tagExhibitionist & VoyeurArt Model Ch. 04

Art Model Ch. 04

byTravel Girl©

This is a true story which happened a few years ago. I tend to be conservative, but with a wild streak which once in a while reveals itself. Sometimes a very small choice to indulge my exhibitionist interests leads to additional small choices linked together to form one of my adventures. Just a warning, my stories are detailed and slow to buildup for some readers. In Chapter 1, I had taken the plunge and agreed to pose for the class. While having some second thoughts, I decided to go back for another session. In Chapter 2, my session went a little late while one student kept going and things became less than professional. In Chapter 3, I had a session with another model and continued my after class routine with one of the students.

Work over the next couple of weeks was very hectic. I thought about Florida and James and modeling from time to time, but I also had a lot going on back home. The next training session to the company came off without incident this time. I kept in contact with Dr. Reynolds by email and we were on schedule. He replied he thought I would be solo this time, but he was still working on the possibility of another model.

I made it back to the company. The worst of the summer months were over now and the temperature was much more tolerable. I had continued my running at home and I was now in what I considered to be pretty good shape, the right weight to my liking and fairly well toned.

The day at the company went very well. We had been making good progress in training during the last couple of months and we were getting some tangible results. Despite the productive day, I was running behind again (as usual). The meetings with the technical staff had gone well and the end of the day review with top management went longer than expected because of the good results, but worth it.

I was invited to dinner as a sort of celebration, but I said that I was visiting a relative that evening and we switched the dinner to the following night. (It is true I have a relative near-by, but it was not common for me to drive and see them, but it formed a good excuse for getting off to my scheduled modeling session). Knowing I would be seeing the top company people, I had on a nice business outfit; a black skirt and jacket with a lightweight white sweater. I left the jacket off as I drove to the school.

It was about 50-50 these days if I was able to make it back to my hotel for a shower and change. Because I knew the risk, I had thought to put my little bag with clothes for later in my car. There was no time to change, but at least I could be a little more casual going back afterward.

I was following a nice, black Corvette into the school parking lot as I drove in. I love Corvettes and hope to have one myself before too long, if only to annoy my brothers who also like them.

I pulled in after the 'vette with an empty spot in between. My stupid little Pontiac rental car felt humbled. I got out about the same time as the driver, a nice looking guy.

He had on a nice pair of black slacks and a simple linen white shirt, "Hey, I see you got the memo."

Obviously he had referred to my black skirt and white sweater and I got the joke and smiled.

We were walking toward the building together when he said, "You wouldn't be Beth, would you?"

I stopped and looked at him, very surprised, "How would you know that?"

He said, "I'm Tony. I think we are modeling together tonight."

That took me quite by surprise. He must have sensed my apprehension, "Sorry, I have modeled for Mike's class many times before. When he called to ask if I was available, he sort of described you well enough that I thought it might be you."

I inferred he was talking about Dr. Reynolds, and it only now occurred to me I had never heard his first name before.

He held out his hand, "Nice to meet you."

I shook his hand, but a lot was coming at me all at once. Tony must have caught that and said, "Are you OK modeling with another person? You look a little caught by surprise."

I began to relax, "Yes, Dr. Reynolds told me he might try to arrange for another model, but I never heard for sure. Last time we had another woman and I sort of just assumed."

He laughed, "Hey, I don't want you to be upset. If you would rather not, I would understand. Maybe we can delay it for another night if you would like more time to think it over."

I realized it was a little strange to be having this conversation in the parking lot. I also thought his comments were very gracious. I did not really object to posing with a man, I guess I only had thought to have more notice so I could get myself mentally ready for it. Oh well.

I said, "No, no. Not a problem. I just thought I might have known in advance. I should tell you my first time with another model was a couple of weeks ago and I have never posed with a guy before."

He gave me a similar answer as Karen had, "Hey, don't worry, we'll take good care of you."

We walked in together. They were all waiting and greeted us. Tony was very outgoing and all the students already knew him. He was slapping five with the guys and even some of the girls. One of those types of people who just naturally stand out in a crowd.

