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Apples and a Pair



Luke Gates was big for his age, his physical size inherited from his father, but like his father he was a placid fellow even at just ten years old. His parents had taught him that his physique was not a reason to intimidate, that fighting didn't achieve anything. He was a good lad.

Across the playground of the old village school he saw Sophie. Her red hair always drew his eye at a distance, and her striking pale blue eyes always enchanted him up close. She was small for her age, and timid for a redhead he'd been told, but then her mother was petite and quiet too. Gentle. More family traits.

Sophie Cross was in the same year as him and lived opposite him, directly opposite. His folks owned the 'Barred Gates Orchard' whilst hers owned the 'Golden Cross Orchard'. The families were competitors but in a friendly way. There was plenty of business to go around.

Luke and Sophie often played together amongst the apple trees, either on her side of the road or his, though 'road' was perhaps a misnomer for what was not much more than a country lane. They were close, being both 'only' children in their respective families, more like siblings than some actual ones, like the Parkers, brother and sister that seemed to despise each other. Dan Parker was younger than Luke, two years below him, but his sister Kirsty was a year older and in her final year in primary school. She was the school bully, every school had at least one.

Luke had been watching her, or more precisely, watching Sophie for some time as if it were almost his duty to look out for her. To him it was more than that, something that he felt instinctively a want, perhaps even a need, to do. Kirsty had been getting a bit heavy with Sophie lately and Luke didn't like it. He'd told her to back off and leave the cute little redhead alone, but she hadn't heeded him.

He moved quickly across the yard, drawing no attention to himself other than a frustrated moan from his footballing mates. His young hackles were up. Something wasn't right here. The two girls had disappeared behind the old red brick building that housed the school's elderly generator. It was an area off-limits to the pupils.

Luke got closer, close enough to hear voices, but he didn't slow down.

"Can't you just leave me alone!" he heard Sophie say, clearly upset, her voice edged with fear.

"I will when you give me your dinner money you snivelling little bitch," Kirsty said nastily.

"But then I'll have no dinner," Sophie pleaded reasonably, a break in her voice that surely promised tears momentarily.

"It's that or I'll kick your skinny little ass all over the yard," Kirsty said.

"No!" Sophie wailed defiantly.

Luke rounded the corner in time to see the bigger girl shove his friend in the chest, knocking her backwards onto the concrete upon which she landed heavily on her behind. Kirsty approached the cowering redhead and raised her arm.

"I'm going to slap you silly," she shouted, and started to bring her arm down.

Luke grabbed her wrist and squeezed hard. "This stops now," he told her sharply.

"Let me go you bully!" Kirsty squawked, her own voice trembling suddenly now, but Luke spun her around and her back hit the wall of the old building hard.

"If you even so much as speak to Sophie again I'll show you what real bullying is all about," Luke shouted, his anger only just in check, but in check nonetheless as his father had taught him, "Now get lost!"

He let go of her wrist and she ran back around the generator building and quickly disappeared from sight. Luke turned to Sophie and reached his hands out to her. "Are you all right, Soph'?"

Sophie took his hands, her pale blue eyes shining hotly as he pulled her to feet. "I am now," she said, smiling through watery eyes that hadn't quite turned to tears. "Thank you."

"Tell me if she ever gives you any trouble again," he said, hugging her briefly, "And I'll sort her out, and anyone else who tries to mess with you, okay?"

"Okay," Sophie said, "I believe you will too."

"I will, Soph', I promise. Always." he said, meaning every word spoken from his young heart as if he was taking a pledge under oath.


Luke and Sophie strolled through the orchard, the one on her side of the road, hand in hand. They'd been inseparable through high school, their awareness of each other maturing with the passing years just as their bodies had.

Sophie had grown into a fine young woman, slim but with curves where they should be though she'd never grown beyond five foot three in height. Physically, to Luke, she was perfect. Her long red hair still drew him close and her incredible diamond-blue eyes just about owned him. She knew that now, though, as he did. Luke had stopped growing at a towering six-foot two and the physical work in the family business kept him lean and muscular. His straw-blonde hair he kept cut short and neat, and his dark blue eyes had the same effect on her as hers did on him.

