tagGroup SexArnold and Three Girls

Arnold and Three Girls


The three girls were best friends, Jessica, Francess, and Heidi. They were spending the night at Jessica's house, and being normal 19 year olds the conversation turned to sex. They had been talking about all of the boys they desired, and Jessica could see that all three of them were squirming in some wet panties now. Heidi broke the ice though, as she usually did.

"Let's each of us tell about some sexual experience, and masturbate while we do it. I am so ready to come, if I even touch my clit I am going to explode," Heidi burst out.

Jessica and Francess looked at her in surprise, but quickly agreed to the plan. Francess agreed to go first. Francess' nipples were erect on her enormous breasts as she started, "Well the story that I heard was one about Jessica's cousin, Arnold." Francess breathed as she rubbed her soaked pussy through the wet crotch of her panties.

Jessica had closed her eyes, and was rubbing her fat extended nipples through the thin fabric of her nightgown, so it didn't register what Francess had said at first. Jessica's nipples were super sensitive, and she was close to coming.

Before Jessica could speak up Francess continued, "I heard that he can come six times in one night, and that his cock gets bigger as he comes. It gets to almost a foot long from what I hear."

"How thick does it get," Heidi moaned. She had wasted no time in peeling off her soaked panties and was aggressively rubbing her fat, erect clit with one hand while finger fucking with the other. Her long fingers were slick with her juice, and she was breathing heavily, close to orgasm.

"At least as thick as your wrist," Francess relied, as she reached inside her panties and found her own erect clit, and rubbed it between her fingers, shuddering at the sexual pleasure of it.

That comment took Heidi over the edge, and she brought herself to orgasm mashing her fat clit between her fingers, and shoving two of her long fingers in her cunt hole. She moaned loudly as she came, grunting "Fuck me harder with your big pole." Heidi could feel her nipples harden into two tight points on her full firm tits as she climaxed.

"My cousin is no big sex stud," Jessica said in disgust. "He couldn't get a girl to fuck him even if he did have some super dick. Where did you hear this crap Francess," Jessica asked?

"My brother was over at friends with Arnold and they got into the other guy's parent's home fuck flicks. Naturally being dweebs with out girlfriends they began to jack off. My brother said that Arnold came at least six times in an hour, and that his cock was huge by the time he got done. They got interrupted when the guy's mom came home, so my brother didn't get to ask him about it.," Francess responded.

Well I've never seen his butt ugly dick, but I guarantee you that he can't do that, he is home right now let's go see if he wants to prove it.," Jessica retorted. This idea got the other two girls attention at once, and they immediately quit muff diving.

The three girls agreed that Francess should ask Arnold first, as he was always gawking at her big tits. Her big nipples were erect and swollen with her lust and they poked out through the front of her white T-shirt. Her nipples were dark so they showed clearly through the front of her T-shirt and Francess knew that they would get Arnold's attention.

Arnold was in his room beating his meat. He had gone out to a movie with friends earlier, and was know beginning a jack off session. He had pulled out his favorite Playboy, the one with this red head girl with huge tits. Her pink aureole were huge, almost CD sized, and in the picture she was pulling on her fat nipples. Arnold had his cock in his hand and was pumping his cock. His cock was about five inches long erect, and shone with his pre-cum. He could feel his balls getting ready to spurt when suddenly there was a knock at the door.

Arnold had barely shoved his hard cock back into his shorts when Francess walked into the room. His cock almost spurted at the sight of the tits of his dreams covered by only the thinnest white T-shirt. Arnold could not tear his eyes away from her tits as she said, "I hoped you would like the show. I want you to jerk off for me, Heidi, and your cousin. My brother said you can come six times in an hour, and we want to see."

Arnold could not believe his ears, and he shook his head, "I couldn't do that. What do you think I am?"

"I think you're a dweeb with a five inch dick who can't come twice in an hour, said Jessica stepping into the doorway. Come on we don't need to see this little monkey jerk off.," Jessica said insultingly.

"I'll show you my tits if you jerk off for us," Francess said suddenly. Yeah, I bet you will just show me your tits. You guys just want to laugh at me. I don't think I feel like getting into your little sick game of jerking me around. I will survive without showing you guys my cock. Now would you guys just hit the road and leave me alone!

He turned his back on them and sat back down on his bed, picking up the fuck book he had been jacking off to. The girls looked at each other and shrugged. He said, "Are you guys going to get out of here? I'm busy."