Dr. Reynolds (Mike) said, "Well, I see you two have met already. Beth, sorry to not have let you know, but I only found out last night Tony could come and I did not want to call you while you were working. Are you OK with this? Tony is a veteran of this class over many years."

Tony piped in, "Yeah, I know more about it than you. You should go home now Mike, you are bothering everyone."

The students all laughed. Clearly Tony and Dr. Reynolds had a pretty casual relationship.

I should describe Tony. First, start with the basics that he is simply very nice looking. He was older than me, I would guess about 45 or so. Nice looking face and with a dark tan. He had a full head of black hair and a small goatee beard. Very sharp.

I could tell this was going to be a challenging day as I walked into the changing room with Tony right behind, closing the door behind him. I hit me then. Not only am I posing nude in front of an art class, now I am going to do it with a guy, and a total stranger at that.

Tony looked to be one of those people who are very outgoing and talk a lot. He started to unbutton his shirt while looking right at me, "Relax Beth, we'll have a good time tonight. Nothing to worry about."

He was just so casual, just like Karen had been before. He soon had his shirt off completely and I could see he kept himself in good shape. Not the body builder type, but clearly he worked out.

I was nervous for sure, but I was a big girl and I knew I could take care of myself. I took the first mental plunge and steadied myself.

I stepped out of my shoes and said, "I'm sorry to appear anxious. I actually have enjoyed the modeling. Dr. Reynolds, I mean Mike, has been great and the students have also been wonderful."

We were looking at each other while we talked and got undressed. While he stepped out of his shoes, I unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. I had on a nice little push up bra today, white with some nice lace. Not that I need push-up for cleavage, but once in a while I wear one.

He continued as he stood and started to unfasten his slacks, "Mike and I have known each other for a long time. He asked me a couple of nights ago if I would model. I originally had some other plans, but he enticed me by describing his new star model – you."

I blushed a little at that.

Tony continued as he stepped out of his slacks, "He was telling the truth. You are one of the nicest looking women this class has seen."

I thanked him as I unzipped my skirt and laid it on the bench. Tony was now only in his boxers and I was now only in my lingerie.

Tony sensed the pause in the action, "OK Beth, moment of truth. Rock, paper, scissors for who strips down first."

That was funny, but I agreed and won. Paper beat rock.

Tony pulled down his boxers and stood there nude. He said, "See, easy. Just like jumping into the pool. Never tiptoe, just dive in."

I had much the same philosophy. Now it is important to describe Tony again. I mentioned he had a deep dark tan, but now I could tell it was an all over tan. Not a tan line on this guy. The second big thing was that he was completely smooth all over. I am not sure what he did, or what the natural situation was, but I could not see any hair at all; chest, pubic area, were all smooth. Finally, and only because I was posing with a nude guy, I have to say he had a pretty large looking penis. He was hanging soft, so it is difficult to say for sure, but suffice to say he looked to be large.

I took the plunge and slipped off my bra. I looked down as I did it, knowing he was looking.

I said as I did that, "I am supposed to take off my lingerie in advance to avoid the lines, but there was no time today."

I still did not look at him as I slipped off my panty and stepped out of it. Knowing he was watching was enough to make my nipples hard. I only had a small strip of blond hair at my pussy, but in this case I had the most between the two of us.

Tony commented, "Let me congratulate you. Obviously you work out. You have a great body."

I replied, "I could say the same about you." It was the truth.

He looked over at me, "Ready to go out there?"

I was reaching for my robe when Tony said, "Oh, c'mon Beth. You don't need that. Be proud."

There are two types of outgoing people to my way of thinking. Those who come off as jerks and are obnoxious. And then those like Tony. It is hard to describe the difference, but he is a life of the party kind of guy, one who makes you relaxed and comfortable. I was grateful if to be posing with a guy, to have it be someone like him.

We went into the studio and Tony did an entrance, "Ta-da."

He did a small bow and the kids whooped it up. He seemed to have fun in making the atmosphere more fun and less solemn.

