tagNovels and NovellasArtificial Intelligence Ch. 02

Artificial Intelligence Ch. 02


Daren was silent at the dinner table, which wasn't something uncommon but unlike most days he remained quiet, today he was in a hurry to get back upstairs to Max. He couldn't find himself calling her Jessica after calling her Maxine for so long, so she suggested Max to at least make her not sound like an old lady and he agreed.

He sat there picking at his pees and the little bit of mashed potato left on his plate just waiting to be excused. He ate but only because his mother would never let him leave her site if she thought he was that upset or sick.

His mom looked at him. "Are you ok Daren?"

He looked up from his plate. "Hmm? Oh yeah, I'm alright." He smiled as if to emphasize his statement. "Just tired, you know, walking in the rain was a pain in the ass."

His mother nodded and frowned. "I'm sorry about that honey. I would have stayed to give you a ride but it wasn't raining when I woke up so, I just went to work."

Daren gave his mom a reassuring smile. "Don't worry about it, I'm going to go to bed early and everything will be better tomorrow."

His mom smiled and leaned over to give him a kiss on the forehead. "Alright sweetie, you get some rest and I'll see you tomorrow." She said taking his plate and taking the dishes to the sink.

Daren climbed out of his chair and pretended to be tried as he walked out of the kitchen. The instant he was out of his mother's sight though he launched himself up the stairs and into his room.

Max was lying on the bed her eyes closed and Daren felt a ping of disappointment. If she was sleeping then he'd have to wait another day to have his first sexual experience. He had been looking forward to it so much.

He sighed and reached for the light switch so he too could go to sleep.

"How was dinner?" Max asked, opening her eyes.

Daren flinched. "Mom made meatloaf so it feels like I have ground beef stuck to my ribs."

"Any leftovers?" Max asked, sitting up and scooting to the end of the bed near him.

Daren frowned. "You don't...oh! God, Max I'm sorry I forgot you need to eat too." Daren turned to open his door and go get her some food but Max stopped him.

"I'm ok for, don't worry about dinner I'll get some later." She smiled up at him and rose slowly to her feet. "In the meantime how about you let me have a little snack."

Daren felt his pulse race as she got closer to him. His heart pounded and his throat felt dry. She knew his was nervous and had been thinking of ways to ease into his seduction. Max smiled as she reached behind him and clicked the lock on the door, not wanting his mom to walk finding him screwing a girl that looked exactly like his computer hologram.

As she pulled back she hooked her fingers on the belt loops of his pants and pulled him toward the bed. She placed him near the edge of the bed and took his hand.

"It's your night tonight Daren." She said. "We'll go as slow as you want to, just tell me what you want to do first and we'll do it." She tried to be as comforting as she could. She hoped that Daren wouldn't be too overwhelmed, after all, he had seen her nude before in Jessica Alba's body and she had most certainly seen him.

Daren reached up slowly his hands shaking as he placed one on her hip and the other around her neck. He pulled her close, their bodies meeting and he kissed her. She returned the kiss and put her arms around him pulling him tighter to her, her breasts smashed delightfully against his chest. She felt his tongue snake past her lips to explore her mouth. His tongue moved awkwardly but it was only his second kiss ever so it was going to be a little weird.

They stood there together kissing for some time before Daren felt comfortable enough to move on. He let her go and slid both his hands down to her hip where he curled his fingers around the bottom of the shirt she had on.

"Can I?" He asked, looking into her eyes.

She smiled and lifted her arms to make it easier for him to lift her shirt. He pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it toward the door. His breath caught into his throat as her breasts came into his view. He had seen them before many times, but somehow this was different. They were there, firm perky soft mounds of delight and he could touch them, play with them.

Max placed his hands of her tits, her nipples hardening as he gently squeezed and played with them. She felt tingles of pleasure run down her body as he became more and more confident with touching her. When he pinched her nipple lightly she let out a startled moan and her eyes squeezed shut.

Daren could see how good he was making her feel and a lot of his tension drained from his body. It was nothing to be nervous about, they were like best friend who had shown each other their bodies for years and finally were doing something further.

Max felt something wet cover her nipple and she opened her eyes to see Daren with his mouth clamped to her breast. She put her arms around his head and held him against her chest. He licked her nipple and tried to suck in as much of her tit as he could into his mouth, just working her soft mound with any motion he could think of. Max whimpered as she felt a strange sensation in her vagina and she realized she was close to having her first orgasm. When Daren clamped his mouth over her other tit she was done like dinner. She felt like everything in her body released and she cried out as her orgasm took hold of her. She couldn't even stay standing and dropped to the bed.

