tagMind ControlAphrodisia Ch. 04

Aphrodisia Ch. 04


It was a dark and stormy night.

No really. It was. I'm not just writing that because I've always wanted to or anything.

Ahem. Anyway...

As thick black rain clouds rolled over the skies of London Jamie Sloane found he was looking up at the clear night sky above. How did he manage this you might ask? Well Jamie was something of a dreamer you see, always with his head in the clouds. Tonight his dreams had taken him to sit on the topmost cloud in London's unsettled skies. His eyes fluttered open and he laid there atop the rain clouds, staring up into the darkness of space. There was something very familiar about this.

"Pretty isn't it? I like coming up here to remind me that no matter how much crap you might have on top of you there's still something nice worth weathering it for." A lyrical voice resonated from nearby.

Jamie lifted his head with a dreamy smile to see a friend of his. Allison sat on the cloud beside him with her legs crossed and her fingers sinking into the fluffy cloud behind her. Rather than her usual work clothes, she was wearing an elegant silk gown that made Jamie's jaw fall open. The woman was probably the most stunningly beautiful creature he'd ever laid eyes upon and the way that her body was filling out the slinky crimson material was nothing short of breathtaking.

"You know if the wind changes your face might get stuck looking like that forever." She said without turning to look at him.

"Huh? Oh! Erm, sorry it's just..." Jamie trailed off as his gaze snaked its way down along her bare back. After a moment he gathered himself and suddenly became very much aware that he was naked. This became a slightly more serious problem because looking at the delightful woman had a very profound effect on what was hanging between his legs, or jutting up toward the heavens as the case now was.

"You look incredible." He observed.

"Well aren't you a charmer?" Allison turned to look at Jamie and gave him a radiant smile.

"Um, Allison? Would it be alright if maybe I got some clothes?" He asked a little tentatively.

"Why? Are you cold?" There was a note of concern in that lustrous voice of hers.

"No, it's just a little embarrassing to be laid here naked..." Jamie said.

"Hey, you fell asleep that way buster. Not my fault you couldn't find your PJ's." There was a tint of amusement in her voice and a rather playful twinkle in her eye as she said that.

Jamie sat up beside her and shook his head a little. Well apparently he was dreaming about her again. That suited him just fine since he couldn't think of a better thing in the world to dream about. Unlike most dreams about girls he used to have, his previous experience dreaming about Allison was unique. Not simply because she was so beautiful but rather because she seemed to know he'd been dreaming about her later when they were both awake.

This was probably because Allison was a goddess. She was the goddess of love to be exact, or at least that's what she'd told him. So she could probably do whatever she liked both in and out of his dreams.

"Anyway if you conjured yourself up some pants now they'd have to be really baggy around the crotch area or you'd be really uncomfortable about now." She noted as her sapphire blue eyes lowered to observe his raging erection. "Oh and talking to you fully clothed wouldn't be nearly as appealing." She paused a minute then raised a hand to lift a finger in his direction. "Before you say 'Well shouldn't you be naked too then?' Or something along those lines, just remember that you have a hard enough time concentrating on what I'm saying when I'm dressed. I don't want to be sat up here talking with a guy whose mind is completely occupied with my tits." She stated.

Jamie had to concede that she made a good point. The gown only made him mostly occupied with her tits, not completely.

"Alright then, well it's nice to see you again anyway." Jamie said, unable to wipe the smile from his features.

"Pfft, well you sure don't seem pleased to see me. Don't I even get a kiss hello?" Her perfectly arched shoulders slumped slightly as she feigned disappointment.

Jamie didn't need much more encouragement. Inclining his body toward her, he pressed his lips against her own and revelled in the explosion of sensation that her kiss brought with it. Each time she'd kissed him he'd been caught by surprise but this time he was ready for her and took his time enjoying her taste. Her mouth opened against his as she stifled a little whimper of pleasure and their tongues meshed against one another. By the time he'd finished 'kissing her hello' both the boy and the goddess were merrily drunk on one another.

"Boy you're getting pretty damn good at that Jamie." She said between slightly heavier breaths.