Jessica looked at him with disgust and said, "See I told you it was bullshit. He doesn't have anything special in the cock department. Let's go and leave the little dweeb alone to jerk off by himself."

The three girls headed back to Jessica's room. Jessica noticed that Francess and Heidi were kind of quiet. "What's up with you guys? Why are you acting all down?"

Francess answered, "All this talking about sex has made me horny as hell. I was looking forward to seeing a big cock, maybe even fucking a big cock."

"You guys want to fuck my cousin? That has to be one of the sickest ideas I have ever heard."

Francess moved her hands up to pinch her dark, erect nipples through the thin fabric of the t-shirt, moaning she answered Jessica, "I just want a cock, I don't care who it is attached to."

Heidi piped in at that point, "God I am so horny let's go back and see if we can convince him to do it for us. What guy could refuse to give us a good hard fuck?" As she said this she reached down inside her shorts and began to masturbate, her finger rubbing her erect clit, sliding up and down her slick, wet pussy. Her panties were soaked with her cunt juice, and Jessica could tell that Heidi was ready to climax again.

Francess looked at Jessica and said, "Come on let's go try him again, what do you say?" The three girls approach his room finding that the door is shut but not locked. As they enter the room, they catch him watching a porn flick. The three girls look at him with a devilish smile as they stand in the now open door.

Arnold quickly fumbles around to find the remote control to shut the television off. While he is shutting the television off, Heidi locks the door. While Francess sits on one side of the bed and Heidi follows her at the other side of the bed. Arnold nervously stutters, "Didn't I told you to leave me alone."

Heidi says in a sarcastic tone, "Arny you have been bad little boy. You're locked up in this house with three innocent blossoming school girls, while you're raging hormones lust after there bodies. And poor little you have no choice but to watch a porn and jerk off to it."

Francess hands lightly brush along his body, and says, "I wondered what would happened if someone found out about these videos."

He quickly caves in "What do you want?"

Francess begins nibbling on his ear. While Heidi removes her pussy juice soaked panties, rests it over his face and moves toward his other ear. She then whispers, "Francess and I are very horny and don't care how we get screwed. We can either continue to watch this video before you screw us, you can spank us naughty little school girls, we can spank you or we could just fuck the shit out of each other. The choice is yours stud." Arnold looked at Heidi for a moment, weighing his options. A smile crept onto his face, and he said, "You can start by sucking me off, Heidi. I've jacked off a couple times to this video, so you've only got seven inches to worry about."

Heidi smirked at the mention of the rumor the girls had heard and said, "I want to see this amazing cock of yours. Does it really grow when you cum?" With that statement, she knelt at his feet. His pants were already unzipped and hastily pulled around his groin. Spreading his knees apart, she grabbed his pants and pulled them aside, revealing his moderate penis standing straight up.

"You'll see soon enough," he said somewhat proudly. He extracted his organ from the opening of his boxer shorts and pulled his pants and underwear over his butt and down to his ankles.

Heidi grasped his cock and stroked it gently; it quivered as her fingers moved up and down on it. She leaned forward and licked him from his balls to the tip, and then surrounded the head with her mouth. As she applied a little suction, Arnold groaned, "Oh, yeah!" He could hardly believe this hot girl was sucking his dick. She leaned farther and took a few more inches past her lips. Her tongue started massaging the underside of his cock. She swallowed and lunged again, taking the rest of his length, her nose pressing into his pubic hair. As she drew back, he could see the sheen of moisture her mouth and tongue left behind. As she consumed all of him again, he marveled at sexiness of watching her mouth surround his cock and her cheeks sucking in to massage him.

Very quickly, the sensations she was producing with her wonderful technique overwhelmed him; she definitely knew what she was doing. His eyes rolled back in his head and his back arched, and all he could say was "Coming!" in a guttural moan. Heidi kept bobbing up and down on his stiff rod as her mouth filled with his cum. Arnold's hips were bouncing up into her face as his body was wracked by convulsions.

She could feel his cock swelling in her mouth as it spewed its slippery cargo. It finally stopped leaking fluid, and she took her mouth off it. She visibly swallow so he could see his cum go down her throat. Then she leaned over and kissed him hard on the lips, slipping her sperm-covered tongue into his mouth. He could taste his saltiness on her lips, and it aroused him greatly.

She looked down and said, "My god, the rumors are true! Your cock *is* bigger! How much bigger does it get each time?" Her fingers caressed his nearly erect penis.

