tagNon-EroticAre They Having An Affair?

Are They Having An Affair?


We have become close friends with a couple who live nearby and have a child who is the same age as our eldest. For the past 18 months or so my wife has been taking in our friend's son after school on three afternoons a week as the boy's mother works part time locally.

Often the boy's father (Richard) will collect him and it seems that he and my wife often chat for a while before he leaves with his son as I have often arrived home from work and walked in as they have been chatting. Whenever my wife's friend has picked up her son they have been gone when I have got home but Rich always seems to stay on for a chat, sometimes for well over an hour.

I used to tease my wife that Rich stayed longer due to her wearing tops that showed cleavage, and sometimes in summer she didn't wear a bra under her t-shirt or vest on sunny occasions, and the great shape of her ample breasts didn't leave much to the imagination under her tight tops. She laughed off my remarks saying Rich was just a nice guy who liked to chat and pass the time of day rather than dash off ungratefully.

I got used to seeing him at our house when I got home, often exchanging a polite hello and he would ask me if I'd had a busy day. Sometimes he would then leave or they would then continue their conversation.

What started to stir my suspicions was recently hearing him call her endearing names such as darling, honey and sweetheart. And say things like "you are looking lovely today."

My wife has told me that both he and his wife have confided in her separately that they don't have an interesting sex life anymore. Why would they talk about sex?

His wife is heavily overweight and quite flat-chested and doesn't look very feminine at all whereas my wife is short, fairly attractive with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes, 36d breasts and a good complexion.

On one occasion I arrived home and my wife was obviously braless, her nipples seemingly slightly aroused as she faced directly to Rich as they talked outside the back of the house on a warm day. He exchanged greetings with me and I went into the dining room. I looked out and I'm sure they didn't notice me. I could see my wife's nipples looking fully erect and even heard a stutter in Rich's speech as though he couldn't quite concentrate on what he was saying. I walked into the kitchen and as my wife glanced towards me I crossed my arms over my chest and nodded to her breasts. She took my cue and did the same to her chest and carried on talking. But when I got back to the dining room and looked out again I saw that she had dropped her arms again to give a clear sight of her erect nipples straining against the thin material.

Some additional things have happened that makes me wonder if anything other than chat is taking place. For example at Christmas 6 of us went to a dinner dance, and although the guys danced with each other's wives during the evening, Rich seemed to have a few extra dances with my wife and at one point he was dancing with my wife and the other wife to the tune of YMCA and although his hands were around their waists his hand seemed to get a little close to my wife's right breast although I couldn't tell if he touched it or not. Then near the end of the evening when all of us were a little drunk he asked my wife and the other wife if they would let him take a photo of them flashing their cleavage and to my surprise both girls bent forward in front of him and pulled at the front of their dresses, giving quite a few people a quick glimpse of rather more than just cleavage -- I'm still waiting to see the photo.

When I asked my wife what made her become so bold she laughed it off saying it was only a bit of fun.

Then at a recent barbeque at Rich's we arrived and greeted some of the guests, I kissed a few ladies on the cheek and shook a few hands, my wife exchanging kisses on cheeks with various men and women. The same happened as we left except Rich gave my wife a quick hug (presumably feeling her breasts collide with his chest) and also gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

Although the children sometimes play out in the street they are usually in the house so I'm fairly sure nothing can be happening. It is just they seem to always find something to chat about and he's calling her names that I would have thought she might find a little embarrassing.

What do you think?

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/19/17

Nice one

By the sound of it I cant blame him for trying to get into her knickers if he hasn't done already.

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