I got you two naked together and then gave her that little push. Let her overcome her fear for a little while and she got her faith in men restored and you got laid. I'd call that a win for everyone." Allison finished talking, looking down again at the city below them and starting to swing her legs back and forth once more.

"So wait sec here..." Jamie pinched the upper part of his nose and closed his eyes as he took in all this new information and tried to figure it all out. "...you're a real goddess. Aphrodite or whoever..."

"You can call me Allison sweetie." The woman said, leaning in to give him an affectionate kiss on the cheek.

"Allison then...and you just got me and Sonya to live happily ever after because I let you out of that old Roman glass bottle?" Jamie privately thought his life had certainly got a lot weirder in the past day.

"Yep! Well I suppose whether or not you live happily ever after is up to you Jamie. See I can't do nearly as much as I used to and the world needs more love. I've only been out of there a couple of hours but no one seems to trust each other anymore. Men and women often miss a good thing when it's staring them in the face. They go after people that they're told have to be interesting because they have a motorbike or they wear the right clothes rather than the ones they actually find interesting in the first place. They marry for security or convenience or even because they just don't think they can find anyone more suited to them. So you're going to be given a little power of your own and we'll see if you can make love a little more commonplace in this modern world of yours. Sex is supposed to mean something sweetie. It's not meant to be used to sell cars, clothes or bloody coffee mugs. It's also not just a pastime, no matter how much people like to pretend it is." Allison finished her little speech and then seemed to notice something down on the earth miles beneath them.

"Oh crap is that the time!? You should be getting back Jamie." The goddess looked at him with those starry blue eyes of hers. Then her eyes fell down into his lap where his cock was standing up to attention. Jamie found it was very difficult being anywhere near Allison without getting an erection. "Spread that love around sweetie. Sonya won't mind if you fuck other women...no woman ever will. Just please don't be an asshole about it." Allison then scooted a little closer to him and her left arm snaked around his shoulders whilst her right fell into his lap.

He gasped as he felt the woman's delicate fingers wrap around his shaft. Then he heard a giggle of pleasure right by his ear and felt her warm wet tongue lick his earlobe. A sweet familiar scent filled his nostrils and he was going to speak up to ask more questions until her soft hand gently started caressing his cock. At first he felt only the tips of her fingers pass against the firm helmet one at a time. Then those fingers fastened around his hardened shaft and slowly started to stroke along its length. She had soon coaxed a trickle of sticky white precum out of the tip to trickle over her fingers. He shut his eyes tight, the pleasure was unlike anything he'd ever felt. Unlike the previous night with Sonya he had no control over the intense feeling her touch brought with it. Then finally he felt her kiss his neck and heard her whisper something in his ear.

"Wake up"

Jamie opened his eyes to find himself back at the inn. The whole thing had been a dream. Oh god what a dream though! Thinking that he was sure to have messed up his sheets he moved his hands up to wipe the sleep from his eyes. Who would have thought that of all the women in the world he could have sex-dreamt about that Sonya Vickers was the one he'd pluck out of the ether? He had to admit she'd been amazing in the dream though. Of course he'd never stand a chance with her in real life...probably couldn't get her to take those glasses off. Then there was that gorgeous sex goddess too. If only he'd managed to stay asleep long enough to get a shot with her. Well he supposed he had better fish around for his clothes and prepare for another day of picking at freezing wet mud. Oh joy. Then he looked down and realised that his backpack wasn't there beside the bed where he'd left it. Neither was his wallet or his watch! He'd been robbed!

And who the bloody hell was humming that cheerfully at this time in the morning!?

Jamie turned his head to see Sonya stood at the mirror in some skin hugging little under-shorts. She had a content smile on her face whilst she put in some earrings and hummed along to a tune she'd discovered somewhere in the back of her mind. Jamie watched that gorgeous round ass of hers bounce along to the beat beneath the little shorts.

Ok so he wasn't dreaming and they were both still in her room. That was why his things weren't there. They were still in his room down the hall. He'd spent all night thoroughly pleasuring this gorgeous hidden jewel of sex appeal and then he'd dreamt about Allison all night. He wasn't deluding himself now after all. He didn't, however, rule out the idea that he might have died and gone to heaven.

He was admiring her long tanned legs thinking that they might have gotten a shade of darker, richer bronze since the previous evening when she noticed he was awake.

