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Arab Lesbian Seductress


I've always fancied her. Ever since I first laid eyes on her. My name is Adelmira Ahmed. A young woman of Saudi Arabian descent living in the City of Calgary, Province of Alberta. I attend the University of Calgary, where I major in Criminal Law. Most people looking at me see a six-foot-tall, curvy and conservatively dressed young woman of Middle-Eastern descent. They look at my hijab, and for the most part that's all they see. I get stares in this redneck Canadian town because I'm the Arab Chick everywhere I go. And I didn't think much of the local people, until one of them showed me that they weren't all the same.

I'm talking about Kristin Vincent, of course. The five-foot-nine, muscular and blonde-haired, butch-looking French-Canadian chick who became my roommate after a certain Jamaican lesbian dumped me. I swore to myself that I would never get involved with another roommate. Especially after what happened with Monique Winston. The tall, gorgeous Jamaican chick totally rocked my world, but she was unable to accept the fact that sleeping with me made her lesbian or at least bisexual. Monique is one of the top female athletes at the University of Calgary. She's originally from the region of Montego Bay in the island of Jamaica, and had been living in the Confederation of Canada for four years at the time we met. I guess you could say that I seduced her and it's my fault. However, she was a willing participant in our fun and games. Oh, well. That's what I get for dealing with a closet case.

Kristin Vincent was very different from the Jamaican beauty who dumped me. First of all, Kristin is more masculine than Chuck Norris. We're talking about short, hair, muscles and tattoos. Though fit and athletic, she also had curves where it counted. I took one look at Kristin's ass and decided I wanted her. I love a gal with a nice ass. I guess that's why I fell for Monique, the Jamaican beauty with the ghetto booty. Unfortunately, Kristin was going out with a Hispanic chick named Maria Hernandez at the time that we became roommates. I wanted Kristin for myself and her Spanish-speaking sweetheart had to go. It took me three months but I slowly but surely sabotaged their relationship. How did I do it? I guess it's my little secret.

Whenever people see me, they assume that I'm a nice and quiet Arab gal who is meek, submissive and does as she's told. I guess they don't know a lot about women from the Middle East. Wealthy Arab families often send their sons to study at universities in America, Canada and Europe. They don't do the same for their daughters. How do you think I persuaded my family to fund my university education in Canada? Well, let's just say that I caught my uncle Mohammed in bed with a young man named Farouk. Now, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the most conservative country in the world. A place where homosexuality is outlawed, and women aren't allowed to drive. After I showed my uncle a tape of him getting busy with the young stud named Farouk, he was very cooperative. He spoke to my parents, and encouraged them to allow me to study in Canada. Thus, I came to Canada as an international student. It's been four years. I'm now a permanent resident of the Confederation of Canada. I'm in Law School at the University of Calgary. Oh, and I've got eighty five thousand dollars, spread over my various accounts with Canadian banks like the Royal Bank of Canada, TD Canada Trust, and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Since I'm okay financially, why do I bother with roommates? Well, the gals are fun and I like to be discreet with my finances, that's all I'm going to say.

Anyhow, Kristin Vincent was heartbroken over losing Maria Hernandez. Like the good friend and roommate that I am, I set out to comfort the lovely Kristin. I seduced the gorgeous butch slut from Mont-Tremblant, Province of Quebec, and she never even saw it coming. One night, we sat on the living room couch and watched a movie. Brokeback Mountain, if you can believe that. Kristin was laughing at the good humor and chemistry between the two gay white guys onscreen wearing cowboy hats. I was trying not to notice how hot Kristin looked in a bright red tank top and bright blue boxer shorts. She's got killer legs and a really nice ass. I sat very close to her, and my hand kind of wandered on her thigh. She looked at me but didn't move my hand away. I took that as a good sign, and continued my purposeful manual wandering. At this point, Kristin knew the jig was up. She looked at me with alarm on her beautiful face. I smiled, and leaned closer. Then I kissed her. Yep. I planted a soft kiss on her exquisitely pretty lips.

Kristin Vincent blinked in surprise. She asked me what I was doing. I shrugged, and told her I was kissing her. She took my hands in hers, stopping me. The butch chick stunned me by telling me she had no idea I was into women. I swear I could have slapped her. I've been throwing major signals her way for months now. Still, I could use this to my advantage. With a meek and vulnerable look on my face, I told her that I wasn't sure what I was, and that the only thing I was sure of was that I felt drawn to her. Kristin smiled, and told me it was okay. And this time, she kissed me. That night, we made love on my couch. Kristin and I undressed each other, and drank each other. Just as I thought, she took the lead. She kissed me, fondled me and sucked at my breasts. She caressed my big round buttocks, and fingered my pussy while kissing me on my neck and throat. Her fingers played with my pussy and I moaned in pleasure. I boldly pushed her back, then got on top of her. My hand slipped into her boxer shorts, and found her pussy. She gasped as I penetrated her with my agile fingers. At this point, she seemed to realize I was far from the ingénue I pretended to be when it came to woman on woman action, and I didn't care. I spread Kristin's thighs and licked her pussy, after removing her boxer shorts in a smooth move that would impress the lesbian goddess Sappho herself.

As the night went by, I made Kristin scream my name in French, English and profane. I fucked her good, and the butch woman thanked me profusely. We fell asleep in each other's arms. I looked at Kristin as she slept close to me, her head on my shoulder. Hmmm. I rank my hands through her short, spiky blonde hair. By Allah, she's such a beautiful woman. I'm not usually into white women but those French Canadian women are something else. They've got cute butts, for starters. I kissed Kristin, then went to sleep with a song on my heart. I knew she was mine for the taking. I always win. Any woman I want. And since I'm a nice, quiet and friendly, conservatively dressed Arab gal, they never see me coming.

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