tagErotic HorrorArms of Morpheus

Arms of Morpheus


It was a dark night as she walked home from the bar. It was a new moon out so she didn't even have the benefit of moonlight. The local street lights had long ago been destroyed by the gangs and drug dealers seeking the anonymity of the shadows. She didn't even know why she was out this late. She had plans for early in the morning, hanging out with friends at a barbecue.

The skittering of a bottle across the hard surface of the sidewalk caught her attention. She looked up and saw three men approaching her. The set of their shoulders, their walk and the dark laughter that passed between them assured her that these men were not Mormons out on Mission to convert people to the Church of Latter Day Saints.

She ran the odds in her head. Too far from home to run. No one else was around so no help there. Even if there were people around they wouldn't come to help. It would take too long to dig out her cell phone and call. So... she was on her own. Again.

She turned to face the oncoming group and braced herself. She had been taking self-defense courses and was getting quite good but three to one odds did not bode well for her near future. She steadied herself, controlling her breathing. Suddenly, the temperature seemed to drop a few degrees and the night, if it was at all possible, seemed to get darker.

For a moment, she lost track of the group of men who were stalking her. They just were not there then they were back. They were all pale, as if they had seen a ghost. She stared at the looks of total fear on their faces and then they broke and ran.

A chill slowly climbed up her spine, as if someone had just walked over her grave. She looked around and saw another man standing in the shadows. His eyes seemed to emanate a soft reddish glow. He approached her and smiled. Far from comforting her, the smile was as predatory as those on the faces of the men who had been stalking her. Even more so. This was the smile of a hunter who had cornered his prey and chased off his rivals.

She tried to run. She knew she would never out run this man. But something held her, bound her to the spot upon which she stood. She was unable to tear her eyes from his. Then a soft voice whispered into her head.

Soon you will be ready for my full attentions, but for now, sleep. I will only need a taste. Merely a taste.

* * *

She jerked awake, covered in a thick sweat as if she had just run three miles. She was in her own bed, her own apartment. She climbed out of bed and realized she was naked. She did not remember how she had gotten home. Let alone how she wound up naked in bed. As a matter of fact, most of the events of the night were fuzzy, like a bad dream that quickly dissipates like fog in the sun. There was something about a strange man... but no, it was gone.

As she walked to her bathroom, she wondered why her neck was slightly sore.

* * *

The next night she found herself wandering alone at night for a reason she could not explain, even to herself. She tried going to the bar but nothing she drank seemed to nourish her. Nobody in the crowded bar seemed to catch her eye.

She wasn't promiscuous, not by her standards at any rate. She never took a man home the first night she met him. While she may move from conquest to conquest a bit more frequently than some people may have been comfortable with, there was always some connection, some emotional spark that led to the bedroom. There was even that one man who she only connected with through hate and anger. That fling had never been intended and it never changed her opinion of the man, he was still an ass. But damn if the sex hadn't been good.

Tonight she was looking for companionship. Not necessarily sex but someone to keep her company and to get her mind off this strange feeling pervading her mind. She had a sense of loss, as if there were something very important missing from her life. But not a single soul in the bar attracted her eye.

She entered one last bar for the night. It was a smoking bar which was rare enough in this town anymore, since technically they were illegal. The loophole, as it turned out, was food. Since this bar did not serve food of any kind, not even peanuts or popcorn at the bar, it was still legal to smoke inside. She pulled up a seat at the bar, ordered a drink, and lit up a cigarette. The mentholated smoke burned its way down her throat into her lungs.

She exhaled the smoke and scanned the room. Through the smoke, her eyes met his. Something about him was vaguely familiar. The thought tantalized her, forced her to struggle to remember if they had ever met before. As she sifted through her memories, attempting to place him in the category of "Hey, I know you", the smoke cleared and he was gone.

She quickly scanned the bar, he had to be somewhere. From the corner of her eye she caught a flicker of movement and managed a glimpse of him as he was exiting the smoke filled bar. She threw a twenty on the bar and got up, something compelling her to follow him.

He was easy to pick out from the crowd. Long, dark hair; clean three quarter length coat; he did not look like any of the drunk rednecks most common in this town. She picked up her pace to follow him, a decision she could not have explained to anyone, especially herself. He slowed and turned his head, meeting her eyes and smiling. The smile was almost predatory, should have been feral but was ruined by the dimples that creased his face.

* * *

She woke up, once again, naked in her own bed with no memory of ever getting home. But the man's face was now only faded in her memories. She could see the man but it was if he was surrounded by a thin fog that seemed to mask his face.

She climbed out of bed and didn't think too much of the soreness just above her left breast.

* * *

The next night she went to a movie. She hated going to movie theaters. She much preferred the intimacy and privacy of watching movies at home. Sometimes, while watching movies, she got in the mood. In the more public movie theaters there was little she could do to assuage the hunger that would build up. Or maybe little she would do. Admittedly, the thought of going a little too far in the theater did excite her but she would never risk it.

