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Arranged Meeting


"Virile, athletic white man in his thirties, six feet tall, 180 pounds, seeks woman, any race, for safe sexual fun with no strings attached. My wife is not interested in sex or is always too tired, and I need a hot pussy to eat and to stuff with my thick seven-inch cock." The ad for the personals was signed "Horny Dude," and Darren scrutinized it before clicking on "Send." It said what he wanted to say and it described what he liked to do, and was not even very misleading, so he sent it and closed the window. He would check for responses tomorrow.

The next day, which was Monday, there was a reply, and it sounded like the kind of woman he was interested in. "Dear Horny Dude, I really need somebody to eat my pussy and to stuff it with a nice, big cock like yours. I am white, thirty years old, brown hair, brown eyes, five feet six with 34 inch boobs and 36 inch hips and just enough padding in my waist to be interesting. I think I'm still hot, but my husband has lost interest in sex, at least with me. All he wants to do is read dirty stories or look at pictures on the internet, and he always comes to bed long after I'm asleep, and doesn't even bother to wake me up for the loving I need. I hope you can take care of that." The email was signed "Lonesome Lou," and her description sounded like just what Darren was looking for.

He couldn't imagine any guy not being sexually interested in somebody who looked and sounded the way she described herself, but that would be his good fortune. He began to compose his response to her, wanting to be sure to empathize with her lack and describe how he was in almost the same situation with his wife:

"Dear Lou, I know just what you mean, and your situation sounds like the female equivalent of mine. Sometimes I read erotic stories on Literotica, which is a very arousing site, and come up to bed, all hot to trot, and she is sound asleep and snoring. That is such a turnoff! What I need is somebody to cavort and disport with me, but it looks as it isn't going to be her. I would love to meet with you in a bar or some place like that and go to a motel for some fun in the sack. If you are interested, let me know what night and where to meet."

Once again, Darren scrutinized the message before sending it. He wanted to be honest with Lonesome Lou, and not string her along or give the impression that he was interested in anything but some fun sex with her. From her response, she seemed to want the same thing, so he sent the message. A few hours later, he anxiously returned, but there was nothing in his mailbox but some SPAM, which he deleted without reading.

The next day, however, he found a very welcome email: "Dear Horny Dude, I am not just interested, but fascinated. We can meet this coming Wednesday at a bar I know of. My husband works late, or pretends to, every Wed. until at least ten o'clock, and that will give us about four hours to cavort and disport ourselves. The name of the bar is O'Malley's Pub, and if you want to meet me there, I will be sitting on the stool nearest the front door and wearing a blue denim skirt and bright red sweater.

I really hope we can meet there because I am getting horny as a goat thinking about your seven inch cock and your tongue and what you want to do with them. Let me know what you think. XOXOXO Horny and Lonely Lou."

Darren thought quite highly of that idea, and Wednesday would work out just right for him. That was the day deliveries of supplies arrived and he usually worked late to get them logged in and put in their proper places. It was what he preferred to do, because he believed in being organized, but he could just as well put it off until the next day. He didn't hang out at O'Malley's but he knew where it was, and there was a decent motel just down the street. Eagerly, he responded to Lonely Lou:

"Dear Lou, I know the bar you mention. Right down the street is a motel, and I can arrange a room there on my way to O'Malley's, so we don't waste any time once we hook up. I am really looking forward to this meeting. XOXOXOXO Horny Dude."

A few minutes later, Darren checked again, and there was a new message. Lou must have been waiting for correspondence from him just as he was watching for her emails.

"Hi, Horny Dude, even though I don't think you're any hornier than I am, and I'm really wet and looking forward to getting together. I will see you tomorrow evening about five. XOXOXOXO Wet and really horny Lonesome Lou."

Darren could hardly wait until the next day. He showered and shaved extra carefully on Wednesday morning, because he didn't want to abrade the insides of Lou's thighs when his head was between them. He was sure he had what she needed, and she would give him what he wanted also. He left work earlier than he ever had on a Wednesday and stopped to rent a room at the motel near the Pub, paying with cash. He didn't want his wife seeing a charge from a motel on their credit card bill.

At the O'Malley's, he looked through the glass door into the interior. It was dark inside but, seated at the corner just a few feet away, he saw someone, probably a woman, wearing a bright red sweater and a dark skirt. Darren's cock was already hard in anticipation when he entered.

"Hello, Lou," he addressed the back of the seated woman. When she spun the bar stool to face him, he was shocked at the very familiar face.

"Luanne!" he said, utterly flabbergasted.

"Darren!" his equally surprised wife responded.

Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Luanne and Darren expected to. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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