Are You Gay Ch. 01


Are you gay? They were three simple words that could drive a man into a rage. It was a question on your manhood and on how others around you viewed you. Just that question in the eye of your lover, boss or a family member could cause enormous heartaches and sometimes, physical pain.

I feared that question mostly because I was perceived as gay on many occasions, even though I never had a gay thought in my head. Several men have approached me over the years looking to date me. Most were polite when I told them I wasn't gay though a few laughed and told me to quit kidding myself. Most of time this happen I would laugh it off, but every once in a while it would really hurt.

One day after a particular incident with a construction worker I had had enough. I asked my best friend Fran what was wrong with me. Why did everyone think I was gay?

Fran was always known to be quite blunt when anyone asked a question and she was blunt with me as well. "If you really want to know the truth you're too feminine. God Ted to make a better girl that I do." That's not saying much as anyone would make a better girl than Fran.

Fran when on to tell me that the reason was because of the way I dressed, and how I carried myself. She told me that I was always well dressed and even after being out all day I was always perfectly groomed.

I knew that was true and even though I stood five six and weighted less that a hundred pound I always took pride in my appearance, but I never thought that was a detriment. I liked my clothes clean and neat. My auburn hair though it was rather long, down past my shoulders, was always well washed and neatly combed. My nails were well manicured and I even went to a manicurist to keep them that way. Fran always laughed at me when I went to have my nails done. She told me I should have them painted and get it over with.

I loved Fran to death and I would do anything I could for her but when it came to femininity she didn't know her ass from a hole in the ground. If she ever wore makeup I never saw it. She dressed like a man and as far as I could tell she never went out with one.

Fran was a lesbian through and through. Under the word dyke in the dictionary you would most likely find Fran's picture. She wore only jeans and when she dressed up she wore suits. Granted they were woman's suits but they still had pants. She wore bras but I always heard how much she hated them and she would take them off as soon as possible.

The real reason I'm telling this story is what happened to me at work. The man I worked for never asked about my sexual preference. Though there was times he would stop telling a joke when I came into the room. Most of the women treated me like anyone else though a few tried to set me up on dates with some one they knew. More than a few were with other men. I learned to ask what the other person looked liked.

For the most part I didn't have any problems at work and for four years everything seemed to be going my way. That was until the company was sold and the new owners took over. Thinking back that was the day my life changed completely. I didn't know it until the day Ms. Brant came to work.

She came to my office two months after the sale was final. She tried being cordial by stopping and saying good morning or evening as the time of day dictated. She seemed to know everyone's name and she use your name as she spoke to you. All in all she was very friendly and quite warm.

She was also very attractive and she always wore beautiful suits. High heels were her shoes of choice. But her smile was her best feature though I'm sure many of the men would have said it was her big beautiful breasts.

I found myself look forward to each morning when I would see her come in. I never missed and opportunity to watch her as she walked passed. I knew she was well out of my league, as I was too short. Also I didn't have the power or the finances to date anyone in her league.

I also thought that she had noticed me on several occasions. A few times I would look up from my terminal and see her looking at me. Not in a stalking sort of way but in an interested way as if she was checking me out. When I did catch her she would smile warmly before moving on. I also knew my future was not so certain as the next two weeks would a test to.

Her first act was to terminate my manager and set herself up in his office. She then started going though personnel records. We all knew she was looking to cut the fat and everyone was on guard. You knew when she walked though the office, as the normal low rumble of voices would soon lead to total silence. She instilled fear in all of us. Two weeks after she took over the office the day we had all feared had come.

It was a Friday morning and I'm sure we were all looking forward to the weekend. I knew I was as had made plans with Fran and her lover for a get away to the mountains for some sight seeing of the fall colors. It was something I looked forward to every year.

That Friday was the day we were all called to Ms. Brant's office. Some people went back to work quite happy while others went back to their desks to start cleaning them out. Four of the five people I worked with were terminated by noon. The fifth handed in her resignation two weeks earlier for a position with another company.

