Around Midnight


The next thing I knew, she had a hand on each side of my head and was kissing the hell out of me in a wild passionate kiss that went on and on until we finally had to come up for air.

I lay there gasping for breath and she lay on top of me doing the same. My eyes found hers and we both smiled. She held my head again and lowered her lips to mine in a soft gentle quick kiss.

When she raised her head, she whispered breathily, "Oh my Lord." And then she grinned.

I nodded my head, not trusting that I could talk and breathe at the same time.

"Are you alright?" She asked with concern in her voice.

I nodded again and grinned up at her.

"Don't you go and die on me. I'd never forgive myself." She said grinning down at me.

"I don't plan on it." I told her, my breathing becoming easier.

She leaned down and kissed me softly. I kissed her back.

She lifted her head slightly, breaking the kiss. "What do you have planned for the rest of the weekend?" She asked softly.

"Before nothing, but now...." I let the sentence trail off as I pulled her head down for a long gentle kiss.

She broke the kiss with a long drawn out sigh and sat up. My dick was soft but still inside her. She wiggled gently from side to side and grinned. "I don't think my little pussy wants to give up its dinner."

I laughed and replied, "When it does, there going to be one hell of a mess, believe me. One even bigger than the one we already have."

She wiggled again and we both could hear the squishing noise from where we were joined. "I think you're right on both counts, so what do we do now."

"The only idea I can think of, is for you to jump up and run for a towel while I try and dam up the flow. I'll try and keep it between my legs instead of on the bed. Otherwise, we'll have the wet spot from hell." I said with a laugh.

"We could always move to the other bed." She said grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"I was hoping to save that one for tomorrow. You know, a new day, a new bed. I figure if we keep it up like we've been going, we'll need it. This one will either be broken or a swamp."

She laughed and nodded. "Or it won't matter as we'll both be dead."

"Oh, you'll live but I probably won't. I won't have one complaint in the world either. The smile on my face will drive the mortician crazy trying to get it back to normal. Every time he does this silly grin will return."

She laughed and shook her head. "You are one crazy old white man."

"And your point is?" I asked with a big grin.

"No point, just an observation." She said as she laid back down on me for another kiss.


As she moved, the cork came out of the bottle and the mad scramble was on. I jammed my thighs together and she ran for the bathroom. She returned with two small towels, one went under my raised thighs and the other on top.

We mopped at the mess, laughing at ourselves, as we did. Finally, I said, "Okay, enough of this. I think it's time we took it to the shower."

I wiggled to the edge of the bed and held out my hands. "Give me a hand. Maybe I can get up without making it worse."

She grabbed my hands and pulled me to my feet. We looked down at the bed. There was a small wet spot near the edge. I picked the towel up. There was another spot about the size of a silver dollar. "Not bad." I said off hand.

"Not bad at all." She said with a smile.

I turned toward the bathroom and took a step. I stuffed the towel I had in my hand between my legs. Penny looked at me funny. "Flee for your life. The dam has broken. Women and small children first." I said with a laugh as I headed for the bathroom and the shower.

I got in the shower and took the towel with me. I dropped it and turned on the water. As I was adjusting the temperature, Penny stepped in behind me. "You're not the only one that needs a lifeboat. I'm sticky in places I didn't know could stick."

I pulled the little knob up for the showerhead and got hit in the face with the spray. I tried to back up but Penny was right behind me so I turned around. She reached over my shoulder and angled the spray down onto my back. "Now you won't drown from that." She said as she slipped her arms around me. "I won't guarantee anything for later though."

I kissed her and ran my hands over her ass and back. She was warm and slippery in my arms. Her breasts were mashed to my chest and I could feel her rock hard nipples move as she breathed.

When my fingers dipped between her ass cheeks, she wiggled and broke the kiss. "I'd be careful doing that. You might get a finger or two broke."

"You don't like that?" I asked softly.

She grinned and replied, "I didn't say that, I just said be careful. I do like it but it tends to drive me crazy and makes me go wild."

"If you get any wilder than a few minutes ago, I'm in a world of trouble."

"Baby, you ain't seen nothing yet. That was just a warm up."

"Oh shit, I need to check on my medical insurance when we get out of here." I replied jokingly.