She went to the theater for reasons she could not understand. She was walking by the theater when a sudden urge overcame her. She bought a ticket for some movie she had never even heard of from a very bored looking young woman who would normally have been very attractive if not for the sheen of oil glistening on her skin from the popcorn machines. Apparently, she had not been on the ticket counter for long.

She went into the theater and sat in the very back row, glancing around at the nearly empty room. She sighed in boredom as the trailers began. A soft crunch of popcorn underfoot caused her to look to the end of the row and there he was. He wore that cute, enigmatic smile that served to send a chill up her spine and caused the heat to build up between her legs.

He slowly walked over and sat next to her.

* * *

She woke up once more in her bed, naked and oblivious as to how she had managed to return home. This time there was a slight throbbing on her inner thigh, a counterpoint to the throbbing she felt building up in her womanhood.

* * *

She had wandered the night, lost in thoughts and striving to strip the fog from her memories, to see the face obscured by an ever so slowly thinning fog. Frustrated by her failed efforts and frustrated in a way that could only be resolved with the help of another, and somehow she just knew that all her frustrations could only be resolved by the man whose face she could not remember. She returned home, entering her apartment and finding him awaiting her in her bedroom.

She was speechless as he leaned over and kissed her neck. A shock burned its way through her body as his warm tongue found a spot on her neck that she was unaware of. And the effect it had was nearly immediate.

She bit back a moan as it fought to pass her lips. She couldn't believe she was allowing such familiarity with this total stranger. As her body shook slightly, the fog in her memory lifted and the memories of the last two nights came flooding back, a tidal wave of lust and desire threatening to overwhelm her.

The three stalkers had run off and this new stranger's eyes seemed to bore their way through her mind. Try as she might, she could not break her eyes from his. His voice softly slid its way through her mind, his words unimportant but the tone serving to keep her calm.

He wrapped her in his arms and guided her to her apartment. She led him to her bedroom where his lips finally met hers and her body exploded in a shower of heat and lust. His tongue slowly caressed her lips, then along her jaw line, finally coming to a rest on her neck, at the juncture where her neck met her shoulders.

His tongue flicked a spot that sent even more waves of pleasure through her. A nerve ending that she had never before known existed brought her so near to climax. Then a sharp pain that was gone almost as quickly as it had first appeared. As his teeth sank into her neck she climaxed. Orgasm after orgasm exploded through her body as he tenderly drank her blood.

As he finished, he slowly stripped her of her clothing with a hungry gleam in his eyes. Even through her ecstasy clouded mind she could see him resisting the baser urges that were struggling to control him. Once she was fully naked, her gently laid her down and instructed her to sleep. And she slept.

She gasped as the memory of that night and the ecstasy she had felt flooded her mind. His tongue flicked out and now his hand was slowly sliding up her loose shirt, finding no obstructing undergarments, a decision she had made once again with no conscious understanding of why.

She met his eyes as she left the bar, following him for some reason she could not understand or explain. His smile beckoned her approach in a way that other gestures or words never could have. She reached his side and once again she led him to her apartment. He kissed her again, slowly removing her clothing as he did so. Once more, he stepped back to admire her beautiful body and then his tongue searched out that spot on her neck. This time, his tongue brought her even closer to the edge of orgasm and his fingers teasing her nipples sent her crashing over the edge.

She moaned in disappointment as he tongue left her neck but her breath caught as he slowly trailed it softly down her skin until her reached her breasts, nipples erect in excitement. He slowly took one nipple into his mouth and a fire burned through her. The his teeth found her soft flesh and he bit down into her, driving her into another storm of orgasms.

Once again he gently laid her onto her bed and commanded her to sleep.

Within seconds, almost as if by magic, she was naked before him. Maybe it was magic but at the moment she could not seem to care. He gently guided her to the bed. She realized that while his actions were gentle, there was still an undercurrent of command to them. He was completely in charge and she was at his mercy, lost as she was in the depths of his eyes. This realization only served to push her closer to the edge.

He slowly knelt before her, raining soft kisses down her body. His hands pushed her legs apart and she offered no resistance despite that little voice in her head screaming something was wrong. At the first touch of his lips to the soft skin of her thighs, another memory flashed into her mind.

He sat next to her in the theater, his eyes seeming to emanate a soft reddish glow. Her tongue nervously ran across her suddenly dry lips. With a silent command, he got up and she followed.

They went to the women's rest room. They entered, oblivious to the fact that if any of the few people in the lobby turned their head even as little as a fraction of an inch, they would be seen. As he reached to open the door, it opened on its own and a young woman stepped out, pulling a mop bucket behind her. She walked right past them and seemingly never saw them.

He led her inside, pushing her up against the wall and kissing her deeply, his hands lifting up her skirt, a fashion item she rarely wore. His hands caressed her soft skin and slowly opened her womanhood since she wore nothing under the skirt. He lifted her up without effort and placed her on the edge of the freshly cleaned sink.

