tagMind ControlAphrodisia Ch. 07

Aphrodisia Ch. 07


Sonya's little house was a very hectic place to be that morning. Between one guy, four women and two kids running around the place it was a small wonder no one had an accident. The queue for the bathroom was worst. Jamie and Sonya had climbed the stairs to hear the shower going in the bathroom and to see Anthony, Elisha and Gwen stood outside. Jamie was wearing his jeans and an under-shirt since he hadn't thought to bring any nightwear and Sonya had her dressing gown on. The nights exploits had left their mark and the pair of them were covered in dirt and grass stains as well as having various leaves and twigs sticking out of their hair at odd angles.

"Mom, what the heck were you doing to..." Stephen began to ask his mother.

"Nothing, nothing at all. I'm sure your brother will be finished in there soon. Are you packed for school?" Sonya interrupted, her cheeks turning a fetching shade of magenta.

"Yeah it's just..." The door opened and Anthony stepped out dressed in a dull brown school uniform. This caused everyone to look at him and made the shy boy a little self conscious. He muttered something under his breath that sounded like 'good morning' before zooming past Sonya and Jamie to hurry downstairs. Stephen forgot what he was saying and since he was next in line he hurried into the bathroom.

This left Sonya and Jamie looking at the very stern expressions of Elisha and Gwen. They had matched each others stances perfectly with their arms folded as they looked at the guilty couple accusingly.

"You two are so dead." Gwen whispered at Sonya and Jamie.

"So very, very dead." Elisha agreed. "What happened to everyone staying in their own rooms?"

"Hey don't look at me, it was Lady Dirtybum over there who woke me up for midnight frolics in the forest. She can be really persuasive when she wants to be." Jamie explained with a nod toward Sonya.

Everyone turned to look at her.

"What can I say? I'm an evil, evil woman." Sonya stuck her tongue out at the rest of them and after a moment they all chuckled.

Gwen and Elisha might have been somewhat angry at being left out of Sonya and Jamie's little early morning dalliance in the dirt. Yet seeing the pair of them the covered in muck with bits of twig and leaf sticking out of their hair and expressions of feigned innocence on their faces was just so hilarious it was difficult to stay mad for long.

It turned out Jamie's only punishment was that he would be last to use the shower. Sonya had to take her kids to school so she got a get out of jail free card and by the time Jamie got downstairs she had already left with her boys. He felt a good deal better after his shower and the smell of cooking bacon coming from the kitchen made his stomach growl.

He found Gwen and Elisha there. Gwen was tending to a frying pan full of bacon and Elisha buttering several slices of bread. The smell of the meat made Jamie's stomach do a summersault in his belly.

"Ah now here's himself." Elisha smiled at Jamie and he grinned back. "Yeh hungry?"

"Could eat a horse." Jamie admitted.

"Well we've only got pig I'm afraid." Gwen turned to look at him and smiled.

Gwen was wearing a conservative black dressing gown and had yet to get dressed properly, her feet remaining bare on the kitchen floor. Elisha was wearing a short denim skirt and a white cotton tank top leaving her arms and most of her legs bare, her smooth milky white skin looked highly appealing in the early morning light.

He stepped over to both women and kissed them good morning. He felt Gwen's mouth melt against his and enjoyed the slow, sensual lip lock that followed. Elisha by contrast made up for with passion what she lacked in subtlety, giving him a fiery kiss that stirred parts of him that he'd previously thought Sonya had taken care of for at least a week.

"Okay well now I'm hungry for something completely different." He joked.

"Well what do yeh think we plan on doing all day long?" Elisha's whiskey coloured eyes sparkled with mischief as she turned back to butter the bread and purposefully bumped her denim clad bottom against his crotch.

"And what about the few tonnes of gold we've got stashed in that field?" Jamie nipped the teasing backside with his fingers.

The frying pan clattered down onto the hob and Gwen spun around, her eyes wide in shock. Both Jamie and Elisha turned to look at her in surprise.

"Uh, Jamie? I think we might have forgotten to mention something." Elisha suggested.

"Aha." He concurred. "Yeah Gwen apparently Allison knew about this stash of buried gold in a field a few hours outside the city. We found it. I'm pretty sure I'm a squillionaire."

"A sexy squillionaire." Elisha added with a pretty grin in his direction.

"I stand corrected." Jamie grinned back at her.