By four o'clock I was the only one left in my department and by this time the work force in the office had been whittle down to about half of what it was. I had thought I escaped the ax when I received a phone call that I was wanted in Ms. Brant's office.

As I walked into Ms. Brant's outer office I saw her secretary was packing a box with her personal belongings. She was crying as she told me to go right in. I was sure this was the end and I would soon be unemployed.

I knew Ms. Brant was in her late twenties to early thirties. Though from looking at her you couldn't tell she was a day over twenty-five. She stood six foot tall, in her heels she was even taller. She was very well dressed. Always wearing expensive business suits that were well tailored and looked like they were made for her. She always wore high heels that accentuated her long thin legs. Her blond hair was long though she always kept it pined up and out of the way. She had beautiful blue eyes that seem to look at your very soul when she spoke to you.

You could say I was quite taken with her beauty, but I was taken more with the way she dressed and the way she carried herself. I could tell she was quite confident in her abilities to manage. She was a very attractive woman and I was attracted to her. But I also knew I was not her type as I was sure she was attracted to men that were powerful, quite well off financially and not to mention taller than she was.

When I entered her office she looked up and smiled at me as she told me to come in. Her smile was warm and inviting and I almost forgot why I was there in the first place. Though I quickly remember I was being terminated along with rest of my department.

Ms. Brant stood as I entered her office and before I walked in three steps she was standing in front of me offering her hand while saying. "Please come in Mr. Stein. Please have a seat." She told me as she pointed toward the leather sofa off to one side.

I took a seat on the sofa as Ms. Brant sat in a leather wingback chair. Once she was seated she said. "You may have notice the office has been in quite a turmoil today. It's a nasty job I have terminating so many employees at one time. Believe me I don't like doing it but if I didn't do it someone else would have too."

Ms. Brant picked up a folder and said, "I see from you personnel record that you've worked here for four years now and you haven't called in sick once in four years. That's very commendable. I also noticed that we owe you six weeks of vacation time. Don't you like taking vacation?"

"It's not that I don't like it I just never had any where to go. Is that a problem," I asked defensively.

Ms. Brant smiled and said, "It's not a problem, in fact it maybe an advantage seeing you can be trusted to always be here." Ms. Brant sat back and studied me of a few seconds before saying, "I'm sure you have noticed that your department has been downsized. In fact all the billing will now be handled by the home office so we have eliminated that group here."

I was sure she could see my disappointment on my face as I took in this bit of news. I had hoped I was exempt seeing I was the last to be called into her office and she seemed to have checked me out as far as my employment goes.

Ms. Brant had kept an eye on me and just when I was about to thank her she said, "I need to ask you a personal question and if you don't want to answer you don't have to. I do have an opening I think you would like and I think you would enjoy but I need to know if you're gay?"

For a brief second I thought I might say yes thinking she wouldn't fire me if I was. I really needed this job as I had school loans and a car loan to pay plus I had rent. But in the end I couldn't do it. So I said, "No Ms. Brant I'm not."

I could see surprise look on her face before she said, "Really, I thought you were." As soon as she said it she realized what she said, "I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that."

"It's okay Ms. Brant I hear that a lot," I told her.

Brant smiled and said, "I'm not surprised. I've noticed you every day for the last two weeks. Each time I see you, you look so well groomed I could swear you had just showered and dressed. When it's time to leave you look just like you did when you came in that morning. I can't say that about everyone."

I thought this over and I thought I still had a chance so I asked, "So your telling me I have to be gay to be considered for the position you spoke of?"

"Well not so much that you're gay as what you would have to wear in order to take the position. You see I will be traveling extensively on business and a straight male would be a problem, as it would look unseemly. You see I have an image to protect. I can't be see as a woman that has a male assistant who could also be a lover. My last assistant was female and I had hoped to replace her with some one that was as good if not better at her job. I thought you could be that person but seeing you're straight I doubt you would want to dress the way I want you too."