It was a beautiful evening, early in the summer, and they'd walked all the way back to the furthest point where the oldest trees in the orchard stood tall and proud, throwing shade onto the ground beneath them from their verdant canopies. It was an idyllic and private spot. They spread a blanket down and sat upon it, cuddling together, the summer ahead of them before he went to the local agricultural college and she headed off to a university up north to study business finance. Neither of them wanted to consider that yet, and the separation that it would enforce upon them.

Instead they lay face to face, arms around each other, kissing and talking quietly. Both eighteen now and very much in love, they shared their dreams of the future. He would complete his education and run the business, an apple orchard of course, and she would be the financial brains with her degree. They would get engaged after they graduated and marry soon after, and they both wanted children, at least two, maybe more, though for now she had sensibly and quietly gone on the pill.

They both had a sense of expectation that evening, a sense of excited anticipation. School was over and the summer was ahead. It was their time now, at last, a time for stepping finally into adulthood together, man and woman replacing boy and girl, a time for magic and wonder.

Sophie snuggled against him, her lips pressed against his neck and his strong arms around her, holding her close. Beneath her blouse her breasts were naked, her small pink nipples already aroused, and her knickers were already damp. She had never wanted anything so much, never had anything felt so right. Luke was uncomfortable in his shorts as the soft warmth of her against him stirred him, the sweet scent of her almost over-powered him, or possibly his own intense and profound feelings for this girl that he'd loved for so long.

"Make me yours Luke," she whispered hotly, her lips brushing lightly against his neck, "Take me."

She tipped her head back and looked up at him, "I love you so much, Soph'," he whispered.

"I love you too, Luke, with all my heart," she told him, their eyes burning with emotion and desire for each other.

His fingers slid through her soft, red hair and he pressed his lips against hers and the kiss went on and on, tongues caressing each other as his fingers slid through her hair, his thumb gently stroking her cheek and over her chin to her neck. They could feel the tremble in each other's bodies, the yearning in each other's hearts as his hand cupped her breast, pressing gently against the straining bud of her nipple. She moaned gently into his mouth, her fingernails scratching lightly at the nape of his neck.

Luke undid the buttons of her blouse one by one. Sophie tipped her head back again to gasp in air and he kissed along her throat as his hands opened her blouse, exposing her perfect breasts, nipples tightly swollen as he caressed and kissed them. His hand wandered down over her hip and ass to her thigh, stroking her smooth, hot flesh up beneath her skirt, between her thighs, until his fingers pressed gently into the warm, damp softness of her, just a thin strip of satin between her skin and his.

She fumbled with his shirt buttons, her hands shaking as much with nerves as excitement, with the wonderful feelings spreading throughout her body from his tender touches and burning kisses. She longed to feel him naked above her, inside her, but he kept it slow as he slid down her skirt and she slipped out of her blouse, as he kicked off his shorts and pants until all that separated them was that strip of thin satin.

Her hands stroked the thick hardness of him gently as her hips rose and fell to his fingers, his mouth upon her breasts. Her back arched as she shivered with the first climax she'd felt at the hand of another and she moaned softly as he held her, like a gentle whimper. Then he peeled her knickers from her and in the warmth of the evening sun, his eyes swept over her gloriously naked body, from her feet to her hair and all the way back, lingering at her breasts, at the flame of red hair atop her pubis, at her now wet and fiercely hot sex and back to her feet. She in turn gazed up at his muscular body as he knelt between her spread legs, and at the long, thick and terribly hard maleness of him.

He leaned over her and kissed her, whispered his love again for her as her hand guided his pulsing shaft against her, quelling a surge of fear amidst her lust. He held still as her arms slipped around him, and they held each other's eyes as he pressed gently into her, at which she gasped as she stretched for a man for the first time. His weight on his left arm, his right hand roamed her body and he showered her in kisses as he worked himself into her slowly, holding back the urge to thrust joyously at her until there was firm resistance, then he pushed harder and she moaned hotly as he broke through her and sank fully home inside her tight, slick sheath.

