tagGay MaleArms of a Man Ch. 03 Pt. 1

Arms of a Man Ch. 03 Pt. 1


Okay, this is long in coming and I thank you all for your patience. This is only half the chapter I have planned, but I felt you guys needed something. Until I can find the time to finish it, here you go.


Zach and I were in the kitchen two days later when the phone rang. I dried my hands from peeling the potatoes and answered. "Hello?"

"Is Zach there?" Whoever it was was drunker than shit. With it being a woman's voice I had little doubt to who it was.

"Sure." I handed the receiver to him. "It's Helen."

He looked a bit spooked. "Hello?" he asked. "I'm at a friend's house obviously, and not Derek and Greg's since you got this number from them. The girls are at my mom's until Friday." His tone was civil but still carried a lot of hurt and I went back to the potatoes since I had peeled enough of those in my life and was damn good at it. I was making potato salad. "I don't care if you need more alcohol, Helen. No, I won't have this fight over the phone. Listen, please. I need you...I said listen!" he shouted into the phone. I dried my hands once more to give him some privacy, patting his shoulder on the way past. "Thank you. I need you to be sober for one night so..." I let the door swing shut so I would not hear this.

I wondered what type of bitch she had to be to take two days to notice her girls and husband had not been home. Obviously the alcohol was more important to her. Well, to be fair she did back Zach on the no drugs and alcohol thing for the girls. But I had never heard Zach ever raise his voice unless it was in happiness or during a game. I almost didn't want to meet this woman. Zach's voice could be heard as he explained what he wanted and a few times it spiked to override her, but I could not tell what he was saying. Then the door opened. "You will do this or I am divorcing you now and taking sole custody of the girls. Asking for one damn night, Helen, is not a habit." He hung up and set the phone on the charger before plopping onto the sofa next to me. He sighed and took a pillow and screamed into it. I did my best not to laugh but I failed. He was just so cute right then.

"She sounds...lovely." He dropped the pillow and gave me a look that said he was not amused. "Okay, she sounds like a bitch. Better?" Shaking his head he hit me with the pillow, but I caught him and pulled him atop me.

"It's not fair." I caressed his back with he just lay there. "She'll do it. I never had to pull that trick before, but she'll do it." I just held him. "You must think I'm a wreck."

"Pretty much, but I like you anyway." He snickered and snuggled closer. I realized something both good and bad. I was falling for Zach and he was falling for me. The good was he was a great guy. Smart, funny, caring, charismatic, sexy...what's not to love? The bad...was he falling for me because he honestly was growing to care for me...or because I was there? I didn't know and I could not even ask such a question. Still, it felt great holding him. "Would you divorce her?"

"Yes, and she knows it. I have the steady job and pay the rent so she knows I would get the girls without any struggle." Not a good alternative really. One night of sobriety or a life without your daughters...should be a no brainer. With a grunt he got up and pulled me to my feet. "C'mon, sailor boy, we have a picnic to finish." Rolling my eyes I nodded and as he turned away I swatted his butt. "Hey, you break it you buy it."

"Let me check it for damage." He giggled as I reached around and undid his pants to pull them down in the back, exposing that delicious ass. "Oh no, there's a crack. Guess I broke it, so now I have to buy it. How much?"

Looking back over his shoulder with a grin and a wink he said, "I'll let you know the MSRP on a virgin ass." Getting a quick feel, we went back to our lunch.

It was Tuesday night when my phone rang again. We had just got back from the movies since Zach worked the morning shift at Costco and had gotten off at 4pm. We had gone to see one of the many superhero movies to keelhaul the box office in the recent years, exploiting as much cash as they can from us hard working people...I love superhero movies! "Hello?" I asked as I picked up the phone.

"May I speak with Zach please?"

"He's taking a shower but should be out in a moment."

"Oh. Can you tell him to call Helen please?" I almost dropped the phone in shock. This person was his wife? She sounded so polite...so sober.

"Of course."

"Thank you. And thank you for letting him stay there. He needs a break from me every now and then," said Helen and I about fell onto the couch in shock. She was lucid and nicer, knowing she was a bitch to her husband. "Actually he needs more than a break."

"Huh. It's not a problem, Helen. Zach is a cool guy." I heard the water shut off. "The water just shut off if you wanted me to pass the phone to him." I got up and started that way.


