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April and Kimber


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Prologue - April and Kimber

On the very first day of high school, two girls met and it was as if they'd known each other forever. April, the beautiful, popular girl with long blond hair and the promise of a nice figure, the girl with the big, bright blue eyes, who spoke incessantly of her horses and weekends at the stables. April's family was very wealthy, very, very wealthy. Her new best friend, Kimber, was also beautiful and popular, with long dark hair and an already impressive body, and everyone knew that it could only get better as she grew. Kimber was into sports and fitness, and didn't even like horses, but the two were instantly joined at the hip. It wasn't long before they were the two most popular (Freshman) girls on campus, with both joining the swimming and diving teams. April also joined the gymnastics club and ran track, while boy-crazy Kimber began her first steps toward cheer leading.

After school was spent meeting obligations for the various clubs and teams the girls were members of, and April's weekends were frequently spent at the stables. But whenever they were both free they were together, usually at April's family's expansive home. The girls would play in the kitchen, watch movies in the den, or just sit up in April's fairy tale bedroom and play games, brush each other's hair, or try on clothes. It was truly the best of times for both.

Kimber began dating Lester Gould, a Junior (!) who was on the baseball team, and she spent all of her time with him, trying to give him everything she could, in exchange for NOT giving him what he wanted but she wasn't willing yet to part with. Kimber's mother, Janet, who was the office manager for a small construction company, had told Kimber too many times to count, how she had been careless in her youth and because of it, Kimber didn't have a daddy that she knew. She always taught Kimber to be careful with her love, and more so of sex, because some decisions had no take-backs, no do-overs.

It was during this time that April and Kimber first drifted apart. Over the following years, Kimber would occasionally seek out her old best friend, finding her sitting with her lieutenants, Myra and Hannah. April would always be so happy to talk to Kimber, but somewhere between an hour or a few days seemed to be their limit, and they'd drift apart again. When she lay in bed at night, wishing she could go to one of April's parties, Kimber would puzzle over her old friend. She didn't like her new friends, Hannah because she was so shallow and not too bright, and Myra because Myra hated her. Kimber actually would have liked Myra, who was also on the diving team and the JV Cheerleading squad with Kimber. But for some reason, Myra just hated Kimber.

Janet, Kimber's mother, worked long hours, and Kimber had taken care of the apartment since she was young, and had started working at the Fabulous Fifties Diner when she turned sixteen. It was a few weeks after she'd started working that another girl started there. Her name was Jenny, and though she wasn't beautiful like April, she was cute and funny, and the girls became inseparable. They worked the same shifts whenever they could, and as soon as Jenny learned to drive and used her work money to buy an old clunker, Jenny drove them to and from work. Kimber loved her new BFF, partly because she went to a different school and had different friends. The two could talk completely openly and honestly with each other.

April had started dating Harrison Kirk, the handsome tight end on the school's football team, at the beginning of their Senior year. Not the quarterback, it was Harrison who was considered by the local community to be "Star Material", and he had secured his "free ride" scholarship at a Big 10 college before his Senior year had even begun. April had planned all of their activities, parties, boating on the lake, picnics, and long hikes in the nearby National Park, and they spent many happy hours together. Their families had even been in contact to discuss the future.

It was a Thursday night, late in their Senior year and only a month after Kimber's eighteenth birthday, and Harrison had come into the restaurant with some of his football buddies and Kimber had their table. When they were leaving, Harrison approached Kimber and asked her if she was busy that following Saturday night. She asked him about April, and he told her, very quietly, that they'd broken up that last weekend. Kimber thought for a micro-second, and then agreed to go out with Harrison. Kimber switched shifts with another girl so she'd be free, and told Jenny about her date. Jenny was of course negative, since she didn't seem to like any of the boys Kimber went out with, but that didn't do anything to deflate Kimber's elation.

That Saturday, Kimber picked out a nice black skirt, white blouse, and black heels, after considering that they might go dancing, and Harrison's six-foot-four was markedly out of normal dancing range for Kimber's five-foot-three. She thought about how the night might go, and with her hormones raging, decided to wear her only pair of black thigh-high stockings. She knew that if they were making out and he got under her skirt, he'd be impressed.