"About an inch. Wanna see how big it can get?" he asked with a mischievous look in his eyes.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" yelled Francess from the other side of the bed. Arnold and Heidi both saw that she had three fingers in her cunt and her other hand was rubbing her clit. Her body shook the bed as she climaxed. Arnold repositioned himself so that he was facing Francess, who had reclined on the bed as her peak faded. His cock was still hard as he knelt between her legs, aligning the head with her dripping snatch. Francess reached up and caressed his chest and sides, saying, "I've got to have your cock inside me." Heidi began pinching her own nipple with one hand and playing with her mound with the other.

He leaned down and kissed Francess hard on the lips, his tongue surging into her mouth at the same time as his now eight-inch cock thrust deep into her well-oiled cunt. They both groaned aloud at the massive sensations, and Francess' huge tits bounced vigorously on her chest from the impact of their bodies. He waited with his intruding member fully inside her, allowing her body to accommodate his size. Then he slowly began pumping in and out of her, her pussy so tight around his meat, and yet so lubricated as to make it easy to slide back and forth. Francess moaned and cried out her pleasure to the ceiling, and Arnold grunted like a rutting stag. The thick, musky smell of sex filled the room.

The slap of skin and the combined moans and cries of Francess and Arnold made Heidi wild with lust. As Arnold slowly pounded Francess' pussy, Heidi pushed two fingers into her aching liquid snatch and starting stroking and writhing. "Fuck her hard, Arnold. Give her that stiff cock of yours. I want to see you come inside her, but let her come first," she directed with enthusiasm. "Francess, it is beautiful to see him ravaging your luscious body."

Her dirty talk enflamed Arnold's animal desire, and he thrust even harder into Francess' tight snatch. Francess was lost in the ecstasy Arnold's cock produced in her. Her eyes were tightly closed, and her body swayed to his rhythm. Wild moans and shrieks escaped her throat, some quiet, some loud. She could feel her climax building to the point of no return. After three more of Arnold's powerful strokes into her quivering cunt, her body convulsed in an enormous orgasm, her loud cries echoing in the room. Her pussy muscles spammed repeatedly, and her entire body shook with the force of it. "Oh my god!" she screamed, and her words ended in a high-pitched wail of pleasure.

Her pulsing cunt strongly squeezed Arnold's cock, and he lost all control, his body slamming forcefully into her groin. An animal roar thundered from deep within him; his engorged manhood erupted with his climax, spewing white-hot sperm deep inside Francess. The feeling of the jets of burning liquid within her triggered an even stronger response from her writhing body.

Heidi's fingers plunged into her pussy rapidly. Her eyes were riveted on the body of her friend being fucked hard by her other friend's brother. It was the sexiest thing she had ever seen. The sight of Arnold's eight inches sliding into Francess finally pushed her over the edge, and she too screamed her delight.

At last, Arnold slowed his thrusting and stopped, his still-stiff cock buried in Francess' cunt. Francess could feel it quiver and expand inside her ravished body. She could feel it getting longer and thicker. This miraculous growth spawned other series of mini-climaxes. When she had recovered somewhat, she told Arnold, "It just got bigger! Let me see it."

Arnold slowly withdrew his penis from Francess' dripping pussy. It was noticeably thicker and longer, a full nine-inch monster and nearly two inches thick. Francess and Heidi both cooed over it, and then Heidi bent down and swallowed as much as she could, licking off Francess and Arnold's combined fluids. Her lips smacked when she pulled his cock out of her mouth. Arnold beamed down at their adoration of his member.

"So, who wants more?" Arnold asked sexily. Heidi replied, "I've had it in my mouth, so now I want it in my cunt. But first, let me see what you've got here, Francess." With that statement, Heidi bent down to Francess' groin and licked the fluid oozing out of her pussy. It tasted sweeter than Arnold's spunk alone, and Heidi looked forward to tasting just Francess. Heidi knelt on the bed between Francess' long, smooth legs and buried her mouth in the soaked, swollen mound before her. Francess groaned with delight, and her body quivered from the sexual stimulation.

With Heidi's ass sticking up in the air near the edge of the bed, Arnold saw his opening. The bed was at just the right height for him to stand behind her. He spread his feet a little apart and grabbed her hips. He looked up from her lily-white buttocks to watch her devouring Francess' clit; Francess shrieked loudly. Arnold adjusted his nine-inches between her ass cheeks and ran it through the outside of her pussy lips. When the tip ground across her clit, Heidi screamed into Francess' bush, vibrating it wildly. Francess screamed again.