Gwen's jaw hung open for a few seconds longer before she found her senses and turned off the heat to the frying pan. She'd splashed cooking fat over the oven though thankfully none of it had harmed anyone.

"Jamie that's wonderful!" Gwen re-discovered her voice box and flung herself at him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders causing her generously proportioned breasts to squeeze against his chest.

"Yeah. I'm thinking of buying a mansion in the countryside and becoming a recluse." He pondered as his arms encircled Gwen allowing his hands to give her bottom a playful squeeze.

"A sexy recluse!" Elisha practically sang before moving over to fork out the bacon in the pan onto the bread.

"Definitely a sexy recluse." Gwen smirked whilst brushing the tip of her nose against Jamie's.

"Me and 'Leesh were gonna go and unload some of it today. Feel free to tag along; we could use all the help we could get. I hear solid gold is heavy." Jamie said.

Gwen's smile faded a little.

"But how in the world are you going to be able to do anything with it Jamie? I'm pretty sure someone owns this field and if there's anything found in it like that then it's theirs. Plus, you can't exactly march into a bank and say 'Hey, change me this hoard of gold bullion for whatever it's worth' can you?" She warned. Elisha turned her head to look at them; the expression of concern was apparently contagious.

Jamie leaned forward, kissed Gwen gently and then let her out of his arms to move over and snag one of the sandwiches Elisha had made.

"I wouldn't worry about that. I can take care of it. Though I could probably use a lawyer to help me sort through it all. Know anyone I could call?" He said whilst wiggling his eyebrows playfully. Gwen was after all a recently unemployed lawyer herself.

"Jamie I did criminal law. This stuff's different." She explained.

"You'll manage I'm sure." He replied confidently before taking a bite out of his sandwich. "Mmm, thish ish good."

Gwen's expression of worry didn't abate however as she continued looking at him with concern.

"Look Gwen," Jamie swallowed the mouthful of bacon and bread. "It'll work. Allison wants it to work and she usually gets what she wants. Believe me this is gonna be easy. Plus on the outside chance that it doesn't work then I still come home to three amazing women. Either way, I'd call that a happily ever after." He took another bite.

Gwen seemed a little more satisfied with that answer. Her only concern being that Jamie would be disappointed. After all it was never nice to think you'd won the lottery only to be told you were actually a number out when you tried to cash in the ticket. The three of them ate their sandwiches and as they were chatting about where you might go to trade gold they heard the front door open and close followed soon after by Sonya strolling into the kitchen.

"Well that was awkward. They kept asking where we'd been all night." She said to Jamie. "Ooooh, is that bacon? Gimme."

"Sure is." Gwen said with a smirk. She handed over the last bacon sandwich on a plate.

"Yum." Sonya took a large bite. "I cud ea' a howrsh."

"I bet. What did you tell them?" Elisha asked.

"That we'd buggered off to Narnia. What do you think I told them? I said they should mind their own business. Oh and I'm taking them to that movie tonight that they didn't get to see yesterday if you guys wanna tag along. My treat since I stole our man last night." She took another bite of her sandwich and winked toward Jamie.

"Sure but hol' on a sec, Jamie does she know about what's in that cellar?" Elisha spoke up.

Jamie shook his head.

"Right then, well it turns out our boyfriend is loaded."

"You're damn right he is." Sonya agreed as her eyes wandered down to Jamie's crotch.

"No...well yeah, obviously...but I didn't mean loaded in that sense. He's rich. Like at least a multi millionaire if not more." Elisha told her proudly as she grabbed Jamie's hand and raised herself on tiptoes to kiss his cheek.

"I don't care. As long as he keeps screwing my brains out on a regular basis." Sonya said sagely.

"Jeez woman, you sure have a one track mind." Jamie grinned at her.

"Well I'm just letting you know what's important to me. How are you rich anyway? I thought you lived in a student flat." Sonya casually leaned against the kitchen counter and spoke between mouthfuls of her breakfast.

"Allison showed me where a very large stash of gold was hidden." He explained.

Sonya's eyes widened to dazzling proportions.

"Oh, well I suppose she doesn't want you being a pauper or anything." Sonya replied as she finished the last of her sandwich.

"Actually it's for a great deal more than that. Still, that can all wait. I'm noticing that for some reason I have you all together for the first time without any immediate concerns or any kids around. So could someone tell me why we aren't all naked and sweaty?" Jamie's eyes twinkled playfully and he smirked at the three women.