Harrison picked her up and they went to dinner at a nice French bistro, talking about friends and sports, and generally having a good time. Then they drove to The Rendezvous, the hottest dance club, the only dance club that allowed eighteen and up. Harrison had been there many times before with April, but since her birthday had only just passed, Kimber had never been inside. But even as she had her hand on the lever to open the door, Harrison pulled Kimber to him and kissed her. He pushed his tongue past her lips and ran it around in her mouth, his arm going around her waist, the other hand firmly kneading her breast. Kimber's body went into automatic, and her breathing quickened and she felt herself become wet. Her nipples stiffened and ached, matching the ache that grew inside of her.

They parted and Harrison said, "The main reason April and I broke up was that she's a frigid bitch. You're not a frigid bitch, are you?" Kimber shook her head, and they moved to the large back seat of the car. Harrison lay on top of Kimber, his hands everywhere on her body, and she kissed him passionately and knew that night she was going to give him all of her. She felt his hand, so hot, on her thigh beneath her skirt, and it slid up to press against her sensitive pussy. Kimber moaned into his mouth as he rubbed, and she knew there couldn't be anything that felt better than that. And then his hand moved, and he was pulling her panties down, stopping at her knees, and his hand returned to her pussy, and he rubbed hard, finding and grinding his fingers against her clit.

Stars exploded behind Kimber's eyes, and her legs parted, retrained by the panties stretched tightly between her knees. Harrison pushed a finger into her, and Kimber cried out with lust. She wanted him so badly! She needed to have that big, handsome man inside her! She wanted him to take her and make her a woman. She had waited until she was old enough, after all, and tonight her waiting would end.

"Mmmm, you're tight," Harrison breathed over her face, and she felt him fumbling with his pants. He rose up onto his knees and swept the panties from her legs, then was on top of her again, his dick pressing against her, rubbing over and through her pussy, pressing against her clit. She was breathing so hard she couldn't say anything, whining with need but intending to scream at him, to command him to fuck her. He pushed again, and Kimber felt her tiny opening stretch, tightly pressing against the head of Harrison's cock, and then he pushed deeper, and Kimber arched, the stretching going deeper, feeling so deliciously good near the top, but starting to hurt as his dick went past the regions previously only touched by her fingers. Harrison grunted and pushed hard into Kimber, and she cried out and then bit the side of her hand. It was hurting so much that she wanted to scream, to cry, but at the same time it felt so amazingly good, her inner ache throbbing and growing.

Harrison began to fuck Kimber, his cock sliding into her with force, then pulling it slowly out until he was almost free and sliding back inside of her. The pain was terrible, but her cunt was stretched so tightly over his cock, like a second skin, each throb from his heartbeat unleashed bursts of pleasure inside her. She was so wet, so tight, and Harrison was breathing hard. He apparently realized that he couldn't last, and he began thrusting into Kimber faster, holding her legs up and apart as she whimpered and cried out with pain and passion.

And then the car's door opened and they heard a scream. Kimber looked and though her eyes wouldn't focus, she clearly made out the figure of April, staring at her and screaming with rage. The door slammed, and Harrison swore, pulling his dick from inside Kimber and closing his pants.

"I'll be right back," he said, and he left her alone in the back seat, her legs open, her pussy wet and aching and hurting so much. Kimber sat up and started to cry, trying to straighten her skirt over her tightly closed thighs. She found her panties on the floor and pulled them on, sitting back and straightening her skirt again before clasping her hands together in her lap.

Harrison returned after a while, climbing back into the back seat. "Sorry, Baby," he said, trying to be smooth. "You know how it can be with ex's. Now where were we?"

"Take me home," Kimber said, before bursting into tears again. Harrison tried to explain to her that he had broken up with April, that she and her friends had interrupted them as a prank, as a way of getting revenge on an ex, but in the end, he drove her home, swearing and pounding on his steering wheel with frustration and anger.