I saw him drying off that sexy body and he was about to make a comment about me watching him, a bit of a chub growing in my pants, but he saw the phone. "It's Helen for you." He looked at the phone like it was a serpent in my hand. I covered up the receiver with my hand. "She sounds sober or close enough to it to say please and thank you."

He got a quirky look on his face and took the phone. "Hi Helen." I flopped onto the bed and took off my shoes and shirt, getting a grin from Zach who was getting his own chubby. "Yes. Thank you for doing this, I know it's very hard, but I feel it's very important." He was trying to hold a serious conversation while I was stripping off my clothes very slowly. "Tomorrow night? Of course I will be there. And I know you may not like this but Derek, Greg and Leo will be there too." I watched him cringe as he waited for the blow up. "Yeah, Leo is the guy I'm staying with." He mouthed what looked like and sleeping with but I could not be sure. "You will? Wow, Helen, that's really thoughtful of you. I appreciate all the trouble. Tomorrow night it is then. Bye." I watched him register what may have been a first in their relationship. He was so shocked and pleased. "She's not had a drop since last night and will be sober for tomorrow night. She's cooking dinner."

"Will it be poisoned?" I had to ask.

He rolled his eyes. "God no, she's a gourmet cook when she's sober. Even when she's shitfaced she makes a mean lasagne." He set the phone down and then practically threw himself on me...darn. All I had on were my underwear but he had dropped his towel and was atop me naked. "So, who is sexier, Chris Hemsworth or me?" he asked playfully kissing my nose.

"Hmm. Lets analyze this. Chris: Tall, handsome, blond hair, fantastic muscles, abs you can grate cheese on, cute smile and a god. You? Tallish, boyishly cute, thinning hair, nice muscles covered in some fat, abs that are fun to poke, stunning eyes that glow when you smile and a manager at Costco." I poked him when was pouting and he squirmed. "No contest." I rolled us over and held his arms above his head. "You are." I could tell he was about to argue the point, I mean it is Thor he's comparing himself to, so I shut him up with a kiss. One of those kisses that require you to use tongue and thus not talk. By the way he was not struggling he was no longer refuting my claim. In fact I think he was agreeing with me.

"Well, since you put it that way." I laughed and he used that to flip us over once again. I put up a cursory fight but stopped when his tongue found my nipple. Then I gasped. This man knew how to tease a nipple. "Like that?"

"Oh yeah. Okay, I need to shower cause I stink." He pouted as he got off me, but I took his hand and led him back to the bathroom. Then the phone rang again. I glared at it but checked the caller ID. I did not know the number but it was local. Once again I glared but this time at Zach. He was slowly stroking that perfect dick. "Hello," I said rather testily.

"G'Damn, bro, not even one damn call or anything?" I dropped the phone.

I scooped it up with a look like it would bite me. "Alex?"

"Who else you know says g'damn bro?" I rolled my eyes. "So I been transferred to San Diego and got a two week furlough." This did not bode well.

"Great. And Yeah I ain't called your ass cause I got better people to do. Said person is being very naughty right now...wait. You're calling from a local number."

"You're right. Got kinda lost in these back woods roads. You never said the people from the sticks get their sticks from here." I sat down on my bed and nearly fell off. Alex was in town. This would not be good.

"Then get yourself unlost and back to a city where you belong." Of course he didn't get the hint really since I was only partially serious. "Where are you?" I knew he would be staying here...but dammit I wanted that shower with Zach!

"Some supermarket called Raley's." I gave him directions from there and then hung up. Zach had stopped playing with it and looked a bit curious.

"Alex is in town."

The look on his face was a mix of horror and humor. "You mean the carrier of The Beast?" I nodded. "This means we have to be good right?" I threw a pillow at him.

"Yeah. He will want to watch otherwise. You think Derek was happy to see us kiss? Alex would have the Beast in his hands faster than...God is there anything faster than light? Faster than that." Zach laughed and went over to grab some of his clothes to put on. "And he doesn't know I'm gay either."

"Should he know?"

I was about to shake my head adamantly but then stopped. Who cares if Alex knew? I mean he would be a here a few days and then back down south. I wasn't in the Navy anymore so I could not get a court martial. And it wasn't like he would care...he may even want to join and I know he would like to watch. "Huh. Good question." I looked at Zach and could see he was wanting some answer...but which one? "Yeah, but we are not going to put on a show." Zach grinned and nodded. Guess that was the right answer. "Not right now anyway." That made him snort and I sighed, slipping back into my shorts.