"Who said I was letting you out of here?" She asked in return.

Before I could reply, she kissed me and ran her hands over my back and ass. When one of her fingers tickled my asshole, my hips moved forward, pressing my limp manhood against her mound. She moved her hips tighter to me and rubbed the tight curls on her mound against me. It felt odd at first and then very sensuous. Her finger continued to tease me.

My hands had been on her back but now I dropped one to run my fingers up and down the deep cleft of her ass. She clenched her ass cheeks and stopped my fingers from moving. I tried the same thing but it didn't work as well.

"You need to work on that." She whispered as she broke our kiss. "I can damn near crack walnuts with mine."

I laughed and replied, "Somehow I almost believe that."

She grinned and whispered, "Be very careful what you wish for, you just might find out."

"Promises, promises." I whispered back.

Her grin widened and then she kissed me, long hard and deeply. Her finger also slipped into my ass an inch or so. I heard myself groan softly as her hips started to move from side to side again. My manhood wasn't nearly as soft as it had been before.

Between her finger, her soft fuzzy mound, and the passionate kiss, it wasn't long before my dick was standing up tall and proud. I tied to tease her asshole like she was doing to me but I was having no luck. Every time I would touch it, she would tighten up her ass muscles and my fingers would be pushed away.

She slowly broke our kiss and smiled at me. "Time to get cleaned up." She said softly. She slipped her finger out of my ass and asked, "Where's the soap?"

"Uh, out there somewhere." I replied indicating the area outside the shower curtain. I pulled the curtain back and picked up the small bar of soap lying on top of the toilet bowl.

As I turned back, something hot enveloped my dick to the very base. I dropped the soap as I looked down and saw Penny with her nose against my pelvic bone and my dick completely in her mouth. She made a soft moaning noise as she sucked in her cheeks and lifted her head. Her tongue was fluttering along the bottom of my shaft as it came out of her mouth. She paused with just the head between her lips and then slowly swallowed me again. Now it was my turn to moan.

She continued to suck on my dick in long lazy movements from the tip to the base and back again until my hips gave a little quivering shiver. She removed me completely from her mouth and then gave the head a last kiss. Looking up at me, she smiled and licked her lips. "We taste good together."

She picked up the soap and stood up. She took her time unwrapping it, watching me through her lashes as she did. When she had it unwrapped, she handed it to me. "Do me and don't miss an inch of my body." She whispered as she turned around and put her hands on the far wall, leaning forward and spreading her feet as wide as the tub would allow.

My hands shook as I lathered them up. I stepped up close behind her and reached up to the tops of her shoulders. I lathered her dark skin from her shoulders to her tailbone, taking my time and savoring the silky smoothness of her skin.

I lathered up my hands again and stepped closer, pressing my hard on into the deep cleft of her ass as I reached around and lathered up her breasts. I cupped one in each hand and lifted, feeling their weight and firmness. I gave them a gentle squeeze, which got me a gentle squeeze from her ass cheeks.

I lowered my hands and used my forefingers and thumbs to roll her large nipples back and forth. This got an even tighter squeeze to my dick. I gave her nipples a gentle pull as I rolled them around. The pressure on my dick went up and she moaned softly, her ass moving up and down slowly. My dick moved with her ass, so I did to. When I released her nipples, her ass relaxed but still moved slowly up and down, my dick now sliding easily between her ass cheeks.

My hands soaped up her belly and ended up rubbing along the insides of her thighs. She would moan softly each time my hand bumped into her sex. I moved my hands to the front of her thighs and ran them up and down, gently brushing her outer lips at the top of each stroke. She shivered and pressed her ass back tighter against me, still slowly moving up and down.

I cupped her sex and mound in one hand and rubbed them in rhythm with the movement of her ass. She moaned loudly. I soaped up her curls and then down between her legs as far as I could reach. As I moved my hand back up, my middle finger dipped into her silky slit. I rubbed up and down. I could feel her hips tremble as the base of my finger rubbed lightly over her exposed clit. Her ass cheeks clamped down on my dick again, very tightly this time. I had to move with her or lose something I valued greatly.