Daren stood up when he realized that there was no longer any tit to suck on in front of him. Max looked up at him with something he had never seen before, not even from her, desire. Her body was demanding something put inside it and she knew what it was. She sat on the edge of the bed and motioned Daren closer with a beckoning finger.

"Come here, I want my snack now." She said. Daren moved closer and she took hold of his waistband placing him just so. "Now don't move." She told him.

Her hands worked quickly, popping the button on his jeans and unzipping the fly. She grabbed the waistband of his underwear and yanked the whole package down in one smooth motion. Daren's aching cock sprung free of its confines and bobbed in front of her face. Her eyes lit up with delight and she felt her pussy twinge as it too craved the phallic before her.

Daren held his breath, afraid to move or do anything to anger her. Although it was Max he was talking about he could help thinking it was really Jessica Alba sitting there with her face mere inches from the head of his cock. In fact in pretty much was the real deal sitting there. It was enough to nearly make him cum right there.

Max looked up at him. "I'm going to get my snack now, so whenever you want to let it flow you go right ahead. Don't even warn me about it, just fire it right into my hungry mouth."

She took hold of the base of his cock and Daren flinched as he felt her soft fingers grip his shaft. He had never been touched by anyone other than himself and it was a delightfully strange sensation. She shifted on the bed and leaned her mouth to his upright shaft and wrapped her lips around the head. Daren cried out at the warmth of her mouth around him. He quickly snapped his mouth shut to keep anybody from coming up to his room. He bit his lower lip when he felt her tongue slither in little circles around the smooth flesh of his knob. His balls tightened and his lack of experience was not going to allow him much time to enjoy himself. He was about to warm her about the stream of cum he was about to unload right into her mouth if she didn't pull back, but he remembered what she had told him about not warning her and he kept his mouth shut, even as his thick white fluid began to crawl up his shaft.

Max felt his cock swell between her lips and she knew from her research what was about to happen. She eased a little more of his cock into her mouth so that she could take all of his warm cum into her mouth without spilling any. She used the tip of her tongue to lap at the small passage below his pee hole, tasting the sensitive underside of his tip.

Daren groaned and his cock gave a massive leap and Max's mouth was filled with the first spurt of semen. It blasted against the roof of her mouth and fell to her tongue. It tasted salty and thick and she loved it. She swallowed the first blast just as another one filled her mouth again. The third blast came almost instantly after the second and Max had to swallow faster to keep from losing any. Daren felt her mouth working and swallowing his load, he could almost see her throat working as his thick cream slid down into her belly. The image made his last burst of cum just as powerful as the first and max swallowed it with no less intensity.

Max ran her tongue over and over his tip catching the bits of cum that dribbled from him after his orgasm. She felt his cock start to soften and slip from her mouth. She used the back of her hand to wipe away some of the spit that dripped from her chin and she smiled up at Daren who had a look of euphoria on his face.

"Sorry I didn't put all of you cock in my mouth, but I knew you wouldn't last very long and I really wanted my snack of cum and cock. Next time you'll last much longer and I'll suck your dick properly." Max said.

"That was wonderful." Daren said still spaced from his orgasm. He had just cum into the girl of his dream's mouth and she had sucked his seed down like it was Kool-Aid. The night wasn't even over yet, still early he had plenty of time to get hard again and do something more with Max. He glanced down and saw he was completely nude, he didn't remember taking off his shirt but he must have done so during the mind-blowing first blowjob.

"Now I've got to get your wonderful penis hard again, so I can suck on it some more." She smiled. "Wait I'll just suck it like this." She grabbed his hips and pulled him closer then took hold of his limp cock and stuffed it fully into her mouth.

Her mouth filled with his flesh excited her. She knew that it mere moments her warm mouth would turn his softness into a raging monster that could plow into her wonderfully deep.

Daren had never been able to get hard so quickly after cumming, but he also had never tried inside the mouth of a unbelievably gorgeous girl that wanted him maybe even more than he wanted her. As her tongue and mouth slobbered over his cock he felt his balls begin to fill up again and his cock begin to grow.

Once it began it happened quickly, his cock growing hard in her mouth. She tried to keep his whole cock in her mouth but he was a little too big and as he got harder his cock began to slip between her lips. She bobbed her head on his cock letting the tip ease a little into her throat before dragging his now hard cock slowly out of her mouth.