"Hey there lover," She said with a cute little smile after she'd turned around. Her small breasts gave a little bounce as they faced him. "you kept me up all night long. It's one in the afternoon. The rest of the group will wonder what we've been up to all morning." She slipped back onto the bed. The sheets were ruffled from the previous evening's exploits. They'd had to throw the quilt off the bed since it was so wet with sweat and cum and just use the under-sheet. "I think I'll say I discovered a long, thick phallic object amongst the student's discoveries. It looks to have been made back in the nineteen eighties of a unique substance that has the properties of both rubber and steel." Her smile was highly mischievous as her hand slipped under the sheet to touch what was currently beneath the tent he'd made around his crotch. "I'd say steel at the moment."

Jamie laughed and caught the slight glimmering of one of her earrings. He reached out to slip her silky dirty blonde hair behind her ear to see it better.

"They were my mum's." She explained before he could ask her where she'd got them. "I usually keep them in my bag as a kind of good luck charm I guess."

"They look good on you. You should wear them more often." He said. A slight tint of colour flushed through her cheeks. Turning on his side Jamie leaned forward and kissed her good morning. Their lips met and melded into a slow smouldering greeting that lasted a few minutes longer than he'd probably intended it to. Still if you were going to waste time he decided that was definitely the best way to do it.

After they kissed each other good morning Sonya planted two other kisses on his neck and chest. Her silky lips felt great against his skin and he watched her as she pulled the bed sheets over her head. Of course he could still see the 'bump' of her head beneath the sheets. He gave a little chuckle at her playfulness this morning that turned into a groan as he felt her hot breath on the tip of his cock.

The breath was soon accompanied by a warm wet tongue gently teasing at his cockhead as she tasted it for the first time. Jamie's breathing started to get a little heavier, his heart beating faster in his anticipation of his first blowjob. What Jamie didn't know was that this was her first time at this too. After the previous night she had wanted to taste his cum since the stuff smelled so damn good. It wasn't as if it was a perfume or anything but instead it reminded her more of an appetising meal cooking on the stove. By the time he'd slipped out of her for the last time that night however she couldn't move she was that exhausted, let alone do anything else.

With the sheet pulled over her head Jamie couldn't see what she was up to. He could only feel her breath gently blowing against his length and her tongue occasionally lick at the tip.

"Sonya, that feels so good." He encouraged her with the compliment. Soon after he gave it he felt her lips give the end of his length a playful kiss before wrapping around the shaft. If it wasn't for his new self control skills he would have shot his load right into her mouth there. Still he concentrated and the intense pleasure she was causing in his dick maintained instead of overflowing. The entire head of his cock sank down into her mouth. He felt the light touch of her teeth for a moment before she opened wide to suck a few more inches to rest against her tongue. More of his cock was sucked up between those hungry lips of hers until he felt the entrance to her throat. She gagged immediately, not being able to deepthroat and not knowing how much she could take. He felt her breathing heavily around his shaft and slid his hands under the sheets to let his fingers stroke through her hair reassuringly.

She might have stopped then and mounted him since she was a little embarrassed that she could only take two thirds of his dick into her mouth. Wanting to give him as much pleasure as he'd given her the previous evening, she continued to suckle on him for a little while longer. Then she tasted something unlike she'd ever tasted before against her tongue. It was the most delicious, juiciest, thickest, stickiest hottest drink she'd ever had. The taste was indescribable, one moment she could almost swear it was strawberries, then chocolate, then honey, then whiskey but it was never quite any of those things. That was when the light sucking noises that Jamie had been hearing turned downright obscene. As she drank more and more of the steady trickle of his precum from his long hard dick she started to feel a familiar itch deep inside the hot pink folds of her pussy.

Jamie now had a fist of her hair in one hand and a fist of the bed sheet in the other. Moving his hand along with her head as it bobbed up and down against his crotch. She'd started sucking in a way that he felt she might suck his balls right out of his cock. It felt incredible in itself but her tongue was also furiously alternating between licking at the slit of his dick and teasing out more of his cum by swirling over the sensitive spot on the underside of its mushroom shaped head.

Jamie pulled the sheet aside to reveal the gorgeous mother of two giving him an incredible blowjob. Her eyes were closed tightly as she sucked on his hard-on with vigour. One of her hands reached up to grab his thigh and steady herself whilst her other reached beneath. She slipped her fingers beneath the hem of those little shorts of hers and started rubbing her pussy. The itch had evolved into a full blown inferno of arousal by now. Seeing the lewd display of the gorgeous slender woman sucking up his cum made him groan.

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