tagGroup SexAre Men Really Pigs?

Are Men Really Pigs?


When it comes to sex and relationships, the general impression I get is that most women think men are pigs. I know this is probably a sweeping generalization, but, like I said, it's my impression, which, admittedly, has been influenced by the media and conversations I've overheard. One day not too long ago, I stopped to consider if I would classify myself as a pig. Like most guys, I think about sex quite a bit during the course of the day. It's not the only thing I think about, but it's definitely in the top three. Just for fun, I decided to write down my top 10 thoughts about sex during a single day to see what they would be like. I thought they'd be mostly about my beautiful wife, who you may or may not have heard about from my earlier stories. I was wrong. What follows is a brief description of my top two thoughts, in no particular order. They aren't true stories, but I sure wish they were! Does that make me a pig? You be the judge. I'd especially like to hear from the women out there.

First Fantasy

I think any guy will agree that it's not unusual during a normal busy day for at least three or four good-looking women to catch your eye. In my case, that usually leads to me wondering about what they like in bed. Does she like a nice gentle screw or does she want it hard and fast? Is she a traditional missionary position girl or does she want it doggy? Does she like to be tied up and spanked or is that too wild for her? And, of course the big one, does she spit or swallow? I like to think you can tell these things by how she walks, or how she flips her hair, or various other nonsexual acts a casual observer might see.

These questions came flooding into my mind as I stood in the elevator of my office building with the chubby blonde I normally saw just about every day at this same time. Despite being a little on the heavy side, she was cute; a nice face, big boobs, and beautiful hair. Today she happened to be eating an ice cream cone, which is probably what caught my attention. The way she ran her tongue around the cone, the slurping noise she made as she ate the vanilla ice cream, and the way she held the cone all made me curious about her skills and preferences for giving oral sex.

We were alone in the elevator and only had a few seconds before we reached the 20th floor, so I figured I could make a fairly quick exit if she reacted badly. I plucked up my courage and asked, "so, do you spit or swallow?"

She looked at me for a minute before firing back, "wouldn't you like to know?"

"Yes I would," I stated, "that's why I asked. If you're as good sucking cock as you are with eating that cone, you must be a master."

"So I've been told," she replied, licking her lips for affect.

Suddenly the elevator jerked to a halt and there was a loud screeching sound. It moved another few inches, shook a few times, and then stopped again.

"Looks like we're stuck," I remarked, a little embarrassed about having brought up the subject, especially since I couldn't make my quick exit and was now stuck with her for who knows how long.

"Yep," she replied, finishing her ice cream, "looks that way."

We passed the next few minutes in silence, neither of us knowing what to say after our initial exchange. After about ten minutes, she sighed, and nonchalantly asked, "do you want to find out the answer to your question?"

I was extremely shocked and at first wasn't sure what she meant. "What do you mean?" I asked.

"Your question about whether I spit or swallow. Do you want to know the answer?"

"Sure," I said, a bit sheepishly, not knowing what to expect.

She moved in front of me, lifted her dress a bit so she could kneel down, and said, "I'm ready, let's go. We don't know how much time we have before they get this elevator fixed."

Apparently I didn't move fast enough for her because before I knew it she had unbuckled my belt, unzipped and unbuttoned my pants, and pulled them and my underwear to my ankles. "Wow, this is amazing," I thought to myself, "this chick personifies the word cockhound."

My cock needed no coaxing; it was already hard in anticipation of what was to come. Without a word, the chubby blonde slut took my cock deep in her mouth, wiggling her tongue around it and brushing the tip of it against the back of her throat. She began to move her head up and down, sliding my cock in and out of her warm wet mouth and across her soft lips, mixing her spit with her lipstick, which left a ring around my cock. She moved her head up so that just the tip of my cock was in her mouth, gently sucking and massaging with her tongue, and occasionally making those same slurping noises I had heard a few minutes ago as she ate her ice cream. She resumed her head bobs, virtually swallowing the length of my cock as she continued to suck. I reached out to grab a handful of her silky blonde hair, but froze as I felt her teeth rub against my cock. She slapped my hand away and said authoritatively, "No touching!" The words were muffled by the mouthful of cock, but I got the point.

She kept up her sucking, alternating between the deep movement to just the tip and I felt my orgasm quickly building. It was clear this little whore knew what she was doing when it came to sucking dick; my knees were shaking it was soooo good!

The elevator jerked upwards again and I thought we were going to start moving, but it quickly banged to a stop and Miss Chubby Chick kept sucking. Another thirty seconds passed before my orgasm exploded. Her mouth was around the tip as I started to cum, but as soon as she knew what was happening, she again practically inhaled my cock, pressing the tip of it against the back of her throat as I shot my sticky cum.

As soon as I finished, she stood up and straightened her dress, pulling a tissue out of her purse to wipe off a few stray drops of cum that trickled out the corner of her mouth. "God," I thought to myself, "this chick is amazing! What a gag reflex!"