"Doesn't he think you're married?" I stopped and hung my head. "Truth time?"

"Yeah." I flopped onto my bed and screamed into my pillow. Zach laughed his fool head off.

"Stop, that's my job."

"Then you come scream into the pillow," I said and funny thing is he did. Face down and screaming. What would you do if you were me? I got on top of him and ground my pelvis into his rump. He gasped and tried to turn over. "Nope. I gotta deal with Alex, you gotta deal with me dealing with Alex." He chuckled as I kissed the back of his neck and just relaxed atop him.

Then the bell rang. I growled and got up, not even bothering to put on a shirt since Alex had seen me naked before. When I opened it I looked up at Alex's insufferable grin. The few weeks away and I could tell he had missed me. Truth be told I missed him. We had got along great. "You are still too damn tall. Get in here before someone calls the cops." He stepped in and looked around my place.

"Yup, upgraded from the barracks." He set down his duffel and pulled me into a huge hug. I could not hope to get out of those long arms. "G'damn bro it's good to see you. So where is this wife of yours who was being naughty?"

I extracted myself from his grasp and shook my head. "She doesn't exist. I told that story so I wouldn't have to deal with all those girls trying to get in my jock."

"No, shit? You mean all that was cause ya didn't want some?" I nodded. "Wow. You got more will power than me, bro."

"So does a whore. I assume you got no place to stay and will be bunking here."

"Glad you offered." I laughed and saw Zach leaning against the door frame shaking his head. The smile on his face was mildly amused.

"That or you would have asked after the tenth beer or something right?" He nodded. "Thought I got rid of you but noooooo." I gestured. "You can bunk in there. Stay out of my room or I will remove the Beast and sell it to an Asian with a little dick. Especially if the door is closed and I'm having sex with my boy friend."

"Wait...did I miss a memo?"

"No, just never sent it out." I knew I was a bit red in the face. I waited for the explosion, something that said he would be upset.

His face went slack and he mouth moved a few times like a fish outta water. "You mean, all those days I was in the same room with you, showered with you, hit one with you pretending to look away...I could have gotten at least a hand job?" I laughed so hard I had to sit down on the sofa and he sat next to me. "You mean I mighta got some head? Maybe some ass?"

"Stop, dude, you're killing me." I grabbed my sides and kicked my feet. I knew I never should have told him. Stone cold freak that he was he would have gotten some...that's all he cared about.

"Wow. Probably not the booty cause you got top written all over you and I ain't giving up my virgin ass for no blowjob." I socked him in the shoulder and could tell he was doing all this just to make me laugh...but he was probably serious.

"Enough, dick." He threw his hands into the air and looked around where he spotted Zach just looking on.

"Aha! So this is the boyfriend." Alex bound to his feet and went over to shake Zach's hand. "Nice to meet'cha. I'm Alex." Alex topped Zach's height by a few inches but they probably weighed about the same.

"Zach. In all the years of knowing Leo I have never once seen him laugh that hard." I looked at him to see something that made me stop laughing. Zach was checking out Alex and liking what he saw. "And Leo was right. You are too damn tall. Cute, but I prefer short and stocky." He winked at me and I grinned back. "Leo was about to take a shower, but we can swap stories. Like when Leo was in high school."

"And in the Navy. Go take your shower, Leo, me 'nd your boy gonna talk." I knew this would not be good...not at all.

After my shower I came out of my room in just my towel with plans of making dinner and heard them laughing up a storm. I walked behind them so I would not interrupt and slipped into the kitchen to see what we had that may serve three people without any prep. Toss a salad, make some pasta...I could do it without too much hassle. Why did he have to show up now? And why did I have to say Zach was my boy friend? I had some serious apologizing to do. I didn't want to lead him on or hurt him, but I was not ready for a relationship. And yet, wasn't that what we had already? I mean I know he was no virgin, but he... "Now I'm confusing myself."

"And talking to yourself," Zach chirped with a smile. I rolled my eyes. "You don't seem all that happy to see Alex."

"I am. But I...we..." He stepped forward and kissed me.

"We are friends who happen to be 'boys' so if that's what you're worried about don't be." I know I turned ten shades of red until I stopped on embarrassed crimson. "Was that actually it?" I nodded. "Don't worry, sailor boy, I won't hold those words against you...as long as I can still hold you against me." I chuckled and let him do just that. "I turned on the TV for hornball. That should keep him busy unless he tries to order porn. How did you live with him?"