When she got into the apartment, Janet asked if she'd had a good time, but Kimber ignored her, rushing into her bedroom and slamming the door. She threw herself onto her bed and cried. Janet came in and sat next to her, rubbing her back. Her older, more experienced senses detected a familiar scent, and Janet leaned over her daughter's back and she held her and said, "Oh, my baby girl," starting to cry a little herself. At least her beautiful, buxom daughter had made it to eighteen, Janet thought, holding Kimber tightly. She had long feared that she had neglected Kimber, and that she would have found herself being a grandmother long before.

For the remaining weeks of school, up until graduation, the two girls kept their distance. April had immediately broken up with Harrison, and word of what had happened spread through the school. Kimber was deeply ashamed, now known as a girl who put out, she was constantly turning down requests for dates. She had believed Harrison, and she had been the slut that he'd fucked to break April's heart.

Book One - Part One

Closing Time

"Good night! Come back really soon!" Kimber shouted from behind the register as the last of the customers left the Fabulous Fifties Diner. She closed the register and jogged to the door and locked it, flipping the card to "Closed" and turning off the neon window displays. She closed up shop, sending each of the other employees on their way except for Jenny, who waited for Kimber. Since turning eighteen, Kimber had been on the closing shift every night that she worked, a fact that had made life difficult before graduation, but had been easier in the months since.

It was half past one on a Friday night, and the girls walked through the parking lot to Jenny's car, a beat up Honda Civic that was twenty years past its prime. Jenny leaned against her car and lit a cigarette while Kimber stretched her body against the low hood of the car. "Any plans for tomorrow night?" Jenny asked, her foot pulled up and resting on her stockinged knee so she could tie her Mary Jane. "I saw that you aren't on the schedule."

Kimber's hands were on the hood of the car and she stood bent at the waist, stretching her back. She stood, hands on her hips and was smiling broadly when she answered, "Jason called and asked me out."

"No shit?" Jenny said, one eye tightly shut against the smoke of the cigarette between her lips, pulling off her shoe. "I thought he'd gone over to the other side and was going out with Brigit Henry." Jenny hadn't gone to Kimber's high school, but two years of close friendship had made her familiar with that school's gossip.

Kimber put her foot on the hood and leaned forward, her knee to her chest, and said, "He said he broke it off last month, and I checked with a couple of people who said that she dumped him two weeks ago so she could go out with Will." She switched legs and stretched again.

Jenny watched her best friend stretching and said, "You know, Carl won't let me alone about it, so I have to ask again." She had crossed her arms, the red kerchief from her hair hanging from her fingers. Jenny was nearly a year older than Kimber, and her boyfriend Carl was twenty-one.

Kimber sighed and turned to face Jenny, her own arms crossed, pushing up her round young breasts. "Jenny," Kimber said, slightly exasperated, "Carl's been bugging you about a threesome for months. Why don't you just tell him no?"

"Because I love Carl," Jenny said, "and I want to make him happy, and keep him happy." She tossed her cigarette into the parking lot and blew smoke, then said, "We're not all like you, Kimber. I can't just snap my fingers and have guys come running."

Kimber bristled and asked, "Why don't you ask one of the other girls then?"

Jenny crossed her arms again and fell back against her car, eyes downcast. Her pretty lips were pouting, and she answered softly, "Because you're my best friend, Kimber. If I'm going to do something like that I want it to be somebody I trust. And," she looked up at Kimber with sad, pleading eyes, "Carl wants it to be you. Only you."

Kimber put her arms around her best friend and held her close. "You know what, Sweetie?" she said as she rubbed Jenny's shoulders. "You tell him that I'll think about it," she said, and Jenny looked up with a combination of excitement and fear. "But tell him that we might want to practice without him a few times first. I'll bet you we can make up enough fantasies about that to keep him happy for months!"

Jenny laughed and they hugged, their lithe bodies pressed together in the darkness of the parking lot. Kimber pulled back and put her nose to Jenny's, her big brown eyes filled with lust, and she whispered, "Unless you'd like to go somewhere right now and make those fantasies come true."

Their lips hovered a fraction of an inch from one another, their breath heating their faces as they grew more excited, and then Kimber burst out with sudden laughter and they hugged again before getting into the car and driving away.