Dr. Reynolds came up with a photo for us and said, "Beth, I want to start with the same standing pose as you did with Karen last time. Tony behind and off to the side a little."

That part did not matter much to me, so I nodded agreement and took my place, a little numb.

Tony took a look at the photo and got behind me, saying, "Mike, is the package in view or hidden."

Some of the kids laughed, which was apparently his intent by the comment.

Dr. Reynolds chuckled too and replied, "Tony, behave. You will be obscured this time."

As he put his arm around my waist and pulled me to him, my butt cheek was effectively pressed against his groin. Talk about taking the plunge as a nude model!

I placed my arm and hand over Tony's arm on me as before with Karen, and I put my hand onto the side of his hip. He had his left hand on my hip, which was different than what the photo pose had indicated on my shoulder. Dr. Reynolds told him to raise his hand to my shoulder and Tony took the opportunity to slowly raise his hand along my waist, over my arm where his fingertips glanced against the side of my breast and then finally rested on my shoulder. I could tell this was going to be interesting, trying to control such a gregarious type.

We started the session with the students drawing away. I won't relay all of the comments from Tony, but suffice to say he was not quiet very often. Sometimes he was talking softly to me, sometimes loudly to Dr. Reynolds or sometimes the entire class. He told a couple of short jokes, both of which cracked up everyone including me.

During some of the laughing and normal shifting of weight, Tony would sometimes move his hands around and quickly return to 'base position'. I could also feel him press against my ass sometimes harder than normal. I could never feel that he had an erection, but I could certainly feel him against me.

Truth be told, it was a very arousing experience.

After about 30 minutes, Dr. Reynolds called for a break. I headed toward the dressing area. Tony stayed out and chatted up the students. I suspected he like the idea of parading around nude in front of them. He never bothered to put on a robe or towel.

Dr. Reynolds stuck his head in the room, "Do you want to shoot me Beth?"

I smiled, "I am good, and it is actually a lot of fun this way. But if I had a gun, yes, you would be dead."

"Good, Tony is a love him or hate him kind of a guy, so I am really glad you are OK with this."

I nodded and smiled.

I came back out in the room after a few minutes. I did not bother with the robe anymore either. I saw James looking at me with a smile which I returned. He gave me another look as if to say, 'are we on for later?' I smiled back. The way this session was going and the way I was feeling, I was going to want James tonight.

We resumed our pose. As before, Tony had taken the opportunity to move his hands around before getting it right. This time he made a point of running his hand over my butt cheek on the way up. What was I going to do?

I did softly whisper back to him, "Watch it Mister." But he realized I was only a little bit serious.

Tony continued with his one liners and general discussion. Very loveable type of personality. During some of the discussion, we were talking softly to each other. Like everyone else it seemed, he was a little surprised by my job. I found out he lived about 20 minutes away and ran his own business.

He had been modeling on and off for several years. I learned he also modeled for the photography class. Like clockwork, as with Karen, he suggested we model together. I also learned he had done some magazine work, ads and catalogs. Nothing really serious, but he liked it.

His motivation appeared to me more like mine, satisfying a need to address the exhibitionist streak, rather than out of financial need as with Karen.

We made it through the first pose at the appointed time. I headed back to the dressing room to sit down for a minute. The pose was not difficult, but it felt good to stretch.

Tony followed me in this time, saying, "Yeah, I know what you mean."

He also stretched out a little and said, "Hey, I hope you don't mind me getting a little loose out there with you. Just trying to have fun and lighten things up."

I smiled at him, "Not at all. I liked it, you definitely brighten things up. Thanks."

He sat down next to me as we continued talking. I stretched again and Tony said, "Can I help?"

He did not really wait for me to respond as I felt his hands on my shoulders. He started to rub them. I have to admit, it felt fantastic, just right for what I needed at the moment.

He never stopped talking either, "Are you interested to come out on my boat? It is a big enough lake for water skiing, or just taking a ride."