"Now there's a good point." Gwen chimed up. She had been content to remain silent up until that point but the promise of naked, sweaty frolicking was too good to let pass by.

She was wearing a black silk dressing gown she had bought the previous day and Jamie watched as the slinky material cascaded down over her smooth curves to pool around her feet. Gwen stood there in all her naked beauty, her heavy breasts rising and falling with each breath. Her dark nipples visibly hardened in the open air and she immediately took up Jamie's complete and undivided attention. He barely noticed as Elisha's hand slipped from his grip and could only stare with a lusty gaze at Gwen as she rested her hand on her hip and grinned at him. The thick material of his jeans began to strain against the pressure of his cock as it stiffened and formed an impressive bulge along his inner thigh.

"Oh so that's why you didn't get dressed to go out this morning. Ease of access." Sonya surmised.

"Damn right!" Gwen answered before flinging herself into Jamie's waiting arms.

He embraced her tightly and their mouths soon met in a lip lock of desperate wanton lust. Amidst muffled moans and breathless gasps for air between the pair of them Gwen managed to unfasten his jeans and tug them down to crumple around his ankles. Soon after that she broke her kiss and slid her body down against Jamie into a spread eagled crouch in front of him. The tip of his bare cock was already poking out from beneath the leg of his boxer shorts and Jamie watched as the gazes of all three women dropped to look at it as if mesmerized. Taking the initiative, he stepped out of his jeans and pulled down the boxers making the engorged length spring up and splat a small drop of pre-cum on Gwen's cheek. It seemed to snap her out of it as she decided to forget licking the drop and go straight for the source. Her hot wet mouth enveloped his length and sucked greedily upon it as her hands came to rest on his hips.

Jamie closed his eyes and let out a long breath of contentment as he felt the familiar yet no less delightful touch of her talented tongue on his cock. His fingers gently ran through her silky auburn hair as her head began slowly bobbing back and forth. Gwen's soft little moans of pleasure were intermixed with the deep sucking sounds she was making around Jamie's cock.

When he opened his eyes again he looked down to see Sonya crouched next to Gwen and was just in time to catch sight of her lick his drop of cum from Gwen's cheek. Sensing Sonya there next to her and feeling her warm tongue lick at her, Gwen slowly leaned back until his cock popped from her lips. Sonya looked somewhat apprehensive as Gwen began to lightly stroke her man's saliva soaked cock with her soft nimble fingers. After all given the fact that she'd basically stolen Jamie for a night of solo-screwing it would have been well within Gwen's rights to gobble him up all by herself that morning. So when Gwen playfully pointed that swollen cockhead at the blonde haired woman's lips, Sonya displayed her gratitude by kissing Gwen happily on the mouth.

The kiss between the two women became more prolonged than either of them had intended. This left Jamie to watch them both make out whilst Gwen started to rapidly glide her hand up and down his cock. It was at this time that he happened to glance across to Elisha and nearly blew his load across both Sonya and Gwen's faces at the mere sight of her.

It seemed that the stunning redhead had become completely enthralled with the erotic display playing out in front of her and had shed her denim skirt along with her panties. She was now desperately finger-fucking her hairless visibly soaking pussy for all she was worth. As Jamie watched her their eyes met and as they did Jamie's mouth suddenly became very dry. He leaned over Gwen and Sonya who were now moaning softly into each others mouths and gave the table in front of him an instructive pat.

Elisha seemed to get the idea in a heartbeat and hopped over to sit on the table, spreading her smooth creamy legs wide open. Almost timidly the girl reached down to part the bright pink lips of her tight pussy with her index and middle fingers to show Jamie the glistening folds beneath.

As Jamie once again leaned forward, grasping the table at either side of Elisha, he caught the sweet scent of her arousal in the air inviting him to taste her once again. Just as his lips were about to touch her she gave out a little whimper of excitement as she felt his warm breath rush over the sensitive flesh of her pussy. Then there was a moment of hesitation as Jamie felt Sonya and Gwen take their heated kiss to either side of his cock, licking and sucking at his length whilst still engaging in their own battle of tongues. The rush of pleasure made him hold a beat before he plunged his own lips to mesh against Elisha's drooling cunt. The resulting squeal of delight from the redhead was music to his ears for the three seconds it took before all sound was muted when Elisha wrapped her slender legs over his shoulders and pushed her juicy snatch harder against his mouth in the hope of drawing his tongue deeper inside her.