"Oh yes, Luke, yes," she whispered, her pelvis lifting and her back arching reflexively as he began stroking himself in and out of her, his hand never still, caressing her skin gently from her thigh to her face, raining kisses upon her constantly.

He started thrusting faster and more firmly into her, urged on by her as they whispered and kissed between harsh pants for air, and despite neither of them wanting it ever to end their physical needs for release won them over. She climaxed again powerfully, shocked by the intensity of it as her moans grew louder in tandem with his own, deeper groans, and then he held himself deeply inside of her as he spilled himself into her and all they could do was to hold on to each other as their bodies reacted in twitches and spasms in the aftershocks of their very first lovemaking, kissing and pledging to be together forever.


Luke Gates stood in the church yard and stared at the coffin at rest on the green grass next to a gaping hole that would soon swallow it, and a mound of wet earth that would bury it forever. It contained the body of Mrs Cross, Sophie's mother, the last of their parents to pass away. Her father had died three years earlier, though Sophie had not returned for the funeral.

Luke's own parents had passed just a year after that in a car accident, sudden and shocking. He'd inherited 'Barred Gates' in his own right though he'd been running it himself for years by then. Alone. Always alone.

The minister in his black robes and a number of mourners gathered around the grave as a light rain started to fall. He stood away from them, a solitary figure in black beneath a tree already losing its red and orange leaves for the winter. He hadn't been inside for the service, and had arrived late after agonising about whether to attend or not.

Then he saw her, that red hair stark amidst the greens and greys of the church yard, still long though tied up on top of her head, and his heart fluttered. He could feel his breath suddenly falter, a lump in his throat and his eyes started to sting. She looked up, and across the headstones of the long departed and through the rain, her gorgeous blue eyes met and held his own.

Tears poured from his eyes and he couldn't be sure for whom he was crying, her departed mother or himself. He hadn't seen Sophie in twenty-nine years but there hadn't been a day in all that time that he hadn't missed her, hadn't wanted her, hadn't longed for her. If anything, she was more beautiful now than he even remembered. The years had been kind, even generous. Now she was back, but for how long would she stay? If he were to say hello to her, could he cope with saying goodbye again?

When she looked down, a handful of earth in her gloved hand, he slipped away, all his doubts over attending in the first place crowding back into his mind. He shouldn't have come. It just hurt too much.


At the end of her first year at university, Sophie had come home excitedly to spend her summer with Luke. They had walked and talked, made love tenderly and fucked hotly most days and nights. It had been a sensational summer, but as it had drawn to an end, the thought of returning to the city and university life had been even more exciting for her.

Being home had brought home to her that the possibilities for her in the city were far greater than out in the sticks. She had never betrayed Luke, though there was a lad that had caught her eye and had been trying to catch more from her, a lad that she liked a lot, rugged and handsome and just a little bit cocky, a bit of a 'bad boy', but his appeal was great. Mysterious.

Her trip home had made her realise that she didn't see her future running an orchard in the country, and yet that was still strongly Luke's intent. Gradually, she had come to realise that it meant that she couldn't see her future with Luke either. The girl had outgrown her country boy.

She'd told him beneath 'their' tree of her change of plans, of her change of heart, and had left him sobbing on his knees as she'd walked away to the house, sure that she'd done the right thing, though with a heavy heart.

Back in the city she'd shrugged off her sadness and had enjoyed the flirting and teasing, the attention she'd got from her 'bad boy' amongst others, including one of her lecturers. By the time Autumn's chill winds had bitten, she'd got used to studying in the evenings and gossiping with her girlfriends, or going to parties, instead of reading Luke's letters and talking to him on the telephone.

In her small flat just off the university campus, with all the excitement of yet another party to get ready for so soon after Halloween, she'd dressed herself sexily for her date with Rod, that same 'bad boy' that had been chasing her for almost a year. She'd felt in the mood to finally let him catch her, and had chosen a daring black dress with the full compliment of lingerie underneath, also in black including suspenders and stockings, and shoes with higher heels than she'd ever worn.

Now she was walking into Rod's little flat, his arm around her and the thrill and excitement of something new in her heart. Rod set the lighting low in the cramped lounge, just a settee and an armchair and some ratty old units around them, and had put on some slow music. He took Sophie in his arms and held her close, his hands falling straight to her sexy little ass. He'd waited for a long time for this and he was going to have a ball.