"Ms. Brant I can dress anyway you want. This sound like a job that too good to pass up. I know I'm just what you're looking for," I told her."

Brant smiled and said, "You probably are what I'm looking for but I don't think you can handle what I want you to wear. It's not something I could ask."

"Can't you at least give me a try? I know I can do this," I told her desperately.

Brant thought for a few minutes before saying, "Let me explain what the job entails then you can see the clothes I want you to wear. I really don't think you will like it but I give you a try. First off I will need you to travel with me. You will keep my appointment book and see to it I am where I should be at all times. You will make sure my clothes are clean and well pressed. I will also expect you to be at my beckoning call at all hours of the day and night. I will also want you to perform certain tasks that a normal assistant would never dream of performing.

"For all this you will have a ten thousand-dollar a year clothing allowance so you are always impeccable dressed. Your salary will start at eighty thousand a year. There are bonuses that I'm sure you will qualify for. The work isn't hard though I expect you to do whatever I want went I want."

I was floored at how much she was going to pay me. It was twice what I was making at the job I was doing so I said, "This sound to good to pass up I hope you give me a try I know I can do this for you."

After she thought it over Brant said, "I was certain you would be the person I was looking for but like I said the clothes I would expect you to wear would be the deciding factor. I'll let you take them home and try them on for the weekend. If you can't wear them bring them back on Monday and I'll process your termination papers. If you decide you can live with the clothes wear them on Monday so I can see how you look. Besides wearing them you have to look good in them."

Brant walked to a closet and took out a large shopping bag from one of our department stores. She handed the bags to me and said, "I'm a pretty good judge when it comes to size. I sure these will fit you. Try them on and see me on Monday."

When I walked out of her office I saw I was the only one left in the office. I took the bag straight to my workstation and started looking through the bag. I realized right off that the clothes in the bag were woman's clothes and they were of the same quality that Ms. Brant was wearing. I assumed that she had given me the wrong bag so I went back to her office.

As I got back to her office, Ms. Brant was on her way out so I quickly said, "I'm sorry Ms. Brant but I think you gave me the wrong bag. I believe these are your clothes."

Brant touched my cheek and said sadly, "Now you see the problem I was wrestling with. These are the right clothes if you don't think you can handle wearing them then leave them and come back on Monday. Good night Ted." With that said she was gone.

I was stunned by her words. With out realizing it I took the bag back to my workstation. Just for the heck of it I went through the bag once more. I was hoping I had missed something. I was hoping that they really were men's clothes.

Once I went through all the boxes I knew for certain they were woman's clothes. I had to admit they were well made and they were perfectly cut, but I couldn't wear them, it wasn't possible. Besides I could never look like a girl in them.

There was navy blue skirt with a matching jacket. A white silk blouse and a dark blue scarf. There were stockings, panties and a bra with silicon breast forms. There was also a pair of three inch navy blue pumps. There was everything I would need for one outfit, but how could I possibly wear it.

I'm not sure why but I took the clothes home with me. It wasn't like I was going to wear them but I thought I shouldn't leave them in the office over the weekend.

When I walked into my apartment Fran was waiting for me. "Well it's about time I thought you were going to get here right after work. I was hoping to pick up JoJo at her salon," Fran told me. JoJo was Fran's new lover and she had talked me into taking JoJo with us.

"Sorry it was a terrible day at work. The ax finally fell and I lost my job along with just about everyone," I told her as I set the bags on the floor.

Fran laughed and said, "So you went shopping to drowned your sorrows. I swear you really are a girl aren't you?"

Normally this sort of teasing between Fran and I wouldn't have bothered me but today it hit a nerve. "Look that's enough about me looking like a girl. I really wish I was one some times, just so I could stop hearing the jokes." Before I said anything else I walked into my bedroom.