"Same way we both lived with being on the team. Blinders on and keep your mouth to yourself." He laughed at my insufferable grin. Then he snatched my towel and ran into the living room. "Hey, no fair!" I chased him and leaped to tackle him...and landed right in front of the couch and the TV with Alex staring like he was about to see the movie of the week. My bare ass in the air, Zach's hand sliding down my back. I turned an even darker shade of red.

"Now that is hot," said Alex and tugged on the Beast a few times.

"I hate you both," and they laughed at how lame I sounded. I got up, full hard on as was usual when Zach started to touch me. Both sets of eyes were glued to my anatomy...can't say it didn't fuel my ego.

"G'damn, bro," my old roomie whispered. I snagged my towel and wrapped it around my waist. Then I shrugged and took it off and plopped on the sofa next to Alex who was rather shocked and rather hard. "Keep the log away from me," he snickered.

"The Beast seems to like him." My grin was evil as I saw Zach was hard too. "And Zach's own monster looks to be saying hello too." Then I stood and sashayed into the bed room to leave them gaping, staring at my muscle butt. Then I poked my head back into the room with a gleam in my eye. "And for the record I'm a top...unless you got a big dick like you two have. You could have had some ass the first time I saw the Beast. Too late now."

"Eeeeeevil!" Alex shrieked and I cackled insanely and got dressed in a pair of shorts. "Did you really hit that?" he asked Zach.

"More like stabbed it the first time, but yeah." I could hear the lust, and the something more, in his voice. "And many times since." Then I heard a loud thump and a curse. "Don't worry, Leo, that was just his head on the coffee table. He appears to be feeling stupid." I came out and saw he was banging his head against the table.

"Don't break the furniture." He looked at me with an unamused expression.

"So, lemme get this straight. I coulda tapped that?" He hand was on his groin and I could see the Beast was trying to destroy his jean prison.

"Yeah. All it takes is me in the right mood and at least eight inches either way. I'm a size queen when I bottom." I sat between the boys and put my arm around Zach.

"You must be in a mood a lot, Leo," Zach said with a raise of his brow. His hand trailed across my bare chest and then down to my abs. Alex's eyes followed his hand and then he swallowed hard as Zach undid my top button.

"With you around I'm willing to do just about anything." My dick was hard again. I know we agreed to not put on a show but both of us seemed to want this.

"Anything?" he asked with a huge grin and looked across me at Alex. I glanced over to see he was struggling with himself. Stone cold freak was sorely tempted.

"Anything," I said and kissed Zach while my hand slid into Alex's lap. While our tongues were lazily dancing my left hand was undoing Alex pants. My old roomie didn't have to be asked, he undid his pants and they were down in a flash, The Beast thumping against his stomach. We broke our kiss and Zach's eyes just about bugged out of his head when he saw it. "That is the Beast."


I grinned at Zach and then at Alex. "I sure hope so." I stood and stripped off my shorts, watching both of them share a glance. "If I'm the only one going to be fully naked then I'm just going to put my clothes back on." That worked. Off can all of their clothes and I looked at close to twenty inches of dick. Feeling my body ready itself for not so hostile take over was nice. "Now all you guys have to do is decide who gets the mouth and who gets the ass."

Zach smiled. "I'm happy with the mouth. Just don't hurt him too bad, Alex."

"G'damn you got pipe too. It's like a porn convention in this room. You better get yours before I get mine, Zach, cause once I tap that I ain't stopping." Alex leaned back and put his hands behind his head. "Besides, I like a good warm...oh fuck a duck." I knew what he liked. I swallowed that massive dick and for once in my life I could not take all of it. His body quivered as I slid my mouth up and down that big dick. "Now that's a blowjob."

"So is this," said Zach and for the first time I felt his mouth around my cock. I stopped with eight inches in my throat to feel every little detail about his mouth. He knew what I liked from a handjob and damn if he wasn't trying the same thing. Moaning like I was in heat, I went at Alex's pole like I was starving.

"G'damn, Zach. Whatever you're doing to the guy keep doing it cause I ain't never had anyone devour me like this." Zach chuckled as he slid his hand up my thigh to fondle my balls. I lost it. I couldn't keep the fragile hold on my orgasm and I let it loose in his mouth. Never had I cum so fast, but then Zach did know what to do to me and having the Beast in my mouth was hot...

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