I told him my schedule was pretty tight, but I thanked him and said I would keep the offer in mind if my timing opened up.

Dr. Reynolds came in then as Tony continued rubbing my shoulders. He said, "Beth, you are fully authorized to slap him along side that thick numb skull of his if he gets out of line at all."

Tony replied, "Takes one to know one."

We all laughed. Dr. Reynolds was holding a couple of options for the second pose. The first was practically the same one as Karen and I had done, except this time I would be leaning back against Tony. The second was one of the "James Bond girl style". Tony would be mostly reclining, but on his side a little bit. I was to lay down on his side with my head on his shoulder, my arm across his chest, with one leg parallel to his and the other swung up over his groin area.

Neither pose was sexual in nature, but the latter one had more of an intimate contact. I guess that is why Dr. Reynolds brought in both poses, to give me that option.

I told him I thought both poses were good, and asked him which one he wanted.

He quickly replied, "That's great, if you are open, let's try the latter."

We went back out and they had moved the sofa into the center. Tony sat back first and once Dr. Reynolds had him positioned roughly where he wanted, and then it was my turn. Granted, it did feel a little weird to be standing there nude with a nude guy on the sofa and being asked to lie down next to him.

I had my back to the class as I moved into position. Tony put his right arm around my shoulder as I laid my head down on his chest. He was lifted up on the side away from the class so much of his body I did not cover would be visible. In this position, my right breast pressed against his stomach.

Now for the legs. My left leg was pressed against his right leg running parallel to each other. I swung my right leg up so my pubic are pressed against the side of his hip and my thigh lay over his groin.

Dr. Reynolds messed around with the arms and leg positions until he got it the way he wanted. He had also wanted my hair down for this pose and he carefully arranged the way it spread out.

Tony commented softly, "Wow, this feels good."

I simply whispered back, "Yes, very nice."

In truth, it felt really comfortable to pose in this position. Tony had his right arm over my shoulder resting on the middle of my back. His left hand rested on the upper part of my right arm as it crossed over his chest.

I could not see the class at all as they got started; my head was turned away completely. I could have easily had a nap like this.

Tony was quiet this time, perhaps he was talked out or maybe he was enjoying the pose the way I did. The only catch at all was after a few minutes where the room was quiet; I could feel that Tony had a bit of an erection beginning. His dick had been hanging between his legs as we got started. As it was, there was a chance it would be visible to the class soon.

He whispered, "I am sorry, but I have a bit of a problem. Would you mind if we shifted positions a little."

I could feel what was needed and I lifted my leg up for just a second so he could adjust himself and the part of the problem showing off for the class was solved. The new issue was that now my thigh was lying right on top of him. Basically only he and I now knew of his state, but now I knew even more closely than before.

I said, "Don't worry about it. Think about baseball."

He laughed at that, but we were then quiet again. He showed no signs of subsiding.

I could faintly hear Dr. Reynolds giving his tips to the various students – "Emphasize the contrast, notice the shadows, see the muscle tone, etc......"

We continued this way for a while. When it seemed we were getting close to break time, Tony whispered to me, "At break, could you reach me up a towel or robe from the floor."

I responded, "Sure, no problem. I thought I told you to think about baseball."

He could tell I was not bothered by what had gone on and replied, "I have been; if I hadn't, you would have been flung across the room."

A quick wit is always a nice thing.

Sure enough, Dr. Reynolds announced we could take a break. I reached up my robe and laid it across Tony as I got up. Leaving my robe for him, I walked to the dressing room with nothing on. I wondered if Tony was able to hide his condition from the class, but I could imagine if he got up with his back turned and the robe held right that he would have no problem.

He came in soon and closed the door behind him, "Hey thanks a lot for your help back there. I am sorry to not be more professional out there."

He was being polite and I responded with my standard answer for this situation, "I will worry more when that kind of thing stops happening."

He continued, "Well, thanks anyway."

He apparently relaxed, because after a minute or two, he took off the robe and appeared back to normal. I will again say that he appeared to be a large guy that way, even in his now back to relaxed state.

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