"Well thanks to you I'm getting lots of practice." Jamie said with a somewhat pleasantly dazed expression on his face.

"Oh yes that's right! How did things work out with Gwen?" Allison asked.

"Things went..." Wow, how was it possible to convey just how well things had gone with Gwen? "Increditasticeriffic." He said finally.

"Wow, it went so good you forgot high school English?" Allison teased.

"You know now you mention it I can't remember what onomatopoeia is. I think she fucked it out of me or something." Jamie said with a slight chuckle before lying back down in the clouds.

"I once made a king and a servant girl fall in love whilst the king was travelling overseas. Then made I him forget where his country was." Allison admitted in a contemplative sort of manner. "He decided that he loved the girl so much that his country didn't seem so important anymore. They were very happy together. Of course his country broke out in civil war but thankfully that's not my department."

Jamie blinked a few times at that little revelation.

"Which king was that?" He asked trying to recall any vanishing kings he might have learnt about in his studies.

"Hm? Oh I can't remember. It was a long time ago. Anyway the point is that forgetting some things can sometimes turn out for the best." Allison replied somewhat enigmatically.

"You can be pretty scary sometimes Allison." Jamie said.

"I know. You still love me though don't you?" She turned that angelic visage to look upon him.

"Of course I do." He said with absolute certainty. "I'd appreciate it if you didn't get rid of big chunks of my mind though. There's not much floating about up there to begin with."

"Don't be silly!" She chided. "You're one of the smartest guys out there Jamie. Smarter than most actually since I've got my hands on you. What's two thousand eight hundred and forty nine divided by one hundred and fifty four?"

"Eighteen point five." Jamie replied as if she'd just asked him what the first letter of the alphabet was. He then seemed rather startled that he'd pulled the correct answer out of the ether. For he knew it was the correct answer with absolute certainty.

"See? I told you. I can't do anything to your head either even if I wanted to. Like I told you before, after what I did your mind can't be influenced by gods or goddesses." Allison reminded him.

"Oh really? Then how are you managing to bring me up here in my dreams? Not that I'm complaining you understand. There's nowhere else I'd rather be."

Allison gave a somewhat shy smile at those words from the boy and he thought he saw her cheeks turn a little red.

"It's good to see you're getting more confident Jamie. Smarter too. A few days ago you couldn't do much around me but drool." She observed.

"Yeah well believe me concentrating on anything when I'm around you still isn't easy but I like talking to you as much as I like looking at you. So it's worth the effort." Jamie said.

Allison was now getting a little flustered by the boy's compliments. In an attempt to regain the high ground in their relationship she turned to sink her fingers into the cloudy surface on either side of Jamie's head. This gave him a rather stunning view of those perfect breasts of hers as the silk garment she was wearing struggled to contain them. It was then that she slid one of those long slender legs across him and settled down to rest herself on-top of the naked teenager.

It worked. The high ground was once again hers.

Jamie's senses were immediately flooded by the feel of her body against him and that delirium inducing aroma that emanated from her. Then feeling the taste of her mouth against his was almost too much to bear. His mind turned to mush as he basked in the presence of the goddess lying upon him. He felt the silk of her dress wrapping around his cock as it stood up between her thighs. Though he might have been kidding himself he could have sworn that the smooth material was intentionally caressing some of his more sensitive areas.

"It's easy to get someone to dream about you Jamie." Allison said when she'd finally unlatched her mouth from his. "Reading minds and influencing them is about digging into someone's head and looking at what's there then rearranging it if you need to. Yet when you dream your mind and your spirit wander off to different places whilst your body recharges. See?" With a delicate flick of her fingers a cloud floating beside them suddenly formed a window within itself.

When he looked through the window, instead of seeing the night sky behind it as he should have he saw the bedroom where he'd left Sonya and Gwendolyn. He could see himself there lying in the middle of the bed. Sonya and Gwen were still snuggled up against him on either side of where he was laid. Above each of their heads he could now see something that looked like a little wisp of mist floating near their ears.