A few minutes later Fran came into the bedroom with a glass of bourbon. "Look I'm sorry I teased you I guess your taking this pretty hard. I'll call JoJo and tell her we have to cancel this weekend. She can come over and well get stinking drunk and howl at the moon." She handed me the glass and picked up the phone near my bedside table.

By nine that evening I was quite inebriated, JoJo and Fran were nearly as drunk as I was. By that time I had told both girls what had happen with the exception of the position that Brant had offered me.

Fran said slurring her words, "I can't believe she didn't offer you something else. Doesn't she know you never missed a day in four years."

With out thinking I said, "She did offer me a job but I can't take it."

"Even if it's for less than your making, it's still better than unemployment. At least until you find a better job," JoJo told me.

"Actually it's for twice what I'm making now," I told them.

Fran leaned over the table and said. "You're fucking nuts. How could you turn down a job making twice what you are? Either that or you're a fucking liar."

Fran was a belligerent drunk, were I was a mellow drunk so I calmly said, "If I took the job I would have to wear the clothes in that bag. I can't do that."

"Shit I'd wear a clowns costume for that kind of money. Hell I'd wear a dress," Fran told us with a laugh.

JoJo staggered over to the bag and started puling out what was inside. "Hey careful with that stuff I have to return it on Monday," I told JoJo.

When JoJo pulled out the jacket she said, "This is pretty good stuff. So why can't you wear it?" When she pulled out the skirt she said, "Oh I guess I see why you can't."

When Fran took a look at what was in the bags she said, "Hell let's try it on you I'd bet you would look pretty cute in it."

"I don't think that's going to happen," I told her.

Fran and JoJo started teasing me about what I would look like in the clothes as we continued drinking. I'm not exactly sure what happen after that but when I woke the next morning I'm not sure I wanted to know.

When I woke up I found myself in bed with Fran and JoJo. Both girls were completely naked and I was wearing the panties and bra from the bag. My lips felt sticky and my eyes felt heavy as if there was something on them. Both girls were wound around me and I had a hell of a time getting out of bed.

When I finally reached the bathroom I looked in the mirror and saw I had eye shadow on as well as mascara. There was also a tint to my lips as if I had on lipstick but it wore of over night.

When I lowered the front of the panties to pee I realized that my pubic hair was gone. I also noticed that my legs had been shaved. I never had hair on my chest but I did under my arms and when I looked that was gone too. I knew the girls had something to do with this but I really didn't remember any of it.

I took off the panties and the bra and laid them on the counter top before climbing into the shower. As soon as I did I heard JoJo come in the bathroom telling me she had to go and she hoped I didn't mind see we were all girls here. She obviously remembered what happen.

After my shower I put on a pair of boxers and a robe before going into the kitchen to make some coffee. JoJo was already in the kitchen wearing a satin robe and she had the coffee brewing. She handed me a cup as she made her way to the kitchen table.

When I got half the coffee down me I asked, "What happen last night?"

JoJo asked, "Do you really want to know?" When I told her I did JoJo dropped a stack of Polaroid's on the table and said, "There you go by the way you owe me for the film."

The first picture was of me shaving my legs. The second and third picture was of Fran shaving my under arms. The fourth was where JoJo shaved my pubic area. The next ten were of me with different articles of clothing on till I was completely dressed in the suit. The last three were of JoJo putting make up on me.

Once I saw all the pictures I could see why some one would think I was a girl. I looked pretty good in the clothes but I could see the makeup was wrong for the suit. It looked to heavy and definitely sluty. The clothes on the other hand look perfect on me. Ms. Brant really did pick out the right sizes.

After I studied the pictures for a while JoJo said, "Yea I see it too. With the right makeup and a new hairstyle your own mother wouldn't know you."

From what I was looking at and what JoJo was telling me I thought it was worth a try, but I held back and said, "You can't be serious I could never look like a girl."

JoJo laughed and said, "I can make you look like one. Give me a few hours and I guaranty you'll look like a real girl."

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