Are You Gay Ch. 03


Through the rest of the meal Giovanni's hand danced along my thigh and thankfully the dress was tight enough that he couldn't get his hand under my skirt. Also I had to thank that my penis was tucked between my legs so when Giovanni or Gee as he asked me to call him didn't feel my cock when he placed his hand on my crotch.

After dinner and desert were served he asked Lisa and I to come with him to his study. I figured at this point, Lisa would leave me in the dinning room, but she motion for me to follow her.

Once in Gee's study he sat at his computer and started punching in numbers and quantities. After he had everything entered into his computer he told Lisa the price before saying, "Of cause I always give you a ten-percent discount because you are such a beautiful lady."

Lisa corrected him by saying, "You always give me a twenty percent discount and I negotiate for another five percent."

Gee laughed and said, "This is true but that was when Jolene and you ganged up on me. Now Jolene is no more and there is only you but I will give you fifteen for old times.

Lisa walked around Gee's desk before sitting on his lap. She ran her finger through his hair and said in a hush tone, "Surely I'm worth twenty percent aren't I?'

Gee laughed and said, "Well I guess you are but how about your new assistant. Is she going to join us?"

Lisa thought quickly and said, "Teddie is not like Jolene and I she's a little different."

Gee smiled and said, "I'm sure she is. She's very beautiful though she is how do you say, a boy."

I could see the shock on Lisa's face and I'm sure my face reflected the same shock. Gee laughed and said, "You didn't think her beauty could fool me did you Lisa? Surely you know my attention to detail would pick out her Adam's apple bobbing each time she swallowed. So now that I know what she is will she be joining us or not?"

Lisa got over her shock quickly and I could see she knew an advantage when she saw one, "She may join us for the right price, say thirty percent."

Gee laughed heartily and said, "Lisa you are a shroud business woman. Thirty percent it is. Let me say good night to my guest and we will complete the transaction in my bedroom.

Lisa got off his lap and Gee typed something into his computer. He then left us alone in his office. Lisa came over to me and asked, "You are okay with this aren't you? I mean its okay I agreed for you to join in?"

To tell the truth I was still shocked that he knew, but also I was surprised he wanted me all the same. Before I thought about my answer I said, "It's okay with me. I mean what ever you need me to do, I'll do."

Lisa kissed my lips and said, "I understand you're a little apprehensive. I know he will be you first man but Gee is a wonderful lover and I'm sure you will enjoy him as much as I do. If you really don't want to do this I'll understand and I'll except the offer less the fifteen percent he was going to give for you to join us."

I knew that fifteen percent was a lot of money and if I joined in I would get ten percent of that fifteen percent. The money really wasn't the driving force behind my decision though it was a factor. So I said, "I want to know what a real cock is like and I want to join you." Lisa kissed me and thanked me before Gee came back into the room.

"Well ladies shall we go to my bedroom." Lisa took my hand and walked me over to where Gee was standing.

As soon as I was close enough to him he took me in his arms and kissed me on the mouth. His tongue probed my lips till I open my mouth to let it in. His kiss was forceful and so manly that I couldn't do anything but melt into his arms. When our kiss ended I could barely stand upright. If it weren't for his arms around me, my wobbly knees would have failed me.

He then turned his attention to Lisa who eagerly kissed him as hard as he kissed me. When their lips separated he turned and slid his left arm around me and his right around Lisa as we walked down the hall and up one flight of stone steps to his master bedroom.

This was truly a master's bedroom. The walls were made of stone and there was a huge fireplace along one wall that had a small fire burning inside of it. There was a huge bed on the opposite wall that was bigger than any bed I ever saw before. It was almost twice the size of the queen bed I had back at home.

Before I could take in the rest of the room Gee pulled me into his arms once more and kissed me again. It was as powerful as the first and again I felt weak in the knees. At the same time I felt Gee slowly pulled down the zipper on the back of my dress and when our lips parted I felt the dress slid down my legs.

Gee stepped back and said. "Even with out the dress you still look beautiful."

He next took Lisa into his arms and kissed her while pulling her zipper down. When he stepped back her dress joined mine on the floor. Lisa and I turned our attention to disrobing Gee. While I undid his buttons on his shirt Lisa undid his belt and the clasp on his pants. When she had his zipper undone she dropped to her knees and pulled his shoes and sock off before taking off his pants.