"Their spirits float around in those little vapours Jamie, surrounded by the collected thoughts that make up their dreams. Coming to someone in their dreams isn't about changing their thoughts or looking into their minds. It's about introducing your spirit to that little cloud of thoughts and then saying hello to theirs. Whilst it's true that you can tell a lot about a person by doing this, what you get rarely makes sense, since they have little control over what those swirling thoughts are up to. Of course we could change their dreams any way we saw fit but your dreams can't be so easily modified." Allison explained.

It was at this point Jamie noticed the feint cloud swirling about above his own head. It was a great deal more difficult to see than Sonya's or Gwendolyn's. He also noticed that it was absent of the little flickering light. Guessing that the light within the cloud signified the spirit was present he guessed that his spirit wasn't in his dreams because it was here with Allison instead. You couldn't have two spirits at once after all.

"Of course the actual nature of such things is much more complicated but your mind is now much more powerful than you know and has little trouble making sense of things for you whilst your consciousness plays catch up. So instead of invading your thoughts I coaxed your spirit up here. It came very happily and of its own free will." Allison finished.

"I wonder why that might be." Jamie asked idly as his hands lifted to rest on her firm bottom. He didn't understand a lot of what Allison had said but enough had sunk in for him to feel a little more comfortable that she wasn't flitting about in his head.

"Probably because I'm irresistible." She said sagely.

"Probably." He agreed. "Hey what's with Gwen?"

The reason he'd asked this was because the little cloud of Gwen's dreams had suddenly turned very dark and the little glow of her spirit within had begun to move about frantically. The body of the woman gave a little murmur of discomfort and he saw her try to hug herself closer to his body. He felt the squeeze she was giving his body and his features frowned in concern.

"Oh she's having a nightmare, the poor love. She's got a lot on her mind you know Jamie." Allison said, turning her head to look at the cloudy window.

"Well can't we do something about it? It looks horrible." Jamie asked.

"Of course darling." Allison said in an understanding tone. "Concentrate on the dream as you would if you were reading her mind and send us there." She instructed.

Jamie did as he was told.

- - - - -

Gwendolyn was running for her life, the laughs of her co-workers mutated into screeching wails all around her. The lumbering monster her once loyal husband had changed into was closing in on her. She could smell the foul stench of its breath in the air and wondered how things had gone so wrong. Stumbling over the cracked ground beneath her feet she fell and immediately the beast was upon her.

The harsh sandpapery feel of its rough skin was painful in itself as its hands clamped around her wrists. More hands started to grab and claw away her clothing. Each time they touched her she felt a deep deathly chill run through her body. All around her the screeching shadows formed leering faces. Her old boss, the interviewers she'd cried in front of, hell even the secretary were all jeering the naked woman.

"He's gonna fuck you up"

"Worthless bitch"


"Waste of fuck flesh."

Their horrid voices echoed through her mind along with the bubbling sound of the acid-laced boils that covered her tormentor's crotch. She felt the edge of its small, deformed cock rubbing against her slit, juicing it up with its mucus-like secretions before penetrating deep, deep inside her. She tried to scream but found no air in her lungs as the horrid creature started slaking its lusts upon her. Tears fell from her cheeks as she tried to gasp for air to no avail.


There was something else here with her. It was little more than the fleeting memory of a comforting and familiar scent. The moment she caught it in the stale air she found herself able to inhale a deep and badly desired breath. Suddenly she found that the monster was nowhere near as strong as she'd thought it had been. Wrestling the thing away from her it fell down to the ground and wheezed in pain.

The surrounding shadows no longer seemed so sure of themselves. They backed away a little as she stood upright and let a glimmer of light pass through their dark oily forms. She thought she saw something in the light. It was a man, familiar yet almost alien in his captivating appearance. Next to him floated a radiant ball of light that flickered when she looked upon it as if it was saying hello. The sweet scent in the air became a little stronger and she recognised the man. It was Jamie. He seemed older, more intense and very powerful indeed.

The evil voices resumed their cacophony of jeers as they saw her hopes swell.

"Stupid whore."

"What could he want with you?"

"Can't keep a man happy can you bitch?"