Whilst his tongue was wriggling inside Elisha's delicious pussy he lifted one of his arms to slip a hand under Elisha's shirt. His fingers soon clasped a handful of her firm young tit and squeezed gently eliciting a whimper of excitement from the girl. Crossing her ankles behind his back, Elisha was resting most of her weight on her arms and on her legs wrapped over Jamie's shoulders. The eighteen year old used the leverage to lift her ass off the kitchen counter and let Jamie lift his head whilst still swirling his tongue around inside her.

Sonya and Gwen continued to lick and suck on Jamie's sizable cock, lapping eagerly at each drop of his cream as it began leaking slowly from the tip. Sonya's hands had been busy groping the other woman's breasts with one hand whilst the other reached down to find Gwen's searing pussy already slippery with arousal. The busty lawyer returned the favour as she ran her tongue along the length of Jamie's cock and plunged her hand down the front of Sonya's jeans. Her fingers soon found the swamped pussy of the slender blonde woman and each woman began competing to see whose fingers would make the other cum first.

The oral orgy continued for some time with Gwen being the first to shudder and let out a long moan of pleasure as her pussy clamped tightly around Sonya's fingers and she came to a thunderous climax. Elisha was the next; the explosion of pleasure caused by Jamie's tongue flicking over her clit brought a loud scream of delight from the girl. Her back arched as Jamie continued to make out with her pussy lips and she rode through her orgasm before almost collapsing back onto the kitchen counter. Jamie had to hold her up to prevent her from falling off as she relaxed with an expression of pure bliss on her face. Then finally Sonya could no longer hold back and Jamie felt her hot breath stream over his shaft as she sighed with pleasure and reached out to grasp his leg to brace herself.

Jamie himself had yet to reach his peak, choosing to put it off for the moment. Elisha's legs opened to release his head and revealed her very juicy slit and Jamie watched as a drop of her nectar slipped down along her inner thigh. He took the liberty of cleaning it up with his tongue before lifting himself to stand up straight. Elisha opened her eyes and smiled at him before swinging her legs up to get on her hands and knees on the kitchen counter and look down at the action that was still going on around Jamie's cock.

"H-hey you two," Jamie said through heavy breaths. "Let's take this up to the bedroom huh?"

Gwen and Sonya's eyes both opened and they stopped moving with the head of Jamie's cock in Gwen's mouth and Sonya's mouth open with her tongue meshed against his balls. They both seemed to think about it for a minute before Gwen gave the tip of his cock a flick with her tongue and Sonya planted a kiss on the side of his shaft. They both stood up and Jamie looked between the three of them. Elisha still hadn't removed her t-shirt which made the nakedness of her bottom half all the more notable. Especially with the way she currently perched upon all fours on the countertop with that pert ass stuck up in the air. Gwen was of course still completely naked and Jamie's arm draped across her shoulders with his hand groping her meaty breast, just because he could. Sonya was still almost fully clothed, the only sign she'd just been finger fucked to high heaven was that her pants were riding exceptionally low on her hips. She hadn't thought to shed them or the blue sleeveless top she was wearing and had simply gotten down to business.

"Just us two? Isn't Elisha coming?" Gwen asked with a playful smile.

Elisha smiled back a little nervously, still not quite used to the idea of a four way relationship and not completely comfortable with the other two women despite her desire to join in.

"'Course she is, I just already had her attention. Let's move." Jamie gave Elisha an approving wink that made her smile widen.

Getting up the stairs to the bedroom took quite a lot of effort since the three of them couldn't keep their hands off of each other. Jamie and Gwen soon found themselves sharing a passionate lip lock as Jamie's hands firmly squeezed her soft tits. The pair of them stumbled and fell onto the couch together in a tangle of limbs. Gwen's olive skin perfectly complimenting Jamie's sun bronzed body as they lost themselves in the moment and continued licking at each others tongues in their tight embrace.

"Hey you two, lets take it upst..." Sonya trailed off as she saw Elisha crouch and then slip onto her hands and knees on the soft carpet. The girl was trying to peek between the legs of Gwen and Jamie to see if he had slipped that thick cock of his inside of the woman.

This presented Sonya with a great view of the creamy cheeks of Elisha's firm round ass as the girl arched her back her drooling pink slit came into view. The sight made Sonya involuntarily lick her lips.

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