My fingers fumbled nervously with his shirt buttons till I finally was able to pull his shirt off. I actually expected his chest to be hairy but I was wrong. His chest and his stomach were as smooth as my own. His chest rippled with muscles where mine had breasts. I ran my hand over his chest just to feel what it was like. His chest was hard yet so soft it didn't give under my hand but the skin felt like velvet. When my hand slid down to his belly he pulled my head close to his and kissed me once more.

When our lips separated once more he pushed down on my shoulders and gently forced me to my knees. Lisa was already there and her lips were wrapped around his cock. It was a nice circumcised cock that wasn't as big as the dildo Fran and Lisa used on me.

When Lisa open her eyes and saw me next to her she pulled her lips off his cock and asked, "Do you want a taste?"

With out hesitation I took his cock in my hand and pointed it at my mouth. It felt familiar in texture but it felt different at the same time. It seemed harder than the dildoes I was used to but it was also softer and very warm.

I could feel Lisa and Gee watching me to see what I would do so with it. With a lick of my lips I took the head into my mouth. This felt so different from the dildo that it didn't feel the same. When I licked at the head it felt like smooth velvet and there was a drop of precum that oozed out of the tip. There was a slight manly odor that seemed to surround me and I like the smell.

I wet my lips and slid them down his cock a few inches. I didn't want to take too much as I fear I would gag but I became accustomed to it quickly and before I knew it my lips were sliding up and down his cock like I had been doing it all my life.

I was amazed at the feelings I was feeling. Not only did I like his cock in my mouth, for some reason I felt like this was something I was meant to do. I felt like I was truly doing something that felt natural like I was suppose to do this. It was at that moment I fell in love with sucking cock.

I sucked for all I was worth for a few minutes. I was about to take him into my throat when Gee stepped back leaving my mouth empty. I looked up toward him to see if I had done something wrong when he said, "Let's go over to the bed were we can get comfortable."

Gee held out his hands so he could help Lisa and I to stand up. Lisa was still wearing her panties and her garter belt seeing she didn't wear a bra that night. She was also wearing her stockings and her heels. I was wearing my corset panties stockings and heels.

Once we were along side the bed, Gee sat down with Lisa and I standing in front of him. He put his hands on waistband of Lisa's panties and said, "Let see what you two girls are hiding from me."

Gee pulled Lisa's panties down till she was able to step out of them. Gee slid his hand between her legs and said. "As always you pussy is so sweet. Now lets see what Teddie has hidden."

I actually felt embarrassed when Gee started to pull my panties off of me. Seeing my cock was tucked back between my legs I still held my secret as he pulled my panties off of my feet. It wasn't until he reached between my legs and pulled my cock out that I was exposed for what I was.

Gee continued to play along as he said "What a pretty clit you have Teddie it looks so big for such a little girl."

What Gee did next surprised me as well as Lisa. He bent over took the head of my cock into his mouth and started sucking it. I became hard instantly and his lips felt so good I though I was going to cum instantly. I could tell this wasn't his first time sucking cock, as he seemed to do it so naturally.

He sucked me for a few minutes before he pulled my cock from his mouth and asked, "Which one of you two beauties am I going to fuck first?"

I was about to tell him to do Lisa first but Lisa jumped in with, "Make love to Teddie first. She's never been with a man before. She's only had a few dildoes in her so she should go first." I could see the excitement in Lisa's eyes as she told Gee this. It almost seemed like she wanted to see me get fucked.

Gee pulled me close to him and asked, "Is that true honey are you a virgin?" I told him with a man I was. Gee rolled me over so I was lying on the bed on my back before he said, "I'll be very gentle with you Teddie. A girl should always remember her first man with fondness."

Gee started kissing me, his kisses were as wonderful as the first time he kissed me. At the same time I felt Lisa kissing and sucking my right breast. She was soon joined by Gee on my left. Lisa's delicate hand wrapped around my cock and started to stroke me as Gee's hands massaged my balls. When Gee moved down my body Lisa stayed where she was, to give attention to both my breasts while Gee licked my nut sack.