Book One - Part Two

Setting Things in Motion

April walked through her bedroom, dressed in her favorite blue silk pajamas and slippers, her long blond hair flowing down her back, the bluetooth in her ear blinking regularly. "I just heard it from Alan Crenshaw that Slut Zero has a date tonight with Jason McDonald," Myra's voice said into her ear. Slut Zero was the code name the three friends had given to Kimber immediately after that terrible night.

"Perfect," April said, laying on her enormous bed and stretching out luxuriously. "Now, if he can do what he needs to do, I'll get what I want."

"Of course he will," Myra laughed. "She's such a slut."

April disconnected the call and threw the earpiece across the room. She took a few deep breaths to relax, and then smiled at her ceiling, imagining their trap and how things would be after it had been sprung. As the details ran through her mind, April's fingers slipped under her waistband and to her pussy, which was becoming more and more excited. She closed her eyes, imagining the things they were going to do, and she gasped as she touched herself, her fingertips instantly becoming wet.

Book One - Part Three

The Date

Jason was supposed to be arriving soon to pick Kimber up for their date. He'd said they were going to eat, then a movie, and then some dancing if time permitted. She was excited and wanted to make a good impression, to get back into the group of people she had mostly liked, but had been banished from on that horrible night.

Her long, dark hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she wore light makeup to enhance her big brown eyes and full, luscious lips. Her tiny ears held the diamond stud earrings that her mother had scraped and saved to buy for her sixteenth birthday, two years before. Her dress was midnight blue, velvet and very formfitting, showing off her generous bust and tiny waist. Her shoulders and arms were bare, and displayed her flawless skin perfectly, and the skirt was tight and cut halfway to her knees. The pumps she wore had long, pointed toes and slender, curved four inch heels that boosted her to five foot seven, far better to dance with Jason, who stood six feet even.

It had been almost three months since that terrible Saturday night, and Kimber had come to grips with the fact that she wasn't a virgin anymore. She had begun to embrace her new sexuality, and was not averse to trying it again, especially since the word was that it would be all of the good, and none of the pain of the first time.

Kimber didn't have a bra to go with the dress, and her only tights were red, black, or fishnets from her uniform, and her only pairs of thigh highs were black or fishnet. She had agonized over the selection of her underwear, only because she didn't want to go 'all the way' on their first date together, but wanting to be prepared if they did. She thought that if she wore her lacy blue boyshorts she might be tempted to show them off, while the less racy white thong didn't match the dress. All of her other underwear would have left a panty-line, and her only other choice was to 'go commando'. She thought about it, considered it at length, and went with the sexy boyshorts.

In her matching midnight blue clutch she carried her lipstick, a mirror, her keys, and a folded twenty, just in case. She thought about including her ID, but they certainly shouldn't need it. She heard the horn and ran to the door, pausing to kiss her mother's cheek, and then was out and down the cement stairs to the ground floor. She ran across the grassy courtyard and through the gate on the wrought iron fencing to the street.

Jason sat in his gleaming black Titan, his arm out the window. "Hey, Beautiful!" he shouted, and he leaned inside to unlock her door. She climbed in and had barely gotten the door closed, let alone gotten her seatbelt on, when he pulled away from the curb, going fast.

"You look gorgeous!" Jason said, handing her a flask. She laughed and thanked him, and then took a tentative sip from the flask. She coughed, blinking away tears as the alcohol burned her throat. "Smooth!" she croaked, and Jason laughed, grabbing back the flask and taking a long pull from it.

A few minutes later they parked and were soon seated in a secluded booth near the back of Roma, a very nice Italian restaurant that Kimber had always wanted to go to, but couldn't afford. She ate several of the garlic bread balls, which she found delectable, and had a small salad. When the ziti she'd ordered arrived, Kimber wondered how many bites she could take before her tight dress burst its seams.

Jason talked excitedly about his bright future, having already lined up a management position at one of his father's car dealerships. He'd have to take a couple of years of college first, but that was okay. He'd never hear the end of it if he just showed up out of the blue and became the boss at nineteen, fresh out of high school. He was looking at renting a condo closer to the dealership, and he smiled at Kimber and said that he couldn't wait to show her the place.

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