"Now you know," she said bluntly.

The elevator started moving again and we reached the 20th floor where she worked. She stepped off and never looked back. As she walked away, I couldn't help but wonder to myself if all big girls were this good at blowjobs. If so, I was going to have to tell my wife to put on a little weight.

Second Fantasy

My place of business is in a busy downtown area close by the airport. As a result, the buildings are a mixture of offices, hotels, apartments, and stores. I usually eat my lunch at my desk and take a 15 or 20 minute walk afterwards to get some fresh air and prepare for the last few hours of work. My typical route takes me past one of the large hotels and I usually slow down my pace so I can look at the women. I'm usually not disappointed with the quality of the "talent" I see outside this establishment.

On this particular day, I happened to pass two well dressed young women, probably in their late 20s or early 30s, standing in front of the hotel waiting for a taxi. One woman, the shorter of the two, looked Hispanic, with a nice brown complexion and long dark hair. She wore a skirt that came to just below her knees, exposing just enough leg to catch my interest and stimulate my imagination. The other woman had red curly hair about shoulder length and piercing blue eyes. Her skirt was a little shorter and her large rack looked like it might pop the buttons on her blouse.

Seeing these two lovelies standing there talking immediately made me think to myself, "what an amazing threesome that would make! I bet that redhead could fuck me silly and I've always wanted to taste some Latina pussy."

I slowed down a bit more and unsuccessfully tried not to stare. The redhead returned my gaze and motioned me over.

"My friend and I want lunch. Do you know of any good places?"

"Sure," I said, "there's lots of good ones around here. If you want deli-style food, there's a great place about two blocks that way," I pointed to the left.

"Great, that's exactly what we want. Why don't you join us?"

"Well, I really should get back to work," I said.

"Come on, we won't be long. We'd really like the company," the redhead continued, a hint of flirting in her voice.

"Well, ok," I said, "but I can only spare an hour."

"Fine," said Miss Red, "now come inside with us, we need to get some things from our room."

With that, they both turned around and walked briskly into the lobby, the Spanish chick glancing over her shoulder to make sure I was following. I hesitated for a minute, but quickly decided to follow.

Once in their plush suite, I was told to sit on a couch and wait for them while they got ready. They both retreated into the bedroom and closed the door, leaving me alone with my thoughts. "What the hell is this," I wondered. "It's either going to turn out really good or really bad."

About five minutes later the door opened a crack and the Latina girl called me over, telling me to come into the room. Again I hesitated before slowly moving to the door. I almost fainted at what I saw when I opened it. Both women were completely naked; the long-legged redhead lay spread-eagled on the bed with the Spanish chick laying between her thighs with her face buried in that fire-engine red bush. I stood there, paralyzed by the beauty of that sight, just watching Miss Latina eat her friend, all the while listening to Miss Red moan. After a couple minutes, Miss Latina sat up and the two traded roles, the redheaded slut feasting on some Latin cunt.

"We're doing this to get nice and wet for you," Miss Latina said, pinching her nipples with one hand and slowly moving her hips. "Now strip!" She commanded, "I want to feel a man's tongue in my pussy."

Still shocked, but far from being stupid, I quickly undressed and lay down on the bed as commanded. Miss Latina wasted no time in putting my head between those delicious brown thighs and putting her now dripping wet pussy on my face.

"Finally, I get to feel some real cock in my tight little hole," Miss Red said as she straddled me and lowered herself on my cock.

My situation was quite amazing; a hot piece of Spanish ass riding my face and a redheaded slut riding my cock. Miss Latina continued to grind her pussy and clit on my face and I alternated between sliding my tongue inside her and sucking on her clit. "God," I thought, "Spanish pussy tastes good." Miss redhead continued to ride up and down on my cock, sometimes deep sometimes shallow. Sometimes clenching those amazing muscles women possess that allow them to tighten their succulent little cunts around a man's cock.

I wanted to shout and tell Miss Red to ride me harder, but Miss Latina's pussy muffled my attempts. I reached up with my right hand and gently pinched Miss Latina's nipple. She moaned with pleasure and continued to wiggle her hips. I reached out and smacked Miss Red's ass with my left hand since she was riding me while facing my feet.

"Yes! Yes!" she exclaimed, "Spank me harder! Spank your dirty little whore!"

Another couple minutes of pure bliss passed before I arched my back, jamming my cock deep inside Miss Red's pussy and shot my load. Almost simultaneously, Miss Latina gave a high pitch scream and came all over my face, squeezing my head between her extremely muscular thighs. Miss Red also came, although much quieter and without much fanfare; something I was a bit shocked at.

Both women dismounted me and told me to go sit back on the couch where I was when we first came in. The bedroom door closed and a few minutes later both reappeared, fully dressed.

"Your clothes are still in there," Miss Red said. "Just close the door when you leave."

"What about lunch?" I asked.

"We're not hungry any more." Thanks for the good time," said Miss Latina, blowing me a kiss as she walked out the door.

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