When I felt Gee spread and raise my legs I took my knees into my hands as I offered him my asshole. His tongue moved between my crack and soon he was licking my asshole. His tongue delved deeply into me and I was moaning like I was in pain but I was far from it. By this time Lisa had stopped sucking my breast but her hand continued to slowly stroke my cock.

When Gee stopped licking my asshole and knelt between my legs I knew he was going to fuck me. I wasn't the least bit scared, I just knew I was going to love it. Lisa handed him a bottle of lube. Where she got it from I had no idea but at that moment I was grateful she had it.

A moment later I felt Gee's finger slide into me and once more I moaned in pleasure. Lisa kissed me and said. "Just relax love I know your going to love this."

A little while later I felt the head of Gee's cock at the entrance to my asshole, when he pushed into me I forced my asshole to open to accept him into me. This time there was no pain and only the sweet feeling of being penetrated. I wanted to push back to meet his thrust but I couldn't as I was being held down but Gee's hands.

Gee sunk his cock into me about half way before he stared to fuck me. His trusts were slow and shallow at first, but I quickly asked him to fuck me deeper. With in a few minutes he was as deep as he could go. I felt his hips slap my ass cheeks each time he bottomed out.

It was like when Lisa and Fran fucked me but for some reason it was better. As I looked up at him I could see his muscles ripple each time he thrust into me. There was pleasure in his face unlike when Lisa fucked me and I knew I was giving him that pleasure.

I didn't want this to end as I wanted him to fuck me forever but I knew that wasn't possible. When Gee's breathing became short and the sweat was pouring off of him I knew he was going to cum. At first I was disappointed that this wonderful feeling would soon come to an end but I also wanted to feel his seed fill me. I wanted to feel his hot sperm being pumped into me.

When Gee told me he was going to cum I cried, "Do it, fill me with you cum pump your load in to my pussy."

Gee bellowed like a hurt bull as he slammed his cock deep into my ass. The next thing I felt was warmth spreading deeply inside of me. At the same instant my orgasm hit me and before I knew it I was pumping cum out my cock and into the air. Lisa's hand was still on my cock as she pumped each load out of me. I barely stayed conscious as Gee fell onto of me before he kissed me deep and lovingly.

We lay still for a while and during that time I felt Gee's cock become soft. No matter how tight I tried to squeeze it with my anus it still slipped from my grasp. Once his cock slipped out of me Gee rolled over on to his back. Lisa was kissing me almost instantly and she whispered in my ear that she loved watching me become a woman.

After a few minutes Gee pulled Lisa to him and started kissing her. It was at that time I realized my corset was covered in sperm and I could also feel it starting to leak out of my asshole. I now knew why every woman I had sex with went to the bathroom right after. While Gee and Lisa were occupied I went to the bathroom to clean up.

I found a washcloth and cleaned the sperm off of my corset and I washed my cock and balls off as well. I then sat on the commode and tried to push out as much cum as I could before straddling the bidet and cleaned my bottom. When I felt I was as clean as I was likely to get I took a second washcloth and after wetting it I went back into the bedroom.

While I was gone Lisa had managed to straddle Gee's face and I could see she was grinding her pussy onto his mouth. I also saw that Gee's cock had not come back to harness as yet and I was determined to do something about that.

I lay back on the bed so my head was close to Gee's cock and I took the washcloth and cleaned his cock off. If it wasn't for the lubricant I would have used my mouth but I was sure the lube left a nasty taste behind.

Once his cock was clean I leaned over and licked his hairy balls with my tongue. They too seemed soft and his scrotum was loose and pliable. Once his balls were wet with my saliva I went to work on his floppy cock.

I picked his cock up with my index and thumb and held it as I licked the velvety head. As soon as my tongue touched his head I heard Gee moan from between Lisa's legs. I licked his cock some more before taking the spongy head into my mouth.

I sucked gently on his cock as I lowered my lips a few inched to his hairy pubic bone before letting it slip from my mouth till just the head was still inside my mouth. I did this a few times before I felt his cock come to life.

After a few minutes of gentle sucking his cock was firmer though not quite erect. I then started moving my mouth up and down his cock faster till it was rock hard. When I tried to take the head into my throat I was surprised how easy it was.

The head of his cock was not as firm as the dildo was and it easily conformed to my throat as it entered. When it enter I heard Gee groan and his cock seemed to expand in my throat. I was thrilled that not only could I deep throat his hard cock, but also I didn't seem to gag on it.