Daren watched as Max worked on his cock. He didn't know what was better feeling her mouth and tongue slather over his prick, or watching it. He reached down and ran his hand through her hair while she bobbed her head up and down along his entire length.

Then Max stopped and looked up at him. Fearing he may have upset her, he yanked his hand away from her head.

"I'm sorry." He said.

"For what?" She asked.

"I didn't mean to put my hand on your head like that, I wasn't trying to force you. I was just," Daren stammered.

She smiled. "I didn't stop because of that. You are allowed to touch me, you're allow to touch me however you want. It's what couples do, Daren they touch each other." She caressed his leg to make the point.

"So why'd you stop?" Daren asked.

"Because the main dish is ready." She stood and took off her pants, then got back onto the bed. She crawled across the sheets like a cat ready to pounce upon its prey. Then she lowered her shoulders and raised her ass. Daren's eyes widened as he got a clear view of his first pussy. She was bare down there and her lips were swollen and wet from her orgasm before.

She looked back at him and reached under herself with one hand to open her labia. "Do you want to fuck me Daren? Huh? Do you want to slide your hard cock into my tight wet pussy and lose your cherry? I'll bet you do. I'll bet you want to shove that thing in me as fast as you can and make me scream. You want to fuck me until my pussy is too sore to continue." She stuck her tongue out at him.

Daren climbed onto the bed and looked down at his cock. He could see her spit still coating his rod. He looked back at her and she rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide for him. He moved over to her and leaned over her to kiss her. She raised her head a bit to kiss him before she pulled him on top of her. He thought his weight would be too much for her but she actually loved the feeling of their bodies together, his weight pressing her into the mattress.

He felt his cock meet something warm and wet and he realized his cock was touching her cunt. Max smiled and reached between them to fit his cock to her hungry hole.

She placed the tip of his cock to her entrance. "Now push, Daren. Push your cock inside me." She whispered.

Daren pushed and a moan escapes both of them as his head parted her lips and slipped itself inside. He paused there at the shock of his first penetration, then slowly, he pushed further. She moaned as she felt him slide into her body. She was surprised that she didn't have a hymen seeing as how she was technically a virgin, but she didn't worry about it much. Daren clenched his jaw as she warm wetness coated his cock. He could feel the walls of her cunt give way as he pushed into her. His balls tingled instantly and he knew he would cum quickly again.

Suddenly he was as deep as he could go. His loins were pressed against hers and they were one. Max smiled up and him and he kissed her shifting himself so that he would have leverage to move inside her. As he pulled himself out of her, her mouth open into an Oh. He felt her body clamp on him as if not wanting to let him go.

"Oh, god it feels better than I could have imagined." Daren breathed.

Max nodded and shifted her hips. "I know it, I love it Daren, your cock feels so fantastic in my little cunt. I want you to fuck me now, ok? I want you move your hard cock in and out of me."

Daren pushed back into her, faster this time and she groaned her approval. He got himself into a rhythm and stayed at his pace, not too fast and not too slow. Max moaned in time with his thrust and her legs wrapped around his waist.

"That's it, give it to me Daren. Fuck me with your big cock." She cooed into his ear.

Daren was trying hard to keep his own orgasm from ending their night. He might have gotten it up twice but three times maybe pushing his luck. Yet his pace and Max's moans in his ear were too much for him to handle and his balls began to push his sperm to his shaft.

"I'm going to cum, Max." Daren warned her.

"Me too. Let's cum to together. Come on, cum with me Daren. Fill my pussy with your lovely seed. I want to feel you squirt you hot load inside me." Max encouraged.

Daren groaned and shoved himself inside of her as far as he could. He felt her cunt ripple and suck on his cock as he popped inside of her, pumping spurt after spurt into her body. Max felt his hot liquid flood her and it brought her to another orgasm. Her cunt clamped down on his spasming cock milking even more cum from him.

He fell limp on top of her and she wrapped her arms around him. Rubbing her hands along his back she said. "You did good Daren, you filled me with so much cum I can feel it swimming around inside me. You got it deep too so I don't think any is going to leak out of me."

Daren laughed and rolled off of her onto his back. His cock hit the cool air and he felt Max's pussy juices begin to dry. He sat up and slid off the bed looking for his pants.

Max sat up. "What are you doing?"

Daren smiled. "I'm going to get you some dinner." He put on his pants and left the room, shutting the door behind him.

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