The shadows started to close back in on her again. She turned back to Jamie who remained silent. Tears once again started welling up in her eyes as she expected him to dissipate away from her and leave her to the monsters. Instead the man folded his arms firmly and looked down at her from where he stood on the rolling thunder clouds above. He was looking at her with that burning sapphire gaze of his.

He winked.

The playful gesture from him actually brought a smile to her lips. He wasn't up there to ridicule her or tell her she was worthless but instead to remind her that she wasn't alone against this nightmare. Not anymore.

"Not coming down to help you is he?"

"No he's waiting to watch us fuck you and eat you all up."

"Loves to watch he..."


The sound of her voice, powerful and filled with white hot rage, seemed to make the entire world flicker with its passion. The dark spectres recoiled from it with fear.

"You're all nothing! You're all just stupid idiots who want to see me miserable because I'm just plain fucking better than you are!" She yelled. Many of the dark wraiths dissipated into nothingness at her words. Jamie's light grew stronger and brighter. Then she turned on the monster that was now trying to crawl away from her. As the darkness receded and the light from that strange divine creature next to Jamie washed over the beast she saw it was actually her former husband.

"As for you, you cheating piece of crap!" She marched over and gave the man a very harsh kick in the crotch. After she did he evaporated from sight and when she turned back to look up at Jamie perched on his cloud, she found him stood right behind her. His arms embraced her proudly and lovingly until he finally released her into other far more pleasant dreams...

- - - - -

"Well that was nice." Allison said, pleased with Jamie as they stepped back into their own nebulous realm high above London.

"Yeah, I wanted to just rip that lot off of her when we first got in but thought it would be better if she did it herself." Jamie said as they started to walk hand in hand across the ethereal landscape.

"You thought right love. She's a strong woman. All she needed was a push in the right direction." Allison replied. "Speaking of which you should probably get back but I brought you up here tonight for a reason."

"Let it be sex. Let it be sex. Let it be sex." Jamie thought to himself over and over again hopefully.

Allison however had less carnal intentions as she conjured up a tattered piece of paper out of the clouds and held it up for him to see.

"This is a treasure map." She said perkily.

Jamie never thought in his life that he would be disappointed by the idea of buried treasure. Compared however, to the idea of sex with Allison, such things as wealth and power didn't quite seem as appealing any more. Yet he resigned himself to take the map and look it over.

"You'll find it stashed in your pants when you wake up. Go to where the X is and look down in the cellar." She instructed. "Now give me a kiss goodbye."

Now there was an idea that Jamie was definitely all for. Letting the map fall back amongst the clouds he reached over to place his hands on her lower back and pulled her up against him. Her mouth met his, hot and inviting as always and yet just as mind blowing. That incredible body of hers melted against his as they kissed each other with an unlimited desire until he felt himself slipping away and she faded from his world once again for the time being.

When he opened his eyes Jamie found that he was looking up at the ceiling. He felt a little deflated for a few moments at Allison's absence until he regained his senses. Then he realised he was still sandwiched between two gorgeous sleeping women and couldn't help but smile to himself. Blinking a few times to draw the sleep from his eyes, he found himself looking over to the window.


It was very bright outside that window, and despite the curtains being drawn he could hear the busyness of the street outside. Carefully he took his hand from where it rested on Sonya's bare ass and reached across to the night stand to lift his watch into view. It was ten past eleven! They had to be out of this room in fifty minutes!? Shit!

"Gwen? Sonya? We've gotta get up. They're gonna throw us out in less than an hour" He said gently but firmly giving them both a little wobble to wake them up.

"...Uh? Why not in my ass?" Sonya mumbled sleepily as her eyes started to flutter open.

"What?" Jamie asked with a raised brow and a slight chuckle.

"I was just..." Sonya's eyes opened properly and she realised she had been having a very vivid dream about Jamie right then. "Oh. Erm, nothing." She said as she turned a few shades of bright pink.

"Gwen, baby? You up?" Jamie said giving her another little wobble.

Those sensual lips of hers formed a distinct smile and she nodded without opening her eyes. Snuggling up against him she planted a few little kisses along his shoulder.

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