He kissed her hard, his tongue invading her mouth greedily and she'd kissed him back despite the surprise in those ice-blue eyes of hers. She'd teased him enough and he was in charge now. He undid her dress and it slid to the floor and he whistled at the sight of her. "You really were worth waiting for you sexy little bitch," he told her.

She flinched inwardly at the comment but took it that he meant it more kindly than it had sounded and had watched excitedly as the lad had stripped hastily. She barely had a glimpse of him before she was in his arms again, his tongue in her mouth again and his hard cock pressed tightly against her belly, not a match at all for Luke's.

Sophie had been having serious doubts by the time that he'd pushed her onto the settee and sat beside her, pawing her breasts and legs and jamming his hand between her thighs where she was far from moist. It wasn't what she'd thought it would be, not at all.

"Get a wank going, Sophie," he told her, and crazily she took his cock in her hand and started to stroke it as he removed her bra and yanked off her knickers.

Rod pulled her over onto the sofa, knelt on the floor as he roughly fingered her sex, and she just closed her eyes and went with it, didn't resist when he'd thrust his cock at her mouth and lifted her leg over the back of the couch, spreading her lewdly like some cheap slut. Her body started to respond and she grew slick, her nipples tightened, but she felt none of the desire and lust that she had before with Luke.

He finger fucked her roughly, hurting her, as she sucked at his cock half-heartedly, and then he bent over her and sucked at her nipples, too hard to bring pleasure, and then buried his face between her legs. She'd opened her eyes to see his flat-mate sitting on the chair opposite.

"Hey, what ..?" she'd begun.

"He's only watching, no harm," Rod had said, and she closed her eyes and let him continue, just wanting to get it over with and to get out of there.

Rod pulled her by the legs to the edge of the sofa and rammed himself into her pussy, his hands on her legs. "Yeah, you like that don't you? I knew you'd be a hot little fuck, I knew it!"

She forced herself to make the right noises but was shocked into opening her eyes by something pressing at her lips. His flat mate was now naked and hard too and pushing his own cock at her mouth. Sophie just took the simple way out, deciding that it was easier to comply than not, and opened her mouth to suck the uninvited intruder.

"Yeah, suck it slut!" the friend said, "You hot little bitch, you can't get enough can you?"

Sophie gagged as he tried to push his cock down her throat and Rod kept hammering away at her, then they changed places and she just went with it. She took their insults, their near abuse of her in co-operative silence, and took two loads of cum from each, two over her beautiful face, one more on her breasts and the last inside of her. She'd never felt so cheap and dirty, so used.

Eventually they finished. "Let yourself out when you're ready," Rod told her, "Unless you want to stay, we'll be good to go again in an hour or so I imagine." They sloped off to their bedrooms and Sophie dressed and left in a hurry, only just keeping the tears at bay.

Some hours later, scrubbed hard beneath a hot shower and naked in bed, she cried and cried, hated Rod and his friend and hated herself. She'd given up something wonderful to be a slut, an unpaid whore. How could she have been so stupid? Worse yet, she could never go back to Luke now, and she didn't know what would become of her.


Sophie looked up from the grave, but Luke had gone. She realised that the last two times that she'd seen him he'd been crying, and she wondered if this latest time was for her or her mother. She made small talk with people as they left the church yard and made their way across the road into the village pub opposite, where there was a buffet laid out for the traditional wake.

She took a drink and, realising that Luke wasn't there, went to sit quietly in a window seat. Sophie had planned to come home for the funeral, put the old house and its orchard on the market and return to the city, but she wasn't so sure now. Her eyes watched the rain falling outside, getting heavier as if setting in for the day, but her mind wandered back through the years.

After 'that' party and her awful experience after it, she hadn't dated at all. She'd sealed herself up in her flat and studied hard. Her friends had encouraged her to get out and about and eventually she had. Knowing that she could never go home she'd taken her opportunities after that, but on her own terms, including the old lecturer who'd turned out to at least know how to make her cum before taking his.

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