Her hand came off the wall and down to grab my wrist. I stopped moving the hand and slowly her ass cheeks relaxed. "I was about to cum." Penny whispered breathily. "I want to wait, if that's alright with you."

"Fine with me." I whispered back.

She moved her hand back to the wall and I stepped back from her. I lathered up the cheeks of her ass and marveled at the smooth texture of her skin. I ran my fingers down between her cheeks and she came up on her toes, sticking her ass out even farther. Damn what a gorgeous sight. I've always been an ass man and this was one for the record book, in my opinion.

I used one hand to rub between those luscious globes and the other to slide between her legs and cup her sex from the rear. Staying away from her sensitive clit, I explored her opening. When I slipped a soapy finger into it, she gasped and came up higher on her toes. When I pressed a finger on my other hand to the puckered open of her ass, she pressed back and moaned softly.

I moved the finger in her pussy slowly in and out, as I held a steady pressure against her ass hole. Slowly the slippery finger entered her ass. She let out a soft moaning groan the whole time. When my finger was in to the second knuckle, I eased it back a little and then moved it back forward. She gave out with a loud gasp and I felt her inner muscles clamp down on both fingers.

Her hips began to shiver, so I removed both fingers. I went on by soaping up the backs of her thighs and then down to her calves. Slowly she came down off her toes and then she sighed deeply. I was kneeling behind her now and the view was outstanding. The dark shiny skin of her thighs was parted enough for me to see the bright pink of her slit and the lighter brown starfish of her anus. Her ass was stuck out proudly.

I stood up quickly, angled the showerhead so that it rinsed the soap off her ass and then I squatted back down. I kissed and licked one slick cheek and then the other. When I moved to the center and took a slow lick up it, she came back up on her toes and moaned loudly. I used my hands to press her cheeks wider apart as I took another lick. She moaned loudly again and pushed her ass back tighter to my face.

I could taste a little soap left from my hasty rinsing but I didn't care. The tip of my tongue brushed over the tight pucker of her asshole and I liked to have gotten my nose broken as she jammed her rock hard ass back sharply. I grabbed her hips and jammed my tongue against the opening. She bent farther forward and gave out with a yell. My tongue slowly enter her. Her ass and hips were shaking now.

I felt her hand slapping lightly at my head. With a grin, I let her hips go and stood up. I used my hand to run the head of my dick up and down between those satiny globes for a second and then I touched the head to her anus. She gasped loudly and tried to move away. I let her.

She straightened up and turned around to lean back against the wall of the shower, her breathing slightly ragged and fast. Her face had a strange look on it. "I thought you were going to try and fuck me there." She whispered.

"The thought crossed my mind." I told her.

She looked at me for a few seconds and then dropped her eyes. "I've never.... My husband never.... You know what I mean." She said softly.

Her eyes darted to my face with a searching look. "I've had fantasies about it." She whispered.

I nodded and held my hands out to her. "We'll file that away under things to explore." I told her with a smile. "Along with a bag of walnuts come Christmas time."

She laughed and came into my arms for a kiss.

Later as we were rinsing the soap off her, and me, she said, "If you promise to be gentle, I might just let you try to fuck me there."

"Woman, do I look that crazy to you? I don't want my walnuts crack or my dick crushed." I told her bluntly.

Her eyes got big and she got this incredulous look on her face for a second. Then I grinned and winked as I said, "I'll be as gentle as you want me to be. I've had a little practice at it. My wife loved it every so often. Not a regular thing, something special, you might say."

She hit me lightly on the chest. "Damn you, you like to have scared me to death. Here I was offering you my only cherry and you were turning it down."

"Hey you're the one that bragged you could crack walnuts with that thing." I told her with a big grin.

"Okay, maybe it was pecans and not walnuts and I promise not to crack anything of yours. How's that?"

I laughed and gathered her into my arms for a kiss.


We were out of the shower and I was taking my time drying her off. I started at her shoulders and worked my way down the front, pausing to kiss and lick the interesting hollows and high spots. I sucked on one hard nipple and then the other, feeling them grow even larger as I did. She murmured softly in pleasure as I did.

I licked along the bottom of her ribs and then flicked my tongue in her belly button. She squirmed and pushed my head away. I grinned up at her as I moved the towel down to her sex. She spread her feet farther apart and shivered as the towel ran over her clit and outer lips.