She gasped as his lips found her womanhood already soaking from excitement. His tongue flashed across her excited clit and his finger entered into her. She exploded there, faster than ever before. He continued his oral explorations, savoring her heat and her flavor, pushing her into orgasm after intense orgasm.

His lips pulled away and he began to kiss her inner thigh as his finger worked in and out of her wetness, bringing her to the edge of another, if only slightly less intense, orgasm. She felt his teeth slightly graze the skin of her thigh and her breath caught. As his teeth penetrated her skin and his finger worked inside her, she exploded, the promise of a slightly less intense orgasm broken as she soared to new heights of pleasure than ever before.

She returned to the present as his tongue flashed across her clit and his finger slowly entered her. She moaned loudly as he brought her to the edge. She came loudly, crying for God unable to call this man by his name since she had never even heard him speak a single word. Her body thrashed, motions that had often unseated her previous lovers from their actions, but not this man.

With an ease that belied his more than human strength, he easily held her in position as he lashed at her womanhood with his tongue and finger. She screamed as one last orgasm ripped through her. She glanced down as he ceased his actions and looked into his eyes, fear and lust mixing within her as she saw the hungry smile on his face.

He stood, removing his clothes languidly, teasingly. She bit her lower lip as his skin became visible for the first time. Her breath caught as she saw the soft, dark hair on his chest. Unlike many of her contemporaries in the female community, she did not approve of a hairless chest. She enjoyed the feel of the hair on her face, on her skin.

His pants followed. She never saw him remove his shoes but since the pants came off with no obstruction she could only assume that the shoes had come off at some point. His manhood leapt into her view as it was freed from its prison of cloth. Unlike his chest, there was no hair down here, shaved to a smooth sheen.

He reached down and took her by her hair, once again gently but obviously in charge. He guided her down to her knees, occupying the position he had so recently been in. Without further instruction, knowing exactly what it was he desired, she quickly, hungrily, wrapped her lips around his hardness.

She could feel him throbbing in her mouth as she sucked. Sliding her lips along his length, she alternated with her hand. As much as she enjoyed this act, this intimate joining, she hungered to taste him in her mouth. She wanted him to explode, to share in the ecstasy that he had so recently visited upon her.

She could tell he was trying to resist. His control was good but she was an expert in this act, having long since learned from her previous lovers what it would take to please a man. She watched his face, felt his twitches and learned what earned the most reaction from him. Soon, even his iron control failed as he wrapped his hands tightly in her hair and pulled her face into him. With a nearly silent groan, he exploded into her mouth, moaning as she swallowed each drop.

He lifted her up, turning her and pushing her down to the bed, more forceful in his actions than he had ever been before. With little preamble, he slid himself into her from behind. She moaned loudly as he thrust into her, her body shaking and trembling from sensations she had thought impossible. Her body arched as his thumb caressed the little rosebud as he pounded into her. She screamed as his thumb gently forced its way into her.

Orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body. She thrashed and kicked as she exploded over and over. His strength held her down. He pulled out of her, smiling wickedly at her moans. Her breath caught as she felt him reposition himself. She tried to resist him, she wanted him back where he was, not where he was going to go. He reached down and grasped her arms, pulling them behind her back and pinning them there. He applied only enough force to let her know he was in charge, not to hurt, but she could feel the unspoken threat.

She whimpered, partly from fear, partly desire. All from submission. He slid himself in with a little effort. As tight as her womanhood was, this entrance was tighter still. Finally he was completely buried within her. He began to move slowly into her at first, keeping her arms pinned behind her back.

Her moans told him that, despite her initial protestations, she was enjoying this. Submission may have been foreign to many women in this modern night but deep within them, many still yearned to be dominated. She screamed in orgasm again and again.

She could feel him throbbing within her. She could feel him nearing the edge himself. She thrust herself back, impaling herself onto him, desperate to feel him erupt within her. His own actions increased in speed and force, groans escaping his lips. Just before he, himself, exploded, he pulled her up slightly, nestling his mouth into her neck and bit down, penetrating her skin much as he penetrated her elsewhere.

Her blood exploded into his mouth as she exploded into the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced in her life. As her body ground against his and her blood rushed into his mouth, her groaned and erupted inside her, her thrashing compounding his.

Eventually, they both collapsed, exhausted and spent, drained of fluids and energy. Once she had managed to catch her breath, she turned to see the face of the man who had haunted her dreams both in the deep darkness of the night and within the shining comfort of the warm sun. She opened her eyes to a bed empty of anyone but her.

She sighed, resigned to sleeping alone in her bed, but comforted by the endorphins rushing through her still. And somewhere, deep within the confines of her mind, his voice, a voice she had never truly hear with her ears, softly whispered her to sleep. She never once thought to question his command as she drifted into the sweet arms of Morpheus and his realm of dreams.

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