I lovingly sucked his cock for a few minutes until I knew he was as hard as he could get. When I pulled my mouth off of him I said, "Lisa do you want some of this or should I bring him off with my mouth?"

Lisa turned and saw Gee was now hard and said, "If you don't mind, I would love to ride him." Lisa got off of Gee's face and straddled his waist before saying, "Maybe Gee would like you to fuck his face now. He seemed to like sucking you earlier."

I looked up at Gee and saw his face was covered in Lisa's cream. He smiled at me and nodded his head, which I took to mean he wanted to suck me off too. I knelt along side his head and offered him my half-hard cock. At the same time Lisa sunk down on his cock as they both groaned in pleasure.

As soon as Lisa was moving up and down on Gee's cock he sucked my cock into his mouth. I could feel his strong tongue rub the underside of my cock and in less that a minute he had me fully erect. His mouth moved up and down on my cock to the same beat that Lisa was using on his cock. But when Lisa started moving faster he couldn't keep up.

To help him out I started moving my hips as I thrust my cock in an out of his mouth. Lisa saw this and shouted for me to fuck his mouth like he fucked my ass. At first I couldn't do this but Gee nodded for me to do it. So I held on to his head and started fucking his mouth.

I didn't go too deep, as I was afraid I would hurt him but it still felt good and Gee was doing a great job applying suction. At the same time his hand moved up and started squeezing my right breast while his other hand slipped between my legs to caress my ass cheeks.

It didn't take too much of this to get me on the brink of orgasm, but I didn't want to cum in his mouth with out his okay. When I knew I couldn't stand it much longer I shouted I was going to cum in case he wanted me to pull out. But Gee slipped his fingers between my ass cheeks and slid two of them into my asshole. That was all I needed as I started pumping load after hot load of thick cum into his mouth. Gee continued to suck as I drained my balls into his mouth. At the same time Lisa cried out she was cuming and she said that Gee was filling her pussy with cum at the same time.

Once my orgasm was spent I pulled my rapidly softening member from Gee's mouth and collapsed on to the bed next to him. As soon as my cock was free of his mouth Lisa laid down on Gee and they kissed deeply. I was sure that Lisa could taste my sperm in his mouth. They kissed for a long time before Lisa rolled off of Gee and lay in his arm on his right side.

Gee slid his left arm under me and pulled me into a kiss. I could taste the remains of my orgasm in his mouth and for some reason that sent a pleasurable chill up my spine. After our kiss ended I lay with my head on his shoulder. Lisa lay opposite me and we held hands across his hard stomach.

After a few minutes rest Lisa said, "I should go clean up so Teddie and I can go back to our hotel."

As Gee's hand held tightly onto my hip he said to Lisa, "Why don't you two stay here tonight. I wouldn't mind the company."

"You know the rules Gee. This was business, very pleasurable business but business all the same. I never spent the night unless it's for pleasure only. Now please let me up so I came get cleaned up," Lisa told him.

Gee released his grip on me and Lisa and I got off the bed. Since I had cleaned up earlier all I needed to do was wash my face and brush out my hair before returning to the bedroom to put my dress back on.

Lisa took a little longer and Gee left the bedroom only to come back a few minutes later wearing a pair of silk boxers and a silk robe. Gee helped me with my zipper and I helped Lisa with her zipper. Once we were dressed Gee walked us to the front door.

Before he opened it he kissed Lisa and I, to me he said, "You are a very beautiful girl don't let anyone tell you differently." I thanked him and kissed him once more before he opened the door to let us out.

It was after two in the morning by the time we made it back to the hotel room. Neither Lisa nor I said anything to each other on the drive back. When we got back into the room we stripped off our clothes and jumped into the shower together. It wasn't a long shower as we were both tired.

Once we were in nightgowns and in bed together she kissed me and asked, "Well did you enjoy yourself tonight? You're not sorry you had sex with another man are you?"

I laughed and said. "Not at all. Ever since I started dressing I wanted to know what have sex with a man was like. I thought it would be different. You know like my mind would fight it but it didn't and I loved every minute of it. I love having sex with you, but I can't wait till I have sex with another man again."

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