I moved the towel down and started to dry her thighs. As I did, I leaned in and ran my tongue up on side of her slit and down the other. Her hands were back at my head but not pushing me away. I pressed my tongue to her large exposed clit and held it there. Her hips did a little fluttery quiver as she groaned loudly. I lifted my head and dried her other leg.

Standing up I said, "Turn around so I can do the other side."

She smiled as she did. "You are doing a fine job of it. The only problem is you're supposed to be drying me but part of me keeps getting wetter and wetter."

"Don't worry, I have a special way of drying that, but I'll wait until you're lying down before I do." I told her as I kissed my way across her shoulder and up the back of her neck.

She shivered and whispered, "I'm more likely to drown you, if you're going to do what I think you are."

"I'll take my chances." I whispered back as I kissed her other shoulder.

Before she could say anything else, I ran the towel down her back to the top of her ass. I followed it with little flicking licks down her backbone. I planted a kiss on her tailbone and then squatted to kiss my way down one ass cheek and back up the other.

Penny took little half steps to the side and bent at the waist to place both hands on the floor. I must say I didn't expect her to be so limber. In this position, her low-slung sex was staring me right in the face. There was no doubt about her wetness either.

I licked up and down the tight muscles at the back of her thighs and then took a lick from her clit to her asshole, in one long slow swipe. She made a gasping sound and wiggled her ass from side to side.

"Damn!" She whispered. "You sure like to use that tongue of yours don't you?"

I gave her another lick, pausing to explore the depths of her sex. Her taste was musky, almost spicy. I dipped my tongue in as far as it would go and wiggled it around. She made another gasping sound and pressed back against my face.

"Oh fuck yes!" she said loudly as I continued to tongue her. Her hips quivered and started to shake.

I moved my head back, dropped down, and sucked in the hard nub of her clit. It was hot and slick as I ran my tongue around and around it. Her knees flexed and then she pressed back hard against me. I flicked her clit with short sharp little flicks. She gave a soft yell and hunched back against my mouth. My nose was bushing her opening.

"Oh God!" she yelled as she came all over my face. She was right; she damn near did drown me.

I moved my mouth up and stabbed my tongue back in her sex. This just seemed to heighten her orgasm. She shook and humped my face through a long drawn out series of orgasms. I had to stop tonguing her pussy a couple of time so I could swallow. She was like a water fountain gone wild.

Slowly her knees buckled and she went down onto them. I followed her down as far as I could and then I caught her hips as she sprawled out flat on the floor. I sat back on my heels and smiled down at her. I could feel her juices running down my cheeks and chin. I would definitely have to wash my face.


After a time, she made a soft whimpering sound and then rolled over onto her side. I had rinsed the small towels out from earlier and used one to wash my face. The other was in the sink, soaking in warm water. I stood up from the commode seat and went to wring it out.

Penny rolled over onto her back and looked up at me. Her face had a blank look for a moment and then she focused on my face. She smiled and then sighed. "You're going to kill me yet." She whispered hoarsely.

I grinned and moved down between her knees. I laid the warm cloth over her sex and gently pressed it there. She gave a small gasp and her hips jerked sharply. "I'll let you do the rest. You know where you're the most sensitive. Where you can wipe and where you can't."

She moved her feet in and her knees up. She spread them wide and reached for the warm towel. She sighed and closed her eyes as she cleaned herself up. Every so often, her hips would give a little jerk. After a moment, she opened her eyes, licked her lips, and handed me the towel. "Rinse please."

I rinsed it and handed it back to her. She ran it over her inner thighs and then down the crack of her ass. "Damn!" she whispered, "Just how many times did I cum or did I have some help?"

"Nope, you did that all by yourself, well, except for the tongue part." I told her with a big grin.

"Yeah, the tongue part." She said softly with a slow shake of her head. "That was the special treat in our marriage. Hubby did it to me on special occasions. It wasn't something he was particularly fond of but he did it for me. I did it for him and he returned the favor."

"I guess it's one of those cultural things." I said in a similar tone as she had used. "I enjoy the hell out of doing it."

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