"God, lick that twat! Suck my clit, Heidi. Your tongue feels so good!" Francess exclaimed. Her hands stroked Heidi's hair, occasionally pushing her head down into her own desperate, quivering cunt.

Arnold fit the thick knob of his cock at Heidi's clit and pushed just hard enough for it to pop inside. Another moan of pleasure came from Heidi. "Ready or not, here I go!" he shouted lustfully. He pulled back hard on Heidi's hips and thrust forward with his cock; he drove all nine inches into her jungle-wet pussy. Heidi stopped licking Francess for a second to yell the loudest of anyone so far.

"Oh, yeah! Fill me with that monster!" she shouted. She shoved her body back into Arnold to deepen his already deep penetration. Heidi then resumed her licking and sucking of Francess' oozing clit. Francess moaned heavily and gyrated wildly.

Arnold quickly withdrew all but the head from Heidi's cunt, and just as quickly stroked back into her, starting off on a fast rhythm. Her pussy was very tight on his large member, but it slid well with copious amounts of lubrication. He knew he really had some time to ream Heidi, having just come inside Francess. She certainly seemed to be loving it, so he kept up his rapid thrusting.

Francess was off in the stratosphere from Heidi's talented tongue and lips on her clit and pussy. Her groin received the tremors delivered each time Arnold slammed into Heidi, propelling her closer toward her climax. She could not control the feral noises emanating from her throat. Her fingers twisted and pinched her nipples hard, sending electric shocks throughout her body, though especially to her cunt. She came back from nirvana just long enough to say between gasps, "Suck it ... unh ... lick it ... unh ... bite it ... unh ... oh, my god ... unh ... shit!" She convulsed when Arnold slammed into Heidi just as Heidi nipped Francess' clit with her teeth. A wave of orgasmic pleasure spread like a wildfire from her splashing pussy to all parts of her sweating body. Her thighs closed around Heidi's head, gently squeezing it in time with the waves of her climax.

Heidi could not believe how good Arnold's huge cock felt pounding into her sex. The intense pleasure was enhanced by the twinge of pain every time he hit her cervix. She applied everything she knew to going down on Francess. She sucked her clit while strumming her tongue across its tip; she wiggled her tongue into Francess' cunt and thrust in and out of it; she nibbled and licked her swollen lips. Francess was definitely enjoying her technique. And Heidi was herself enjoying the pummeling she was getting; Heidi's cunt was a blast furnace from the stretching and friction of the enormous piston of Arnold's cock. He was big enough and thrusting hard enough that her clit rubbed hard on his stiffness. She suddenly exploded in a series of orgasms that just kept coming one after the other. She groaned her delight into Francess' nether realm.

Arnold's eyes had rolled up in his head after seeing these two gorgeous, sexy creatures climax. Sweat poured from his body because of the fast pace he set; every stroke he drilled into Heidi's cunt drove him closer to coming. The pulsing of her muscles around his penis made it impossible for him to stop. The tingle of impending eruption rose from the trunk of his tree, and an animal roar filled his lungs.

Arnold managed to open his eyes and almost lost his erection when he saw his cousin, Jessica, standing in the doorway, twisting her nipples through her thin nightshirt. Her face had a mixed look of both shock and ecstasy. The sight of his sister tweaking herself snapped something in his head. He thrust all the way into Heidi, and his cock sprayed his spunk deep into her cunt and womb. The two girls also convulsed in orgasms, and seeing the three of them coming pushed Jessica over the top as well. His cousin's scream was the loudest of them all. The echoing cries died away, the four people just panting and moaned after their climaxes. Then Heidi cried out again as Arnold's amazing cock shuddered and enlarged within her. Then Francess and Heidi looked toward Jessica, drawn by her outburst. Arnold's gaze had never left Jessica's body and face.

Jessica saw them looking at her with various stages of surprise and lust in their eyes. She gulped visibly and said, "I woke up to someone screaming, and I came down to see what was happening." As she kept pinching one nipple, her other hand moved down to rub her clit. Arnold withdrew his weapon from between Heidi's legs. It was now fully ten inches long with a peach-sized knot at the end; it had not wilted in the slightest. Jessica seemed riveted by it, her eyes never wavering from its pulsing length.

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